We All Loved You

Inspired by Magnus's line "No one liked you" from the episode "The Five", where we meet the best character ever. It's a little look into why she said it, and what she had to have really been thinking.

Disclaimer: Okay, so, I had a dream that I was part of the Old City Sanctuary team and Nikola Tesla came to save me from the abnormal and drowning because it was raining indoors. And then I woke up. CURSE YOU SUBCONSCIOUS! STOP MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE... in my dreams...

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So, you can thank Sanctuary for bringing me back here. And I'll stay here as best I can though COLLEGE APPLICATIONS SCARY OHNOES (sorry.) This is a mini-ficlet I wrote because I re-watched "The Five" because it has Tesla in it and I'm a rabid fangirl over him and I forgot the episode, and one of the lines Helen said really stuck with me.

Sorry it's so short. I have longer stuff that's planned. Also, Magnus's IS proper grammar! (I have a chart.)

(334 words)

It was the kind of way you twisted the truth when you were under a lot of stress, and facing imminent death. Helen Magnus was, in fact, adept at handling herself in both situations simply from experience.

She had quite a few "last lines", quite a few times when she'd been faced with death, threw a witty retort in her near-murderer's face, and then miraculously been saved by one or another of her allies, but never one that had sunk in as much as this one.

If Nikola had tried any harder to annoy her, she wouldn't have been able to come up with any smart reply at all. As it was, her mind couldn't stray from a single thought: What happened to the handsomely arrogant young man we all loved back at Oxford?

At first, when she was still in disbelief that her oldest friend was really trying to kill her, and not simply taking the elaborate game of cat and mouse he played incessantly with her to the next level, she had wanted to tell him the truth.

And so she tried. She needed a way in – because what she was thinking was not something you simply said to Nikola Tesla after he was trying to kill you for refusing to take over the world with him – so she tried. Something. Anything.

"I thought you loved me."

When what she meant was:

You bloody arrogant ass, don't deny that you loved every one of us.

But of course, with his solid-black pupils as a mask for the flicker of disappointment to all but those who knew him well, he simply kept up the game they had played for over a century.

"Did I? Oh. I don't think it's going to work out."

She wanted to say, All because of you, you prickly bugger, but the century-old habit was hard to kill. "Well, then. Guess I can tell you that, at Oxford... No one liked you."

We all loved you.