AN 610

Date: 14 March. 1420 hours.

Location: Konohagakure no Sato.

"Get up, fifty-two!"

Gasp. Gasp.

"Don't tell me you've run outta juice already!"

Reach for the weapon.


Firing. He goes down. More on the walls.

"We need those walls! FIFTY-TWO!"

I know, dammit. I know!

Running, firing, reload. Air support from the Condors. More troops landing in the Gaias. Gotta move, gotta move!

"Danger close! Watch those missiles!"

In the back of his mind, fifty-two wondered how they managed to stay airborne so close to the ground while going at such speeds. He took a look around. A warzone, indeed.

"Stop admiring the goddamn landscape and bust a hole in those walls! MOVE!"

Shut up, Eli!

Okay, they're all by the walls. You're gonna be fine, just gotta set up. You can get in.


Shit, shit!

A missile streaked dangerously close overhead, puncturing the wall and sending debris falling like hail.

"Missile took out the wall, move in! Eyes on your surroundings, these bastards are fast!"

"Bullets are faster."

Fucking Ahimoth and his puns.

"They're on the rooftops!"

Fifty-two watched as one of the freaks flung something that got a grunt in the neck.

Is that a fucking knife?


Five shots, five down.


"Kitchen's clear."

"Clear over here."

"House is empty."

Again and again and again. Houses cleared, enemies killed.

"Watch out!"

The fireteam narrowly dodged a massive fireball.


And suddenly, the team was incapacitated. All their bodies were below ground. The heads poked above like little stumps.

...What? Must be one of their goddamn supernatural powers.

And then one of those knives was up against his neck. The man had one eye. Well, one eye that was visible. Fifty-two did the only thing possible in the situation, and rammed his rifle against the man's gut. He stumbled back, but quick as a cheetah had recovered and kicked it out of his hands.

Fuck my life.

The man lashed out with the knife again, stabbed fifty-two in his left bicep, then kicked him to the ground. The soldier growled.

Deep breaths. One option.

The team is in danger. You've been wounded. Caution out the window. Move now.

Gather the energy. The power. Feel its weight.

The man's eyes widened. Did he know this?


Rush forward. You don't know the name, but you do.


~always one, you are silent~


[Access granted]


65 million years BN (Before Nova): Plate tectonics rock the main continent, eventually shearing off a third of the landmass and sending it slowly drifting away into the sea. This creates the Mountain's Graveyard peninsula and opens up the northern sea.

15,000 BN: Receding seas and glacial formations form a thousand-mile-wide land bridge connecting the northwestern-most corner of Kaminari no Kuni to the new continent. The bridge spans for several hundred miles.

13,000 BN: Humans begin to cross the land bridge, following prey that had begun to migrate to the second continent. The migration is accomplished in multiple stages, overall taking nearly a century and spanning multiple generations.

10,000 BN: The first primitive villages on the second continent are flourishing. The land mass recedes into the sea, leaving only the smallest trace – a slight bulge in the northwestern corner of Kaminari no Kuni and the south-southeastern corner of the mainland. Several tribes form on the continent, each with their own village. They spread out amongst the various regions, and do not contact each other for another six millennia.

4,000 BN: The first contact between the Guruk, residing in the southern costal region, and the Mueir, residing in the southwestern plains, happens. They come into contact on a hunting trip. The herds of buffalo converge on each other, and with them come the two tribes. The hunt is forgotten as the two tribes instantly turn territorial. One of the first battles – a harbinger of many to come – occurs. It only lasts for fifteen minutes before both sides retreat. Although no concepts of "victory" or "defeat" exist yet, the Mueir slightly overpowered the Guruk with their fourteen hunters, as opposed to the Guruk's ten. A total of five humans died in the battle: four on the Guruk's side, and one on the Mueir's.

3,750 BN: The first traces of language can be seen on both continents.

1,500 BN: Countries form on the second continent, beginning as small regional powers that slowly expanded to their final borders.

AN 0: A massive noise is heard across the continent, but no government is able to determine the cause or the origin. Over the next months, astronomers locate a new celestial body orbiting the planet that had not before been seen. The international community agrees on a name after a good two months of debate – the moon.

AN 246: The first powered flight is accomplished by the Reithan designer and mathematician Treis Oricath.


[Access granted]


Reitha: A now-defunct country that originally encompassed three-fourths of White Line territory. It was formerly located on the northwestern peninsula.


[Access granted]


AN 469: Every single country is, over the course of the year, overthrown by the most powerful Corporations residing within their borders. Oligarchies are established by the Corporations, and martial law is established until people accept the new conditions.

AN 519: On the fiftieth anniversary of the De Dissipate, the Aegis Corporation, in control of the entire southern coastal region, launches a massive military campaign that sweeps through the western plains. Aegis's boundaries are more than quadrupled by the end of a three-year period. The combined expanse is labeled the Aegis Jurisdiction Zone. Over the next year small expanses of land from the mountain and woodland regions are added into the Corporation's fold. Aegis seals its borders and cuts off communication with the other major companies: White Line, Falchion, and Skyward.

AN 542: The Continental War starts between White Line and Falchion. Falchion, located on the eastern part of the northern half of the continent, launches the first strike via aerial bombardment. White Line retaliates with force. Both Corporations send ground troops through the neutral Corporation of Skyward, which separates the two warring factions. Skyward, having little military power, can only seek a diplomatic end to the conflict. It doesn't happen. This war will continue for seven years. Aegis, on the other side of the continent, does not respond at all to the bloodshed. They observe, nothing more.

AN 549: The Continental War ends. Both sides, boiling with anger over the atrocities committed and upset with the stalemate that has occurred between the massive ground armies, launch three nuclear weapons apiece. They strike six Skyward cities, including the capital of Euthis. The estimated civilian casualties hover around seven million.

The Corporation of Skyward is wiped off the map. The armies of Falchion and White Line, battling in the cities, are annihilated.

The stretch of land separating Falchion and White Line, once called Skyward, is irradiated indefinitely. It is renamed the Wasteland.

The Aegis Corporation, watching from afar, sends a single-worded message to both Corporations.



[Terminal is shutting down. User logged off. Thank you for using LowNet. Goodbye.]

For the record, the technology of the people of the second continent rests in the future, roughly around 2275. This is going to be interesting, indeed. And I know I'm going to like the freedom.

So, this is my new story. First off, there will be no pairings for this. Just getting that out of the way. This is mainly to give me something to work on when I hit a wall in Purge, but that still takes precedent over this story. For those of you waiting for the next chapter of Purge, fear not. It's about halfway done so far, and is quite difficult to write as of now. Sasuke's emotions are... difficult to write, especially after what happened in the previous chapter.

I am quite excited for this story, though. So many possibilities, so many ideas swirling in my poor noggin. Let's see what happens, shall we?