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September 21st, Wednesday.

The morning started as usual at Grim Wood High. Get up, get dressed, go to school. Most often, students ate breakfast at the school. Many students didn't care if they made it to school, a lot had better things to do. Morning recess was for the early birds, and often it was ruled over by cliques and basketball players. However, by the steps of the faded building was a place where two or three students would sit around with their noses shoved in books.

One of those bookworms was Narrissa.

She was never one to talk, and seemed to make friends with no one. She was reserved, and few people knew who she really was. It was rare you would catch her talking. Although she was quiet, she was strong, and you couldn't really push her around. If she didn't want you to do something, she'd tell you. She didn't hesitate. Many tried to impress her, but they were only turned down for her to be more entertained by a book.

Then, there was one of the sporty guys, Jackson. If he ever made morning recess ( or even regular recess ), he would often be playing basketball. He wasn't really a jerk, but hung out with allot of different people. He always played basketball, and often beat all of the students.

He didn't really think there was much to it, and he seemed to attract all of the girls. The definition of girls to him? Loud, moody, hard to understand people who never consider how dumb they look at times. He didn't really understand why they squealed so much, or got freaked out over a tiny bug. He had never had interest in any, except for Narrissa. She wouldn't mind a bug crawling on her, and sometimes he saw her walking around holding bugs just to scare the girls.

In his mind, that was the kind of girl he would want.

But then there was Eden. If you forgot to say excuse me, thank you, or bless you, she would tell you briefly to get some manners. She didn't really take much chaos, but she was very caring at times. She was thought of as a nerd, but wasn't girly. Sometimes she'd join in on a game of soccer, only to fail. But she didn't care as long as she tried, and what other people said didn't matter. Occasionally she'd talk to Narrissa, who didn't mind company as long as you weren't a motor mouth. To be honest, Narrissa was her only friend.

Finally, there was Aidan. He was not a bookworm, but he was very serious and loved the violin. He would always perform solos in class and try out for parts in musical pieces the school had. Rumors has sparked that he had a relationship with Narrissa, but they faded away when they realized those two barely talked. Aidan wasn't very social, but he liked to hang out with Jackson.

But today wasn't a normal day and Grim Wood High, they were going on a field trip today,

The bell suddenly rung, causing all of the students to let out a groan and pick up their backpacks. Eden sighed and picked up her purple bag, her blonde hair falling down to her shoulders. She saw Narrissa putting her book away, and picked up her heavy black bag. Without thinking, she sped up to see her. " Hi Narrissa!" she said cheerfully.

" Hello." Narrissa said in her usual dismissive tone. Narrissa kicked the door open, and Eden followed her in. " Are you excited? I can't wait for the field trip!" she nearly squealed. Narrissa looked at her. " Not really, it's just going to give me a headache." she replied, and stopped at her locker. She slung the locker door open, and grabbed the usual supplies. Folder, pencil, notebook, textbook, book… someone had taken her book again. Rolling her eyes, she slammed it. " Someone take your book again?" Eden asked innocently. ' I have a feeling it's that thick-headed Jackson again." she told her.

Meanwhile, at Aidan's locker, he was trying to shove his violin case in his locker. " Having fun there?"asked Jackson, flipping his shaggy brown hair back. " Not really." Aidan replied, pushing against his case with his weak body. Jackson pushed him aside and elbowed the case in the locker. " Not that hard." he smiled, and leaned against two unused lockers. Aidan sighed in defeat and grabbed his supplies.

" You have more muscles in our elbow than I have in my entire body." he said quietly. Jackson laughed. " Don't you know it." he said, and then saw Narrissa walking toward their lockers. " Oh great." he muttered. Narrissa's face was still pale, but her green eyes were very stern. " Give it back!" she hissed, drawing attention from about 20 students. " Please?" Eden squeaked, not wanting to make Narrissa more mad.

Jackson smiled. " You know I'm just doing this so you have to come here every morning, right?" he asked her. " Likewise. Hand it over, I don't have time for games." she said seriously. " I don't think you want it." he teased, holding the book higher than Narrissa could reach. Her eyes turned deadly, and she glared at him. " I'm only saying this one more time. Give. It. Back." she growled. Jackson barely lowered it, and Eden tried to grab it.

" You have to earn it back." he told her. Sighing, she grabbed Aidan's violin case out of his locker. " What are you… oh no." Aidan trailed off. She set it down, and stood on it. Before she reached the book, Jackson made it go higher. " Get off my case!" Aidan yelled, pulling from under her feet. With a small yelp, Narrissa fell onto Jackson, pulling them both down on the ground.

And there they were, their faces only two inches apart. By now, the entire hall was staring, at them! Narrissa breathed hard, while Jackson's eyes were wide with shock. For 5 seconds, it was quiet. No one made a sound, and every single face was turned toward the conflict. The bell rang, interrupting their drama. Some students grumbled, and others still took their time getting to homeroom, but either way, Narrissa and Eden were late.

Narrissa snatched the book from his hand, and he got up. He was about to offer her help up. " I don't need your help!" she yelled, now very angry. She pulled herself up, and rushed toward her locker. Eden stood quietly, and looked at Jackson. " Really nice, now she's not going to talk to me for the rest of the day." she mumbled, and ran to catch up with her. Jackson turned toward Aidan, his face looking angry. " Dude! You realize that my chances of being with Narrissa were 00.01! And now they are 00.00!" he scolded.

Aidan frowned. " Sorry, but she was standing on my violin case!" he tried to explain. Jackson rolled his eyes, and grabbed his things out of his locker. " You were the one who took the book…" he mumbled. Jackson slammed it shut, and walked toward homeroom. " You know Aidan, you're really stupid when it comes to defending your instrument. Imagine what would of happened if she was on concrete! You would have busted her face!" he yelled. Aidan frowned, and walked sadly to his homeroom.

Jackson and Aidan had been friends since 1st grade, but since 5th, Narrissa had seemed to knock Aidan off the list of extreme concerns to Jackson. Aidan had never seen Jackson like a girl that much, and boy had he just ruined it for her. He felt horrible, and laid his head down on his desk.

Meanwhile, in Eden's homeroom, she was getting the silent treatment from Narrissa. It was common, Narrissa would never talk when something was wrong. She would use gestures to talk, or just ignore you. She sighed at Narrissa, and looked at the book she was reading. It was a thick book, around 700 pages, and had no title. Eden didn't understand Narrissa's love for reading, but she didn't ask about it. Just like she had never asked Eden why she was so strict about manners.

" You know, maybe Jackson likes you." she said quietly. Narrissa let out a little breath as if saying " Yea right.". " But what other reason would he steal your books just so you would go over there every morning?" she asked. " Because he's stupid. Simple.' Narrissa finally replied, and flipped the page for the 452nd time. " I really think there's more to him.." Eden trailed off, but Narrissa never replied.


Eden: Mrs. Ladybug.

Narrissa: Ms. Spider

Jackson: Centipede

Aidan: Grasshopper.

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