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The next morning, Jackson awoke to the sound of his brother stomping up and down the stairs, yelling as he played with his action figures. His mom was likely already at work. He sighed, looking over at the clock.

He still had a good hour before school, which was plenty of time to get up, get dressed, and shove something down his throat. He stretched both of his legs before kicking his blanket off of him and rolling onto the floor. Slowly, he made his way over to the closet, leaning against the door frame and yawning as he looked around for a shirt.

After about five minutes, he had decided just to wear a pair of jeans and a brown shirt. He never dressed fancy unless he was, as he put it, " visiting the queen". He unlocked the door, walking downstairs to get breakfast.

Robbie was already eating a bowl of what looked like chocolate mush. Next to him were two action figures, both of them that used to belong to his older brother. Jackson sighed, and pulled down a box form the shelf. He grabbed the bowl, spoon, and milk afterward. He wanted something hot to eat, but no one had went shopping. And he was NOT going to go shopping.

He poured in the cereal and the milk, and stuck the spoon in. Robbie looked at him. " You are copying my breakfast." he huffed, crossing his arms. Jackson rolled his eyes, sitting at the table with his bowl of cereal. " Yeah? Well I was born first, and I've been eating this stuff forever. So technically, you are stealing my breakfast." he told his younger brother, and began stuffing his face with cereal.

Robbie didn't say anything after that, not able to come up with a good comeback. Instead, he absently ate his cereal and stared out the door. Jackson looked at him. " So, what are you doing in school?" he asked. Robbie turned to him. " We have a stupid math test today." he replied. Jackson only snorted in response. " You think those are stupid? Try high school math." he said. And after that short conversation, he got up and walked to the door.

" I'll lock it when I leave!" Robbie yelled from the kitchen. Jackson nodded before heading out the door, walking on his usual route to school. He only lived about 5 minutes away from it, so it wasn't hard to get there.

Little did he know, school was going to bring him a little surprise today.

As soon as he got to the outside gym area, where all the kids were in the morning, he was quickly confronted by a few guys to play basketball. He denied, as he wanted to find Narrissa. His eyes searched around, by the door first. She wasn't there. He then looked over at the huge tree over by the fence. She wasn't there either, but Eden was. He quickly headed over there, and she looked up at him from her position on the ground.

" Do you know where Narrissa is?" he asked her. Her face suddenly lit up. " Why? Do you like her?" she asked in a teasing tone. He sighed. " What was your first clue?" he asked. She laughed.

" I've known for a long time. I've been with you in school since third grade. Whenever Narrissa came into the picture, you were totally leaving Aidan in the dust." she explained. She then got up, looking at him. " But don't worry, I won't tell. Follow me. She's out of the allowed area, but I'll take you to her anyway." she said., and began walking quickly to the side of the building. Jackson followed her closely.

Eden began running over to the other side of the building, and then pointed up near the top of the building, where a small path for the janitor was. " She's up there. She stole the ladder from the tech crew so she could get there. She's pretty smart." she told him. Jackson nodded, and Eden ran back to where had been before he found her.

Jackson noticed that Narrissa had left the ladder there, so he began climbing it. He was about to the top when he heard what sounded like a lot of people rushing to the back of the building. Blast. The teachers. He quickly scrambled up the thin ladder, knocking it down as he got to the top. He walked in the small hole in the side of the second floor, and saw Narrissa.

Sometimes, he wondered why she chose the hardest places to access to hide. Sure, the teachers were good searchers. But here? He couldn't believe her thoughts.

She didn't flinch as he walked next to her. Her eyes were firmly planted on the book she was reading. But as he looked at the pages of the book, he realized something. She wasn't reading. She was staring at a photo of a young girl, next to her a tall man. The young girl has black hair, and green eyes. Her eyes were looking directly at the camera, while the tall man was looking the other way.

" Who is that?" he asked. Narrissa glanced at him. " Me and my father." she said. He nodded. " So, why are you looking at the photo?" he again questioned. Narrissa stayed silent a moment. " I don't want to talk about it." she said. He frowned. " Talking about it will make you- no it won't" he said, being interrupted by her. She then looked over through the entrance of the room she was in. " You've probably dragged teachers behind you, so let's go." she sighed, closing the photo in the book and beginning to walk out. He followed her.

As soon as she walked out of the room, she looked down. The principle stared at the two. " You are in serious trouble." he said to them. Narrissa rolled her eyes, and then jumped down, landing perfectly on the ground. Jackson just slid down, and unlike Narrissa, he landed on his side. " Nice going, genius." she said to him in a bitter tone, offering her hand to help him up. He took it, and rose from the ground.

The principle had led them to his office for a talk about their behavior. He took a seat in his swivel chair, turning to the two. " Would you mind telling me what was so important that you went off of safe areas was?" he asked. " None of your business, that's what." Narrissa replied. He narrowed his eyes at her. " Young lady, I can call your parents into this matter if you wish." he warned. She rolled her eyes. " Oh, I'm so scared. You call them. Go ahead. See if they care." she said rather loudly. Jackson looked over at her, scared at this side of her.

The principle sighed. " I will be phoning them later. As for you Jackson, I'm surprised. Are you just tired of the basketball team?" he asked. He frowned. " No sir. I was following Narrissa." he said. The principle had a puzzled look on his face. " You, the best player on the team, would break the rules and get kicked off the team just to follow her? She has an attitude if you haven't noticed." he told Jackson. Jackson immediately turned aggressive.

" You don't have the right to judge her. You don't know what she's been through, or what happened to her through her life. You don't know her. All you look at is her school behavior and make assumptions. Guess what? Our life doesn't revolve around school." he said harshly.

The principle looked shocked. " You really are pushing your luck Jackson." he said. He looked up at the principle. " I don't care if you kick me off the team. I'm not going to let you sit here and judge her. Because no one judges you. You always say that we should follow the golden rule. Guess what? You aren't. She wouldn't treat you like this unless you have to her." he said.

It took the principle a few minutes to respond. " Both of you, leave. I will be telling your parents about this." he told them. They both turned away, leaving the room and out into the hall. Narrissa tapped Jackson's arm. " Hey, thanks." she said. Jackson nodded. " No problem. But will you tell me what happened now?" he asked. Narrissa sighed.

" My dad kicked me out last night. He was, uh, drunk. I'm living with my uncle now." she told him. Jackson cocked his head. " Where'd mom occur in this?" he asked. Narrissa gave an ill laugh. " She's dead. She has been for a long time." she explained. He nodded gravely. "Oh, sorry. I didn't know." he said. Narrissa shrugged. " She died when I was two. I never really bonded with her." she said. As the two continued down the hall, the bell rang, meaning they had to separate. " See you later." he said to her, and they went in opposite directions towards their homeroom.

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