#01 – Comfort

They both had the responsibility of a whole planet on their shoulders, but at least they could share some of the weight.

#02 – Kiss

It wasn't fireworks and rainbows but, as he would tell Ben later, it was one of the best moments of his life.

#03 – Soft

Blossom always marveled how soft Dexter's hair was.

#04 – Pain

The little red haired girl pushed his companion out of the way and as the massive claw smashed her against the floor, she was only glad that Dexter had been spared of this pain.

#05 – Potatoes

"Blossom, staring at your potatoes all day won't make them disappear…and using your laser beam is cheating!"

#06 – Rain

Sharing an umbrella with Dexter wasn't so bad, Blossom made a note to forget her own more often.

#07 – Chocolate

Dexter didn't like sweets and he was more than glad to give his share of the dark substance to Buttercup, although he didn't understand why Blossom shot him a murderous glare afterwards.

#08 – Happiness

When his friends had appeared over the horizon, tired, wounded but very much alive he thought he might burst because of so much happiness.

#09 – Telephone

Holograms were much better than telephones, Blossom thought as Dexter talk to her about his day, feeling that he was there with her and not in some undisclosed, possibly dangerous, location.

#10 – Ears

The boy genius would have bet anything she could hear the fast beating of his heart, if she did; she was polite not to comment on it.

#11 – Name

The perfect girl, boy genius, power puff, nerd, they had many names but to each other they were just Blossom and Dexter, and that was more than enough.

#12 – Sensual

When Dexter took off his oil stained shirt, Blossom almost choked in her own spit. Since when did he have muscles!

#13 – Death

It had been a war after all, there were bound to be casualties, but Blossom cried silently as a small coffin was settled to the ground.

#14 – Sex

She kissed his neck with slow and hot kisses, making him groan impatiently, she grinned in to his neck and unbutton his shirt with equal slowness; loving this sweet torture.

#15 – Touch

Dexter didn't like to be touched, save for Blossom and very few others, in fact; he welcomed their touched more than he wanted to admit.

#16 – Weakness

Blossom dreaded the day a villain smart enough would one day figure out her weakness, for it wont not only be her downfall but the world's also.

#17 – Tears

Dexter was selfish enough for the both of them, he would take full responsibility for his actions; she could even say he forced her to do it, all this things he wanted to argue with but a single tear from Blossom made him speechless. "It's for the best" she said softly.

#18 – Speed

Blossom was fast on her feet as Dexter was with his brain.

#19 – Wind

She could out-run the wind if she wanted to, nevertheless she would sometimes just let the wind push her wherever it wanted and fly with it as one.

#20 – Freedom

"Dexter! Dexter what happened?" Blossom stared almost in panic as the smartest boy on earth simply walked towards the fridge and pull out a milk carton after he had gone missing for two days; he drank directly from it and said in a very cold voice: "Your sister thought it was funny to lock me in the closet for a few days."

#21 – Life

What was his life compared to millions of others? One cold stare from her made him squash this notion; it mattered when he was the only chance they got to win this war.

#22 – Jealousy

Blossom quickly butted in as yet another fan girl tried to manhandle him to dance; she convinced herself that she was just concerned for him…instead of jealous.

#23 – Hands

He flinched when she took his hand, the red head quickly let go and tried to hide her hurt, and she was pleasantly surprised when the whiz kid reached for her seconds later.

#24 – Taste

His tongue darted out to the corner of his mouth, tasting the cream there, then asked if there was more with a huge grin on his face.

#25 – Devotion

Dexter hugged her and buried his face in her long orange hair; Blossom held him back, trying to burn this moment in to her mind and never forget.

#26 – Forever

Blossom would live for a long, long time; she wasn't sure if she wanted that because forever sounded like a very lonely future.

#27 – Blood

The heroine wondered what the red liquid in her hands was – and then she realized she had been injured for the first time.

#28 – Sickness

"Just because you're genius doesn't mean you won't catch a cold."

#29 – Melody

Piano and guitars don't usually go together, but the melody they made when combined was beautiful.

#30 – Star

They both sat on the roof and pointed out the planets they had visited and the ones they hadn't.

#31 – Home

The cold and metallic surfaced of his lab may be harsh for some people but for Dexter, it was home.

#32 – Confusion

Why did the three sisters decided to switched colors today?

#33 – Fear

Seeing her so still and lifeless was so wrong on so many levels that he could even hear somebody screaming in protest, he didn't even know it was him until Ben dragged him away from the scene.

#34 – Lighting/Thunder

His features were sharper in the light of the storm; she burned his face in to her mind because once the storm was over…she may never see him again.

#35 – Bonds

Their bonds to each other sometimes bind them but at the same time made them stronger.

#36 – Market

Shopping with the Power Puff Girls was something else; the girls speeded away and came back with arms full with groceries, now they waited for the cashier to get over her amazement so they could be on their way.

#37 – Technology

When you hang around with a genius you pick up a few things; she narrowed her eyes at the salesmen who tried to sell her sister, Bubbles, a cheap phone for a ridiculous price.

#38 – Gift

Bubbles was delighted with her new phone, blue in color and made just for her; and so was Blossom, who blushed when Dexter told her his personal number was already in it.

#39 – Smile

Blossom was a pretty girl and her prettiness increased tenfold when she smiled, making him act like the school boy he should be.

#40 – Innocence

He was smart but he was as dumb as plank when it came to wooing the opposite sex.

#41 – Completion

There, in his arms, with her sisters on the other side and surrounded by her boisterous friends, she felt as safe and loved as it was possible to feel.

#42 – Clouds

Why watch them and guess their figure, when you could fly through them and make them whatever shape you want?

#43 – Sky

He almost forgot how blue the sky was, so used to the green fumes that contaminated the area; and it dawned on him that, at long last, they had won.

#44 – Heaven

Without warning the heroine grabbed hold of the genius and flew upwards with a cry of victory, claiming their piece of paradise.

#45 – Hell

Fuse's lair was down that hole; she watched the green fumes streaming heavily upwards and without further ado she went head first in to the hellish pit.

#46 – Sun

He worried that if he stared too long in to her eyes, beautiful and blazing like a sun, he would do something stupid and loose her for good.

#47 – Moon

She worried that their differences were too big; he could be so cold and distant, as big as the distance that separated the sun and the moon.

#48 – Waves

He probably should be used to this, but he refused to accept any help when it came to something as simple as swimming.

#49 – Hair

She would miss her long orange hair but Dexter's stunned face when he saw her knew cut, made it all worthwhile.

#50 – Supernova

They were different and yet similar; they fought, they laugh, they cried and love together, and when combined they were unstoppable, like a supernova.