Title: Reconstruction

Rating: G

Summary: After the Beacons, Ianto could use a little TLC. Written for the tw100 prompt 'Sticks and Stones.'


sticks and stones can break my bones…

Tosh started sobbing when she saw the pictures of vanished travelers from before they went to the Beacons. Owen had already 'driven Gwen home,' so Jack asked Ianto to unload the Range Rover while he talked to her. When Ianto brought tea around a while later, the two were murmuring softly, heads close together.

Jack nodded as he took the mug, a thanks and a dismissal. "You can get yourself home, right Ianto?" he said, barely looking away from Tosh.

Ianto nodded, unnoticed, and limped away.

but your words will always hurt me