Ethan wrinkled his nose in disgust as his soppy tuna sandwich was dropped carelessly on the plate.

"If you pay for food it should look edible."

Ethan nodded as Benny gave him a smile and a pat on the back, pushing half his PB&J at the smaller brunette. It was no secret to Benny that Ethan starved himself. After the whole "pity date" he had gotten from Sarah for getting rid of Coach Ed he had been feeling like more than just a "dork". Benny tried to talk some sense into him, to show him that he was skinnier, and in his opinion more attractive, than any boy or girl in the whole damn school.

No luck.

Ethan wouldn't eat unless watched and Benny knew his parents, what with work and Jane's extra curricular activities, that it was going unnoticed. To say he was pissed off was an understatement. He watched as the sandwich was stuffed into the boy's mouth in three large bites. He downed his milk as well. He felt his heart grow heavy as Ethan's large brown eyes turned to him.

They sought approval.

Benny smiled brightly, nodding his head while taking a bite of his own lunch as they began discussing their plans for the night. Zombie busters III had come out and Benny had scored a copy. The usual pizza, ice cream, and video games on a Friday was on. Benny got up as the warning bell rang out. Ethan quickly tried to weave his way through until the taller brunette abruptly spun him around, wringing his wrist roughly as his eyes darkened.

"No Ethan. Don't think about it."

Ethan's hurt eyes turned to those of anger as he wrung his hand free, his mouth set in a thin line as he fixed his sleeve.

"I was just going to-"

"To use the bathroom right? To go and…."

Benny leaned in, the emotion making his voice low and tight.

"To go puke your brains out in the third stall again. If I find you passed out I swear to god Ethan Morgan-"

Ethan shoved him back, the lunchroom empty as the final bell rang out. They stood there, Benny angry and Ethan, well, he was more pissed off than he could remember.

"That was once, let it go! Your not my mom Benny!"

Benny once again grasped the other's wrist, twisting it to lay the slender hand on his chest.

"Look Ethan. Look at your fingers man! You can barely hold a super soaker, let alone a fork! I'm trying to help you…"

Ethan pried the other off, turning toward the exit instead. He felt his face grow hot as he ignored the other's pleads and began to run, the tears making their way down flushed cheeks. He felt disgusted with himself. The wind seemed to whistle in his ears as he crossed street after street and ran thru alleys to try and get home. He would just say he was sick, then do his daily "regimen" in the restroom to prove a point. As he neared his block, something seemed to give him a firm pull back and as uncoordinated as he was he felt his back hit the asphalt.

"Well, looks like it worked. She saved you. It's a shame though, Sarah's isn't nearly as gifted and… as delicious as you happen to be."

Electric blue met terrified doe brown as Ethan scrambled to get up. Long fingers tightened around his throat, lifting him roughly off the ground.

"Now now, where's my little sheep going? I don't know about you but, I'm starving. Aren't you going to give me a bite?"

Jesse's grin was as perfectly cold and calculating as ever. He effortlessly threw the smaller boy over his shoulder, a laugh ringing past full lips.

"Your babysitter's a vampire and yet here we are. You must be the black sheep I've been looking for."