Ethan sighed as he threw his notebook on his bed, his body following suit. It'd been three weeks and Benny had avoided him like the plague. He had even blocked him on video chat and had gone as far as ignoring him, no glances spared.

"He's probably just mad that you had sex with Jesse, I'm sure he'll get over it!"

Ethan glared at Rory, cheeks burning as he threw his dictionary at the blonde's head.


"Serves you right. I didn't let Jesse go that far, so quit saying things like that. Your making me feel dirty."

Rory frowned, hand caressing the sore spot on his head as he turned back towards the computer. A small ring made them both jump.

"Erm, Ethan, your computer is totally ringing."

Ethan shoves the blonde out of his chair, quickly accepting the chat invite. Soon the screen is filled with the image of...

"No... No freaking way is he doing what I think he's doing..."

Rory crowds behind Ethan, only to catch an eyeful of shirtless Benny Having his brains, along with his motor functions, sucked out thru his cock by an eager red head with a pixie cut.

"He muted me but he must've clicked my icon by mistake, can you believe this?"

Ethan feels his face grow hot, his eyes misting as Benny's fingers tangle themselves in the silky strands of the strangers hair.

"I sure can. Most girls can't pull off that hair cut, she has good structure."

Ethan is numb. He feels his heart stop and wither within the 2 minutes it takes for Benny to get off. His heart is in his throat as the red head saucily stands to kiss her conquest, until Benny shoves her face away roughly.

"What are you doing Erin? You know it isn't like that. Just go clean up and get out."

The girl pouts, her green eyes turning to look at the web cam.

"Oh alright, but I just wanted to show Ethan what he was kiss- oops I mean missing."

Benny turns to face the screen, his eyes wide as he sees Ethan wipe his eyes, getting up and running out as Rory waves, gives him a thumbs up and promptly cuts the connection.

Erin's voice is like nails on a chalkboard as she laughs.

"Pity, he didn't stick around for the rest."

"Get the fuck out."

She tugs her t shirt back on and blows him a kiss as she leaves, cowboy boots heavy on the wooden flooring. Benny feels physically sick with himself. He had chosen to get blown in front of the computer screen, while looking at Ethan's icon.

He had messed everything up even more so and he's sure almost sex

With a vampire is not as bad as oral sex with some random tramp from a lord of the rings forum.

Ethan felt his chest heave as his tears finally dried out. Rory had left, promising ice cream and Sarah but he had just left which meant that Ethan had a minute to think. He turns to lie on his right side, facing the wall as he curls in on himself and replays what he had witnessed.

Benny had come undone beneath the fingertips of some whore in his computer chair while Ethan had just watched. A train wreck wouldn't do the situation justice as a descriptive example to anyone. Not that he would tell anyone. Except Sarah... And Ben and Jerry. He sighed, closing his eyes.

"It wasn't what it looked like."

Ethan shot up, stake in hand as Benny filled his doorway. Instead of putting the wood down he gripped it tighter, hoping the tramp would have tagged along. No such luck.

"Look E, I just-"

"No. You don't get to call me that. Not after you've given me grief for weeks over almost being sexually assaulted and scarred for life."

Benny nods, entering the bedroom and slipping the door closed gently. He quickly takes a seat in the computer chair. Ethan wrinkles his nose.

"Ethan, she was a fling ok? When I didn't know how to cope with your situation, she offered me some distraction and I took it... Please say something, anything."

Ethan looks calm. His eyes are puffy and red, his hair sticking up in all angles as he smooths the creases from his incredible hulk t shirt. What leaves his lips makes Benny's heart stop.

"Your supposed to stick by me no matter what but instead you pick up random girls and ignore the situation in which I was almost raped and turned into an evil creature of the night. I loved you Benny but..."

Benny stands, his chest growing tight as he silently begs Ethan to stop talking, to not say anything drastic. Ethan's eyes well up as he speaks, a whisper on full lips.

"Were done."