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Bella's POV:

Day 1:

"Must you stand there and irritate me? Why don't you make yourself useful and go help the guys load up the jeep?" I snapped, pushing past Edward to place my bags in the back of the suburban.

"Already starting with the snide comments, Swan? You know, sometimes I think you still have a little crush on me, and that's why you act so defensive," he said, smirking. I shot him an irritated glance before loading my last bag.

"Goodness, that was in fifth grade? How was I supposed to know that you would end up becoming the most irritating and self-absorbed human being on the planet?" I stated, poking him hard in his chest, which I hated to admit, was toned and developed.

Before he had a chance to reply, I walked back inside of Alice's house to help her with all of her bags. How she managed to justify the decision to bring her entire closet as a sane thing to do was completely lost to me. I walked into her room just in time to see her begin running from one side of the room to the other before she jumped and landed on the suitcase that was sitting on the bed.

"Why. Won't. You. Close." She muttered angrily, jumping on her knees simultaneously trying to zip up the suitcase.

"Having trouble?" I said, making my presence known. Alice's head snapped up and relief spread over her entire face.

"Bella, thank God! Can you help me zip this up?" She asked, her big eyes wide and pleading.

I rolled my eyes, but helped her to zip up the suitcase.

"Goodness, what's in here?" I asked, straining to carry the suitcase towards the suburban.

"Just some shoes," she replied before grunting and swinging the bag she carried into the car.

"Are you kidding me?" I asked before roughly shoving the bag in. Luckily, that was the last of them.

"Hey, I don't know what to expect. If I had had a little more time to plan ahead, I would have known which shoes to bring," she reasoned, before going inside to help her parents with any of their bags.

I rolled my eyes, and thought about the wonderful week we had waiting for us. A week ago, I was sitting at home, moping about how I hadn't done anything all summer long. It's not like it usually bugged me, but this was the summer before my senior year. I expected a little more excitement out of it.

So, on a whim, which was very unlike me, I searched for lake side cabins that could be rented out and asked my friends Rosalie and Alice if they would be able to convince their parents to go on a vacation with me before school started. Naturally, Alice took my plan one step ahead. She invited all of our friends.

The way I see it, it's Rosalie, Alice, and me first; then it branches out to Jasper and Emmett, their boyfriends. That is what I consider my friends. Then there are the people who are tied to us because we have a lot of things in common, we just don't hang out a lot. That would be people like, Jessica, Angela, Edward, Mike, and Ben.

So, everybody begged their parents to be able to go, and surprisingly, even though it was under such short-notice, everyone was able to. Carlisle and Esme, Alice's parents, would be chaperoning, which seems like not enough to take care of ten teenagers, but all of our parents knew and trusted Carlisle and Esme. Although the trip wouldn't go like I had originally planned, the excitement of vacationing for a week with all of my friends definitely made up for it. The only thing I could do without was Edward, but everyone else was good friends with him, and I wouldn't ruin their fun.

It's not like Edward is a horrible guy. On the contrary, he is very fun to be around, when he isn't being an ass. However, it seems like I'm the only one he seems to be bipolar around. Ever since fifth grade, things were tense between us.

Let's just say, puberty hit hard, and those new hormones beginning to circulate within me gave me a boost of confidence, and I had asked him out. Surprisingly, he said yes. We were a beautiful couple – for a day and a half. I freaked the next day, my eleven year old mind catching up with me, and I "broke" up with him. I think he held a grudge against me for being the first girl to ever dump him.

Ever since then, it was a love-hate relationship with him. We had been friends before, and we still had all of the same friends and interests, so it's not like we were sworn enemies. Sometimes, I think there's something more brewing underneath the surface when it came to our relationship, but most of the time I just convinced myself that was a crazy thought.

"We're all ready to go!" Emmett yelled, closing the back door to his jeep. We answered him with happy hoots and hollers, before we all piled into the cars and set off.

Alice and Jasper were riding with Carlisle and Esme in Emmett's jeep, since Emmett pouted that he wanted to be able to play road trip games and wouldn't be able to do that as effectively if he were driving the jeep. So that left Rosalie, Emmett, Angela, Ben, Edward, Mike, Jessica, and me to ride in the suburban. Luckily, Alice's suitcases hadn't taken up too much room so all of the seats were still available.

"Whoo!" Emmett exclaimed as we pulled out of the drive way. Everyone laughed at his antics, but then stayed quiet. It wasn't until we were an hour into our three hour drive that we began messing around.

Emmett began bumping into Rosalie, who would in turn bump into me. Since we were in the back row of the car, nobody saw us. Emmett quietly set his hand on Rosalie's thigh then began sliding up. She shoved his hand away and sent him a playful glare. Then, Emmett gave me a mischievous stare before reaching over Rosalie to set his hand on my thigh. Rosalie and I both shoved his hand away. He pouted, then wiggled his eyebrows.

He began putting on a little dance display to the music playing in the background. Rosalie and I were giggling into our hands, making sure nobody took notice of our little fun-fest going on in the back of the suburban. Then, Emmett began slowly lifting the bottom of his shirt, still dancing around. Rosalie and I were able to keep our laughter quiet until his shirt finally came all the way off, then, we bursted out laughing.

Everyone's heads snapped back, and Mike, who was now staring at us in the review mirror (since he was driving), asked "Emmett, why are you shirtless?"

That caused everybody in the car to begin laughing again. Right after our laughter died out though, my phone rang. I answered it without looking.


"Bella, could you kindly tell Emmett to put his shirt back on, or I'll be calling his mother to report about his indecent actions," Esme replied sweetly.

I cracked up laughing, then pointed out to everyone in the car that the jeep was right next to us, and Esme was sending pointed stares at Emmett while Alice and Jasper cracked up laughing in the backseat.

"Esme said put your shirt back on, Emmett!"

Emmett had the decency to blush and quickly put his shirt back on. Esme smiled, before returning her attention to directing Carlisle.

"So what exactly was going on back there?" Edward asked, smirking at us from his spot in front of us.

Mike and Jessica were quietly talking in the front seat, and Edward, Angela, and Ben had turned around in their seats so they could more easily talk to us.

"Nothing," I said suspiciously, sending a mischievous glance to my right towards Rosalie and Emmett.

Edward, who was sitting directly in front of me, sent me a private suggestive smile that made my heart jump a bit. The conversation continued, but I cut myself out out of it, and stared outside the window, listening to my ipod.

Stupid Edward. My mind was reeling again. It would be so much easier if he would just hate me or like me, but no, he just had to be bipolar. That smile made me giddy with teenage hormones, but I knew in less than an hour, we'd be down each other's throats again.

I was brought out of my thoughts when Rosalie pulled the ear buds out of my ipod.

"We're stopping for a bathroom break," she told me, before climbing out.

I followed everyone inside and went to the bathroom. Afterwards, everyone was going through the store, looking for snacks to munch on. I grabbed some yogurt covered pretzels and a water and began making my way to the cashier, but I bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry," I immediately said.

The guy in front of me chuckled and helped steady me.

"It's no problem," he said. I looked up and saw a gorgeous boy with short black hair and deep blue eyes. I smiled, before walking away.

I got into line behind Jasper, and Edward came up behind me.

"Geez, talk about shamelessly flirting," he said snidely.

"What are you ranting on about now?" I asked in a bored tone.

"You might as well write 'desperate' on your forehead," he taunted.

"You're such a prick, I just bumped into him. If you're going to be an ass, can you at least wait until we're at the cabin so I can drown you in the lake?" I snapped back.

I paid for my snacks then stomped off to the car. Rosalie stared at me, confused, as I angrily strapped myself in. I didn't have a chance to tell her what had happened, though, before Edward came in and sat down in his seat, glaring at his feet. Rosalie shook her head and rolled her eyes.

The rest of the ride was tense, at least from my point of view. I just glared at the back of Edward's stupid pretty head. However, I couldn't hold my anger in forever, so as soon as we neared our camp site, I started getting excited. Rosalie pressed up against me and we both stared in awe out the window at the scenery as trees and the lake passed by.

"This is so beautiful!" Rosalie exclaimed. "I can't wait to go swimming!"

"Hell yeah!" Emmett said, pressed up against his own window.

As soon as we stopped, everyone barreled out of the cars, and ran towards the cabins. We had rented two, one for the boys and one for the girls. They stood side by side, separated only by a pathway of wood chips. They were long log cabins, with beautiful wrap around porches. I smiled, knowing that this pioneer-like vacation was exactly what I needed. Once Esme got the door open, us girls ran inside to choose a bed.

Esme got a room to herself, although I'm sure her and Carlisle would be winding up together in one of the cabins later on. There were two other rooms, but we decided it's be much more fun to drag our mattresses to the living room at night instead of split up.

"Come on, let's hurry up and unpack so we can go swimming!" Alice squealed, before running back outside.

The guys had already started unpacking, and my eyes were immediately drawn to Edward. Stupid pretty boy. Now he had a crooked smile in place as he joked around with Ben. Why couldn't he just stay happy like that all of the time? I sighed, then started grabbing some of my bags. I was on my second trip, my last bag in one hand, and one of Rosalie's in the other when I tripped and landed on my hands and knees.

"Ouch," I muttered quietly to myself. Emmett and Jasper, who were in front of me, chuckled and turned to help me up, but someone beat them to the punch.

"You okay?" Edward asked from behind me, putting one hand on my waist and the other hand took my hand. He helped me up before stepping in front of me, a concerned look on his face.

"I'm fine," I managed to say. He just nodded and walked away. Emmett and Jasper, who had seen the whole thing, looked at me then at Edward's retreating form, before looking at each other. I walked away before they could say anything. I didn't need to hear them confirm how strange that interaction was.


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