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Draco Malfoy seethed, furious with the entire goddamned world. He
stormed up flight after flight of stairs, jumping off one moving
staircase and onto the next, too impatient to wait for it to glide back.

As he reached the landing at the seventh floor, he shoved a gaggle of
second year Hufflepuffs out of his way.

"Don't you gits have anything better to do than stand in peoples'
ways?" he snarled, and the Hufflepuffs scattered, grumbling in
annoyance and fear.

Continuing on, he reached the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy and
immediately began pacing back and forth.

"I know you pain, mate," grumbled Draco to Barnabas, who managed a
feeble "here, here" from his position underneath the trolls beating
him relentlessly with their clubs.

All I need is a place to escape, he thought to the wall as he paced
back and forth. Just give me somewhere that I can think and let go for
a bit.

A large wooden door appeared before him, and he didn't hesitate to
open it and slide down the wall on the opposite side, burying his head
in his hands.

Heavy sobs escaped his chest as tears slid down his tortured,
porcelain face.

"I do everything they ask of me," he moaned out loud, "and it's never
enough. 'Master isn't pleased, Draco. He hasn't come round to trusting
you yet, and we've got half a mind to feel the same. Would it kill you
to work a bit harder, Draco?' Well, I'm bloody sick of it!"

"I don't know who 'they' are, but they don't seem very kind. In fact,
if I were you, I daresay I wouldn't like them at all."

The dreamy voice startled Draco, who immediately leapt to his feet and
drew his wand, surveying the room carefully. He took it all in: The
room was about the size of a dormitory, with the same dark paneled
wood. There was a shelf of books; along with a desk holding parchment,
quills, and ink. A large bed resided in the corner, with blue and
green sheets and matching curtains.

Most important, or perhaps most impressive, was the huge window that
covered the entire far wall, and the cushioned seat running the length.

It was from such that Draco could see the early spring rain falling in
dense sheets, and on which that the girl was resting her head.

Curiosity got the better of Draco's suspicion, and he lowered his wand
to get a better view of the girl that was in HIS room. She was small,
with her knees drawn into her chest, and her head resting against the
cool window glass, watching the rain fall over the mountains and into
the lake. Her robes and profile, however, were nearly completely
curtained by her white-blonde hair, which cascaded in sheets round her
shoulders down to her waist, reminding Draco rather much of the rain
outside the window.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" he asked, his voice trembling in an
attempt to control his sobs.

She still didn't turn round to heed him, but addressed him as she spoke.

"It's okay, Draco Malfoy. I come here to cry sometimes too."

"Answer me!" said Draco, "I asked who you were!"

The girl turned her face and her eyes met his.

"My name is Luna," she said in her distant voice, "Luna Lovegood."

Draco's first and only thought was of how clear and protrubant her
eyes were. They were large and wide and stunning: They swirled
lavender, skye, and silver. Draco was reminded of a Muggle poet, Poe,
and quoted quietly to himself, "What was it! I was possessed with a
passion to discover. Those eyes!"

Luna cocked her head to one side, eyeing him vaguely.

"I'm surprised," she said with distant interest. "I didn't think you
would know of Muggle poets. Perhaps it is the nargles; Daddy says that
they can do strange things to a person's mind. Poe is quite good,
don't you think? My friend Hermione Granger introduced me to his works."

Draco lowered his wand, putting it back inside his robes. Forgetting
all about where he was or why he was there, he was filled with
realization and disbelief.

"I know who you are!" he snorted with laughter. "You're the freak-
Loony Lovegood! Oh yes, everyone talks about you! And friends with the
know-it-all Mudblood, to boot!"

Luna's wide eyes filled with hurt, and they seemed to turn a
thundercloud gray.

"That is NOT a very nice thing to say about me, or my friends!" she
said angrily. "I don't appreciate you insulting me to my face, though
I guess I could expect none less, with what 'everyone' says of YOU!"

Draco stopped laughing. He and Luna were now glaring at each other
blinklessly, as if daring the other to look away or draw their wand.

"Oh yeah?" he asked coolly. "And what does everyone say about me?"

"Well, you're not the school freak, but you ARE one of the most
arrogant, egotistical, prattish toerags to ever ooze their slime in
these halls. Oh-and your disgusting father has to buy all your
success. Without him, you'd be nothing."

Draco's steely eyes flashed with malice.

"Don't you dare say a word against my family!" he shouted, drawing his
wand once again and aiming at Luna. "Sectum-"

"Protego!" Luna shouted. The curse rebounded off of her shield and hit
Draco square in the shoulder. She was too quick for him; he hadn't
even seen her draw her wand. "Finite Incantatem," she added with a
lazy flick of her wand, aiming at the scarlet wound seeping through
his robes.

Luna brushed her hair back off of her shoulders, stowed her wand into
her robes, and slung her bag neatly over her shoulder, standing to
leave. She made a point of stopping by Draco, who swore and reached
for his wand once more, which Luna snatched off of the floor.

She leaned down so that her face was level with his, her moonshine
hair brushing across his chest, before whispering happily into his
ear, "I'll have you know that a group of my close friends and their
families also believe that you are nothing but a weak pawn in
Voldermort's game, and you'll soon be manipulated into Death Eater-
hood without even considering the alternative. I must thank you, for
without gits like you that believe purebloods so almighty that the
rest of us-including that bloody brilliant Mudblood-haven't got a
bit of a chance to overpower you, it wouldn't be so easy to train
ourselves to fight against you right under your noses."

With that, she stood to leave, and skipped merrily, but stopped at the

"Oh, and one more thing," she said in her dreamy voice, sweet as
sugar mice. "Don't mess with Dumbledore's Army."

Draco felt something land on his stomach, but by the time he realized
it was his wand, she was long gone.

Rubbing his sore shoulder, he sat up. "And to think I reckoned she was
pretty," he muttered regretfully to himself as he stowed his wand
inside his robes, rubbed the dried tear-tracks on his face, and made
to leave, following the girl that had stolen his thoughts with one
Shield Charm.

A/N: Okay, I totally didn't mean for that to turn out the way it did,
but it was cute, right? Lemme know what you think!