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Chapter 1

The Dead Tree and the Misty Shadow

"The rising sun will eventually set, a newborn's life will fade. From sun to moon, moon to sun, give peaceful rest to the living dead."-Song of Sun poem, Ocarina of Time

*In Kokiri Forest*

A shadow, tall and hooded with a sort of black mist creeping off its form, slunk its way past the trees and shrubbery. Sharp, angry calls folowed its presence by the voice of every animal, who knew just by looking at it and smelling its scent and hearing it snake its way through the forest that this person, creature, this thing did not belong. But soon the angry growls, snarls, hisses, and caws silenced as each animal either retreated, or found themselves falling unconscious at its feet.

Dekus scrambled from their leafy holes away from it; the carnivorous Deku Babas shied right back into the ground to keep from getting hurt or killed by it; Skulltula's hissed and bolted away with their long, thin legs and spun a protective, sticky web to protect themselves. Fairies that were simply flying around, bored with no child to their name, screamed and flew away as fast as they could.

Somewhere deep in the heart of the forest, the Great Deku Tree sent out a wave of his own, natural magic to read into this mysterious entity. In an instant his magic came bursting back, violent with the harsh rebuff the entity sent him; a rejection, meaning the entity had magic, and knew the Deku Tree was searching for it. Not only that, but it sent one message through the shockwave of magic, one that sent shivers down the tree's spine while he had been busy speaking softly, and gloomily to the blue fairy named Navi.

"Find him, Navi. Fly swift, for time is not on thine side, I doth fear."

"But...what, shall I bring him to you, Great Deku Tree?" she had asked; she was curious, hurt, and sad, but excitement littered her voice. For years, almost an entire century Navi, one of the oldest of the fairies, had waited for the Child, the Kokiri Child she would be a guide, a partner, and friend to. So many fairies she had known had gone to a child, and passed away with the same child once their life was gone. And while she was hurt that it had taken so long for him to ask of her presence, she couldn't help but feel excited.

"Bring him to my glade. Now fly, Navi. The Shadow doth slither ever closer to thine meadow, and I perish the thoughts of its intentions to be that of purity." In a flash the fairy had left, disapearing into the forest to find the one Child he had always watched, the fairy-less boy who was not as he appeared to be to the other Kokiri.

And now, The Great Deku Tree waited for the boy to finish his trial. Every step of the boy's trial reverberated through him as the "Kokiri" child explored his complex and dungeon-like insides, in search of the ugly beast spider Queen Gohma that had somehow wriggled her way into the Great Deku Tree years before and had begun wrecking havoc in his body.

it was very strange, he couldn't help thinking as he waited for both the boy and the shadow to emerge before him. Long before the boy had shown up in the arms of his dying mother as a baby, the Great Deku Tree had dreamed up multiple visions, all of which had centered on a great evil that manifested into the body of a man, and for a while the visions became clearer, showing him horrible acts, violence, pain, and death that would be caused by the approaching evil.

Then, one day the visions ceased. The evil of the man surrounded by fire and darkness disappeared like leaf in a storm, replaced by a vision of the very same shadowy entity that now was haunting the forest, hunting for someone...someone inside the forest...

And it wasn't the Great Deku Tree it was looking for.

A twig snapped, the wind dramatically changed course, and the Great Deku Tree saw the emergence from the tall brush of the ghostly shadow being. The being was just as he had seen in his visions; tall, heavily cloaked in foreign clothes, and a mysterious aura that so harshly fought against the very air around it, as if it weren't supposed to be there, that to relieve the pressure it had to produce some sort of strange black mist to allow it to move.

The hood never fell, but the voice of the shadow entity spoke, and the very sound sent a wanton chill through the Great Deku Tree, "At last we meet, Guardian of the Forest, the Kokiri Deku Tree."

"The Shadow One, the mysterious phantom of darkness. Thine presence speaks of wrong; thou doth not belong in this realm."

The head nodded, "You are wise, as well as correct; just as they say."

The tree watched him, though one would have to wonder how seeing as he's a tree- "Thou seeks a child who is under my protection and guardianship."

"So you do have him. Where is he?" the shadow asked.

"Of which child do thy speak of, Shadowed One? I have many, and all of whom I love and cherish."

The shadow scoffed, "You know, Deku Tree, which I want. The fairy-less boy, Link."

"The boy is mine to protect, Shadow One. "

"I will have him, Deku Tree, and there is nothing you can do to stop me; it is inevitable, and fighting me is pointless." the shadow hissed.

"Perhaps, but This One will not let thou take away the child, not unhindered and without an effort to revoke thine act." rebuffed the Great Deku Tree.

The shadow huffed, "You won't hand him over willingly, Tree?"

"I shall not."

The shadow huffed again, but then paused to consider something. It shrugged the pointed shoulders of its cloak, "A shame, and I thought you to be wise. You will regret refusing, Deku Tree."

It was the tree's turn to huff, "Thou presumes much; This One will never regret such a choice, only that This One cannot do more."

A flare of black mist, and magic appeared on the left sleeve of the shadow's cloak. The arm raised, hand out and palm outstretched. In a flash of dark flame a colossal scythe appeared, dark fire blazing around the sharp edge. A wicked series of laughter echoed from within the hood and the shadow crept closer.

The Great Deku Tree summoned his magic and feirce gust of wind threw itself at the shadow. The entity was knocked back, and the wind blew hard like a hurricane. Slowly, the shadow managed to regain its footing and slowly fought the wind as it crept right back up. Next, Deku Tree summoned forth his large, vine-like roots. They flailed angrily at the shadow, who was able to move better as the wind died, but had trouble evading the flailing thick roots that flew at it.

A shockwave of pain coursed through the Deku Tree as the Shadow swung its scythe and successfully severed and destroyed each root. He summoned up more roots, ones even bigger, harder, and even sharp-tipped. The roots all attacked, slamming into the Shadow, and flying at him. Root after root the Shadow One sliced apart, each cut root falling limp to the ground and bleeding thick tree sap, and pain ripped through the Tree each time.

He was quickly losing too many roots, and with each dead root that fell he was getting weaker...


The Great Deku Tree froze, the last of the roots halting in an instant. A ginormous and trench-deep gash marked where the Shadow's scythe sliced at him, and the dark fire turned into a burning hot poison that coursed through his veins. Yet he was numb, to the fire in his body and the sap leaking freely like a river down his side.

The Great Deku Tree's leaves started changing rapidly, from the vivid and lively green they usually were to a sickening purple and brown, before falling at an alarming rate off his branches.

A bright light suddenly flashed, and out of a iridescent glowing blue light appeared none other than the Kokiri child Link, with his fairy Navi. The boy saw what was happening, and looked absolutely horror-stricken. The Shadow turned to the boy and once the shaded One saw him, the Great Deku Tree knew, it was all over.

"Forgive me L-Link...a-and Navi...I... have f-failed thee..." groaned the Deku Tree.

"Great Deku Tree!" cried the two partners.

"W-what have you done!" Navi screamed angrily at the Shadow.

"Y-you killed you MONSTER!" Link spat, and he drew his short Kokiri Sword and shield.

The Shadow seemed amused, "You wish to fight me, boy?" it asked, cocking its head to the side.

"You bet I do!" Link hissed, and he charged at the Shadow. Navi flew ahead and whirled around the Shadow as Link took aim and as soon as he was close he swung his blade down with all his might.

Only to find himself slicing air as the Shadow suddenly dispersed into a pitch black mist. The Shadow's mist circled around him and Navi, like an angry, hungry predator. The small Kokiri gulped hard.

"What is this thing?"

"I don't know!"

The Shadow chuckled, the voice reverberating through the mist like a harsh echo. "Foolish, pathetic boy. You're mine."

And suddenly, the mist attacked him, swirling out at him, enveloping him into a tight embrace. The last thing Link could hear was the cackle of the shadow and his own voice as he screamed for Navi before he lost his senses to darkness.

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