Chapter 11

The Deku Princess

" Kind young one! Please hear my plea! " - Stray Fairy, Majora's Mask

The world looked a bit different from the shoulders of the tall Gerudo, Link noticed. Suddenly the ground, or the distant surface of the poisonous swamp water was miles away from his touch, the blades of swamp grass and reeds miniscule. Mad Dekus and those beetle Hiploops they came across looked puny and while the electrifying dragonflies were in equal heights, if not bigger with them, the insects were no match for Ganondorf's superior magic blasts and Link's slingshot.

The reason he'd noticed is that the heart of the swam, Woodfall itself, was... it wasn't quite suited for a lackadaisical stroll. Tree stumps, short and tall alike circled around the center where the thickest of the swamp's muck, and where the oily, smelly poison in the water was at its most potency. Broken slabs of dead, rotting wood occasionall allowed a walkway from one stump to another, but they were few and far in between, and the stumps themselves were set far apart. So, ultimately, Ganondorf's acrobatic skills were the only chance he and Link had at getting around Woodfall, since Navi could simply fly.

And thus, begrudgingly for the Gerudo, Link was right back on Ganondorf's shoulders, perched wih his legs dangling light and loosely on either side of the Gerudo's neck. Slingshot in hand he easily took out the pesky Mad dekus, beetle fiends, and dragonflies, if Ganondorf's magic didn't first.

"What do you think this Great Fairie's like?" Link inquired.

"Probably just like the one in Clocktown." Navi said simply.

"Hey Ganny!" he tapped on the Gerudo's head, "Have you ever met a Great Fairy?"

"No. But from the incessant chattering rodent atop my shoulders has inclined, I can see you already have."

"Yep!" Link said cheerily, ignorant of the subtle insult Ganondorf had aimed at him. "She was real nice. But she seemed to like being all mysterious with her answers."

" it true?" Ganondorf asked.


"That the Great Fairies are nude nymphs?"

"They are not nymphs, and they are not naked!" Navi flustered, offended. "They are the superior fae of our kind, with great magic and majestic forms and have their bodies well clothed to cover the modesty of their forms!"

Link snickered into Ganondorf's ear, "Yeah, by leaf-panties and-what's that thing grown up girls wear, Ganny?"

"Depends; are we talking about Gerudo women or Hylian wenches?"


Ganondorf shook his head, "Whatever, I get it. They're not nymphs, but they're very much naked."

"They are not naked!" Navi shrieked, red hot aura burning bright.

"Hey look!" Link pointed, "That's a weird trunk. It's huge!"

Ganondorf leaped over to it, climbing up its edge with his hands like they were claws. It was huge, many times taller and wider than the other tiny stumps they had been crossing over on top of. In the center was a rounded pedestal stamped on top. A deku's face was painted on it, and to their right was a giant owl statue Link couldn't help but remember seeing near the Swamp Tourist Center, Clock Town... Colorful cloth flags circled their heads, attached to sprouting tree limbs protruding skyward.

"Malon and Cremia did say something about a society of Dekus. Maybe this is some special ritual spot for them?" Navi pondered.

"Hey!" suddenly spoke up a small voice from behind them.

Ganondorf turned half his body, while Link turned his head to see. It was a curious looking deku, with soft red eyes, a flower-petal and leaf sleeved gown covering their wood body and a colorful flower growing from their head that made hair fringe and a tall, cascading ponytail of petals, flying above toward their heads through rotating flowers. Something white and furry was hanging onto them, and suddenly the flower petals poofed apart and the deku went falling right for the wood platform they stood on.

The white furry thing turned out to be one of the white monkeys from the woods. It softly landed on all fours and then moved out of the way for the deku to land. The deku shuffled to them, the sound of leaves shaking and brushing against each other with each step.

"What are people doing here? Father had this place closed off!" the deku said, voice small and flute-like.

"Sorry to intrude!" Link said from high atop Ganondorf's shoulders. "We're looking for the Great Fairy of the Swamp. We got directions from the witches Koume and Kotake."

"Oh, I know where she is! Her Fountain lies in that small cave over there." the deku pointed a far, where Link squinted to spot a shadowed hole a mountain-sized rock. It was a few tree trunk-leaps from them, nothing Ganondorf wouldn't be able to cross in a few strides. "What do you want with the Great Fairy? And who are you?"

Navi floated down from Link's side to the deku, "We're travelers, taken far from our home by a mysterious being. We're looking for a way home, and we're hoping the Great Fairy could help us. I am Navi, the Fairy. This," she floated quickly back up to Link, "is my Kokiri partner, Link, and this man," she floated a bit lower to shine next to Ganondorf, who grimaced at her, "is the Gerudo Ganondorf."

"Oh, I see... I am the Princess of the Dekus!"

"What are you doing out here, princess?" Link asked. "Isn't this a bit out of the way from the Palace?"

"Well," she shyly shifted, leaves and flowers rattling softly, "since you've traveled this far into the swamp, I don't need to guess you all have come across the fiends swarming here, and the poison in the water, yes?" when she received a nod from Link and Navi, and a mild shift in stance from Ganondorf, the princess continued on, "It turns out here in the heart of Woodfall is a temple we Dekus worship in, that only we Dekus can raise up and down from the deep waters of the swamp."

Link briefly surveyed the area, "That might explain why I can't see anything looking like a temple."

"Yes, well, I believe a demon has made its home in the temple and is creating all the poison that has flooded our waters, as well as the fiends that have suddenly spawned here." the princess said gravely, then huffed angry, "My father, the King, believes we should stay as far away from the temple as possible, and has decreed that no Deku should raise the temple from the bottom of the swam, but he's an idiot!" she snapped, "Every day the poison seeps deeper and deeper through the swamp! It's only a matter of time before the poison floods the entire Woodfall! Or worse-Termina!"

"That's terrible!" cried Navi.

"What are you gonna do?" Link asked.

"Well...uhm...I was thinking I could...uh...raise the temple and give that demon a piece of my mind!" huffed the princess, trying to sound confident.

It didn't convince them very well.

"...actually I don't know." the princess admitted. "But still, I must go! I cannot bear the shameful cowardice my father has, nor can I let this demon wreck havoc in our land without question!"

"'re taking a monkey with you?" Ganondorf said, unimpressed.

"Ooh, ooh, ah!" squalled the monkey.

"Don't make fun of Keymo!" the princess snapped, "He's the bestest friend I've ever had, much better than those stupid guards that never listen to me. Plus, he's sweet and protects me!"

"Ooh, ah!" it cheered.

"Ignore Mister Grumpy," Navi spoke, earning a vicious snarl from Ganondorf, "Anything we could do to help?"

The princess paused, puzzlement in her body language as her arms cross over, leaf sleeves hiding her mouth and one of her small wooden feet tapping lightly against the pedestal.

"Perhaps...after you have finished your business with the Great Fairy, of course," the princess began, "you could assist Keymo in escorting me through the temple? There are all manners of traps and puzzles within the temple to keep it safe from outsiders, though obviously not enough to safeguard the place from a demon of this particular caliber. To traverse the insides alone would be a grave mistake, especially as I am the only deku of the Royal Family to be willing to raise the temple and expose it."

"Absolutely!" Link beamed.

"No." Ganondorf growled, "We already had to do that stupid potion run for the witches, we are not going to do favors for every person we come across, shoto!"

"I didn't say you had to tag-a-long," Link huffed, "if you don't want to help out a girl in need that badly, then why don't you just wait out here til me and Navi get done?"

"Because," he spat, "if you would promptly recall, you're beloved ranch-peasant has me under orders to babysit your scrawny ass-AND this whole Great Fairy business has gone on for long enough!"

"Oh yeah..." Link frowned. Then shrugged, "Come on, Ganny, it won't take that long! It's just some teeny tiny temple for dekus to worship...uh...what was it you said you worshipped?"

"I didn't."

"Oh. Well, there! It would take probably no time at all to get through!"

"No." he growled.

"Come on, Ganny!" Link begged.

"No. That's final." he said. "Good luck with your temple-raising, Princess." he bid farewell before turning and leaping off the pedestal and heading toward the cavern entrance. Link tried to change the Gerudo's mind a few more times with different sorts of begs, pleads, and very loud shrieks. The Gerudo was unfazed.

"You're so mean, Ganny." Link finally huffed, defeated as the Gerudo easily crossed the swamp water onto a small beach of solid ground lying below the entrance to the Fountain.

"I know." Ganondorf replied simply, then pushed off with his feet and caught the edge of the rocky wall with his hands. He pulled himself and Link up, who was still atop his shoulders, and the Kokiri jumped off his shoulders while Ganondorf had to kneel down so as not to bump his head against the ceiling of the rock.

They traveled a ways in darkness, the retreating caws of swamp birds and loud frogs the only accompanying sound. Then, as they breached deeper into the cavern, rock transformed into carved stone, and the sound of rushing water reached their ears. Ahead lie a glowing light that as they got closer began to shape into an archway. Navi fluttered around Link, impatiently, meaning they were undoubtedly close, if the light ahead and sound of water weren't hint enough.

The fountain, as they entered, was just as gorgeous and breath-taking as the one in Clock Town. White marble walls, pillars, and floors of the entire room sparkled. There was trickling water pouring out various fountain spouts on the walls, all that led into the slightly inward-dipping floor where the water accumulated into a shimmering pool of water that gave off the barest glow of pink. As the trio approached the pool in the center, a light shot to the ceiling.

Dimming the intensity, the figure bathed in light...

...was not the Great Fairy! It was a swarm of the same disfigured, jigsaw-puzzle winged baby looking fairies from the Fountain in Clock Town, but instead of a peachy yellow they were a soft pink.

"What is this nonsense?" Ganondorf snapped.

"Oh no, the Great Fairy! She's been split up too!" Navi shrieked.

"Just like the one from Clock Town..."

In a windy, tiny voice one of the hot-pink disfigured, baby-shaped fairy spoke, ~"Kind young one! Hear my plea!"~

"What happened, Great Fairy!" Navi spoke first.

~"The Mask! He Who Wears the Cursed Mask! He came to my fountain and split my spirit into many pieces, and hid them within the Sleeping Temple of Woodfall!"~ it cried, woe and sadness weaved into its tone.

"Temple... she may mean the same temple that Deku princess was speaking of!" Navi jingled.

~"Yes! Yes! Please, kind one!"~ another of the broken fairy said, floating near Link's face, ~"I am but a piece of my whole, but I felt days ago the returned vigor of my sister's spirit, my sister the Fairy of Clock Town. She sent to me, and surely my other sisters across Termina, visions of your selfless actions to restore her! Please, would you once more retrieve the scattered pieces of a broken Great Fairy?"~

Link nodded, "I will, you can count on me!"

~"Then allow me to bestow on you a small blessing..."~ a small, tiny little ball of pink light slowly made it sway out of within the small fairy's chest and floated to Link's hands, ~"It is not much, but with this light my scattered pieces within the temple will sense your presence and instead of retreating as if you were to be enemies, will accompany you until you can return here."~

"Thanks," Link smiled. The cloud began retreating and the small light disappeared into Link's body, slightly creeping the boy out.

~"Be careful, young one. For weak and powerless as I am, I can sense a great evil has been awakened within the temple, I fear to be the work of the Cursed Mask. It will not be an easy fight, should you come face to face."~ the broken fairy spoke as they retreated to the outside.

"Looks like we're going into the Temple anyway! Ha!" Link laughed as they traversed through the darkness of the cave once more before dropping off the edge and being greeted by the sight of the swamp.

"Shut up. Now we actually have a reason to." he growled in return.

"What, like helping someone out isn't reason enough?" Link replied back. Ganondorf did not grace him with a cutback as he growled at him, snatched the Kokiri boy up and plopped him onto his shoulders and took off. He nimbly leaped over the toxic marsh water, landing on tree stums for leverage as they crossed, headed back toward the tall pedestal.

Once across and back on top, they found the Deku Princess and her primate friend still standing. The Princess had a strange wood instrument looped around one side of her body, with the mouthpiece close to her O lips, and varying sizes of bells looming over her head branching out from the mouthpiece. a few loud blasts of sound blared from the various bells. She didn't hear the thump of Ganondorf's feet landing on the wood top, but she did notice their presence when her simian companion jumped up and down to alert her.

"Oh, hello again." she greeted, moving the mouthpiece aside, "How did your visit go?"

"Not well. The Great Fairy's been split into pieces, and a few of them are somewhere inside that temple of yours." Link explained. "so, looks like we get to go with you into the temple anyway!"

She jumped, "Goody! That is a joy to hear!" she paused, "Er, not to say it is good that the Fairy has been broken...uhm..."

"So how is it you raise this temple of yours?" Ganondorf inquired.

"Through a song passed down by the Deku Royal Family." she explained. "It is taught only to the Royalty, and thus the Temple is ever awakened from the murky depths of the swamp only by Royalty. It's been quite useful against invaders and bandits, but it would seem it the demon inside found an alternative entrance, or perhaps is a spirit."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Link asked.

"W-well, I'm not supposed to play it in front of an audience... and it is forbidden to ever teach or play the song for anyone that lies outside the trust of the Family..."


"But!" she snapped, "But, I believe you three to be trustworthy. As long as this forbidden act does not leave this conversation, then let us proceed with the Sonata of Awakening!" she said, pepped. She grasped the mouthpiece back to her mouth, and started blowing. Despite its puny size, her instrument was capable of such blatant sound it almost hurt his ears to listen to, the sound sharp and loud. Then she adjusted her embaucher and the notes from the bells weren't so harsh, and softened a bit.

The pitch went back and forth for a moment, before slowing to a calm exchange. The Princess allowed it to carry out its waves for a moment, before repeating the same pattern. Then, she placed the Pipes to the side of her body, and Link spared an amazed glance at her as the pipes suddenly disappeared into her leafy gown. A growing rumble took his attention back and Link gasped.

From the center of the marsh, water rose into waves as something deep within quaked. Suddenly a large structure began to rapidly rise from the murky swamp depths. Toxic water flooded and splashed at the intrusion of its presence, and the fiends around the heart of Woodfall were washed away, caught off guard by the rising temple. It was a large structure, with thick walls, and a shadowed entrance on the first level of view, with large, towering leafless trees that were perched on opposing sides of the other.

"It doesn't look that big," the Deku Princess said, moving to stand on top of a large Deku Flower situated lazily on the platform,"but that's because that's just the entrance. It takes you down into the real temple, which is still submerged in the swamp."

"How do we get across?" Link asked, "The distance from here to there is huge!"

"I can cross by this flower," she said, plopping down on it, " But I'm afraid my Twirli petals won't let me carry anything heavier than Keymo," the monkey chirped in regards of his name's use. "But I won't go ahead, until you two are there first. Will that be acceptable?"

"I could find a few other words to describe it." Ganondorf growled, then without warning plucked Link off his shoulders and placed him on the platform.

"Ganny," Link began, "You're not thinking of tossing me over there, are you?"

"Not quite." he replied.

"Well, are you going to use some magic-stuff and make us fly?"

"If I could, we wouldn't have had to do that nonsense back there trying to get to the falls," he growled, "besides, I don't know the spell for flight, nor the strength it takes to conjure it."


"Power," he briefed, "All magic comes at a cost, and if you cannot pay it in power, you pay it with your life. And I am quite adamant about my life." he explained, then turned to face the Deku royalty, "How would you expect your people's reactions to a few broken beams?"

She shrugged, "Not too bad. There is plenty of wood to replace such things in the swamp."

"Excellent." he said, no signs of humor or satisfaction on his face; not even a smile to hint at his plan. Curtly, the Gerudo than clapped his hands onto the nearest beam with the thin banners around the pedestal and with a distinct crackle of splintering wood, unearthed it. He tore the banner off of it too.

The princess grimaced, "...but we do not take kindly to vandalism! What is the meaning of this?"

"Nothing permanent. You said you can find more wood to make beams with, the banners are small and probably replaceable. It's not like I'm uprooting the entire platform."

"But still." she curtly said, crossing her arms indignant. "So rude!"

Hoisting it up with one arm, a flare of black aura encased his other hand and as he raked his palm over the splintered end, the sizzling and snap of wood hissed in the air. When he stopped and removed his hand, and extinguished the black aura, the tip of the broken beam was roughly tapered to a point like that of a pen. Then he hoisted it up, held it in one arm, and just like he had with Link, he reared back and then with all his might, which was a considerable amount, by the way, threw it like a spear.

It darted through the air, and with a heavy thunk sunk the tip and a considerable amount of the rest of the wood securely into the wall of the temple, just in front of the entrance. When it refused to fall from its new perch after several patient moments, Ganondorf turned to one more of the tall wooden beams, and tore it from its roots. He then laid it down on the wood of the platform, with most of its tall form hanging over like a plank, with at least a foot still touching the platform surface. His hand flared up once more, and before Link's very eyes the end of the beam melded into the pedestal. Now the distance between the platform and the temple was somewhat shortened, with the two opposing beams pointed right at each other, for someone to cross, jump, and land on the other.

Link was snatched up by the collar of his tunic and placed back on top of Ganondorf's shoulders.

"Oh no, we're jumping it now, aren't we?" Link gulped.

"Yes, we are." the Gerudo confirmed. "The beams shorten the distance, making this much easier to jump." He positioned at the end of the platform facing the two beams. With one short sprint, he crossed over to the very end of the beam, thin as it was and literally seconds away from breaking under his weight, and in one kick off Kokiri and Gerudo were airborne.

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