Flames of Revival

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Luna- or Lunarbeam, is an Autobot femme that was rescued from the Decepticons clutches by her two brothers, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. In the midst of everything, she has to go through being sparked and finding love... Yey!

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~Disclaimer: I Do Not own Transformers or any of the characters used, except for Lunarbeam! And I don't own Lights' song.


- Huh, I randomly thought of this while watching Transformers G1 Cartoons ouob

*O* Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are so awesome!~

- My brother said that a BMW ish a girly car ouob xDDDDD But please, don't be offended xP



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- I don't know how to do the character of Hook and Scalpel ; o;

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Gender: Femme/Female

Name: Her real name is Lunarbeam, but she likes to be called Luna.

Age: Just a little younger than Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, but in Human years, she looks around the age of 18.

Family: She's the little sister of Sunstreaker and Sideswipe~

Likes: Being called Luna, likes her brothers, all the other Autobots, cute things, oh wait, she finds mostly anything cute, she likes hugs, playing pranks with her brothers, funny things,

Dislikes: Being called by her real name (she'll do something to hurt you for it xD), being woken up from a nice recharge.

Personality: She's mostly happy/bubbily all the time, but can get 'cranky' if she's woken up suddenly from her recharge, she has Sideswipes funny-ness, and has just a bit of Sunstreakers egotistic nature..


-Alt. (Car) Form:

Luna is a pretty blue BMW! She's almost a dark-ish Ocean Azure blue... xD;;

-Robot Form:

Luna's main color is silver~ Her head, and rest of her body, minus the parts with blue xD Her arm and leg plates are the same Dark Ocean Azure Blue, as well as the sides of her face plates, and her battle mask is the same blue, but with virticle silver streaks.. Her chest and the middle of her tummy and back have blue (Much like a tear drop), but the rest is silver, and the silver travels down to her legs, but then the blue comes and meets her sides and from her knee's down.

Her waist has long plates in the middle and back, with shorts plates on the sides.

Her head also has a crown-ish like thing at the top of her head ouo;.. which is blue with silver.

This is confusing to write xDD and you prolly don't get what I mean.. but i'll draw a picture! :DDDbbb

Powers: She has pluse and plasma cannons and a flare gun.

-Human Holo-Form:

Hair Color: Almost a Sky Blue, and is really long.

Eye Color: Ocean Blue

Clothing: She usually just appears to wear blue things, mostly skrits and sweaters/hoodies, sometimes dresses, but not really.


(Chu could copy and paste, that's basically her appearance xDbb)

'Nother quick note:

- The explanation for her name and being a BMW is because my bro said that BMW's are sometimes called Beemers/Beamers :33bbb And yeah... xDD;;

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Chapter One: Saviour

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I just wanna run to you...

And break off the chains,

and throw them away...

I just want to be so much...

And shake off the dust,

That turned me to rust.

Sooner than later,

I'll need a Saviour...

I'll need a Saviour.

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(Decepticon Base - Luna's POV)

'How long has it been?' I found myself thinking yet again,

I sighed, and leaned back, back gently hitting against the cold metal.

"... Brothers..." I whimpered, slowly sinking so I was laying on the cold ground.

I jumped slightly from hearing foot steps walk to my cell.

I bit my lip, shaking very lightly.

'Don't want a repeat of what happened yesterday...' I shuddered and twitched.

I looked down at some of my torn armor and the scratches from getting beat up.

I jumped again when a black and purple seeker came in.

I narrowed my eyes, and sat up, "I'm not telling you Decepticreeps anything!" I said, frowning.

I didn't hear a responce from him, so I slowly looked at the seeker out of the corner of my eye.

He was staring, "I- I'm not hear for answers..." He stuttered.

I blinked, and fully looked at him. "Uhh, then why are you here?" I glared, shuddering again.

He paused, and walked closer.

I froze, and backed up as far as I could.

"I'm not gonna hurt you." He smiled tiredly.

"How could I trust you?" I glared again.

"If I was gonna hurt you, I would have done it already, right?" he smiled.

"... I.. guess... Hmph." I turned my head, and stared at a berth in the corner of the room.

He chuckled lightly, and moved closer.

"He really hurt you, didn't he..." He whispered, lightly touching one of my wounds where energon was leaking out slowly.

"..." I didn't say anything, suddenly feeling stupid.

He blinked, then smiled, "Oh yeah! I forgot to introduce myself!" He grinned.

I blinked, worries and fears melting away.

"My designation is Skywarp, what's yours?" he smiled.

I stared, and looked at the ground. "..."

He blinked, "Well, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to." He said softly.

My shoulder plates sagged, 'Great, now I feel bad, for a Decepticon...' I thought, twitching.

"Designation Lunarbeam, but call me that, and die." I smiled.

He blinked, and backed away slightly, "W- what should I call you by.. then?.." he stuttered.

"Luna." I grinned.

'I.. suddenly don't feel scared around him...' I thought, staring warily.

"Oh, okay, Luna. I like it." He grinned.

I smiled slightly, "Thanks..."

Skywarp suddenly grabbed my hand, which made me jolt and jumped backwards, slamming into the wall.

I cried in pain, and leaned forward.

"I'm sorry!" He said, helping me back up.

"No, i'm sorry, i'm still edgy and stuff..." I trailed off.

"Oh, no, it's totally okay." He smiled lightly.

I smiled back, suddenly feeling shy.

He froze, "I just remembered what I partually came here to do..." he mumbled, staring blankly at the wall.

He looked at me, smiling sadly.

"What?" I looked at him innocently.

"I gotta take you to Hook and Scalpel!"

"W- who?" I wimpered, leaning back until my back hit the rusty wall.

"It's okay, don't worry, they're medical con's." Skywarp grinned.

"Oh... wait, why would I need to see a medic?" I looked at Skywarp confused.

Skywarp's grin dropped, and his shoulder plates sagged slightly.

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(Skywarp's POV)

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"Err, I have no idea, but Lord Megatron told me to bring you there..." I said.

Luna's frame shivered slightly.

"Great.." I heard her whisper.

'...' I stared at her sadly, but smiled, trying to lighten to mood.

"S'okay, they won't hurt you."

She looked up at me with her baby blue optics.

"Okay.." She said quietly, slowly getting up.

She yelped as she fell over.

I caught her just in time.

"Er, d- do you need help?" I stuttered, carefully putting her up.

She nodded slightly, "Sorry..." She whispered.

I smiled, "Don't worry about it."


I helped her all the way to the medical bay.

The door opened when we came up to it, and I looked up to see Hook or Scalpel no where in sight.

I blinked, but helped her so she sat on one of Hook's tables.

Luna sighed, and smiled, "Thanks." She said quietly, and looked around slowly.

I smiled as to say 'Your welcome'.

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(Luna's POV)

OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo

I looked around the room, but froze when I saw a human eyeball floating in a jar of energon.

I slowly reached over and poked Skywarp.

He turned and blinked at me questionly.

"Uhh, why would someone keep a Human Eye in a jar of Energon?" I asked him, staring, somehow not able to look away.

Skywarp stared, and was about to say something, but a different voice interupted him.

I jumped slightly, watching as a mech walked into the room.

"Scalpel will be here soon." He said, grabbing some things, then looking at me.

He glanced at Skywarp, "Is this the femme?"

Skywarp nodded, "Yeah." He said quietly.

"My designation is Hook." the mech said.

I nodded twice, staring.

Skywarp paused, "This is Lunarbeam, but she prefers to be called Luna." he introduced me casually.

I smiled slightly, then looked to see what Hook's reaction was.

He blinked, and stared, then smiled, "That's a nice name." He said.

I paused, and felt my cheek plates heat up slightly, and nodded quickly, avoiding his gaze.

"Could you speak for me?" He said, grabbing something and putting it by my vocal processor.

I nodded, pausing, "Err... hi?" I blinked awkwardly.

Hook and Skywarp chuckled.

"Thank you." Hook said, putting the thing away.

I nodded slightly, smiling shyly.

I jumped from hearing a light clanking and shifting noise.

I blinked, and turned to see a little spider-like robot.

"Oh, there you are." Hook said, rolling his optics.

"Luna, this is Scalpel, Scalpel, this is Lunarbeam, but call her Luna." Hook said, as Scalpel crawled onto the table, and over to me.

I watched him intently, staring as he crawled.

he murmured something that I couldn't make out. I paused, and lifted him up slowly, bringing him optic to optic.

"Wazzup?" He suddenly said.

I blinked my optics, staring, then slowly put him down.

Hook sighed, "Scalpel, stop scaring femme's.." He shook his head, wheeling over a big machine.

I stared at him, then at it, then looked at Scalpel, then back at the machine.

"What's that for?" I said warily.

"I just need to make sure of something..." He said quietly.

Scalpel crawled over, and started hooking up things to me.

"Okay," Hook paused, and typed in a few things, before a flash went off.

I blinked, and rubbed my head, "What happened?" I stared.

"Nothing much, chops." Scalpel said quickly, pinching his claws as if he were a lobster or something.

"... Did he just call me chops?" I asked Hook quietly.

"He's crazy." he said.

"Oh." I nodded to myself, blankly staring as Scalpel- with much trouble, tried to drag the machine away.

"There's one more thing I need to check..." Hook said, looking over a sheet from that machine.

"Umm, okay." I shrugged, and switched my position on the table to be more confortable.

He pulled out a remote type thing, and used it to scan where my spark chamer is.

I blinked, and looked at him confused.

"What's that for?" I asked, as he put it down and a pressed a few things on it.

He sighed, and glared lightly at it.

"Skywarp, can you come here for a second?" Hook asked.

Skywarp looked at me, then walked over to Hook. Hook showed him the remote, and Skywarp gasped.

"Anyone mind telling me what's going on?" I asked, feeling a little annoyed. Skywarp turned to me.

"Luna... your..." he paused, not wanting to say it.

"I'm what?" I murmured, staring warily.

"Well- your..." he stuttered.

Hook sighed again, "Well, your sparked, to put it short." He said awkwardly.

I felt my optics widen.

"I- I'm what!" I cried, shocked.

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(Autobot Base - No one's POV)

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"We finally found the location of the Decepticons!" Sideswipe said, running in with Ironhide and Sunstreaker.

Optimus walked over quickly, "Where are they?" He asked, voice serious.

Sideswipe told the Autobot leader.

"Okay, Autobots, Transform and Roll out!" He said, transforming into a truck and wheeling out of their base.

Sideswipe transformed, but paused when he didn't see his brother transform.

The red 'Bot transformed back into robot mode, and patted his brother on his shoulder plate. "Don't worry, bro." he smiled.

"What if she's... offline?" Sunstreaker asked, not being his usual self.

Sideswipe frowned, "She isn't."

"How do you know?" The yelled 'Bot whined.

Sideswipe smiled this time, "I just do. I mean, she's our sister, right? She's strong." Sunstreaker blinked at his brother, and smiled.

"Your right," He said, but paused, "Sadly." He added after, making Sideswipe pout.

"We'll get her back." Sideswipe grinned.

They both transformed and followed everyone.

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