Summary: Four-year-old Tsuna and co. are sent into the past, and Giotto and his guardians have to take care of them, not knowing that these children will one day be their successors. Time travel fic. No pairings. First in the TItP trilogy.

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An eighteen year old Giotto had been taking a stroll in the Vongola mansion's private gardens (where only the guardians were allowed to tread) when he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. Surprised, the blond wheeled around with a smile, fully expecting to see one of his guardians. What he saw instead made his jaw hit the ground (metaphorically, of course).

Out of the bushes came a little boy who looked to be about four years old; he had messy, chocolate brown hair sticking every which way, and wide, terrified eyes. there were scratches all over his face and arms and he looked as if he would start crying any minute.

The blond just stared at the little brunette with wide eyes. How the hell had he gotten in here? The Vongola base was heavily guarded and many spies and/or assassins didn't even make it past the outer wall, and a little boy had gotten into the private gardens with only a few bruises?

Giotto was about to start questioning the boy when suddenly, the kid staggered and his knees buckled.

Stepping forward, the young mafia don caught the boy in his arms because, potential assassin/spy or not, he was still just a kid. Not to mention the fact that his intuition was telling him the kid was harmless.

Not knowing what else to do, Giotto let out a sigh and headed back to the mansion, carrying the little boy in his arms.

It was during this trip that he saw the remarkable similarities between him and the little brunette; their faces were so like, it would be almost impossible for them not to be related, but the trouble was, Giotto didn't have any living relatives.

The young man was so wrapped up in the brunette's features, that when he next snapped out of his thoughts, he was about to crash into a tree. Swerving away just in time, he continued on to his destination, this time making sure to watch where he was going.

After stepping inside, he was on his way to one of the guest bedrooms when he heard G yelling.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?" he heard his right-hand man shout and his curiosity was peaked. Had Lampo tried sneaking into his room to steal candy again?

"I ALREADY FUCKING TOLD YOU! A SECOND AGO, I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A PIANO RECITAL!" shouted an equally loud voice, although this one was much younger, and was most definitely not Lampo.

Giotto let out a whistle; even though he couldn't see him, he knew that this mystery kid was far too young have such colourful language. Following the sound of the voices, Giotto found his best friend standing outside his bedroom, yelling at a kid with shoulder-length, silvery hair. Although the blond couldn't see his face, he was certain the kid had on an expression very similar to that which his storm guardian was wearing.

G shouted back, "WHAT THE FUCK IS A PIANO?"


Giotto interrupted before the kid could spew a bucketful of colourful words at G.

"What's going on here?" he asked in a normal voice. Immediately, the two of them stopped shouting, and the kid turned to look at Giotto.

When he saw the kid's face, Giotto's eyes widened in shock; the kid's face closely resembled that of the man with whom he had been arguing.

G, meanwhile spotted the child in his boss's arms and his face became questioning. "Who's that?" he asked.

Giotto shrugged. "A kid I found while I was taking a walk in the garden."

"And you actually brought him in?" asked G, his voice rising again. "What if he's a spy? For all we know, him and this brat here" –he pointed at the silverette– "could be accomplices!"

"Oi!" shouted the boy. "Stop talking about me as if I weren't here, damn it! Anyways, I've never seen that guy before in my life!"

"Like hell I'm going to believe you!" shouted G, glaring at him. "How can we be sure you're not a spy sent by another family to get information on the Vongola?"

Rolling his eyes, the boy said, "Because my father is good friends with-"

The boy was cut off, however, by an explosion coming from the courtyard.

Letting out a sigh, Giotto shifted the little brunette in his arms so that he was clinging to his back, then turned and headed to where all the noise was coming from.

G grabbed the other boy by the arm and followed him to the source of the noise.

When they got to the courtyard, they saw Alaude handcuffing a kid who had black hair and steel gray eyes. He was glaring at Alaude with a mix of fury and indignity, and from where Giotto was standing, he could see that the boy looked a lot like his cloud guardian.

Now, the young mafia don was starting to get suspicious; where were all these children appearing from? And was there a reason as to why they looked so much like him and his guardians?

Letting out a sigh, he estured for Alaude to come over and the man obeyed silently. When he saw the children with his boss and the idiot right-hand, he raised an eyebrow as if saying, "And they are?"

Shaking his head, Giotto said, "The just appeared out of thin air. And what about him?"

"I found him wandering around, so I apprehended him for trespassing. He won't answer to anything I say."

"Do you know him?" G asked of the boy whose arm he still had a firm grip on.

No," said the boy, looking away and pouting, obviously pissed that he wasn't strong enough to make G release his grip.

An awkward silence then began to grow, and just as Giotto was about to break it, he felt a movement on his back and looked back to see the boy he was holding open his eyes.

When the boy saw him, his eyes widened in fright and he immediately let go of Giotto, pushing off his back and falling to the floor with a plop.

When he landed, he looked up at all the scary people surrounding him, three men and two boys, and his eyes grew teary.

"Okaa-san," sobbed the little boy in a language Giotto immediately recognised to be Japanese.

Trying to put on his most reassuring smile, Giotto replied in the same language. "Don't be afraid, little one."

Unfortunately, this seemed to have the opposite affect and the little boy cried louder, afraid of the strange foreigner with golden hair and blue eyes.

"Shut up, herbivore," came a new voice and Giotto looked over at the kid Alaude was holding in surprise.

So that was why he hadn't responded to Alaude before; he probably only understood Japanese.

The little brunette, surprisingly enough, really did stop crying and he looked over at the older boy with wide eyes. "H-Hibari-sempai?" he asked.

The other boy, now identified as Hibari, merely nodded and turned his head away, glaring. Giotto had to stifle a chuckle; he was so similar to Alaude. The boy tried to act indifferent, and put up a tough front, but Giotto knew that telling him to shut up had been his way of reassuring the little brunette.

Without a word, Alaude suddenly threw the boy named Hibari onto his shoulder and headed inside, saying, "I'll be taking this one for investigation. I suggest you bring the other two also, if you don't want to be arrested."

G, for once, didn't argue, merely following the cloud guardian back into the mansion.

Smiling reassuringly at the brunette on the ground, Giotto held his hand out to the boy.

Tsuna, who was by now a lot calmer knowing that his sempai from school was there, smiled back shyly and took the offered hand.

The two of them walked quietly at the back of the group for a while, then Tsuna looked up at the blond man, seeing now that he wasn't scary at all; he looked kind. "Gomenasai," he said, and the man looked down with a confused expression. "I'm sorry for being rude before," he explained with an apologetic smile on his face, and Giotto had the incredible urge to cuddle the boy to death.

"It's fine," replied Giotto. "It's not your fault that you were scared. Anyways, my name is Giotto. What about you?"

"I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi, but most people call me Tsuna!" said the boy enthusiastically and Giotto chuckled a little.

"Well then, it's nice to meet you, Tsuna," said Giotto.

He would have said more, but at that moment, Tsuna pulled him to a stop, staring ahead.

Following his gaze, Giotto noticed that the others had stopped, and he was dangerously close to bumping into a certain skylark.

Said skylark was staring towards an open doorway, which Giotto immediately knew led to Asari's room.

From inside came the talk of idle chatter, and when Giotto pushed open the door, he almost fell to the floor, seeing his rain guardian sitting on a cushion and enjoying tea with a child that looked a lot like him.

Seeing the Japanese man, Tsuna let out a small squeak and ran into the room.

When the two occupants of the room saw him, they smiled twin smiles, and Tsuna smiled back.

Bowing, he said, "Ohayou gozaimasu!"

Looking mildly surprised, Asari said in a light voice, "A mini Giotto." His eyes flickered to his boss when he saw that, a mischievous smile on his face, then he turned back to the boy and said in Japanese, "Ohayou, little one. Am I right to assume that you do not know how you got here either?"

Tsuna nodded, and Asari smiled.

Turning his attention to his boss, he asked, "Where are you taking them?"

"Interrogation room," replied Giotto. "Alaude's idea."

Nodding, Asari got up, saying, "We better come along too." Turning back to the kid he had been having tea with, he said, "Come on, Yamamoto-kun. My friend wants to ask you some questions. Is that okay?"

Yamamoto smiled and nodded, saying, "I don't mind, Asari-san."

As the little party began moving again, Giotto looked over every one of the children. From what he had seen so far, they all acted similarly to whomever they happened to resemble, which brought on a terrifying thought.

If one were to follow the current logic, then they would come to the conclusion that a min Daemon doppelganger would show up soon enough, and god help them when he did.

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