Chapter 3

Welcome Home


"Whoa!" I said so loudly that everyone around me turned to stare and Rynn smacked me. I leaned over and rubbed the red spot on my face that mimicked her handprint. "Ow! That hurt!"

"Watch your voice! When you say you don't feel self conscious I didn't think it went this far. You're gonna make people hate you before they know you." She scolded me but I rolled my eyes.

"Please, that happens either way. Been there, done that." I grinned and Naruto laughed at me.

"Listen, we have to go to Grandma Tsunade now." He told me and I nodded as he led us to the large building in the town. It was so huge, I could never believe it! Ha maybe one of the reasons Naruto always says "Believe it!" It makes a lot of sense.

We walked in and Tsunade really didn't look very old which surprised me. I figured she would look in her forties but that wasn't the case. I'd say late twenties.

"So you're the girl who's been causing trouble. A pleasure to meet you nine- tails." She told me seriously. I frowned at the title she gave me. "Who's the other girl with you?"

"Listen Grandma," I said crossly. "I'm not going to sit around as you insult me. I go by either Naruta Uzumaki or Rachel. I don't care which but I won't go by that."

"Hm. Feisty aren't cha? Well you still didn't answer one of my questions."

"Her name is Camryn. Now if it isn't too much I think she and I would like to meet Sasuke." I told her. She smirked when I said the emo heart throb's name. "Also I kind of want to me Sakura and say a few things to her." Rynn shot me a look and I laughed.

"Fine. Naruto has a mission today and you two can go with them and see what happens. Does either of youknow any techniques?"

Rynn and I looked at each other and said in unison "Yes," then laughed.

Tsunade walked over to me and handed me something from her pocket. I looked at the palm of my hand and Naruto, Rynn and I all gasped.

Tsunade smiled at me. "I didn't give Naruto the real one. I couldn't part with it but this one is. It will help you keep control. Now go off with Naruto and meet your new team. You guys are on the only team in history to have five kids, so set an example. We all nodded and ran off.

We got to the training grounds pretty quickly considering Rynn and I had no real training. I knew this would be a minor mission but I couldn't wait. We stopped and I couldn't stop myself from doing a fan girl scream and I heard Rynn did too when she saw Sasuke.

"Dobe, is this really a time for your stupid jutsu? And who is the girl?"

I puffed up angrily. "I am not a jutsu you cursed emo freak! I am a human being and don't you forget it. Rynn stop gawking at him. He doesn't deserve it." I said

"Well then who are you? And don't you dare talk to my Sasuke that way!" Sakura glared at me.

I clenched my fists and Rynn put a hand on my shoulder. "Rach, calm down. This is our new team so we need to get used to it. This is not the time to make enemies." She told me.

And with that, Kakashi appeared in a puff of smoke and looked at me intrigued. "So you're Naruto's twin sister. WE had a feeling you'd bring a friend. Welcome to the team. I was notified that you already knew jutsus and knew some things about us, including our names." He said and I nodded

I walked over to Sasuke and forced myself to remain calm. "Listen, there's something I've always wanted to ask you to do and it would really make my day! Could you please say this?" I handed him a slip of paper and he sighed.

"No one can stop the power of the emo, except maybe the log. Damn that log! Also I love Rynn," He said and I caught Rynn and stopped her from feinting as I laughed along with Naruto. Of course Sakura was angered but I didn't care.

"Alright everyone. We are leaving now." Said Kakashi. He was a lot hotter in person.

"So, what is our mission?" I asked them. The sooner I knew, the better.

"Our mission is-"

"Wait!" I interrupted. "Don't say we have to save a cat"

"No, our mission is to visit the sand. They apparently may have a spy among their ranks."

"That's it? Too simple." Naruto grinned and I smacked the back of his head.

"'That's it? Too simple.' Are you an idiot or something? There's a spy in the sand! That's not good considering the Chunin Exams are coming so soon." They looked at me surprised and I rolled my eyes "that's right. I know things." I told them proudly and Rynn rolled her eyes.

"Well then, let's leave so we make it back in time," Sasuke said boredly. Does he ever have any emotions? Seriously.

"Alright. Team Kakashi, let's move out!" He said and we took off.