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"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."

~ Rould Dahl

Elli smiled at Green, some how this only made it worse. Since the rebellion was on the down low the Pokédex holders spent the day training with the trainees. Yellow thought it wise to split them up so they could learn different things, so they had scattered into different training groups that morning.

Somehow Green had ended up being stuck babysitting Ellenor, thought no one quite knew how.

"Darkness is coming." Elli said in an eerie voice from where she was knitting in a tree. The strangely shaped object was black and gray with many holes. Green couldn't for the life of him figure out what it was going to be, or what she'd meant about the darkness for that matter.

"What?" he asked as she returned her attention to her knitting. "Are you foretelling something again?"

Glowing purple eyes met his emerald for a second before she glanced at the sun above them. "The night of Darkness is coming. The sun shall devour the moon." She shuddered once before standing up and walking off of the branch she was on. Green nearly had a heart attack when she started to fall.

A crackling noise filled the air as Ellenor grabbed a branch and hung suspended from it for a second. Then she let go and dropped neatly onto the ground. Green couldn't help but stare as the red headed child waltzed past.

She shot him a quick glance over her shoulder and smirked. "I should go tell Morty and Danna that a Lunar Eclipse is coming; the ghost and dark Pokémon will gain from it."

Confusion flickered across Greens face. "What?"

Elli laughed as she kept walking. 'Viridian gym leader he may have been,' she thought coyly, 'but he never took the time to study the old texts.' Her smirk shifted into a little girl's smile as she giggled softly. "I sometimes do the weather!" she called before racing off, leaving a confounded former gym leader to chase after her.

For Ellenor life was good.

Life was not so good for Sapphire. She'd joined 'Serra Company,' the group that did survival training. Sapphire had been sure she'd pass the class with flying colors. She'd been wrong; very very wrong.

"You did really well for a beginner!" the instructor told her cheerfully. "I'm sure you get the hang of it in a couple of weeks."

Sapphire ground her teeth as she walked away. All the knowledge she'd picked up over the years in Hoenn seemed to mean nothing here. Berries she knew should grow in forests had never been introduced to this place, and the Pokémon were so different she couldn't tell which were edible. It was like being seven again, on her first field exercise with her father. She'd known nothing then.

Soft arms pulled the fuming girl into a corner. She moved as if to hurt her capture only to freeze when she saw Wally standing there. "Would you like some help?" he asked in a soft voice. His green eyes met her blue solidly even as he passed her a book on wilderness knowledge.

"It's just so different here," She told him. "I keep expecting there to be wild tropius or Razz berries growing near trees."

"It gets better," he promised. A quick gesture brought her attention back to the book he'd given her. It was very old with a brown leather cover and peeling gold leaf spelling out the title. Olde knowledge of the nature arts it read across the front, and the faint smell of dried leaves and paper seemed to rise from it. Wally fingered the corner of the book before speaking again. "It was passed on to Yellow from her great grandmother so be gentle, but it will teach you most of what you need to know."

He shot her a sweet smile. "Come find me when your done it and I'll test you on what you've learned." With that said he turned and melted into the crowd of people going into the hall way. The room they were in was for survival lessons only, and those who passed could join other company's lessons instead.

Sapphire stared at the book for a minute before heading off to a near by bench. Maybe book learning wasn't as good as hands on, but she'd take the extra help anyway.

Red shot Blue an infectious grin as they followed the instructor's signals. Hotel Company was hand signals, and the two Kanto trainers were having quite a bit of fun learning them. So far they'd learned that the hand signals were used in situations when speech may compromise you. They could also be taught to Pokémon so that you didn't give your attacks away.

At the moment they were in a large underground cavern that had been dug out under the house. It was filled with cave flora and lots of secret passages ways to hide in. It made the perfect training ground for field work. The class was split into four man cells and told to capture each others cells. It would be a good lesson in stealth as well.

With a quick grin to Red Blue ran off with five cell. Red had been assigned two cell, so he followed after the person who had taken charge.

After a while the cell stopped to spy on another cell. The four in the cell all looked very young and were arguing very loudly at each other. The boy who was leading two cell watched with a smirk. Red decided to call him the green shirt guy since he was wearing a long sleeved green sweater. Green shirt pushed his hands down in the symbol for stay down before gesturing for the smallest of their members to climb a tree.

She nodded her assent before swiftly scrambling up the tree. Seconds later she had disappeared into the leaves as well as any bug Pokémon could have. Only the slight sway of the branch she walked across allowed Red to track her. Green shirt gestured for all of them to ambush the other cell, but Red held up his hand.

Twisting his hand in the sign for different road and pointing at the cliff above the arguing cell he waited for the leader to get the message. Green shirt scrutinized the cliff for a second before smirking. With a nod in return Red raced up the incline behind him and army crawled along the top of the short cliff. The other cell was still arguing.

"We should hide and wait for a stupid team of newbie's to walk past." One girl from the opposing cell argued. She held a haughty look on her face as if she thought she knew all. Red thought it was funny to see her making newbie mistakes while trying to act superior.

A wide boy with brown hair glared at the girl. "Sit around and wait like cowards? Never!" he looked as if the very thought was a deadly offence to him. 'A fighter,' Red thought, 'who likes to face his enemy head on.'

The two looked as if they were about to begin screaming at each other when the small girl from red's own cell jumped from a tree and knocked the haughty female over. The girls startled shouts were drowned out by the wider boys roar of fury when Red catapulted himself off the cliff onto his back.

When green shirt and the other boy, a blond, joined the fray it ended swiftly. The other team was taken down and tied up. After stealing the small piece of cloth they had, Red's team left to find other groups. Red couldn't help but smile. Who would have thought training could be this fun?

'Damn it I'm late!' Yellow thought as she raced down a hallway. She was meant to be debriefing a team that had just returned, but she had gotten sidetracked with some paper work about the team that had lost a member last week. If she was late it would look like she did not think that their mission was worth her looking into. That would be an insult to such an experienced team as them.

She turned the corner at a fast run with really looking, and slammed into something hard for her trouble. She heard a masculine oomph before the two of them crashed to the ground in a pile of limbs. Yellow got a glance of tell tale spiky red hair before she noticed the hard chest she was pressed against.

In an instant she was on her feet and babbling apologies as Lance blinked stupidly. She was so embarrassed she'd fallen on him like that. "Don't worry." Lance told her. "I'm tougher than your floor anyways."

She gave him a soft smile, but that quickly faded when she saw a clock. An apologetic glance was all the goodbye Lance would get as Yellow raced off down the hallway. He laughed anyway. 'She's probably late for something,' he decided as he continued down the hallway. 'She really needs an assistant, or another knight.'

With a sudden 'thunk' Ruby's ass end hit the ground. The wooden practice sword he'd been using arced through the air before meeting the ground with a resounding crash. The next thing Ruby knew there was a pale hand in front of him and laughter ringing in his ears.

"You did really well for a beginner." Steven assured the blushing boy as he pulled Ruby to his feet. Behind them Silver and Gold were chuckling from where they had been leaning on a wall. They had turned up in time to see Steven test Ruby's physical fighting abilities. Steven had chosen to do this in the form of a practice sword fight. Ruby had never fought with a sword before in his life.

It showed… a lot.

"How about I start with showing you how to hold a sword properly first?" Steven grinned as he handed the practice sword back to Ruby. The Pokédex holder glanced at the sword with some trepidation before shrugging and taking it from the grey haired man.

'After all,' he thought. 'How bad can I be?'

Sapphire sighed as she put the book down. The leather crackled softly as it settled against the wood of the bench on the outskirts of the Viridian forest. A nice trainee had shown her the tunnel to the forest that was for gathering groups. The groups would gather berries from the forest and bring them back to the HQ.

A creak from the door caught Sapphire's attention. The green hair now visible as someone climbed out of the hollow oak tree gave the boy away.

'I wonder if his hair helps him blend in or gives him away on field missions.' Sapphire almost missed Wally speaking to her as she mused.

"How are you?" he settled down on the bench after asking. His bright green eyes froze her for a second before she found it in herself to respond.

'Stupid! You have a boyfriend.' She reminded herself as she smiled at him. "I'm good. This book explained so much about the things I didn't understand of this region. It's a real life saver!" She looked down at the book as she spoke. Internally she winced. 'Way to go moron. Now he probably thinks I'm obsessed with survival shit.'

Wally softly smiled at her, but his war hardened eyes picked up on her uncertainty. He brushed it off a moment later as worry over failure and grinned at her. "Don't worry Saph! I'm sure you'll do fantastic!" he told her as he reached into the backpack he'd brought with him. A moment later he pulled out a box full of Kanto berries. "And to prove it I'll test you!"

Without even realizing it she relaxed. This was the kind of test she would have put her self through, so it wasn't that hard to adjust her mindset to working with two people. After that it was a breeze.

Ellenor smirked as she wove through the cautious crowd of trainees. When she'd first arrived here a year ago she'd wanted their acceptance. Now she knew she'd have to settle for their wary respect, and occasionally even fear.

The brunet behind her was far less thrilled by the hustle of the break room then Elli was. Green watched warily as the older trainees scattered to the corner of the room she was farthest way from at the time and the younger trainees tripped over each other in their mad scramble to escape.

He stepped back for a moment to observe the girl he'd been assigned to baby sit. She moved as if she was the only person in the room, and the people in it moved so that none of them got in her way. While she acted as if all she had to do was walk and the others would move, and they did, she also had a kind of grace about her that Green had to ponder over for a moment. It reminded him of the way dancers moved, he realized. Dancing or gymnastics, and remembering her stunt with the tree he chose to bet on gymnastics.

'She has the figure for them.' He decided as he watched her settle on the most ornamental couch in the room. 'Even if she looks to thin to stand up to a gust attack.'

While Green was sizing up Ellenor, his charge was studying him too. He held some kind of aura of power around him, she thought. He was used to being in charge and giving orders. 'While he's not imaginative enough to help lead a guerrilla army…' she looked Green up and down. 'He'll make a good section commander or team leader, and a good gym leader after we win this war.' She watched the trainees move aside for him not out of fear like they did with her, but out of respect. They could sense a kindred spirit in him, and power.

She was envious.

None had seen his Pokémon battle, none of them had seen him fight, and none of them even knew he was the Viridian gym leader. They just felt that he was one of them and didn't expect him to prove himself. Elli shot an angry glance at one group of trainees in a corner. 'They never even let me try to prove myself!' Rage curled bitterly across her tongue.

Most people in the room completely missed the girls growing rage. All except for a silver eyed man who'd been standing unnoticed behind the couch in some shadows.

"Ellenor!" a low male voice caught the girl's attention. She glanced back to see narrowed silver eyes and red hair held up in a ponytail. When he knew he had her attention his hands began a graceful dance through the air in front of him. After a minute of that he turned and disappeared into a well hidden doorway behind a wall hanging. Elli turned to check on Green in time to see him tear his eyes away from where Silver had disappeared through.

"He said to report to Yellow later this evening." She told Green while arranging her knitting needles. They clinked together in her hands in a soothing rhythm. "He was using sign langue to tell me stuff without being over heard."

Green nodded as he watched her unroll part of her ball of yarn with a simple flick of her wrist. She was just reattaching the end of a button hole large enough to fit a limb through when she noticed his interest. "Would you like to learn to finger knit?" she asked. "We could do garlands for the Christmas trees that will be set up in a month or so."

"I'm up for it if you are." He responded warily.

Ellenor's grin would have made a shark proud.

"It's really easy." The blond nurse walking in front of Lance commented. She was a slightly plump woman with dirty blond hair and a mothering smile. Sunlight glinted off of her rectangular glasses as she led the way down a nearly perfectly hidden path.

A lazy flick of her fingers had the latch of the hidden barn's door opened. A quick gesture later and lance was being shown inside a compact room with lots of baby Eevees inside of it. Lots of tiny baby Eevees.

"They just need to eat half a bottle each right now, but give them more if they want it after. The instructions are taped on that wall." The woman pointed to a chart on the opposite wall before leaving her latest helper alone with his charges. The woman, whose name was Melissa, had seen him wandering about with nothing to do and commandeered his time to help her with the newest batch of Eevee pups. She had to stay with a Rabadash who was having twins, so she couldn't feed them herself.

Lance had been more than willing to help the slightly frazzled looking woman, but as he mixed the formula he pondered whether or not he could feed the seventeen Eevees by himself. The formula, Kangascan milk with Vilplume nectar and Miltank cream, sloshed heavily in the bottles as he prepared them. Carefully Lance picked up the first pup and started feeding.

He was about halfway through when the slim creamy hands picked up the pup nearest him and inserted a bottle into its mewling mouth. Pushing her long blond hair out of her way Yellow settled beside him and pitched in. The two of them shared a soft glance before Yellow blushed and looked away.

Lance had a satisfied smile the rest of the day.

The word pass had never sounded sweeter in Sapphire's ears. She stared at the instructor of Serra Company for a moment as the word sunk in. Suddenly she spun around with a quick whoop. 'I did it!' she thought as she bounced up and down.

Blue and green eyes collided as Saph launched herself into Wally's arms without a thought. Wally, having put on some muscle in the last couple of weeks, swung her around for a minute before lowering her back onto the floor. He ignored the warning twinges in his back, to happy to let pain and a half healed wound interfere.

"You did it!" with a breathless smile he pulled the brunette closer to him. Their joy was almost infectious as he pulled her almost flush with his body. Their arms slid from shoulders to each others waists and Sapphires eyes fell to half mast as their faces drew closer together. Suddenly an amused voice interrupted them.

"Next." The instructor called as she watched the two leaped away from each other as if they'd been burned. They flushed brilliantly in front of her, giving the woman something funny to tell at supper tonight. Any gossip on the lords and ladies was welcome at dinner so long as it wasn't hurtful or top secret.

As they walked out Wally hid a wince. The throbbing in his back told him he'd torn the reason for him being stuck in HQ back open again. A faint warm trickle told him he needed to get the wound bandaged again before someone noticed he was bleeding and had a panic attack. With an unpleasant grimace he realized that he was going to be scolded by Yellow again.

"And then over and under and over and under and over and under again!" Ellenor told Green as he worked on his first finger knitted chain. Elli's chain was almost two meters long, but Green had barely reached half a meter with his.

Glancing over at the humming redhead left Green pondering how twisting yarn around your fingers and pulling loops over each other made a chain. Looking at the delicate interwoven shape of his chain he decided to leave stuff like that to scientists. 'At least it's simpler than what she was doing on the needles.' He decided.

Unaware to the slightly off topic Green, although Elli had noticed them before they had even sat down, the other two Kanto 'Dex holders were sitting on a nearby couch watching their normally cold friend do a child's handcraft.

"It's kind of cute." Blue announced while practically cooing over the picture of Green surrounded by multicolored yarn. "He's like a little house wife!"

Ignoring the amused smile she flashed him, Red studied the other male. There was a pleased smile on him face as he glanced at his growing chain.

"Should we go interrupt them?" Blue asked jokingly as Green and Elli started chatting over their projects.

Red shook his head while continuing to watch the two before them chat. They seemed quiet happy, which brought a faint smile to the red eyed boys face. "Let him have some good memories of this place." Red whispered. "They'll be swept away soon enough."

Blue glanced over at the two on the couch before pouting at Red. "What does that mean?"

"It's called a rebellion rather than a revolution for a reason Blue." He reminded her. "We entered the fight at a rare lull in the war, but this a war. The two sides are going to fight and people are going to die."

His gaze was drawn to a table with shrines to all the different legendary Pokémon on it. There were offerings normally only left at graveyard shrines littered with the offerings for good luck and better dreams. The rebellion couldn't have an outright area for all of their members to leave offerings for the dead at, so the household shrines were now multipurpose.

An almost freezing anger seemed to coil behind his crimson eyes for an instant. "When the fighting restarts we are going to have to choose to stay here as noncombatants like Elli or fight in the midst of the battle fields. Chances are we'll see things that haunt our dreams for the rest of our lives while fighting. Are you ready for that?"

Blue's nail file slid listlessly from her fingers and landed without a noise on the floor. "The freedom of Kanto from Team Rockets cruel grasp is worth any price." She told him. Her voice was full of her steel and her eyes cold. Red was suddenly hit with the realization that he wasn't the only one to have matured when witnessing the destruction of Kanto on the way to Viridian.

A delicate young girl of roughly sixteen glided up behind them. She had frizzy brown hair and dull chocolate eyes which stared grotesquely out of her emaciated face. Dark multicolored bruises littered her visible flesh with two almost black imprints of fingers on ether side of her neck.

The girl could have been the poster child for severe abuse victims.

"Even your life, is it worth that?" she asked in a dry whisper.

Red and Blue whirled around when the broken voice invaded their eardrums. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. The girl should have been in the medical ward! She was that thin.

"We all make sacrifices in war." The girl told them scornfully when she noticed their horrified appraisal of her body. "Mine are simply more physical than others."

Before they could say anything in response, or demand the frail girl seek medical attention, Ellenor was at her side speaking rapidly. "What did he do to you this time?" The redhead cried as she helped the starved girl sit down on a section of the couch.

"What he normally does." The girl replied softly. "Tell Yellow her faithful spy has more news, would you."

"Is it really worth it?" Elli murmured as she ran her fingers over the bruises on the brunette's throat. "Is what information you bring worth the price you pay?"

A mocking tone played around the words the girl spat out next. "Does it really matter?" a world weary looked filled the girls face as she spoke. "Is my life worth the freedom of our nation? Yes, yes it is. My pain means nothing in the end if my sacrifice means we win this. Every insult and bruise and humiliation will be worth it." A strange hunger filled her eyes. "Your victory will be my revenge."

A second later the door to the break room flew open and Yellow raced inside. She was closely tailed by Gold and Lance. "Danna said you'd been sighted near here." The blond puffed out as she kneeled next to the couch. Her amber eyes swept angrily over the girls body. "I don't see why you keep doing this. We could rescue you anytime now."

"And what would I do?" The brunette snapped. "My body is to damaged for me to ever do combat, I can't heal others, and my parents raised me for the position I hold in Team Rocket. I have no skills worth a damn in this world anymore."

She shook her head morosely before focusing back on Yellow. "They're going to mobilize a surprise attack soon, but the date hasn't been decided yet. Sometime next week is most likely."

"I'll get the rebellion battle ready for two days time." Gold told Yellow before striding out of the room. Yellow helped the brunette stand up and the two walked side by side out of the room talking about member stats and average fighting power of Team Rocket combat squads.

"Who was she?" Lance asked when the door closed behind the two women.

Elli tore her eyes away from the door to look at Lance with an unreadable look on her face. "That was the rebellion's best spy, who just so happens to be in the highest ranking Team Rocket position that we can worm a spy into."

"Is she an admin member?" Red asked quietly.

"No." Elli responded. "She's Giovanni's lover."

The shocked looks on all the Pokédex holders faces was almost made admitting her bestfriend was sleeping with the man she hated the most out loud worth it to the young redhead as she walked back to her knitting. Almost.

She would still help her kill him thought.

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