A\N: Hello everyone! Chapter 11 just for all of you! Don't pay much attention to the quote. I threw it in there for the heck of it (It's my favorite team work quote), and it doesn't forewarn of foreshadow anything this chapter.

Teamwork: because bullets can only go through so many bodies.



Since they had been told Friday was a free day, Sapphire and Ruby were confused when they were summoned to Yellow's office.

"It is nothing bad." Yellow told them with a reassuring smile. "I just need your help a bit." She gestured to the chairs in front of her desk and invited them to sit down.

Ruby, feeling the slight tension in the room, chose to simply sit quietly and wait. Sapphire glanced around the office instead. The room housed a file cabinet, Yellow's desk, and a bookshelf full of many books. Most of them appeared to be old and handmade, while one shelf near the middle held a collection of maps and several books on Kanto cities and land.

There were very few personal touches, and Sapphire decided that this was an office well worked in.

"We have a situation that the rebellion needs to take care of swiftly." Yellow stated. There was a hint of exhaustion hiding in her voice, but her face displayed none of it. "Gold suggested that you two would make a good partnership for this mission."

Sapphire nodded happily. She was eager to help free Kanto, but Ruby was more hesitant. "Will we be going alone, just the two of us?" he queried.

Yellow was quick to reassure him. "Good heavens, no!" she spluttered out. "You'll be two of a group of four. I would be sending two very experienced members with you. You are there for back up, and may not fight at all."

Ruby and Sapphire shared a searching glance. A moment later they nodded. "We'll do it!" Sapphire cheered with a bright smile on her face. "What do you need?"


Apparently the first thing Yellow needed was for them to take a letter to a lady named Anna. Anna turned out to be an elderly lady with an entire room full of clothing and gear. She was slightly chubby with white hair curled up in a bun and sharp green eyes.

"So, the Lady needs you kitted out for a mission, yeah?" She asked after reading the letter. The Hoenn trainers simply stared at her. They had no clue what she was talking about. A simple glance at their blank faces clued Anna in on that.

She huffed before turning back to face them. "I'm Anna, the Lady of the House for Viridian. That means I deal with household things like making sure we have enough food or cloths that fit." She pointed at a rack of camouflage jackets behind her. "You need something, or going on a mission, and you came to me."

Anna measured the Hoenn trainers with very little fuss. She was quick, precise, and didn't comment or anything. Then she was shoving the two of them into separate change rooms with stacks of plain white cotton cloths.

"These are my tester cloths." She told them. "They tell me which size you need to fit better than measurements ever could. Pass me back what doesn't fit and tell me why."

At the end of their two hour session both came out with a desert camo backpack and outfits. They got hiking boots and Tilly hats to protect their heads. Anna even supplied them with cotton undergarments. Water bottles and a set of pots and pans were shoved into their packs by old, experienced hands. The two of them were set with everything they would need by the time the woman was done.

"You both need to go to the Lords and Ladies mess hall now." Anna told them. "Dan and that nice girl Maya will be waiting for you. They'll be your senior officers this mission, so listen to what they have to say." She shoved them lightly to the door. "You'll get your mission objective from them."

The door shut with a resounding thud behind the two. "Any clue where the mess hall is?" Sapphire asked as she glanced around.

Ruby shrugged before walking forward. "Don't ask me. I'm new here too!"


"You'll take care of them won't you?" Yellow asked the couple in front of her. "We're just trying to show them what war is like before they get too far in."

The female member of the pair laughed softly. "Don't worry my queen. Dan and I will keep them safe." The male nodded at that.

The door creaked open and Lance walked in. He was already speaking as he looked up from the floor. "Yellow, Silver asked me to give these…" He froze when he noticed the couple in front of Yellows desk. "Am I interrupting something?"

The woman laughed again before shaking her head at Lance. "Dan and I were just leaving, knight. You may continue to speak to our queen in peace." With that said the couple swept out of the office, closing the door behind them with a thump.

Yellow sighed before shifting to sit on the corner of her desk. "Those were Dan and Maya just now. Sapphire and Ruby will be well watched over."

Lance settled beside her and placed the folder in her hands. "That's Silver's report on the situation with the breeding center up by Mt. Sliver. I could go and resolve it if you would like?"

"No." Yellow shook her head as she ran her fingers over the brail. "I'll send Ellenor to deal with it. She has been going stir crazy lately."

"Some exercise will do her good." Lance agreed. A second later he shot her a sly look. "You are free for the rest of the afternoon, right?"

Yellow nodded hesitantly. She felt almost like she was about to step into a trap. "I am."

"You have time to dine with me then." He told her with a faint smirk. "In my rooms tonight. You need to relax and I promise to be excellent company."

She went to disagree, but the moment her amber eyes met his claret orbs she knew she had lost the argument. "I'll have the cook prepare dinner for two then." She told him. 'Hah! Control over what we eat. The upper hand is mine.' She thought.

Lance shot her a look that just screamed 'I know what you just tried.' "Remember to tell them to send it to my room." He said. Yellow huffed. His room was his territory; the home advantage went to Lance.

"Shall we meet at seven tonight, then?" She asked. A faintly superior smile flitted across her face. Control the timing gave her another advantage.

Lance suppressed a laugh. Who would have thought playing a game of one-upmanship with Yellow could be so amusing. "I'll set the table for two." There was a faint innuendo in his voice that made the blond squeak.

With a faint nod she sprung up and hustled out of her office. Lance smiled after her. She had, after all, by leaving handed the power and control over to him this evening. He was going to enjoy this so very much tonight.

He was looking forwards to catching his queen.


In the center of the Lords and Ladies (or senior members) mess stood two young couples. Ruby and Sapphire stood looking at the two who would be their group leaders in their first ever mission.

The woman, who had introduced herself as Maya, was in her late twenties. She had pink hair that had been done up into a formal bun on the back of her head. Her skin was quite pale, but both Ruby and Sapphire saw her lab coat and correctly deduced that she doesn't spend much time outside. Her warm brown eyes twinkled as she noticed their scrutiny.

While Maya was only around five feet tall, the man beside her was around six feet and looked younger than her. He had shaggy brown hair and eyes with heavily tanned skin from a life outdoors. His cloths, well-worn light green combats and a brown Tilley hat with several scuffs, showed him to be an outdoors lover. A friendly grin was splashed across his face as he waited for them to speak.

"What is our mission?" Ruby asked after he was done studying the couple.

Maya smiled sweetly as she leaned on Dan. "We are to go to Cinnabar Island. Team Rocket is mining fire stones there, and we have to stop them."

Dan took over from there. "We'll get the mining machine and break it while you two steal the only shipment they've mined so far."

"Dismantle it, love." Maya reminded her husband. "If we can bring it back to the lab my team and I can study it to see how advanced the technology Team Rocket has."

"And if you can't dismantle it?" Sapphire inquired.

Dan and Maya shared a significant glance. At the same time they turned to the Hoenn trainers sporting mischievous grins. "We blow it up!"

Sapphire shared a smile as well. This mission was starting to look fun!