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I started to make a study of the art of war and revolution and, whilst abroad, underwent a course in military training. If there was to be guerrilla warfare, I wanted to be able to stand and fight with my people and to share the hazards of war with them.

~ Nelson Mandela


Maya watched in amusement as the two Hoenn trainers, Ruby and Sapphire, met the Ruling Lord of Cinnabar Island. She brushed her pink bangs out of her face and smirked towards her husband. Dan was studiously studying the ceiling above him.

"It's a nice ceiling," he told her. "I like this ceiling." Maya simply rolled her at her husband's attempt to ignore the awkward tension filling the room with idle chatter. She had more important things to worry about then ceiling architecture.

Ruby and Sapphire couldn't help but stare. They had been told that the ruling Lords and Ladies were in charge of their entire branch of the rebellion. They had been warned that some of the Lords and Ladies were young, and they had seen Lady Danna.

Somehow the thirteen year old in the wheelchair before them wasn't what they had been expecting. He was small with blond hair and blue eyes. The Hoenn trainers could easily see the family resemblance between this boy and Lady Danna.

"Hello," the boy greeted them with a sweet smile. "I'm the ruling Lord of Cinnabar Island Thomas Hikari. You are the team that Lady Yellow sent to deal with our Team Rocket problem, yes?"

Maya nodded before moving to hug the boy. "Thomas," she practically cooed, "It's so good to see you again." The Hoenn trainers got the unique experience of getting to watch the quiet woman squeeze the life out of the young boy with a crushing hug. Dan just looked on with resignation on his face. It was clear he expected this to happen.

The boy dramatically pretended to recover from suffocation before smiling impishly at Maya. "It's good to see you again Maya. You as well Dan. I haven't seen you guys in nearly a year since Yellow updated the laboratory under her manor. I guess you don't have to borrow my lab all the time."

"Brat!" Maya smacked Thomas lightly on the back of the head. "Tell us about team rocket."

Instantly all the laughter and happiness fell off the boys face like he was removing a mask. "They just came in and took over the town. Next thing we know the towns people are screaming about mining machines and glowing orange stones." There was a kind of steel in the boy's voice when he spoke next. "We tried to stop them, but you know that Cinnabar isn't really combat ready."

"Why not?" Ruby asked. "If you're a rebellion base and this is war then shouldn't you be combat ready?"

Dan sighed and shook his head. "It's not something we spread about kid," he said, "but the rebellion's bases are specialised. Each one is better than the others at one thing. Cinnabar is our research center. It has the rebellion's top scientists and best laboratories."

"Except for Maya and Jamie." Thomas pointed out. "But both of them have reasons to live at other bases. And besides, it would be really dumb to have the scientists here. What if we got discovered? Then the rebellion would lose all its best researchers."

"How are the bases specialised?" Sapphire spoke up for the first time.

"Cinnabar Island is the center of research and science, so all the major research goes through them. They also have the best laboratories, and most of the scientists trained here. Pewter City does most of the advanced combat training for members. Most of our manual workers get some training at Cerulean City." Dan started to explain. It had the tone of a long winded rant, but the Hoenn trainers listened in fascination. "That's the non combat members like the maids, cooks, and people like our supply offer Anna that outfitted you. They keep the everyday things going so others can focus on the war. Celadon City is where most of our supplies come from. Anna and the cooks trained there as well. People good at making things with their hands like Pokéballs and clothing train there."

Thomas took over for Dan to let the man catch his breath. "Saffron City and Pallet Town are both without rebellion bases, but there is a hidden safe house slash hospital hidden in Pallet Town specially for pregnant members and small children. Our nurses spend time here at Cinnabar for biology and psychology before learning practical healing in Pallet Town."

"Vermilion City deals with shipping and commerce. Our engineers spend time there as well to see the ships and learn about them." Dan was practically bouncing as he spoke. It was clear he loved this topic and knew a lot about it. "Fuchsia City trains our spies and info gathers. Jamie was born there. She's the spy who is highest up in Team Rockets food chain, so she gets the most relevant info. Lavender Town is Thomas' sister's place. Danna's base deals with knowledge and serves as our main library. It is also where Thomas, Maya, and I grew up." Dan grinned at them.

Maya had managed to slide her was back beside her husband as he was distracted by happily babbling on. "Viridian City is the place Lords and ladies go to so that they can be trained on running a rebellion base. Most of the lords or ladies can take over each other's bases in times of need as well."

"That's all fine and dandy," Thomas spoke up. He had started wheeling himself over to a lift as he spoke. "But you guys have a mission. Come with me and I'll brief you guys so that you can get started." Thomas made a hand motion and everyone followed him into the lift.


Yellow flushed as she glanced in the mirror at her hair. She knew that it probably looked mussed, as if she had slept on it (she had), but she knew why it was really like that. The feeling of calloused hands running through it and using it to hold her still had followed her into her dreams. So had the heat of their bodies pressed against each other and the feeling of his kiss.

That had been searing and consuming. She really shouldn't have let him do that. She really shouldn't be thinking about doing that again. Her lips had been so swollen once he was done.

Yellow wasn't even sure how it had started. They had been having dinner. She'd teased him and he had teased her back; eventually she'd teased him about having dinner with her rather than whatever lover he had at home. It had all gone down hill from that.

How was she supposed to know he'd kiss her as proof that he didn't have a lover? All that built up passion and he'd directed it all on her. She hadn't had positive male attention since before Team Rocket took over.

She glared into the mirror then. She wanted to see the color of her blush. To watch the memories light up her eyes and to see the color of her still slightly swollen lips. Instead all she saw was blurs of colors and movement. Her eyes wouldn't light up because they were covered with the misty white layer of her damaged cornea. The muk's poisonous attack would have completely eaten away at her eyes and killed her if Silver hadn't been there with his Feraligatr. The under powered water gun attack into her face had saved her from death, but couldn't save her sight.

Yellow wondered if Lance knew exactly how blind she is, and if he would still want her.

She decided to find out. Lance would be coming with her on her next mission. She wondered how well the leader of the elite four would deal with the new rules of combat that Kanto played under. Did Lance even know how to use a weapon?

Yellow supposed she'd find out soon enough.


Maya watched the Hoenn trainers with an expressionless look upon her face. They had taken the orders to capture all Team Rocket members and eliminate their Pokémon rather well. Both had clearly been hesitant when told that the Team Rocket members would use their Pokémon to attack them. Before the Great Takeover attacking another person with a Pokémon attack was a jail worthy crime. Team Rocket had turned it into a necessity in battle against them. She didn't think the kids were ready for that kind of fighting.

Yellow had tasked her with getting the kids ready. She didn't really have a choice. Old soldiers had called seeing war looking at the Kraken. Maya liked to call war the great abyss. It would swallow your morals and eventually destroy you, but someone had to fight in it to save the others. Some one has to sacrifice themselves.

Maya didn't want any of the sacrifices to be kids who never should have left their home region or gotten involved in the insanity that Kanto currently was.

Maya glanced over to her left and flinched when she saw her husband watching her. It was clear that Dan had figured out the basics of what she had been thinking. Maya remembered before the war had started. Dan had been a carefree trainer with five badges who had followed her around like a lovesick puppy. That Dan didn't know the feeling of blood on his hands and the scent of a battle field when the bodies start to rot. Maya regretted getting that Dan involved in a war that wasn't his.

She was going to be doing that to two more innocents. Legendries save her soul because she would never forgive herself if their actions stole those children's lives the way the war had stolen her and Dan's.

"We should split up." The entire group turned to look at Maya when she spoke. There was something off about her voice that unsettled everyone there. Only Dan knew what the look on her face meant. He saw it most often when she thought that what she was doing was unforgivable. They had all made sacrifices for the war, but Maya had been forced to throw away all her morals and beliefs to help the rebellion.

Ruby frowned thoughtfully. "Why? Wouldn't it be best to stay together so that we all have backup?"

"You'll be going together to catch up with the Team Rocket members who are probably loading the firestones right about now." Maya explained as she pointed to a set of tire tracks nearby. "Dan and I will go and get rid of that machine before joining you in the fight. You two just have to last until we get there to help out. It shouldn't take too long."

With a nod to the Hoenn trainers in respect she stalked off. "What the hell is her problem?" Sapphire scoffed as Maya turned a corner and left there sight. Dan smacked both young adults on their backs before racing off after his wife.

"Lets just get going," Ruby said. He had a feeling that Maya didn't want to send them off alone, and that she had probably left because she was mad at her orders. Ruby had another feeling that the orders came from Yellow but were really from Lance. Those two had been joined at the hip since Lance had seen through that trick with the bones and the wine.


Lance slammed his fist into the wall of the room he had been given. He'd been so close and he'd messed it up with one little slip of judgement. He'd been so relaxed with the good wine, good food, lack of worry over what his cousin was doing, and without the pull. That pull between Yellow and the children of the Viridian forest had just gotten stronger and stronger between him and her. Their close contact (as it seemed that only with skin on skin contact did the ache stop) had allowed him relax fully.

The next thing he'd known they were halfway done the wine and teasing each other about their sex lives. Lance had correctly guessed that Yellow hadn't taken a lover since before the 'Great Takeover' (as everyone in Kanto seemed to be calling it) and had teased her about it quite a bit.

Okay so maybe calling her a virgin had been taking it a little far.

She'd started teasing back though. Lance had thought that getting her tease back was a success for their first date. Then she'd asked why he was having dinner with her and if he had a love waiting back for him in Johto.

Lance glared heatedly at the wall in front of him. He'd screwed up big time then. Yellow was shy; someone (or multiple some ones with Pokédexs in common) had made her feel worthless. They'd stolen her self confidence, not that she'd had much of it in the first time, and he had hated to the look on her face when she'd asked if he had a lover. She'd looked as if the only reason he wanted her company was because his (nonexistent) lover wasn't there.

He'd kissed her then. It was his big mistake of the evening. He'd just meant to show her that he wanted her for her.

The next thing he'd known they were up against the wall all over each other. She'd tried to pull away and (in the heat of the moment) he'd stopped her by wrapping his hand in a fistful of that ridiculously soft yellow hair. Their little make out session may have upgraded into grinding against each other and more heavy kisses.

She'd fled the moment he'd hiked her leg up around his waist. Yellow's eyes had been wide while her lips had been swollen and red. Lance had felt a moment of masculine pride (it was him that had made her so debauched and it was him who would have her) before the horror had taken over (how could he be so stupid as to risk scaring her off?).

He'd scared her, ruined it all, and now she'd never let him near her again. He'd spent so much time worming his way into her life. He'd found a way to involve himself in most of her daily routine. He had always sought her out when he had free time. He'd helped her with her work, with training the rebellion members, with designating missions.

Some rebellion members thought he was her new second in command. It was a fitting place for the Champion of the elite four, so Lance could see how they thought that. It was even kind of true in a sense. He did do everything with her and she did ask him for his opinion.

A couple of younger members thought he was trying to take over. Those rumors had stopped when they had found out he was a child of the Viridian. Anyone who knew the old tales of Viridian's queen knew better than to accuse one of the forest's children of betraying its queen. Their own powers would consume them alive in punishment.

Someone should probably fill Team Rocket in about that fact. Maybe then they would stop trying to kidnap Danna...

The newest rumor was that they were lovers. The entire Viridian City base had watched with bated breath as they flirted and stepped around each other for the last handful of days. Everyone thought he had taken the empty role of first knight for his own.

Lance really wanted that to be true. He wanted to be the first knight, the consort, and have her all to himself.

"And yet I've royally fucked up." Lance hissed in self disgust.

He went to berate himself for his stupidity all over again when a knock sounded on his door. Lance pulled the door open to be met with Silver. There was an amused look upon his face. "Yellow needs to see us," Silver informed his cousin. "What did you do to her anyway? The poor girl has a love bite the size of a Pokéball on the side of her neck. Her lips are still swollen too."

"Is she mad?" Lance asked worriedly.

Silver grinned at his cousin. "I don't know. She's too busy blushing every time someone asks her about it to answer me." The two men shared amused looks as they headed off to Yellow's office. Lance secretly hoped she was just embarrassed. Maybe he hadn't screwed up after all?

Hopefully he still had a chance.


Maya and Dan stood pressed flat against a wall as they stared avidly at the mining machine before them. It had been left with only one guard, most likely because team rocket believed that the people of Cinnabar Island would be too scared of them to try anything. Or maybe they were just really incompetent. Maya was never sure with them.

"Should I take care of the grunt?" Dan asked. He knew better than to just jump in and go do whatever he wanted. Maya may want to lure the grunt away or even to wait to see if the grunt would leave. Yellow had left Maya team leader for a reason.

Pink bangs fluttered in the wind before Maya reached up and clipped them back into her hair with white hair clips. She frowned thoughtfully as she judged the worth of the grunt before them. "Just knock him out and tie him up," she said eventually. "We may need the information he may have... if he has any."

Dan had a Pokéball in his hand a second later. "Do you want him rare or medium?" The fire type trainer purred at his wife.

Maya's eyes lit up and she smirked at her husband. He'd said something very similar on their first mission together. "Are you going to ask me out on a date after?" She teased Dan with a soft smile on her face. "And I want him barely scorched since I'd hate to have to wait for him to heal from burns to interrogate him. Now hurry up; I'm worried about the newbies we let go after the probably more dangerous Team Rocket members."

Dan nodded before jumping up and flinging out his Pokéball. A charizard was left when the red light faded. "Ignis!" Dan yelled as he jumped out and caught the attention of the rocket grunt. "Use slash!"

The rocket grunt jumped out of the way and let out a zubat. "Zubat use confusion." He ordered it as he pulled out a knife.

Before he could the deadly object Dan was in his face clocking the grunt over the head. He didn't faint, but the grunt did stumble backwards and drop the knife. Before he could get up and grab his weapon Dan punched him again. This time in the face. The zubat turned towards the noise of his trainer's noise breaking and failed to dodge the flamethrower sent its way. It fell as a flaming dart to the ground.

"Good job Ignis!" Dan crowed as he tied the rocket grunt up. The charizard happily stomped before moving over to where Maya was already tinkering with the mining machine. The pink haired scientist only spared the orange dragon a single glance and a nod before turning back to her work. She was used to Ignis looking after her and acting as a bodyguard when Dan was busy, so the large Pokémon's presence didn't disturb her at all.

Maya drew her hand back swiftly after a microchip on the inside of the machine sparked at her "Dan!" she screamed in pain as fire lit the sleeve of her lab coat. Her husband was at her side in a second swiftly crushing out the flames and cradling his wife's burnt arm.

"Maya!" He ran his hands against her skin and held her gently as he pulled out a field first aid kit. "Hold on while I put some burn cream on this. Did you figure out how they made the machine or do we need to take it apart and take it back with us?"

The pinkette nodded slowly as her husband slathered burn cream over her burnt wrist. She flinched slightly as the cream was smoothed over blisters and skin that had started cracking, but she knew better than to complain. The rebellion's burn cream had been invented by her friend and fellow researcher Anne. It is a mix of burn heal spray and a cream made out of some plants from the Viridian forest, and it was the most advanced healing agent for burns that Kanto had ever seen.

"I stole the main computer from inside of it. That is what started the fire honey, oh... and we can blow the rest up now." Maya laughed as her husband as his eyes lit up at the thought of blowing up the big machine. "You're such a pyromaniac sometimes." She teased her husband with a grin.

The fire type trainer simply shrugged before helping his injured wife up. "Go stand over near the path we will have to take to find the kids." He told her as he fingered another Pokéball. "I'll use Calamitas to finish this up so you can take Ignis with you."

Maya and Ignis, who would have been pouting if it was possible for a Pokémon to do so, moved out of the blast radius. Once he saw that his love was safe Dan tossed the Pokéball up into the air with a smirk. The Arcanine that appeared looked about lazily before shaking himself and bounding over to Maya.

"Can I have my Pokémon back?" Dan huffed. This happens every time he tries to use his Arcanine, so he was used to it. That doesn't mean he has to like the fact that his Pokémon has a crush on his wife.

Maya petted the fire dog while shooting her husband an amused look. "Are you jealous?" She teased while she crouched down to give the canine a belly rub.

"No." Dan lied before sauntering up and catching his Pokémon's attention. "I just thought that we needed to hurry and blow up this stupid mining machine so we could go help out the Hoenn kids who are probably fighting some team rocket grunts by now."

The Arcanine's ears perked up at the words 'blow up' and it happily trotted over to its trainer. Dan pointed it at the machine and laughed cruelly. "Flare Blitz!" He commanded. The excitement was clear in his voice.

Ignis wrapped his wings around Maya. The charizard knew better than to leave her unprotected in an explosion. She'd gotten burned several times when he was just a charmeleon and had been too small to cover her. There was nothing Dan and Ignis hated more than an injured Maya (except maybe when she was crying... that was pretty bad too).

When the fire type unwrapped his wings from around her Maya stood on the side of a several centimeter deep blast crater. Dan stood beside her with his arcanine Calamitas grinning like a madman. His face was covered in soot and his hair was blown up in complete disarray.

She couldn't help but smile at him. He just looked so much like the boy he used to be who'd blown up their lab when they were chemistry partners at that moment. "We should go find the Hoenn kids before one of them ends up killed and Yellow yells at us for emotionally scarring recruitments again." Dan announced out of the blue interrupting her thought process.

"Next time you try to seduce me in my lab right before the new recruits are due to get their tour I'll remind you of this." Maya snapped as she started walking towards where they had sent Ruby and Sapphire. "Lets just go help the munchkins."

Dan rolled his eyes before turning to his two Pokémon. "What's her problem?" he asked them. The two fire types just shook their heads at their trainers stupidity. It's a good thing Maya has so much patience, because otherwise she might have murdered Dan by now.


Yellow idly reviewed her list of reasons only she and Lance were needed for the newest mission. Well... second newest, but she basically made up the other one.

She closed her (basically useless ...but she wasn't upset about that at all) eyes and spread her mind outwards. She could feel Danna two doors down in the library reading up on whatever had caught the young girl's attention. Focusing farther outwards she could feel the aura's of One of her knights and a child of the Viridian walking towards her office. That would be Silver and Lance. Her other knight (Gold) was running up behind them. He was followed by four boys and a girl. Those would be the Kanto Pokédex holders and Wally. She'd called them as well because she had missions for all of them.

"Why are you separating the 'Dex holders?" Ellenor asked softly from where she was sitting on Yellow's desk. "Don't they work the best together?"

Yellow turned to stare at the redhead before her. The girl was knitting two socks at once on a circular needle. The socks were being knitted with shiny blue yarn. "This is war." She pointed out to the redhead as the auras drew closer. "They won't always be able to fight together, so I'm giving them experience working apart."

Elli nodded slowly. "And you and the dragon master? Do you need to practice working apart, or together?" The girl was still smirking, and Yellow was still blushing when the others walked in.