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Guys, this is a very serious TRIGGER WARNING. The will be people dieing in this chapter. There will also be people killed by Pokémon, swearing, Rocket Grunts threatening to (but not actually) rape someone, and there will be (obviously) some blood and gore. If any of this squicks you so much you can't read then you shouldn't read my story because these things will pop up often. The story is about a war after all.

To everyone else I say enjoy, and don't say I didn't warn you.

War would end if the dead could return.

~Stanley Baldwin

Time seemed to slow down around Ruby as he spoke his next word. "Three"

Even as it slipped out from between his numb lips he was up and cracking open his Pokéball. Nana appeared and shook herself before taking in the scene. Before the Mightyena had time to really process what was going on Ruby was commanding it to attack. "Bite the grunts Nana, and don't let any of them get away." He told her. Desperately he tried to control the sick feeling in his stomach from setting a Pokémon on a human. This was war, and there is no time for morals in war.

Somewhere behind him Ruby was aware that Sapphire had released a Pokémon of her own to fight with, but his attention was drawn to the Team Rocket grunts before him as they released Pokémon of their own. there was no time to check on Sapphire as he had to pay attention to his three opponents all at once. There was a Zubat, a Beedrill, and an Ekans to battle.

"Nana bite the Zubat before hyper-beaming the Beedrill." He ordered his Pokémon. "Don't let any bug type moves hit you." The Mightyena was more than happy to follow orders. She lunged forwards and caught the surprised Zubat in her jaws. A sickening crunch was the last any of them heard of the Zubat.

Before she could hyperbeam the Beedrill Nana was accosted by the now angry Ekans. The hissing serpent lunged forward and attempted to wrap the hound, but Nana squirmed out of the way and nimbly shifted away. Ruby took a deep breath and kept on calling moves. He couldn't afford to lose this.

Deep in the back of his mind he pondered why Nana had killed the Zubat when normally they just knock Pokémon out, but he knew better than to ponder over that and get distracted in the middle of a fight. Still it worried him. He knew he'd heard about this because it was ringing bells in his head, but he couldn't remember where he had heard it or what it was about.

He'd look it up later, Ruby decided. Right now he had that stupid super effective Beedrill to take care of.


Moving toward the Pokémon battle she could see in the distance Orange took a moment to close her eyes and pray. One of the fighters she could see in the distance was going fantastic, but the other fighter seemed to be hesitating. Her heart was beating heavily in her chest as she ran forward. The hesitating battler must have been one of the children who had been with Maya and Dan. Who ever they were they were going to get their fighting partner killed.

She knew Maya would have split it so her and Dan each had one of the kids Thomas had told her Yellow had sent. She didn't want her friends to die. Not even by protecting younger fighters. Nessa had been lost that way, and they didn't need to lose anyone else.

Orange took a deep breath and sped forward hoping she wouldn't be to late to save another friend.


Behind Ruby Sapphire was directing her Aggron on attacking two other grunt's Pokémon. Rono was calmly slashing his way through the weak Pokémon the Rocket Grunts had put up. He carelessly used iron tail on a Koffing while Sapphire moved around the large Pokémon to get a better view. She was lucky that she moved because seconds later there was a knife whizzing past where she had been standing.

Rono roared in displeasure of the cheap trick and before Sapphire could stop him the Aggron had tackled the grunt. Something inside her cried out as Sapphire tried to ignore the mass of mangled flesh and bone fragments lying where a man had once stood. After all, people aren't designed to take a tackle from seven hundred and ninety three pounds of solid living steel and muscle. The blood dripping off her Aggron was even harder to ignore but she did it.

"Metal claw." She told him. He lunged at the foe's Arbok and neatly sliced a large chunk of its tail off. It was at this point that she realised that her Pokémon was putting far more power into his moves than he normally did. Often times that move would barely scratch the flesh of the tougher Pokémon they battled, yet this time Rono's claws had slid through the Arbok like it was made of butter.

The difference worried her because she didn't know why Rono was fighting like this. He'd never been like this. Then again, she had never fought in a fight like this either. Sapphire didn't like it. She missed the version of Pokémon battles she had grown up with.

The ones where no one dies.


Maya watched in frustrated silence as Dan tossed the unconscious and tied up Team Rocket grunt onto Calamitas's back. She impatiently huffed only to blush in shame when he shot her an frigid glare.

"Honey," He sighed, "I'm going as fast as I can, but since your hand is too damaged for you to help I had to do two peoples work. I'm done now. We can go."

Glancing down at her banged hand in anger Maya nodded slowly. "We can't all fit on Calamitas." She pointed out.

Dan slid a Pokéball off his belt and glanced at the ball for a second. Having assured himself that he had picked the right one the fire type trainer tossed it into the air and smiled at the Pokémon that was revealed. "I'll go on Calamitas and you can ride on Ardenti." He offered his wife.

Maya eyed the Ponyta for a second before nodding. "Can we go now?" She whined at him while mounting the cheerful Ponyta and ignoring her husbands smothered chuckle with practiced ease.


"You killed my brother you Bitch!"

Sapphire spun out of the way and narrowly dodged the attack of the screaming grunt. He came at her again with spittle flying and near rabid eyes. Rono snarled and swiped his tail at the man, but the grunt dodged.

Glancing at the bloody mass on the ground Saph shuddered. For a second she felt nothing but pity for the man attacking her. She'd killed his brother before his eyes in a horribly messy and traumatizing way. She'd hate herself to in his shoes. Then he managed to slice off several centimeters of her hair and she shoved her feelings aside to turn her attention back to the fight. No point in getting her throat cut for her pity, and besides, the Rocket grunts are the bad guys.

Everyone knows the villains always suffer in the end.

An insane light lit the grunts eyes. "I'm going to rape you and slit your throat you fucking whore!" He screamed at her. Sapphire hardened her heart and shot out a punch at the man. She caught him in the shoulder and he fell back with a grunt.

When he pulled out a leather sap she pulled out a knife from her camo pants. He was swinging the sap threateningly back and forth. His entire manner was set to intimidate. His face was scrunched in a frown and his shoulders hunched for size.

Sapphire wasn't intimidated in the least. Big he might have been, but some of the things she had seen were far more horrifying. She'd taken on Team Magma and Team Aqua. She'd seen Legendaries and fought for her life. She even knew how to use her knife. Plus, he was holding the sap wrong. Apparently Team Rocket doesn't train its grunts in hand weapons.

She lunged forward and smack his wrist with the flat side of her dagger. The yelp when he dropped the sap was incredibly satisfying to the Pokédex holder. With adrenaline surging through her system Sapphire stepped forwards and slashed. Blood ruptured from the man and splashed like a red rain down both of their chests. A second swipe of her knife split more blood and forced the man to back off.

Rono wasn't about to let the man get away. When the grunt stumbled back he was met with an enraged steel type. There was only a second for him to scream before the Aggron cleanly bit his head off. the sound of his trainer heaving in the background did nothing to discourage Rono from his impromptu lunch.


The loud sounds of a nearby Pokémon battle and screams drew the young brunette woman out of her trance. With a low huff she grabbed her Pokéball and shut off her tablet. "Looks like my nap time is over." She pouted as she clipped on her belt and checked the balls again.. "Pity. I was so relaxed." She soundlessly opened the jeeps door and sidled out of the vehichle.

"Time to see what the brainless ones have fucked up this time." Her voice was petulent, but her grin was blood thirsty. She sounded childish and looked psychotic. The juxtaposition of the two was down right creepy.

She hummed Hypno's lullaby as she sashayed off towards the battles.