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Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don't find out till too late that she's been playing with two queens all along.

~Terry Pratchett

Eight eyes watched the blond queen pace back and forth over her sitting room carpet as the clock ticked near midnight. Silver and Gold had settled on a black love seat drinking cocoa as they pondered. Meanwhile Elli sat on one end of the large black couch knitting. Danna was the final person. She had settled on the other end of the couch, but was tapping her foot to keep herself occupied.

"They will find it, the secret of the grave yard tower." Yellow quoted. Her brow scrunched up in concentration as she kept pacing. "Not they are going to find the graveyard tower, but the secret of the grave yard tower." She let out an aggravated sigh.

Gold set his cocoa down on a near by end table. "The other line relates to it. 'They are searching, and they shall find her. Child of the Viridian. Favored by the queen.' That could mean Danna." He glanced over at the newest child of the Viridian forest as he spoke. She flushed and looked away.

"It takes a child of the forest to defeat a child of the forest." Silvers eyes gazed at Yellow for a moment before shifting to Danna. "And she is the youngest child of the forest. The newest generation."

"They could take her, train her." Elli added solemnly. "Children are the easiest to brainwash. They could have her believing it's her destiny to kill Yellow in three or four years of training. That's what 'Favored by the queen,' means. Yellow would never harm Danna. Their too close, she wouldn't fight back."

Agony filled Yellows misty eyes as she gazed forwards. "They wish to use her as a weapon against her mistress." She hoarsely whispered. The quote fell off her tongue like lead, and brought silence to the room for a second.

"I HATE THIS!" Danna suddenly screamed as she hurdled up to her feet. "I HATE HOW THEY THINK WE'RE JUST WEAPONS TO BE USED. I HATE HOW TEAM ROCKET RUINED OUR REIGON. AND MOST OF ALL I HATE THIS STUPID WAR!" She stood panting after that, a wild look in her eyes. Silence fell around them in that sitting room as one of their own fell to pieces in front of them.

Lance had been trying to sleep all night. Really he had, but it just wasn't happening. At first he was to awake and couldn't stop thinking, then later he'd heard several people entering the room beside his. Now it was curiosity that kept him awake. Or at least that's what he told himself.

Suddenly a young female voice carried through the walls. "I HATE THIS!" She yelled angrily.

Lance got out of the chair he'd been sitting in. His room was smaller than the others but only held one bed rather than four, and had a desk. It even had a small table with three chairs by it in one corner. It wasn't nearly as extravagant as his quarters in the Indigo Plateau, but it reminded him of his room from when he had grown up in Blackthorn. It was homey in a way.

Then the voice interrupted his thoughts, and gave him an idea. "I HATE HOW THEY THINK WE'RE JUST WEAPONS TO BE USED. I HATE HOW TEAM ROCKET RUINED OUR REIGON. AND MOST OF ALL I HATE THIS STUPID WAR!" the girl screamed as Lance slid out of his room. 'I'll just go in and ask what's wrong.' He decided. 'Besides, this is an excellent way to sooth my curiosity.'

He opened the door to Yellows room and leaned on the door frame. The sight that awaited him was surprising. Yellow, Silver and Gold were all there as well as the prophet Ellenor and the girl who'd been obsessed with Morty at dinner. He thought her name was Danna, but he couldn't be sure.

The little blond was weeping on the floor at Yellows feet while Gold and Silver quietly watched. Both were clearly uncomfortable with weeping females from the way they avoided her eyes. Elli was knitting something. That was all Lance could call it since the warped shape didn't remind him of anything he'd ever seen knitted before. He decided not to ask.

"What are the next two lines again?" Elli asked out of the blue as she started knitting a large hole into her project.

It was Silver who answered. He seemed almost relieved to have something other than a crying girl going on in the room. "The Dragon Tamer will be the only one who can help the phantom child, but will The Queen be willing to give him up, if only for a moment?" The way he was glancing at the table near him told Lance that there was a written copy of the prophecy there.

"But who is the Dragon Tamer?" Yellow queried.

"I am." Lance said as he waltzed into the room. Almost everyone startled at his sudden appearance. Silver, and surprisingly Elli seemed to be the only ones not startled at his entrance. "I was having trouble sleeping and came to check what all the yelling was about."

"Trouble sleeping Lance?" Yellow asked. "One would think you'd be exhausted after all you saw today."

"I suppose I should be." He responded. "I just can't help but feel pulled somewhere."

Yellow flushed guiltily as he said that. "I sorry. I'm so sorry." She told him. "The pull between me and the other children of the Viridian forest increases when I'm feeling negative emotions. I forgot that you were close enough to feel it, or I would have blocked it."

Lance shrugged as he settled on an old Victorian styled loveseat. "Not your job to look after me. It's my job to look after you."

"Still. I'm sorry. I won't happen again." She told him softly.

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In Steven's room he and Ruby had been chatting. Well, it was more like Ruby being mad at Steven and Steven trying to fix things.

"Why couldn't you just ask for help?" Ruby snapped as he paced past the silver haired man. "We would have gladly helped fight. Hell, we would have jumped right in to the fray!"

Grey eyes narrowed at that. "And you would have died," Steven said. "Your life wasn't mine, isn't mine, to put at risk Ruby. You're still a child, and this war is serious." A tense silence fell between them. Then the ticking of the clock on the wall drew Steven's attention and he swore. It was well after midnight.

Ruby shot the older man a look as he jumped up. "I'm late." Was the hurried explanation he gave as he headed for the door. "Most of the Lords and ladies are meeting in Yellow's room." A swift glance at his companion told Steven that Ruby was not going to sit quietly while he was away. A snap second decision had Steven pulling the young man behind him to the meeting.

'What the hell,' Steven thought. 'It's not like its forbidden or anything!'

Steven entered in time to catch Danna and Elli going head to head on whether the ghost user should return to Lavender Town or not. Not that seeing Ellenor fighting with one of the younger members was that rare, Elli did not get along with any of them, but her and Danna usually avoided arguing in front of the older members.

"You know nothing of my city soothsayer!" The blond yelled as she fingered one of her Pokéballs. Ellenor should have been scared, yet the ginger just looked board.

She shot her opponent a cruel smile before nodding at Steven and Ruby. "Good to see you showed up Steven, and nice to formally meet you Ruby." Elli said as she ignored her fuming rival.

"Don't you ignore me." Danna screeched before leaping up from her seat and lunging at the red head. Her attack missed as Elli dodged her and knocked the poor girl dead to the world with a well aimed blow to the back of the head. The knocked out blond landed in a heap at Ruby's feet.

"This," Steven said with annoyance, "is why we never get anything done around here."

Elli shot him a cheerful smile as she returned to her knitting. "At least we keep the healers well worked!" Ruby decided it really wasn't worth it to ask.

The meeting had gone along nicely. Ruby had been accepted with only a raised eyebrow or two. He was now quietly dozing on Stevens should as the group sat in quiet contemplation. A delicate yawn from Ellenor tipped Yellow off that it was time to end the meeting. The clock was reading three in the morning and most of the people in attendance had training in the morning.

"You should all go to sleep." She told them. "I'll call another meeting if anymore information pops up. For now, rest. You've all earned it twice over." Those awake shuffled out carrying the sleeping members with them until all that was left was Yellow, Lance, and the sound of the closing door in the silence.

Viridian's Queen settled into her wing backed chair and stared at the champion before her. "Why are you still here? You should be resting; you've had a long day and no sleep."

Lance's red eyes seemed to seer through her soul in that second. "I want to join the rebellion." He told her calmly. "I want to help."

"It is not your job." The desperation in her voice struck him. "Not your field to die on!"

"Nor is it yours!" He snapped in response. Yellow jerked back at the ferocity in his voice as he stalked towards her like a Charizard stalking its prey. "I am Kanto's champion. It's my responsibility!" Lance was quick to remind her.

He knelt at her feet like one of the knights of old to their ruler. The look on his face reminded her more of a man preying to his deity then a knight, but she quashed that thought before it was fully formed.

"I, Lance the Dragon Tamer, swear my loyalty to Viridian's Queen. My Pokémon and my self to her disposal, and my life for her cause." Lance spoke the old words with a surety that few who had ever taken the oath had ever had. Yellow knew that he understood what it meant, and that he meant it even more because.

Catching her fingers in his hair she pulled his head into her lap and gazed on him. "The lady of the forest hears and accepts your loyalty, dear knight." She said softly; the words falling like cleaning rain from her mouth.

They stayed that way as the sun rose through the lone window in the room. Yellow running her hands through Lance's hair as he rested his head on her lap. She couldn't help but feel that something had changed that night. Something she had never considered possible. And as the sun rose in the window, she glanced at it, almost expecting to see a phoenix of myth rising from its fiery depths.