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I've been searching for a man

All across Japan

Just to find to find my samurai

Someone who is strong

But still a little shy

Yes I need I need my samurai

Aye aye aye

I'm your little butterfly

Green black and blue make the colors of the sky

Aye aye aye

I'm your little butterfly

Green black and blue make the colors of the sky

I've been searching in the woods and high upon the hills

Just to find to find my samurai

Someone who wont regret

To keep me in this net

Yes I need I need my samurai

Aye aye aye

I'm your little butterfly

Green black and blue make the colors in the sky

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Princess Luka POV

"Sis!" a high pitched voice screamed. I leisurely walked out of my room. The last thing I expected was to get glomped by a yellow haired pest, followed by another bug, but this time she was a teal haired wonder. I always wondered how her hair came out teal, but mine came out pink so I couldn't complain. Well I could, but if I did, she would get me back without even thinking so what was the point. I peeled the little rascals off of me one hand at a time, "What do you two want?" I asked. The two began jumping up and down like a five year old receiving a pink pony for her birthday. The yellow haired one started, Rin, "Horse drawn carriages! Dancing!" The teal haired freak followed, Miku, "A handsome prince! Traveling!" They held hands and began jumping up and down and squealing again, "a ball in a neighboring country!" I sighed. Sure, I was a princess, but I hated balls, pretty dresses and most of all dancing. Even though I did dress up for a ball –it was required of me- and people always say I am a wonderful dancer, I still hated it. During times like this I wish I was a boy, or I at least cross-dressed. The only good thing about balls was the men, not many of them were very handsome in my opinion- Miku and Rin thought otherwise- it was funny when they were around me. Saying many words of love to, asking my hand in marriage and a number of other things. I would decline fashionably and many of them would try again the next time we met at a ball. Sometimes I actually did feel bad for them, but not often. It was their fault for asking, right?

I laughed casually, "I take we are leaving at seven?" I said turning from them about to walk into my room, "Yup!" they sand in unison. I got stuck with the two craziest sisters ever. I entered my room, my head maid, Neru was there, "Princess Luka, did something happen?" I nodded and belly flopped on top of my bed. I was still in my pajamas and I had a feeling I hadn't brushed my hair for at least a day. I glanced at Neru, based off her expression when she saw my hair, I figured it had probably been about two days. I sighed as I sat up in my bed, "Can you prep me a dress, pink, preferably." I told her. She nodded and bowed, "Yes Princess." When she stood up straight again she threw a brush at me, "Your hair must be tended to, and I do not feel like dealing with that!" she said jokingly. I returned the joking smile and cocked my head, "Well, neither do I." I stated. We laughed. I began to brush my hair as she walked out to find me a dress to wear to the ball tonight. I honestly didn't exactly want to go, but it was required of me as a princess. I didn't have to enjoy it though. It didn't take long for my hair to once again become smooth as silk.

Another one of my maids walked in, "You bath is ready, you majesty." She bowed. I stood up and walked towards the bath. Right outside my room was a couple of maids, including Neru. When I turned the next corner I stayed there. Close enough so I could just barely make out what the maids are saying, but far enough so they wouldn't know I was here. "She is so improper. Sure she gets dressed up for balls and such but…" many of the maids, 'mmm-hmm'd' in agreement. Then Neru spoke up, "Does that really matter, sure she is a little rowdy and different from her sisters, but that is her personality. She is still our princess." I smiled for Neru sticking up for me. I figured they were talking about me. They couldn't exactly say such things about my sisters. Another maid began to argue with her, "She wears pants whenever she can, its mostly as pajamas, it is still something princesses don't do!" I heard Neru heave a sigh, "Think what you may, but Luka is my princess and I love my princess just the way she is." I heard footsteps coming towards me and I ran into the bathroom as fast as I could.

I hoped into the bath. I swear we could fit at least 15 people in there. The tub was more like a pool. I washed up in the humongous millionaire indoor pool, after about 20 minutes-I wasn't the type to spend forever in the tub- I got out and dried off. I braided my hair loosely, it was still dripping wet, and changed into a simple gown. A pink empire styled dress. It had hot pink poofy sleeves that came about five centimeters away from my shoulder, made from cotton. Also made from the same material was the top half of my dress. The skirt of the dress on the other hand was a baby pink flowing skirt that was made from silk. It felt smooth against my newly washed legs. I didn't bother putting on any make up or jewelry on though. I exited the bath, letting my maids take care of the small mess I made. I walked towards the back balcony, behind the castle (literally, walk down the stairs and you're there) was where the Samurai were trained, and my father, Ted trained them. I walked into the balcony and saw a massive amount of dirty sweaty men assembling for training. I sighed. I really needed to talk to dad, but no one knows where he go's before training. So I would just have to wait until he came out, and yes, my dad AND the warriors will have to deal with my little, um, session.

I noticed some of the men looking up towards me. I smiled sweetly towards them. Right in front of a group of the 'Staring Samurai' as I called them, was a strange, and mean STRANGE looking guy. He had long purple hair tied up in a ponytail. Long hair, really long hair, from what I saw it seemed almost as long as my hair, and my hair went down to my waist when it was down. It couldn't compare to Miku's though, he hair goes to her knees. Anyways, he had long hair, AND it was purple, that guys was some sort of She-man. I had no idea my father allowed gay men in our group of elite trained warrior samurai, as I called them.

The man seemed to be yelling at them, telling them something. Obviously they obeyed, if I were in their shoes I would never listen to a purple haired freak. As if like magic all the men began assembling in multiple single file lines. I saw a large red head come into view, "Dad!" I yelled, he obviously didn't hear me so I began to run down the stairs, by the time I reached the bottom, I was panting. And there were a lot of stair, at least six stories. Even though I was a princess I was in really good shape. I took a second to recover before running again with my hands in the air yelling, "Dad!" I got a lot of looks from the Samurai, but I ignored them. I could tell by the looks on their faces that they thought I was weak, not being able to run all of that before breaking sweat. I made my way to Ted, "Dad!" I told him, exasperated, "I need to," I panted for a second before resuming, "ask you something." Huff-huff, "Do I really have to go tonight?" I coughed, attempting to moisten my dry throat. He looked at me sternly, "Luka." He started firmly, he obviously wasn't to happy about this, " first off, if you need to talk to me, I ask you not do it during training." I sighed, "like anyone knows where you are." I muttered, too quiet for my dad to hear. He continued, "Two, of coarse you must go. It is your duty as a princess." I sighed again. Life really sucked, a lot. I nodded, "Yes father." I said, upset lived in my voice. I crossed my arms and began towards the stairs, "Bye dad." I said, waving my hand behind me without looking. Once my goodbye was done, I returned to crossing my arms as I walked up the stairs. Yup, life really sucked.

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