The Clothing Line

World Of Opportunity Chapter 3

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Notes Good golly! I almost completely forgot about this story. Thanks to Mauelmusical14 for always being on my case about updating and for the idea for this subplot. Haven't quite figured out how it will fit with the rest of the story but I hope you all enjoy. I promise not to take so long to update this story in the future. In the meanwhile please check out my recently posted Annie Fics Forever Changed and Just A Girl From Jersey City

Edna Turnblad had an idea but wasn't sure how well it would work. One evening at dinner she decided to bounce it off her husband and her daughter.
"What do you think of me designing a clothing line for plus sized women?"

Tracy's grin was a mile wide. " I think that's a great idea Mom. What would you call it?"

"Haven't given it much thought yet but I was hoping you could help me with that."

"Certainly. I will help you out with this in between Corny Collins rehearsals. Do you want me to talk to my friends at school to see if they want to help too?"

"Yes. The more people that can help us out the better."

"I can also try to talk to Mrs. Vontussle She's always up on the latest fashion trends."

Edna rolled her eyes. She didn't like Velma Vontussle very much. "All right."

The next day in the lunch line she talked to Amber.

"My mom is thinking of designing a clothing line. Do you and your mom want to help us?"

"I can try to help when I can.. after Christmas I will be so swamped with my college auditions. I will talk to my mom and see if she wants to help too."

Once they sat down at the table with their friends. Tracy mentioned the same thing to Penny.

Penny shook her head enthusiastically. "Sure. I'd love to help and my mom will likely definitely want to help too."

Tracy looked at Seaweed. "Does Little Inez know anything about fashion?"

"A little. She's really good at drawing though so I'm sure she could come up with some awesome clothing designs."

"Super! " Tracy was so excited that her friends were so willing to help her mother with her new enedeavor. She only hoped Mrs. Vontussle would agree to help out as well.

"When are we going to be meeting to talk about this?" Amber asked.

"My mom wants to have our first initial meeting on Saturday morning at 10am at my house. Does that work good for you guys?"

Her friends nodded.


Note: As I said I am not sure what direction this subplot will go in. Suggestions would be lovely. Thanks!