Chronicles of the Dragon Ninja

Chapter 1

Within the canopy of trees that covered all of Hi no Kuni four figures were dashing across the branches at incredible speeds. At the head of this group was a man who despite his youthful appearance was actually one-hundred and forty. He had long red hair that was held in a tail that reached his mid back and serious green eyes. His outfit consisted of a simple pair of grey hakuma pants and a blue kimono top; his name is Uzumaki Kentaro, the head of the Uzumaki Clan of Uzu no Kuni.

The three figures just behind him were his chosen guards for this trip. Unfortunately he was running late which explained their rather hurried pace. Suddenly a loud roar echoed through the air causing him to pale.

"Kuso the beast has escaped; we must hurry."

At his words his guards nodded and as one all four of them disappeared.

Namikaze Minato scowled from his position atop the Hokage Monument as he looked upon the gargantuan form of the Kyubi no Kitsune which thanks to the unexpected and unwelcome arrival of an orange garbed and masked man had been released from the seal that had once held it captive. The beast roared loudly as its sights zeroed in on him, its large red eyes wild and showing nothing but animalistic rage. Blue eyes narrowed in determination as Minato watched the tailed beast fire off a blast of red chakra from its mouth directly at him.

In a quick motion of his hands he had one of his special tri-pronged kunai in his hands as he flashed through a small chain of seals finishing just as the blast descended upon him. The effect was immediate as the blast of energy neared the mountain only to vanish as it was sucked into the tip of the kunai. In but a few moments a massive explosion was heard and a red glow could be seen miles behind the village.

That done the Yondaime vanished only to appear with a large plume of smoke standing atop of the gargantuan form of the Toad Boss Gamabunta. He ignored the elated cries of his ninja as he made his presence known among them and instead kept his focus intently on the Kyubi.

"So it's come to this eh Minato." Spoke Gamabunta upon spotting the fox.

"Hai. I just need you to hold it off long enough for me to complete my jutsu." Said Minato in response not removing his gaze from the fox.

"Alright but hurry it up, this is the fucking Kyuubi we're talking about."

The fox chose just that moment to charge forward only for its lunge to be parried by the toad boss's dagger. Before the beast could both it and the blond Hokage had vanished.

"Gotta set up a barrier." Said Minato as he dodged through the limbs of the beast carrying the exhausted form of his red haired wife in his arms.

He had managed to bring the battle outside of the village thanks to his Hiraishin no jutsu, however due to the size of the beast it hadn't taken him as far as he'd have liked. Instead he'd actually would up just outside of his own home, one which was now destroyed. He'd only just been able to gather up his wife and son before the fox could reorient itself. Before anything else could be said or done however the beast roared and the ground shook due to a massive impact.

Turning to look both were surprised to find the beast lying on the ground and bound in glowing blue chains. Following the chains to their source the duo spotted a figure crouched to their left clad in blue from head to toe with only the metal plate with the swirl emblem showing their allegiance. On the ground before him was a scroll from which the chains could be seen connected to.

"Good we made it in time. For a moment I feared you would do something stupid."

The voice immediately had their attention and the turned towards it to find a man that made Kushina's eyes water as tears pooled within them.

"Father h-how…" stuttered Kushina not even able to complete her sentence.

"A discussion best served for later when the current situation has been resolved."

As Kentaro said this he approached the woman and was not too surprised to find a small baby cradled within her arms. With a motion of his hand another of the blue clad figures appeared next to the Uzumaki clan head.

"See to my daughter would you Hanataro-kun." Said Kentaro.

"Of course Kentaro-sama: Kushina-sama everything will be fine." Said Hanataro speaking softly as his hands began to glow green with healing chakra.

"I suppose you know what must be done." Said Kentaro turning to Minato.

"I had a contingency plan prepared just in case. However that plan was for the worst case and isn't need completely though I can tweek it a bit." Said Minato with a frown.

"I was originally going to use the Shiki Fujin and the Hakke no Fuin Shiki. Instead I'll substitute the Shiki Fujin for the Sokubaku no Kihaku Fujin (Spirit Binding Seal) with the Hakke no Fuin Shiki I can allow some of the Yang chakra to leak out of the seal for Naruto's usage." Said Minato.

"That's a good plan. However the leakage should be the Yin chakra. The boy will already have a phenomenal amount of physical energy on his own, thanks to the Uzumaki genetics. Yang chakra would most likely only make him extremely hyper active as he'll have too much energy to burn through. Yin chakra on the other hand would balance him well; it may even boost his chakra control to levels surpassing Mito-sama's." explained Kentaro.

Minato understood seeing the wisdom in the older man's words. After all it was the Uzumaki clan that was renowned as the greatest Fuinjutsu users in the world for a reason, Kushina had taught him about sealing after all.

"I had thought about that myself. However Yin release is primarily for genjutsu. Yang chakra however is more geared toward Naruto's strong points. Either way he'd still need to work on chakra control constantly according to Mito-sama's notes. However the driving point for me was that Yang chakra would give Naruto a phenomenal healing factor in her theory." Explained Minato.

"I see your point there. It would make sense that any excess energy would go to other functions. In either case this is your show to run Yondaime, as Hokage it is your responsibility."

Minato nodded in understanding at the man's not so hidden message. Running through a chain of seals he slammed his hand to the ground causing a plume of smoke to cover the area before him. When the smoke cleared a small red cushion similar to a crib appeared surrounded by lit candles. Moving over to his wife who was looking much better than before the two shared a look before she handed him his newborn son. For a moment he admired the sleeping babies blond hair and in just that moment holding his son the drama that had taken place that night no longer mattered, even the bound form of the fox was just a footnote in the background.

The Kyubi however would not remain idle and upon seeing the ceremonial throne began thrashing wildly only for the remaining unoccupied bodyguard to withdraw a scroll and slam it into the ground. Almost immediately he flashed through a short chain of seals causing chains to burst forth from the scroll to bind the fox even more. Seeing this Minato wasted no more time and placed the boy down on the cushion.

Running through a quick chain of seals the blond Hokage crouched down and placed his hands upon the baby boys stomach. Immediately a blurry looking seal sprang into existence in the shape of the Uzumaki swirl. As it appeared four chains shot out from the boys stomach glowing blue with chakra and made quick work of wrapping themselves around the fox. Seeing this the two Uzu bodyguards released their own seals causing the chains they made to retract back into the scrolls. Kyubi roared as the chakra chains tightened their hold onto it before it turned into a mass of red chakra that was quickly pulled within the spiral seal which soon enough filled out completely.

That done Minato ran through even more seals before once more placing his hands upon his son. As he did this kanji script appeared above and below the original seal before both seals flashed once and faded into the infants skin. This was the scene that the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen and his entourage stumbled onto at just that moment.

"Minato thank Kami for a moment I feared the worst." Said Hiruzen as he came to a stop.

"You and I both. I was afraid for a moment I'd have to pull yhou from retirement." Said Minato.

"Perhaps we should move this conversation to a more secure location." Said Kentaro before too much could be said.

"Yes I suppose that would be best, to my office then." Said Minato.

"I see so that's what happened." Said Hiruzen with narrowed eyes while Kentaro just nodded.

Despite the fact that Kushina was occupying herself with her newborn all three men knew that the Uzumaki born woman was listening intently to the discussion as well. At the moment Hiruzen was using his Hokage mindset so that they could completely resolve the situation, he would mourn his wife after as she'd have wanted.

"Any ideas who this masked man could be?" questioned Hiruzen.

"Just the single Sharingan eye he showed which he was using to induce the foxes rage. What's more troubling was his statement that doors to his goal were still open" said Minato with a sigh.

"Well if his tells us anything it's that we can no longer use women for the sealing." Said Kentaro after a moment.

"I was thinking the same myself. A man will never go through the child birthing process so the seal won't weaken and they won't be caught in that rather vulnerable position; no offence Kushina-hime." Said Minato.

"Hmph we know that wouldn't have happened any other time huh Naru-chan. Mommy would have crushed his skull Datebane!" said Kushina getting the three men to sweatdrop.

"The people will demand answers." Said Hiruzen after a moment.

"I'll deal with it Sarutobi-sensei." Assured Minato.

"Kushina perhaps you and the baby should come stay in Uzu. At lest until you're back to full health and Minato can get the village back under control." Said Kentaro.

"What do you think Naru-chan? Do you want to go stay with Kentaro-jiji for a little while." Said Kushina to the baby boy who giggled in response.

Nearly a week passed in which time Minato had done much work to set the village on the road to recovery. All but the most important of missions had been put on hold so that his forces could help with the rebuilding of the damaged sections of the village. He'd even gone so far as to recall his own sensei Jiraiya to help him with a few special projects. A memorial service for those who had fallen in the attack had also been organized and held.

Nearly everyone had shown up and none was mourned more than Sarutobi Biwako who many had looked to as a second mother a role that she had embraced whole heartedly. Now a week after the day he stood staring down upon the masses from his position over looking them. At his sides stood both Jiraiya and Hiruzen while behind them his own student by the name of Hatake Kakashi was standing unseen by the masses.

"People of Konoha." Called Minato a voice amplification jutsu making sure he was heard.

"Many of you have come to me for answers in the last week and I thank all of you for your patience while we got the village affairs back in order. Nonetheless one week ago today our village was attacked not by the Kyubi but by a masked man who actually summoned and forced it upon our village. It is because of this man who I was forced to engage in battle that I was not on the field to battle the fox immediately."

Mummers swept through the crowd at this point as their Yondaime was known as an army killer so this said a lot about the threat the man had faced.

"Despite the battle however the man managed to escape and as such will be placed within the bingo book as an S-class criminal for the deaths caused by the Kyuubi, the murder of Sarutobi Biwako, and the attempted murders of my wife and son who was just born that night."

Immediatley as his statement was said a hush fell over the crowd. Namikaze Minato was not only their Hokage but the most eligible and sought after bachelor within the village. No one however had even been aware that he was seeing anyone and the news he'd married and had a child was shocking.

"Thanks to the attack by this man my wife has been escorted back to her homeland along with my son until she can fully recover from the attack. As such I must thank and acknowledge my wife's clan, the Uzumaki Clan who arrived in time to help me in dealing with the fox." Finished Minato.

"Hokage-sama I thought the Uzumaki clan was wiped out." Called out one of the shinobi amongst the clan.

"As we all did. However it seems not all of them perished that day and many survived including my father in law. As it is however only 1/3 of the clan survived which still gives them a large number of members." Explained Minato.

"Hokage-sama do we still need to worry of the Kyubi?" questioned one of the many civilians.

"No. Shodai-sama had a plain laid down in case we were faced with a bijuu. This plan called for a living vessel capable of becoming the bijuu's prison and warden." Explained Minato.

"But wouldn't the person be in danger of possession?" questioned another civilian.

"No. this seal designed by Shodai-sama's wife would ensure that the two minds remained separate while the prisoners mind was bound completely. I have taken this a step further using the Hakke no Fuin Shiki of the Uzumaki clan and have made it so that the vessel would slowly siphon off the foxes chakra which would be converted to human chakra after which point its spirit would be ejected and eaten by the Shinigami." Answered the man.

"Could the fox not at least influence them?" questioned another civilian.

"Well we've had no problems of this in the past. The last two vessels were perfectly normal meaning they cannot be influenced in any way. Mito-sama's children turned out perfectly find right Sandaime-sama." Said Minato shocking the crowd.

"Hai, there was no trace of anything demonic whatsoever. Though it seems Tsunade inherited her grandmothers temper." Mused Hiruzen.

This left the crowd shocked senseless. Not only had there been two vessels that had lived among them but one of them had in fact been the wife of the Shodai Hokage of all people. At this revelation everyone dismissed any thoughts of demonic influence as the Shodai had been the father of the village, and his wife had been its mother. She had been kind, nurturing, and fiercely protective of all of them.

"Hokage-sama what is the name of the hero who protects us from the beast?" questioned another of the civilians.

"His name is Naruto. Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto." Said Minato

The resulting screams of praise in the name of his son was enough to put a smile on the Yondaime's face. It had been a gamble revealing Mito had been a vessel but thankfully it was one that had paid off. The Yondaime had no idea just how easily things could've gone the other way if he had neglected to mention Mito.

Uzushio was a beautiful place. It had taken a weeks travel to reach at the civilians pace they'd traveled at but it was a wondrous sight and the wait had only made it even more worth it in Kushina's mind. It amazed her seeing just how many people had survived the attack all those years ago. Of course many had indeed perished in the attack as what had once been a clan numbering 3500 had been reduced to 1200 which still gave them more numbers than any clan in Konoha; hell more than any three clans put together if she was truthful.

She had truly missed Uzu and despite the fact that they were supposed to be a shinobi village it was still a peaceful village. At the moment she was sitting within a small room which she remembered as her own from her childhood holding her son who had dozed off in her arms.

"You look just like your mother." Said Kentaro lowly.

Hearing his voice Kushina looked up to find him leaning against the doorframe. For a moment it took her back to her time as a child when he would look upon her the same way.

"We'll be having dinner in the great hall tonight to celebrate Naruto-kun's birth." Said Kentaro after a moment.

"It's still surreal tou-san. I had been afraid for him, that he'd know nothing of our clan and so many survived all this time." Said Kushina with tears falling down her face.

"It surprised me as well that so many had made it out alive. We had all run in different directions trying to put as much distance between us and those villages as possible. I didn't learn until I found the contract and was informed . I had the summons contact every Uzumaki they could feel and have them make their way back here. It was because of this that I was made clan head." Explained Kentaro.

"Why was I not contacted then?" questioned his daughter with a frown.

"Because I had already known you were perfectly fine so I wanted to surprise you." Explained Kentaro.

Kushina wasn't really surprised to hear this coming from him. Even as a kid her father would always have a surprise for her and no matter what it was she would always love it. The dinner went off in a spectacular fashion. Not only was the meal fantastic but Kushina found that she wasn't the only new mother in the building, there were at least fifty babies in the room aside from Naruto.

She only barely remembered many of them from her time before she left for Konoha but many of those present knew of her and complimented her on her accomplishments as a kunoichi. Overall it was a very good experience and she honestly couldn't wait to get to know the members of the clan better.