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She had no idea how they managed to get out alive, but they did. She and her daughter had been trapped in that house like dogs, being hunted, stalked by a predator. A predator neither of them had wanted to see again, ever. Stepping out into the much welcomed sunlight after so long down in the damp gloom below was a Heavenly sensation, as both mother and child felt the warmth of the sun's rays enveloping their cheeks, giving them a loving embrace to be back at ground level.

They had both been forced underground by the monster. That's what Maura had called him. The monster. Even though he was the girl's father, she had resorted to calling him that because of the vile things he had done over the years to both she and their child.

"Maura, I have to get to Maura!" came the gravelly, deep voice of the Detective Jane Rizzoli. She sounded distressed and in desperate need to get to the Medical Examiner, Maura noted this and furrowed her brows at the rapidly approaching Detective.

"Janeā€¦" she exhaled, almost falling into Jane's embrace, holding her daughter close to them, in between them. The girl struggled to breathe as she found herself wedged between the women.

"It's okay Maura, I've got you now." Jane told the Medical Examiner and stroked over her hair, calming her down before she looked down to the daughter and pulled her closer to her slender body, holding onto her in a protective embrace.

Maura looked up at Jane and she gave her a questioning glance.

Jane just nodded, knowing what she was asking of her, "He's gone, Maur. He's not going to hurt you two anymore. You don't have to worry about him anymore. Okay?" she smiled softly, an encouraging, comforting smile down to her best friend.

"I know. I know..." Maura sighed and looked down to her daughter, she had began to hyperventilate, it was nothing new. She felt Jane grab her hand and with her other hand, she placed it over her pulse point on her neck, checking how fast her heart rate was before she wrapped a tight, yet comforting arm around the small child, "Jemima, it's okay now. Nobody can hurt us, we're safe." Maura told her child, gently turning the girl to face her and bending forwards as long as her legs, weak, would allow her to do so.

She knew that if she did happen to stumble though, Jane would catch her. She could rely on her friend that way, and Maura herself would do anything for Jane. Of course, the two had gotten off to a rocky beginning, when first impressions were supposed to count for everything back when they first met at work almost six years prior to the day.

Maura had flounced in, in her fashionable clothing, leaving Detectives, Sergeants and Officers with tongues lagging after her. She had returned from San Francisco after lecturing at the University of California. She'd had a romance there, more than a mere romance in fact. Maura had been married to another Doctor; Victor, who had been on the Doctors Without Borders programme, giving aid to those in the less evolved areas beaten down in poverty. Maura herself had been a part of the Doctors Without Borders which is where she had met her Victor in the first place.

The two had been too opposite though, and things had fizzled out slowly, and the way Maura had thought, surely. It hadn't been until she'd been appointed the new head of the Medical Examiner's office in Boston that she had discovered she was in fact, pregnant. Maura was pregnant with her estranged husband's child, and what was worse, she knew that this child was not going to grow up in an easy world, not with an indefinite pending divorce soon to strike.

Things had been a lot easier before her daughter had been born, not that she regretted becoming a mother in the slightest. No, Maura loved and cherished every single day being a mother to a dependable human being. Someone so small that they looked up at her for help with learning to tie a shoelace or learning to tell the time with her first wrist watch. Other than Bass, Maura had never really had anyone else she could love and care for as much as her daughter, Jemima Jane. And Maura had not felt love that strong for herself, ever.

Looking down to Jemima, she smiled gently, a tear cracking its way past her usually perfectly manicured brows and applied make up. She saw Jemima watched as it tracked down her cheek, before a tiny, stubby finger reached up to brush it away, "Mother, it's okay. You said we're safe now, and Aunt Jane is here with us too." Jemima told her mother, in such a comforting way that Maura completely broke down, leaving the poor girl watching her mother with raised brows before she looked up at her 'Aunt Jane' for guidance or any form of answer as to why Maura had suddenly began bawling in front of her.

Jane offered no words in response, she just nodded her head at Jemima in the direction of the Medical Examiner and the small child, who was in fact a miniature of Maura Isles, wrapped her arms around her mother's waist and clung to her. Not in a needy kind of way, but to offer her some solace and comfort in a familiar embrace. The child was rewarded with her mother's arms wrapping around her back and shoulders, holding her close as she slowly sank to the ground, keeping hold of her daughter protectively, as Jane and the other Detective's watched from a few feet away.