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Rolanda kept her breathing leveled. After the several minutes she had been stuck here, her muscles started to relax little by little. The person beside her started to feel comforted with the easing of her muscles and therefore loosened his grip around her. Instead his heavy hand came to caress her bare side soothingly. Rolanda would have been able to enjoy the feeling if it hadn't been for the fact that this was Severus Snape she was lying beside.

Rolanda slowly turned her head to look upon the sleeping face of the man that infuriated her. The man she loved to tick off. Just the thought of his insufferable glowering dark eyes and his scornful look put her off though seeing him now was entirely different. His jaw was no longer clenched, his eyes shut peacefully, and his dark hair wildly splayed across the contrasting white pillow. She always imagined his dark hair to be greasy but now it radiantly shined. It looked as soft as silk.

No, she shook her head. This was Severus, the dingy oversized bat from the dungeons. Rolanda tightly shut her eyes and started to restart her counting from one to a thousand to pass time till Poppy came back for her, or until her luck would run out.

Minerva walked down the halls, her thoughts keeping her company. Her tea was once again hot as she had been forced to heat it up with her wand. She normally didn't like to do this as it did nothing for the flavor, but she couldn't go back to the kitchens. The whole night was just all too much for her and she could only stand being around Albus for so long. It wasn't that she didn't like being around him, but she really didn't know. She really couldn't put her finger on it. It was ineffable, though whatever this feeling was inside her, it made her smile inwardly like a fool.

"Minerva," Minerva turned around to see Charity running after her. Minerva was going to scold her for making such a racket in the halls at this time of night, but she was too tired to do so. Plus they have both been through enough that day.

"Yes Charity?" Minerva replied once Charity had reached her. Charity in the meanwhile was hunched over trying to regain her breath.

"I'm sorry… But Albus has locked the entrance to my rooms. May I stay in yours? I mean, the last thing we need are more students seeing us like this."

"Yes you may." Minerva agreed, "I'll transfigure the couch for you."

"Oh thank you." Charity followed Minerva back to her chambers, both keeping silent even though both had many thoughts going through their minds. Charity could see Minerva's eyes were anywhere but on her.

"Are you alright?" Charity finally asked. Minerva slightly jumped from the sudden question, not expecting it at all, but it was too subtle for Charity to notice. Only someone who knew how to look out for such things would have been able to sense the slight anxiety in her.

She cleared her throat before she replied, "Yes, everything is fine. Why?"

"Oh nothing, you just seem very preoccupied about something." Charity answered and only got a slight nod from Minerva before she took a sip of her lukewarm tea. "It wouldn't have to do with anything about the headmaster, would it?"

This time Charity got more of a reaction from Minerva than her simple curt nod.

"No, it has nothing to do with that, Charity." Minerva's eyes narrowed on her.

'That?' Charity mentally noted but she didn't want to infuriate the deputy anymore. She nonchalantly smiled and returned her eyes in front of her instead of the furious witch beside her. The rest of the walk to Minerva's chambers was in silence.

Rolanda this time she only had to count to 367 till she felt a light tap on her arm. She reluctantly cracked one eye lid open ready to see venomous green eyes staring back at her, but they weren't. Thankfully she found light blue ones.

"Poppy," she hissed, "what took you so long?"

"Shh…" Poppy lightly scolded as she silently pointed to Severus' sleeping form.

Rolanda scoffed, "I know, now get me out of here."

'Don't have to ask me twice.' thought Poppy. She looked upon Severus while indicating for Rolanda to slowly ease her way off the bed. Rolanda cautiously rolled onto her side. She could still feel the weight of Severus' arm on her side. He adjusted to her change and came to spoon up against Rolanda's back. Rolanda let out a silent scream. Neither Poppy nor Rolanda knew what to do and time was running out. It was a matter of time before Minerva returned.

"What now?" Rolanda mouthed to Poppy. Poppy just shrugged her shoulders.

"Well you better think of something before…" as if on cue, they heard the whisper of the portrait door open. Without giving another thought, Poppy grabbed Rolanda's arm and pulled her off the bed fearing for both of their lives.

Severus suddenly felt the bed shift more than it had before followed by a loud lump on the floor. He had had it that night. Ever since Minerva had returned from the kitchens she had been squirming in his hold, or so he thought. She never squirmed. Normally she was out as soon as her head hit the pillow which Severus couldn't decide whether he was pleased or annoyed by it.

His dark voice mumbled incoherently as he was still half asleep, but even murmuring you could tell he was not pleased. A light hand rested on his shoulder to soothe him. He could feel soft whips of locks brush against his bare skin.

"Shh…" he felt a warm breath behind his ear. The heat had sent shivers down his spine and the light tugging of the sheets away from his body only intensified the feeling. A smirk appeared on his face. These moments of hers were rare and when they happened, they were forever memorable. The light hand on his shoulder gently pushed to roll him on his back. His eyes blissfully opened to see dark green ones lustfully looking back into his.

"Can't sleep?" Severus teased. Minerva was already straddled over his hips. She childishly shook her head with a wide smile. Severus faked a smile back all of a sudden not in the mood to play around. The smile was unbecoming of her as he had never seen it. Before he could protest, she leaned down to capture his lips with hers.

He was about to caress her thighs when he tasted her breath. He was expecting her usual Jasmine tea flavor and her lavender scent mixed with fresh parchment and books. It was an odd combination but it suited her well. He had grown to love it and now she smelled entirely different. Something wasn't right.

Poppy and Rolanda were trying to stay silent as they were underneath the bed. They could hear the tousling of the sheets and heavy breathing. Rolanda tried not to laugh while Poppy tightly shut her eyes trying not to hear or listen to her best friend with one of her colleagues. Suddenly Poppy jumped when she felt a hand on her arm. Her heart was racing until she realized it was only Rolanda.

"What?" Poppy quietly fumed.

Rolanda was oblivious to Poppy's fury as she asked, "Was that the door?"

They both remained silent, straining to hear for any indication of noise from the other room instead of the noise that was happening above them.

"That should do it." Minerva finalized after transfiguring the couch into a small bed. Charity nodded in approval.

"Thanks again for letting me stay here for the night."

"You're welcome. After all, we can't have any more students see the staff while this insufferable game continues. Hold on, I'll get you some blankets." Minerva kept the extra blankets and quilts in her room. She found it odd since she didn't remember closing her bedroom door before leaving, but she didn't give a second thought as she opened her door. Breathing was forgotten from the scene that lay before her. Her lungs couldn't find air while all the color had drained from her face.

Severus saw the door open and now standing in the door frame was Minerva, or was it? Then who was on top of him? He roughly pushed the other person away from him and quickly got out of bed.

"What the bloody Merlin is going on?" He furiously yelled. One Minerva stood at the door with a mixture of emotions while the other stayed in the bed covered in the sheets. Her face read confusion and…was it fear?

"Well someone must know what's going on here, because I sure don't." the Minerva standing at the door replied. Her bitterness was apparent in her tone.

"Minerva?" Severus looked at the one at the doorway questioningly.

"Yes it's me, now who's she?" Minerva yelled causing everyone in her perimeter to cringe. Severus was speechless for once in his life. Instantly Minerva drew out her wand from within her robes and aimed it at the person on the bed.

"Whoa, don't fire!" Poppy yelled from underneath the bed. Rolanda kicked her for giving their hiding spot away, but Poppy couldn't let Minerva go through with it, though little did she know that Minerva wasn't going to hurt the person. Just temporarily knock them out. Either way, Poppy didn't need another patient in the hospital wing.

"Poppy?" Minerva knelt down to see Poppy and Rolanda smiling at her sheepishly. "Well that's just perfect. Why don't we just invite everyone else in the castle to bear witness?"

Minerva started to lightly laugh out of nerves. She paced around the room and kept her arms crossed from strangling anyone in reach.

"I hardly think that's necessary." Rolanda replied while crawling from underneath the bed. She was immediately silenced by a sharp look from Poppy and a murderous glare from Minerva. After a moment of silence, Minerva finally stopped wearing out the carpet and threateningly pointed her finger at Poppy and Rolanda who now found inspecting the floor more amusing than facing Minerva.

"You two, start explaining, now!" Minerva bellowed making them tremble in her wake. They now realized why people were sometimes so frightened of her. They really didn't have to look at Severus either as they could feel his dark glowering eyes burning scars into their souls.

"Well?" Minerva started to impatiently tap her foot against the floor.

"Well it's a long story, and what time is it?" Rolanda tried to look around for a clock.

"Oh Merlin, it's nearly three. Well I should really be getting to bed." Poppy followed Rolanda's lead, but Minerva wouldn't let them get that far away.

"Where's the rush? Your rooms are locked." Charity intervened. She tried to look like an innocent by stander, but she really just didn't want the drama to end. Minerva gave one look at Charity that made her close the door and then swiftly returned her attention to Poppy and Rolanda.

"Who locked the rooms?" asked Poppy.

"Albus," Minerva answered, "Now who wants to answer my question?"

"Ro, do you want to go first?"

"Nah, you're much better at telling stories, Poppy."


"Ah come on, Minerva, are you seriously going to play that game on us?" Rolanda looked at Minerva uncertainly.

"Two…" Rolanda and Poppy looked at each other for help, but no one could save them from Minerva's wrath.

"Three," Minerva whipped her wand out getting ready to send a hex hurtling straight at them.

"Just make it quick." Rolanda pleaded, holding on to Poppy. Minerva could see that none of them were willing to spill and dropped her wand back down to her side.

"When I'm done with you, you'll wish—"

"Minerva, where is your bush?" Severus cut Minerva's rant abruptly. Minerva looked at him quizzically.

"Brush, why would you bring up my brush at a time like this?"

"Isn't it clear that someone stole your brush and used it to become you?" Minerva glared at his matter of fact tone and the smugness on his face. When she said nothing, he continued, "The thief is undoubtedly Poppy and Rolanda, but the question is why and who would want it."

Severus raised an inquisitive eyebrow towards the two witches. When neither of them yielded any information, he lowered his brow and narrowed his eyes on them. His eyes grew darker as they bore into them. They could handle Minerva's glare, but her glare combined with Severus' was too much.

"Poppy took it!" Rolanda broke first. Poppy looked at Rolanda furiously mixed with hurt.

"Well at least I didn't climb into bed with Severus." Poppy spat back. With that both Severus' and Minerva's glare had suddenly turned to expressions of shock.

"It's not like I wanted to." Rolanda yelled in her defense.

"Both of you," Minerva pressed hard against her temples to aid her new headache, "Just tell us why you took it."

Both Poppy and Rolanda started to explain simultaneously causing everything to jumble into one incomprehensible mess. Minerva's and Severus' patience was running thin. Minerva's mind only picked up as much as she could only causing her headache to worsen. With years of working with all three women, Severus had grown the ability to shut them all out, shutting the impractical noise out and listening to the cogs in his head spinning.

'Who would want Minerva's hair?' It has to be someone in the castle. Rolanda and Pomona wouldn't leave the castle in their state. The reason why didn't matter to him anymore but who was what he was focused on. Their objective was to get to him, who did he know recently that has wanted him? Then it clicked, the gears came together to weave the answer that was mocking him in his wake.

"Minerva?" Minerva looked up at him, her questioning green eyes on him with a hint of aggravation, "get them out."

Minerva was taken back, but nodded in agreement. None of them were willing to concede any valuable information.

"Get out," she growled lowly to the point that Poppy and Rolanda had ceased their rambling in order to hear her clearer, "Get out!" Minerva pulled open her door. If Poppy didn't know any better, she would have thought she could pull the door off the hinges just out of spite while Rolanda knew she could just blast it off but then she wouldn't be able to lock them out.

As soon as they heard Minerva's voice demand repeated, they scurried out the door, tripping over each other to escape the glowering glares of their coworkers. Minerva turned to face the person on the bed when she did not move.

"You too, leave." she did not need to be told twice as she swiftly wrapped the sheets around her and shuffled her way out the door. All the while, she could feel the fire of Minerva's emerald eyes spurning her during her exit. As soon as she crossed the threshold, Minerva slammed the door behind her, leaving Severus and her alone in the room.

Minerva looked long at Severus, studying his clenched jaw and hard ominous obsidian eyes. His hands by his side balled into fists, tightening then loosening his hand over and over again. He looked sickly pale, his lips pressed tight together in a thin line as if repulsed by his haunting thoughts.

Apprehensively, Minerva closed the distance between her and Severus. A new wall had been built between them, built by uncertainty of trust being broken. No words were exchanged, as none were needed. Minerva knew they would be in vain if she wanted to bring Severus out of his contemplation. Instead, she carefully reached out to him. Cracks split through the wall but still remained intact. He felt her soft touch sliding up the side of his face, caressing his cheek. He adverted his eyes on her, reading her green eyes. Silently they talked through their eyes and body language. Severus brought his hand up, resting it upon the small of her back to bring her closer to him. With that the wall shattered, broken to small pieces. They would get through this.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the door Poppy and Rolanda were left glaring at the woman wrapped in sheets identical to Minerva. Charity inspected the woman carefully, though she couldn't mask the grin plastered over her face.

"What have you two done?" Charity looked over at Rolanda and Poppy. They looked applaud.

"What we did? We didn't do anything really. We just saved you from a humiliating Christmas staff photo of Hogwarts but no biggie." Ro nonchalantly shrugged her shoulder but the sarcasm was clearly relevant in her voice.

"Oh…"Charity took a moment to register it fully, only taking a few moments before her mouth formed a large 'O' and her eyes grew into huge saucers, "You didn't."

"We did." Poppy shook her head laughing inwardly, "We most certainly did."

"You barmpots!" Charity screeched laughing and then looked at the woman, "Bloody hell, no wonder they're gutted." She pointed at the door.

"Yeah so let's bugger off before they start throwing a fit out here." Poppy suggested. Ro followed her lead, but Charity stayed.

"I think I'll stay here. I'm zonked and I'd rather sleep here than on the stone floors."

"Suit yourself." Ro hugged Charity.

"What was that for?"

"It's good bye, it was nice knowing ya." Ro left smiling leaving Charity smiling too.

"Aren't you going to go too, Sybil?" Charity's eyebrows were raised at the divination professor as she turned back into her original form. For once at a loss of words, mostly due to embarrassment, Sybil quickly left the room. Charity shook her head thinking, 'The nerve of that woman.'

Poppy and Rolanda strolled around the castle, finding themselves perched up on top of the astrometry tower. They sat side by side waiting for the sun to rise when they would finally be able to quickly return to their rooms and get some clothes on.

The night air was cool, nipping their bare skin. They sat closer to each other, trying to keep warm. Nothing was said while they watched slowly as the dark sky started to fade over the horizon.

"The sun will almost be up." Ro broke the silence.

"Really, I haven't noticed." Poppy mocked.

"Well, any last dares before the game is over?"

"If I dared you to jump, would you?"

"I would, but then I wouldn't want to face your fury of having to fix me up."

Poppy paused for a moment, thinking about it before she nodded in agreement, "True."

Ro only smiled, "So, Poppy, I wonder what happened to the others."

"Oh I don't even want to think about it." They genuinely laughed together for the first time that night. "Oh this night really is unforgettable."

"It really is. Oh, here comes the sun." Ro pointed out. Veins of orange and pink streaked across the sky, mixing half way up the atmosphere to create a royal purple like no other. Both Ro and Poppy felt warmth and relief wash over them. The night was over and the sun has come up with a promise of a new day.

"Good morning, Poppy."

"Good morning, Ro."

The game had finally ended, but the activity in the castle hadn't stopped. Children started to rise and get dressed in their uniforms. Hermione Granger, always being the early riser, woke up with a skip in her step. She went through her daily routine, first was visiting the library before breakfast and then once again after. She skipped down the halls coming to the entrance of the Library when she found the door closed.

'That's odd,' Hermione thought as she looked at the doors. They should have been open by now. Other Ravenclaws had joined standing outside of the library, all perplexed and curious. Even Davies, the captain of the Ravenclaw quidditch team, was tempted to open the doors.

"I'm sure it's open." piped up one girl.

"Why not just check if it's open?" suggested another student. Davies being the oldest in the group took the initiative and twisted the door handle. It wasn't locked, though the action had caused a disturbance on the other side. Sounds of things flying and collapsing on the floor could be heard. Davies, worried that someone might be hurt, opened the door wide open revealing the scene behind them. The silence was deafening. The sound of even a quill slowly descending to the stone floor from being dropped could be heard.

In the library stood a very flustered Madame Pince with books to cover herself along with Sybil still wrapped up in white bed sheets. Nothing needed to be said to know what the kids were thinking.

"I—I'm sorry…I'll just…" Davies was the first to move and silently closed the door. The rest didn't know what to do with themselves.

"Well, I suggest all of you to head to breakfast." Davies spoke up, taking the lead as other followed suit still trying to sort out the images in their mind or better yet, getting rid of them. Hermione practically ran to the Great Hall for breakfast. Thankfully, they were greeted with a little bit of normality. Minerva, Albus, and Severus sat at the staff table, watching the students enter with dazed looking eyes. The only difference was that fact that the Headmaster fashioned a Mohawk.

"Rockin' hair, Headmaster." the Weasley twins winked.

"I wonder what happened to them." Minerva whispered to her two colleagues.

"They must have seen some after effects of the game no doubt." Severus answered, "I don't even want to know which one."

On the other side of the castle was Neville Longbottom carrying a magical plant that Professor Sprout had asked him to study for extra credit. He made his way to the green houses to drop it off for her when he ran into Cedric on the way in the halls.

"Longbottom, you wouldn't be happening to be heading down to the greenhouses, would you?"

"Yes, Diggory, I'm just dropping off extra credit." Neville chuckled, though there was a hint of anxiety.

"I'll join you."

"No, that's hardly necessary."

"No, it's no problem. I have a question anyway for Professor Sprout. Also, I could always use the company."

Neville huffed as he doubted. 'You don't need my company.' he thought. Cedric could have anyone's company so why his?

"Is that an Abyssinian shrivelfig?"

"Sure is." Neville answered, "We're learning how to clip them for shrinking solutions."

"I remember that." Cedric smiled, going down through memory lane when he was a third year.

'Why did he have to stand so close?' Neville thought, 'He's already making me nervous.'

"Well here we are." Cedric disrupted the silence, he knocked on the glass doors, but there was no reply. "Hmm, that's odd. She should be here."

Cedric opened the door to stick his head in, "Professor Sprout, are you in here?" No reply, just silence, "Well, the door's open, so I guess you can drop off the plant at least." Cedric held the door open for Neville to get through. The tables were filled with various plants with dirt sprinkling the floor, but the professor seemed be absent.

Just as they were about to head out, they were stopped dead in their tracks from the sound of a pot shattering to the floor. Cedric looked at it confused as to what could have caused it to fall, but he wasn't going to leave the broken pieces around. He walked over towards the area, bending low to pick up the shards of clay from the ground. That was when he noticed he wasn't the only one.

"Professor?" Cedric dropped the pieces he had collected, his jaw fell in disbelief. Neville ran over to see what had surprised Cedric, but when he got there, he too bowed his head down as his face turning to a shade of bright red.

"Well, looks like my cover is blown." Pomona got up from underneath the table. Dirt covered her body from lying on the floor, but it wasn't that that shocked them. She always had dirt on her, but it was the fact that she was still in her knickers that had taken them back.

"I'm sorry about the pot Professor." Cedric couldn't face her.

"No, don't be, it's my fault." Pomona dismissed it though silence had fallen upon all three, "Well, if you don't mind, I need to get to some things."

"Of course," Cedric started to back away slowly still with his eyes on the ground, "I'll just come back another time."

With that Cedric turned around, dragging a speechless Neville behind him. None of them spoke about the incident. Cedric wouldn't say a word as it was none of his business about what his professor was up to. Neville on the other hand was still trying to register if what had happened was real or if he was still in one of his dreams. Sure he saw Professor Sprout covered in dirt in his dreams, but never had he undressed her. He always woke up before he got the chance.

Cedric stopped, causing Neville to absent mindedly walk right into him. 'Why the hell did he stop?' Neville glared at Cedric for interrupting his thoughts. His question was answered when he followed Cedric's eyes to a pair of Professors curled around each other. Now it was Neville's turn to gawk. 'Bloody hell!'

"Lupin?" Neville found his voice.

Remus felt the cool morning breeze run up his back, though he felt something warm beside him giving him warmth. He snuggled up closer to the person, feeling her soft curls fall over his bare skin and his fingers brushing against the softness of her flesh. His mind was still a bit hazy, but he could make out the sound of his name being called. His eyes fluttered open, waking up to the sight of Aurora sleeping along with the awkward sight of two boys staring down at him.

"Morning Diggory, Neville." Remus stretched, feeling the full impact of the breeze. 'Why is it so cold?' he thought to himself before realization struck. 'Ah bullocks!'

Remus quickly sat up, he tensely smiled at the boys, "Ah, shouldn't you boys head off to breakfast?" They nodded their heads in unison, "Well hop to it then. I'll see you later in class."

They didn't need to be told twice as they scurried away. Remus exhaled inwardly, 'That is the last time I'm getting drunk.'

Despite of last night's events, the Professors tried their best at trying to keep the day as mundane as possible. Rumors started circulating about the professors, but there was nothing they could do about it. The day just kept on going until finally the last class was dismissed.

The staff found themselves in the staff room for a staff meeting. While they were there, some staff members collected their things that Albus had collected from the room they were stuck in. They all sat silently, some glaring at others while some were cradling their heads filled with regrets. Finally the Headmaster walked in fashioned with his Mohawk. Minerva thought it was ridiculous that he still kept it.

"I trust that everyone is holding up from last night." Albus looked around only getting an incomprehensible mumbling from his staff simultaneously, "Well due to last night events, I have decided that we, as a school filled with professional Professors in their assigned fields, should learn to work better with one another and learn to trust. So starting today, we will be having employee consoling going through self-conduct and the well beings of others. We will regard each other with the utmost respect from now on no matter what occurred last night." silence followed, "You shall start with this video that I will leave on. When it's over, you may leave."

Albus put it in the film in the projector, letting it play through before he headed out the door.

"You're not going to stay?" Minerva asked.

Albus smiled, "No my dear, I'm sorry but I have matters to attend to."

He quickly left, leaving his staff members to stare blankly at the wall. The image came up with the sound of a cheery sanguine voice obnoxiously blaring into their ears. Their faces dropped. 'Please don't be who I think it is.' they all thought.

"Hello there! Today we will be discussing sexual harassment in the work field to keep a positive working environment for you and your fellow staff members—"

"Someone turn the damn thing off." Severus commanded, looking vexed at the smiling buffoon of a wizard on the screen. Charity was the one to turn it off.

"Leave it to Lockhart to be on a video about sexual harassment." Rolanda stared at the wall clearly annoyed. Inexorable silence followed between the staff members.

"What should we do now?" Charity looked around, but no one answered her question.

"Play a game?"

"No!" the decision was unanimous as they all glared at Rolanda for even suggesting a thing.

"Sorry, it was just a joke." Ro backed down.

"Well none of us are laughing." Severus growled.

"Hey, if it weren't for you two, we wouldn't be in this mess." Ro defended herself.

"Us? If it weren't for all of you, we all wouldn't have been in this mess." Minerva countered.

"Well I need to get back to library." Madame Pince got up but was stopped by Pomona.

"Sit down."

"Yeah what's the rush? Going to check out a book? I hear that wasn't the only thing checked out this morning." Severus narrowed his eyes on her. Her face burnt red with embarrassment. For a few moments, no words were exchanged. Only pure hatred was flashed in everyone's eyes for each other.

"We shouldn't be mad at one another." Remus spoke up. They all turned their glares on him, "I mean the beginning when Severus and Minerva were trapped, we didn't come up with it. It was he Headmaster and then when Minerva and Severus went to get their revenge, he's still the one who gets the last laugh."

Their looks of rancor turned to looks of realization.

"He has a point." Poppy agreed as the others nodded their heads in agreement.

"Well what are we supposed to do about it?" Septima looked around, noticing some malicious smiles form on her colleagues' faces.

Rolanda answered, taking the words right out of many others, "Why we take revenge of course." they nodded in agreement. "It's time that the headmaster learned not to cross his staff; it is time for revenge."

The End

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