Sonny's POV:

"Hey, Chad. It's me, Sonny… I was just wondering if you can make it to my birthday party. A couple guests are already here. So… just call me back. Okay?" I hung up the phone.

It was Saturday, August 20th and it was my birthday. I held a party in the prop house and invited some guests. I invited Chad too, but he hasn't shown up. Typical Chad. I was actually really upset about it though. I looked forward to seeing him.

"Sonny! Stop standing in a corner and celebrate! It's your birthday." Tawni said as she pulled me towards the crowd of people. "And your cake's ready."

I stood in front of a beautiful cake; candle's lit, as my family and friends sang Happy Birthday. Then everyone shouted, "Make a wish!" I closed my eyes and thought; I wish Chad would show up soon. I blew the candles and the fires slowly vanished. The party soon came to an end. I watched the guests leave and said my goodbyes. Sadly, there was no sign of Chad the entire night. I didn't even get a call back from him. The next day was Sunday and it was our day off. I thought about calling Chad again, since he never called me back, but I decided not to and leave him to his business.

That night, I sat in my room, reading a book. My window had a patio and a great view. Though it was dark outside, I would normally leave my curtains open. My lamp was on, but outside was total darkness. Suddenly, I heard a knocking on my window. I was so startled, I almost fell off my bed! Then I realized Chad was there. I walked to my window and opened it.

"Chad?" I asked a little confused. He stood there holding red roses and a gift.

"I'm sorry I didn't go to your birthday party. I wanted to make your birthday a lot more special. So I didn't call you back just so it would kind of be a surprise. Although, technically, I know it's not your birthday anymore… I still want tonight to be a special night for you." This could be the sweetest thing he's ever said to me. He handed me the roses.

"Thank you Chad, these are amazing." I smiled.

We snuck past my mom's room because it was the middle of the night. We walked to the beach, which wasn't too far from my apartment. I stood there, Chad by my side, only to see a candle-lit picnic on the sand.

"Wow." I was speechless. "You did all of this…for me?"

He held my other hand and turned towards me. "Sonny, will you be my girlfriend?"

I stared into his sparkling blue eyes, "Of course I will."

He gave me a big kiss, and I kissed him back.

"Oh, I almost forgot." He said.

He opened my gift and pulled out a necklace. It was a silver heart that read "S + C" across the middle.

"Wear this near your heart." He said and smiled. He put it around my neck.

"Chad, I love it." I smiled at him and gave him another kiss.

We walked to our picnic and I enjoyed the most special night of my life.

Note: Isn't Chad so sweet? xD I hope you liked this one. It was in honor of Miss Demi Lovato's birthday. I hope by the time you see this, it's at least 12 a.m on 8/20th. Oneshot.