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It begins at the end of Hell Night Part III. They have all gotten to hospital and are being fixed up by the doctors. As of now, we don't know who survives or who dies. We don't know how serious any of the injuries sustained are, but we do know it isn't good. This story suggests that no one has died (because I desperately want that to be true), that Derek, from the nasty hit on the back of his head got knocked out, that everyone got out of the burning building and survived with no more than the bare minimum of injuries. (hey a girl can hope)!

I'm not sure why I ship Dasey, I just feel like she is the only one who can break him out of his play boy ways. And I feel like he is only willing to do that for her. I know that he screwed up the last time... but everyone deserves a second chance right?

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The constant beeping came as a grateful reassurance. It let her know that he was fine, that he was still alive, that even though he was in a coma the doctors were fairly confident he would wake up soon.

"Theres been an explosion at Dalton!" Hope Clayton burst into the Prima Common Room.

Curfew was coming fast so most of the girls had gone to their dorms for sleep, only a few remained straggling behind. Casey Lambert was one of those few. Immediately her mind raced to Derek.

Derek Seigerson, a junior at Dalton Academy and a member of Stuart house, had previously been Casey's boyfriend. He was famous for being a womanizer, but Casey had refused to accept that and dated him. She had thought he would change for her and he did. For about two months. Until she caught him cheating on her.

"What?" Sydney Willis asked sitting up straight, probably worried for her brother at Dalton.

Casey gently placed her hand over Dereks which was lying by his side. The hospital room felt so cold, everything was white or blue trying to assert an air of calm, but it just felt wrong to Casey. She listened to the silence being interrupted by the beeping machine.

She watched Derek's peaceful face as he slept in his comatosed state. His hair had been cleaned and bandage due to the cut on the back of his head.

"Apparently there's some psychopath on the loose and there was an explosion." Hope repeated the minimal information that she knew.

Casey had yet to speak up. Her mind was still on Derek, praying that he wasn't involved. "Was anyone hurt?" She asked, even though she wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer.

"There were some people in the building..." As soon as the words were out of Hope's mouth Casey's stomach felt like the butterflys were trying to fly out, as it twisted with worry.

"Was... Derek one of them?" She asked reluctantly.

Hope gave her a sad smile, knowing only to well the dramas the two of them had gone through. "I don't know, sorry. I'm heading to the hospital. You're welcome to come."

Casey had been by Derek's side from the moment she had arrived at the hospital. People had come and gone from the room throughout the night. Nurses strolled in checked his monitors and his charts, then left, never saying a word to the girl waiting patiently for Derek to wake up.

Tears had left black marks down her checks due to her masscara running. But none of that mattered. All that mattered to her was Derek being alive. It was closing in on one in the morning, but she still hadn't slept. Occasionaly Casey's body had forced her eyes shut and she had dozed for a couple of minutes at a time.

The doctors had said that he might be in the coma for a couple of hours considering the hit he took to his head.

"What happened!" Casey had run into Spencer sitting in the waiting room. She had already gotten wind that Derek had been injured and so was desperate to see him.

"Adam..." He said, shaking his head. Spencer's face looked distraught. His eyebrows were knotted together in confusion, like he didn't understand what had happened. "He seemed fine... a little odd, perhaps. But this..."

"Spencer! Focus!" She snapped, trying to get the information out of him. "What happened?"

"I don't know... Julian – he was obsessed with Julian. He thought everyone was trying to hurt Julian so... he hurt them." Spencer looked so lost. Merril, who was sitting beside him, made soothing circles on his back. The contact with her seemed to help.

Casey stood up and strode over to the main desk where visitors went for information on patients. "Excuse me, where's Derek Seigerson?" She asked, trying to be polite.

"I'm sorry, no visitors except family." A perky looking nurse said after she typed his name into her computer.

"I'm his sister." She insisted.

The nurse didn't look like she believed Casey, but seemed extremely busy with other work and so wasn't prepared to debate the fact. "Room 264." She read off the screen then left quickly.

A twitch of the finger was enough to wake the Dobry girl from her sleep deprived haze. Dereks' eyes pulled themselves appart and he looked around the room, trying to remember how he had gotten there.

"Derek!" A girl on his right seemed excited by his awakening. "I know I shouldn't be here but... I had to check to see if you were ok."

The athlete didn't say anything just stared blankly at her.

She soldiered on. "I mean, after everything, I should hate you, right? But I don't, I can't. I want to – believe me, I want to. But whenever I told myself that I hated you, I realised that it wasn't hate. I was angry, sure, but that wasn't hate. You hurt me, Derek, yet here I am. Still hopelessly in love with a guy that can't hold a girlfriend for longer than a couple of months. And, maybe I don't know what I want, Derek. But one thing is for sure, I know that I still love you."

She paused, taking a deep breathe. The words that had come out of her mouth had surprised even her. She hadn't even known she was feeling those things, only then sitting beside him, worried that he might never wake up did she realise how truly in love with him she was.

He still hadn't said anything to her, all she got were blank stares. "Derek, say something!"

"I'm sorry, do I know you...?"

"What?" She breathed as realisation slowly dawned on her.

Derek smiled politely but looked at her like she was insane. "I think you have the wrong person..."

"Derek! It's me! It's Casey!" Her voice rose in pitch as panic started to kick in.

A nurse had been in the room checking on Derek when he had woken up. She had heard the whole conversation and had gone to Derek's side. She lifted an eyelid, checking his pupils which seemed fine, perhaps a little dialated to her.

"I'm sorry, Casey is it?" At her nod he continued talking. "I don't think I know you."

She was getting frustrated and desperate for him to recognise her. "...we went out for like two months. C'mon, Derek! It's me..."

"Post Traumatic Amnesia is common in coma patients." Sensing her distress, the nurse started speaking to Casey. "It might take him a few days to remember you... I'll go get the doctor for a consult." She left the two of them alone in silence.

"I think I'd like you to leave... I don't know you." Derek insisted.

Casey sat with tears in her eyes. She couldn't believe that she had finally plucked up the courage and told him how she really felt and he didn't even remember her. The rejection felt bad.

Numbly, she stood up and left the room. Her ears were ringing with his voice 'I'd like you to leave now'. She vaguely remembered hearing Hope calling out to her but ignored the Dobry student and kept walking. Out of the waiting room, out of the hospital. Away from Derek, away from her chance at love. Hope had given her a lift to the hospital and so she had to walk back to Dobry now.

The biting cold of the morning didn't bother her. Nor did the sensible voice telling her that she out alone at this time. But none of that mattered, none of it registered. All she could think about was how she missed her shot with Derek.

"Derek, man, what happened? I just saw Casey leave, she seemed upset." Spencer had walked into the Stuart's private room.

He was met with a blank stare as Derek tried to make sense of the conversation. "...oh you mean that girl who was in here? I don't even know her! Do you?"

Spencer was on the football team along with Derek. They had been playing together for a long time. Derek was the captain and Spencer was one of the better players on the team. After Merril and Spencer had started going out, he had finally been able to concentrate better rather than getting distracted by the cheerleaders that so many others on the team got distracted by.

"What do you mean 'don't know her'? You went out for ages!" Spencer trailed off. He hadn't seen Derek looking this calm in a long time. Clearly the break from copious amounts of coffee was doing him wonders.

"I did? Are you sure? She doesn't seem familiar... and she's not really my type..."

"Believe me, she was your type." In the locker rooms after a game of football Derek's girlfriends were often the only thing that the team heard about. However, when Casey came around things were different. Derek used to talk about her the most out of all of his girls. She seemed like the only one who could actually keep him in check. That was until he cheated on her.

Everyone assumed that Derek was going to screw it up, he always did. And by making out with another Dobry girl on Casey's birthday he did just that. He screwed their relationship up. Now, Casey couldn't bear to be in the same room with him and Derek just wanted to forget everything that had happened.

"She told me that she loved me..." He mused. "But I still have no idea who she is!"

Before Spencer could even open his mouth to respond a doctor walked into the room. He was wearing a stark white coat with blue scrubs underneath. He had dark marks under his eyes from lack of sleep, which wasn't surprising in his profession or at the ungodly hour it now was. "Derek, good to see you awake! How are you feeling?" He was overly cheery for Derek's liking.

He thought through the answer, sending adjective after adjective soaring through his mind before he thought of an appropriate one. "Confused."

"Confused?" The doctor gave a hearty laugh, as if that was the funniest thing he had heard all day. "Well that's to be expected. The nurse says you're having trouble remembering things? I've just got to check a few things to make sure everythings in working order and then we'll be done."

The new arrival in the room looked pointedly at Spencer; giving him the universal look of 'get out'. To which the Hanover student promptly followed his command.

His parents hadn't forgotten about him, they had merely gone home before he had a chance to wake up. They were well aware that he was in a coma and they would be notified now that he was awake so they felt no need to stay. Instead they had gone to the hotel they had booked for the evening.

Mr and Mrs Seigerson had waited in the waiting room for an hour after they had arrived at the hospital. When the doctor had come to see them he didn't have much to offer. He reported that Derek was fine. He told them that Derek had taken a hard blow to the head causing his body to go into shock and so was in a mild coma. He was sure that Derek would be out of it within hours – a day at the most. Until then they couldn't assess if he had any brain damage, however the doctor was fairly sure that everything would be fine and there would be nothing permanent to worry about.

Both his parents had been at the school when the art house had exploded. Along with the rest of the crowd they had rushed to see what was happening. Obviously they were worried when they didn't see him in the crowd of parents and students, but when a Stuart student had rushed back from his respective dorm and announced to anyone that would listen that Derek was unconscious they ran to his side.

Once they realised he wouldn't be awake any time soon they had left. Deciding that they would return the next day when they were better after having some sleep.

Derek was sick and tired of lying in the bed feeling useless. He was restless and just wanted to get up and go for a run. Apparently the nurses couldn't let him do that, so his second choice was visiting his friends. The nurses were reluctant at first but eventually he wore them down.

A young brunette one had been easily swayed. A little rehearsed sweet talking was all it took on Dereks behalf and she obediently got a wheelchair and steered him to Logans room.

His blonde haired friend had been flicking through channels just as bored as Derek was. Michelle was sitting with him, blabbering on about nothing important.

When they saw Derek come through the door, Michelle excused herself. Muttering some excuse about having a coffee with Logan's Father.

After getting the obligatory questions out of the way, they both found out how the other was.

Logan was fine, the drugs were almost fully out of his system, he only had surface scratches, however he was being carefully monitered due to smoke inhilation. Derek told Logan about his Post Traumatic Amnesia, who found the whole Casey situation highly amusing.

"So what can't you remember?" Logan asked.

"Don't be a dick. How can I possibly remember what I've forgotten?" Derek spat.

Logan shrugged. "Well clearly you can't remember Casey, but you can remember me. Do you know how to count to ten?" He suggested.

"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10." He rushed through all the numbers to prove a point. "I'm not two, Logan. Of course I can count to ten."

"Can you... tie your shoes?" Logan smirked, enjoying himself.

Derek took a deep breath, trying to calm himself so he didn't throttle one of his best friends. "Yes, Logan, I can tie my shoes. It's just Casey. I don't remember her."

"Well I remember her very well. You hardly stopped talking about her when you were going out, and then you moped for ages when you broke up."

His head shook. "Still nothing." He sighed frustrated. "Lets talk about something else!" He suggested, wanting to get off the subject. "How's Julian handling everything?"

"Don't know. Haven't spoken to him yet."

"Neither..." Derek stared into space. "I'm sure he will be ok..."

The two friends sat in amicable silence, remembering the horrific night that now seemed weeks ago rather than hours. The brunette nurse showed up eventually and insisted that she had to take Derek back to his room. He unwillingly left and got wired up to the machines again.

His eyes flew open. Still the constant beeping sounded by his ear, reminding him, yet again, that he had survived the trauma of Adam.

But he didn't want to be reminded, because now he remembered. He remembered what he had forgotten earlier. He remembered Casey, the girl who had confessed her love for him. The girl who he had gone out with and then screwed it up. The girl who wasn't afraid to wear no make-up. The girl who Derek had fallen for. The girl that wasn't afraid to cry in front of him. The girl who Derek was still in love with.

He hadn't wanted to admit it to himself earlier, but now that he remembered, he finally could. After she had seen him with another girl, he had forced himself to stop having feelings for her. It hadn't worked though. He thought he had gotten rid of the feelings, but instead he had only pushed them to the back of his mind and now they were all returning to him.

"Casey..." He whispered, the name no longer foreign to his lips.

Spencer stuck his head through the door. "Did you say something Derek? I was just leaving because you were asleep... I can stay now that you're awake, if you want?"

"Spencer, I remember – I remember everything. Casey – Casey, she – she loves me. And I couldn't remember her. But I do now!" Derek was blabbering on and Spencer was having a hard time keeping up.

"Woah, slow down! What's going on?"

"I remember now!" He said incredulously.

Derek started to sit up and looked like he was tugging at the wires connecting him to an assortment of machinery.

Spencer, upon realising what his coach was doing, grabbed him firmly by the arms and pushed him back into a lying position. "Derek, don't be stupid, you can't leave."

"I have to find Casey!"

"Even if the doctors let you leave, I don't think she wants to see you. I'm sorry, man."

It was like his worst nightmares coming true. Casey finally admitted her feelings and he had ruined everything. "She doesn't want to see me...?" He repeated to make sure he had heard right.

"I don't think she wants to see anyone at the moment..." Spencer tried to make the situation seem better.

"I've screwed up royally this time, haven't I?" Seigerson muttered.

"No, you screwed up royally last time. This time – it wasn't your fault. If what she told you earlier is true... then she'll forgive you for not remembering her."

"Derek." A stern voice woke him from the sleep he must have dozed in to.

If only he could have awoken and everything was just a dream. But it wasn't. When his eyes opened he was still in an uncomfortable hospital bed, he still had wires connected to him, a heart moniter was still beeping and he was still in a hospital robe.

"How are you?" His Father feigned concern. It was the first time they had come to see him. He wouldn't have been surprised if they saw him into an ambulance, waved goodbye and then went to a hotel for sleep.

"I'm fine." Derek croaked, his voice raw.

Mrs Seigerson walked to his side and took hold of his hand. "The doctor tells us that you're going to be fine. You have a bit of Post Traumatic Amnesia, but that should clear up soon, and then you'll be good to go. Back to your studies in no time." She said with a smile.

Typical. He thought. "That's great!" Derek forced a smile onto his face.

"Isn't it!" Mrs Seigerson exclaimed cheerily.

His father remained standing in the corner of the room awkwardly. "Well this is... rather plesant." He said refering to the room. "It has everything you need. And I'm sure you can have some students bring in work for you so you don't miss out on anything. That is if they decide to keep the school open, which if I have anything to do with it, it won't be. Can you believe they would let someone like that into the school. I thought it was supposed to be a respectable establishment. It clearly isn't safe though–"

"Your father is right, Derek. That school isn't safe. I'm not sure I want you going back." Mrs Seigerson spoke again, interrupting his father from his rambling.

"They can't close the school!" Derek was shocked at even the suggestion of it.

"Why can't they? They have some serious questions to answer. All of those boys hurt – the Senators son! Parents won't stand for it." His father still remained in his corner.

Derek thought over what his parents were saying. "I doesn't matter." He whispered.

"What was that? Speak up, Derek!" Mr Seigerson took a few steps closer to the bed.

"I said it doesn't matter. If the school is still open when I get out of here, I'm going back. I don't want to go to another school. I like Dalton." He was worried about loosing all the friends he had made there. Of course he was closest to Julian and Logan but there were all the people of the crew team and football team that depended on him.