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It all began with Usagi wishing that they would all have just be able to live normal lives, without special powers.

After high school, she, Mina, Mako, Rei and Ami were all immediately accepted into a local college where Mina promptly joined the most socially active sorority on campus. The rest of the girls eagerly joined her, with the exception of Ami who was initially concerned that if she devoted too much time to social activities that her grades might suffer. Eventually Mina was able to convince her that extracurricular activities would be real bonus points to put on a resume and potentially make Ami stand out even among her genius peers.

The semester had been going great so far, what with a party or two or three every single weekend. Ami had learned how to study while others drank and danced badly around her so that she could be seen out and about and thus fulfill her obligations to at least appear at the sorority's functions. The other girls meanwhile found their places in the group in other ways. Mina had quickly become extremely popular even among the older girls and was being encouraged to run for an office within the house for the next year. Rei had discovered a group of girls who had become fascinated by priestesshood as a result of anime. Rei was now enjoying being worshipped by the pair of freshmen who didn't actually understand the religion well enough to know that they were completely missing the point. Mako had discovered intramural sports and had quickly become the star of just about every school team that she could manage to play at once.

Everyone had found their way to shine at school, be it grades, sports, popularity, or just manipulation of dumber students. Everyone that is, except for Usagi.

It was her own fault though really, although she didn't know it. The only thing that Usagi had ever had going for her was being the Moon Princess and since she had brilliantly wished that away for a "normal life", she had gone back to being plain old dumpling-headed Usagi, who now was made fun of on a daily basis for her elementary-school pigtails, whiny voice, stupidity, and general selfishness. She had joined the Frisbee golf team with Mako and actually done well at it and so far that had been the only thing going for her since day one. Unfortunately, her poor grades quickly got her disqualified from the team and Usagi found herself downcast once more.

At least she had friends though, or so she originally thought. They quickly became so caught up in their own individual lives that Usagi found herself alone most nights, with no one to distract her from her dreaded homework.

Then one day when she was actually going to history of Southern China class for once (she had realized that there was a cute boy in there and she felt like it was worth going to watch him even if the subject was threatening to bore her to death) she had stumbled upon a group of students dressed in velvet, fluffy ball gowns. They introduced themselves to her as a cosplay club who dressed up according to a different theme every week. Intrigued, Usagi immediately joined and learned how to make costumes, albeit badly as her homemaking skills were as terrible as ever.

So once all of the former sailor scouts had settled into their respective routines, they saw less and less of one another until parties at the sorority house were the most contact they had with their original friend circle if then.

So one Friday night, after a despondent day dressed as a vampire and getting teased for keeping the pigtails with the look, Usagi decided to try dumping her so-called friends in the cosplay club and rekindle her friendship with her former group. Since the last person she had spent a lot of time with was oddly Mako, thanks to the Frisbee golf team, she tried her first.

Mako was in the kitchen that night, getting ready for that evening's party by mixing the sorority's signature "Pink Death" punch.

"Can I help?" Usagi offered, hoping to get on Mako's good side by helping her out in the kitchen. At least she remembered how much Mako loved to cook and how bad she herself was at it, so Usagi figured this was a great compromise. It couldn't be that hard to mix a drink could it? You just poured some of everything in it didn't you? Mako, unfortunately had forgotten about Usagi's tendency toward mishaps however and left the punch bowl to her while she turned away to find some snack bowls.

In a way, the punch was a hit. Or at least, it hit the party-goers pretty hard. About halfway down the bowl, everyone in the room was so drunk they could hardly stand, but they seemed to be having a great time.

So great in fact, that Mina had begun her own strip tease on one of the pool tables and when the officers showed up to address a "disturbance of the peace" she attempted to hit on them both. She was nearly arrested but managed to talk her way out of it and wound up spending some time sitting on a bench outside the sorority house, talking to one of the officers about work. Thus were the first drunken stirrings of her interest in criminal justice.

Meanwhile, Rei was lonely. She always did flip between being an angry drunk and a depressed drunk and here she was in a slump. She sat in the corner of the room, nursing another beer and thinking about how nice it would be to burn something. Fire was such a fun thing to play with; she had been a total pyromaniac as a child, a tendency her grandfather had squashed out of her with insistence upon prayer every time she got the urge to light a match. As a result, she had always associated prayer with the desire to burn things. Here now, her little fan club had been begging her all day to teach them a new prayer and all day she had been thinking about delicious little flames dancing in their own mockery of worship.

The idea nagged at her until she finally stumbled into the back room, rummaged through her belongings and found the matchbook she had always kept just in case. When she at last located her beloved matches, she immediately lit one, sighing with satisfaction as it flared to life and letting it burn down the tiny bit of wood until the flame reached her fingers, singeing the tips of them. She ignored the minor burns and lit another match, deciding that this time she wanted a larger flame to watch. So she held it close to the edge of the hideous polyester lime-green curtains her roommate had supplied upon move-in and watched the fire lick hungrily at them, eating and melting away at the sad excuse for fabric.

But the edge of her own comforter was hanging too closely to the curtains and soon the whole room was up in flames. Rei watched them for a while, transfixed, before it occurred to her to scream.

The entire sorority was evacuated, which one would think would have led to the end of the party, but instead the already drunken droves of young adults and old teenagers continued the debauchery out on the lawn, treating the burning house as though it were merely a large and magnificent bonfire until the fire department came and put out the flames. Rei did not fess up to having been the one to start the fire and somehow no one suspected her with one exception.

Mina had been furious about being separated from the cop who she had been chatting up for the hour before the whole fire incident and she was well aware of Rei's history as a pyromaniac as Rei had once set her hair on fire when they were small children, claiming that it would make her look like a glowing angel.

Rei was just sitting on a dark bench near the library when Mina found her, staring up at the stars.

"That's Venus." She announced vaguely as Mina approached.


Rei pointed up at the sky at what looked like just a rather bright star. "That one right there. It's not a star, it's the planet Venus."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Mina demanded in irritation. She had come here to tell Rei off for doing something so dangerous and stupid, not to have her fortune read.

"It always reminds me of you. So bright and pretty."

Mina mentally stumbled.

"You're mad at me huh?" Rei sighed.

"Of course I'm mad at you!" Mina replied in exhasperation. "You nearly burned down where we live and all of our possessions!"

Rei fiddled with the edge of her skirt, looking for all the world like a lost and chastised child. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

Mina sighed and sank down on the steps beside her. "What made you do it anyway?"

"I guess I was just feeling really down you know?"

"About what?"

"Do you have any idea how long it's been since I had a boyfriend?"

Mina shook her head. "Well you have your fan club anyway."

"But that's just it!" Rei threw her hands up. "I can't get rid of those girls and they keep getting in the way of every guy I try to ask out, thinking that he's just tempting me to leave my virginal path to holy priestesshood!"

"Wait, you're still a virgin?"

Rei pouted. "I still haven't even been kissed."

Mina gaped then tilted her head with a mischievous grin. "Well there's an easy way to fix that."

When they returned to the now outdoor party, they insisted that nothing had happened but Mako noted the way their fingers were laced together and the missed buttons on Rei's shirt did not escape Ami's attention.

All of this of course escaped Usagi's attention as she was busy drunkenly declaring that she was in fact the princess of the moon. When one particularly malicious fraternity boy called her out on this, claiming that because people couldn't breathe on the moon there couldn't be a system of government there, Usagi grabbed a Frisbee and chucked it at him. It didn't do much harm though aside from surprising him slightly so she found another Frisbee and sharpened down one edge of it. That time it proved to be nearly fatal as the sharpened Frisbee damn near slit the guy's throat open.

Usagi was of course arrested by the police who were already hanging around still because of the whole disturbance of the peace/fire call. She wound up getting away with it without any pressed charges though somehow, possibly because Mina had introduced her to a super successful, albino lawyer named Artemis.

While the law was willing to overlook the indiscretion, unfortunately, the university was not. Usagi was unsurprisingly kicked out of the school and everyone who had gotten to know her over the last few years agreed that it was probably for the best that she got thrown out when she did as there had been a betting pool based on how long it would take her to flunk out.


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