Setsuna loved to travel. One could have theorized that this fascination was due to her previous confinement and seclusion in her life as a sailor scout wherein she spent many many lonely days and nights in the far reaches of the galaxy, but a more accurate assessment would have centered on the fact that it turned out she was a compulsive liar, a trait undeveloped in her previous life only because there was no one to whom she could lie.

So one day she found herself in Japan talking to a mildly annoying blonde girl with pigtails who claimed to be a princess and she knew that she had found an excellent person to try out her latest story on.

"So where are you from?" The girl finally chirped after a three-hour long talk about how awesome her princely husband was and how many diamonds he had given her for her birthday.

"I am from far, far away." Setsuna replied enigmatically with a distant look about her.

"How far?"

She raised her eyes to the heavens wistfully. "Far."

The blonde girl looked vaguely intrigued. "Well what do you do for a living then?"

"I am a keeper of time." Setsuna lowered her voice. "A guardian, one might even say." The girl leaned in as she did. "It's a lonely task, but it is my cross to bear."

The girl nodded energetically, enraptured.

Of course, she might have been slightly less impressed if she had known the truth of the matter.

Setsuna lived in London, not on a distant planet, and she was a clock-cleaner for Big Bend, which might have actually sounded somewhat cool until one was reminded that she spent her days scrubbing bird poop off of a giant clock.

At any rate, this girl was not going to guess any of that any time soon and so she continued to embellish her story with tales of past lives and princesses and vanquishing evil monsters until she began to half-believe them herself.