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Author's Notes: I have got Dr Jack Stewart returning to Community General Hospital. I also have my own character, Dr Malcolm Masters. I apologise up front as I do not like Susan Hilliard, so Susan and Jesse are out. Steve and Jesse are definitely in, and Jack and Amanda will end up together.

Of lies, Deception and Hate: By islashlove

Chapter 1: Jack is back and all is not good.

Dr. Jack Stewart walked down the hallway in Community General Hospital once again. Ever since he left, he had been looking forward to the day he would return, and this was the day. Although he was not happy with the reason why he was back, he was definitely looking forward to seeing his friends again. As he rounded a corner, he ran straight into someone rounding the corner at the same time. As they both went crashing to the floor, a tall dark-skinned woman raced up.

"Jesse, are you ok?"

"Yeah, Amanda, but did anyone get the number of the truck that hit me?"

"I'm sorry. Dr Travis must have been asleep on his feet again. Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, Amanda, and he wasn't the only one at fault. I wasn't actually looking where I was going either."

Amanda was surprised that the stranger knew her name. "I'm sorry, but do I know you?" Amanda asked, as she stepped back to have a better look at him.

He stood up and Amanda could see that the man was a little bit shorter than she was and from what she could see he had an olive complexion. He was wearing a pair of black, comfortable shoes, and his jeans and black T-shirt were covered by a doctor's white lab coat that was left unbuttoned. His face, or rather the little she could see of it, sported a bushy brown beard and shoulder length brown hair helped to hide his appearance. Only his eyes showed through and they were the only things that looked familiar.

"What? Oh, I'm sorry, Amanda." Jack said, as he realised he looked nothing like he used too.

At the same time, Amanda's mind had caught up and she recognised Jack's voice.

"Jack...! Jack Stewart, is that really you?"

"Yes, Amanda, it is. Sorry, I forgot about the beard."

Just then a tall, distinguish looking man walked up to the group.

"Jesse, what are you still doing here? I sent you home almost an hour ago."

"You did! Wait... that was an hour ago! Oh man, time flies."

"Jesse, I want you to go straight home and I do NOT want to see you back here for two days. Understand?"

"Yes, Mark. Oh wait, I can't. I've got Bob's tonight."

"Jesse, you're already asleep on your feet."

"I know, Mark, but we've got a booking for a party of twenty tonight and I just can't cancel it."

"Ok, Jesse. Take a breath. What time are they booked for?"

"Eight thirty. God I wish Steve was back"

"Ok... I can help you tonight; go and rest up in the doctor's lounge. Amanda, can you help out as well? Free dinner for you and the boys if you do," Mark said to try and sweeten the deal.

"Well..." Amanda looked over at Jesse and he gave her his best puppy dog eyes.

"Ok... Ok! I've just got to call the baby sitter first."

"Tell her I'll even give her a free dinner if it helps."

"Jesse, when Steve gets back he is going to kill you, and you, too, Mark, for giving away all of this free food."

"Umm, Amanda, Mark...?"

"Oh! Sorry, Jack, I didn't mean to forget you."

Mark takes a good look at the bearded man. "Jack? Jack, my boy, what brings you back here?" he says happily, shaking Jack's hand.

"Hi, Mark, actually I'm back here because of Steve."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Jack, but Steve's not here at the moment."

Mark watched Jack drop his head to his chest, take a deep breath, and then raise it again to look him straight into his eyes.

"Actually, Mark, he is. I brought him with me. Mark, he's my patient."

"What do you mean your patient, Jack?"

"I mean just that, Mark! Steve is a patient of mine. Steve was attacked while in Chicago and he's in a pretty bad way. Since I was coming back here, and he was my patient at the time, I brought him back with me."

"Is he alright now?" His concern was evident in his voice.

"Physically... yes! Mentally, no! To be honest with you, Mark, Steve has amnesia."

"Where is he, Jack?" Mark said as his eyes narrowed

"In the doctor's lounge," Jack said nodding his head in that direction.

"Let's go then; you can lead the way, Jack."

With that, Jack led Mark, Jesse and Amanda towards the doctor's lounge. As they entered the lounge they could see Steve sitting on one of the chairs reading a book. He was wearing sneakers, blue jeans and a white T-shirt. On top of his head was a baseball cap. As they entered, Steve looked up and smiled.

"Hi, Dr. Stewart"

"Hi, Steve"

Steve put the book down and looked at the three strangers standing next to his doctor. "Dr. Stewart. Who are these people with you?"

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