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Even though it was weeks ago, Kurt was still scarred from Karofsky. Yes, Dalton made him feel safe, but every once in awhile he'd get that feeling again...that slight jolt every time he turned an empty corner, slightly flinching at a touch to the shoulder. But it was getting better.

Especially with the help of music and friends.

...Well, that is, one friend in particular. The friend who helped him through it all, who wasn't afraid to confront Karofsky after he...you know. The friend who never ceased to amaze Kurt with his charisma and good nature.

The friend whose unbelievably attractive qualities have been quite distracting lately...

Kurt got into the Warblers fairly easily, being the only countertenor they'd come across in a few years. The Warblers were great. Kurt easily spilled out his sob story of McKinley to them, and they really made him feel at ease.

Now, Kurt Hummel loved Warblers practice. Hell, he loved singing in general. Especially along to his multiple Broadway soundtracks. But one thing the Warblers had that Broadway didn't. Yes, that one friend in particular:

Blaine Anderson.

From the moment Blaine awkwardly grabbed Kurt's hand and lead him through the hallway, Kurt could NOT get Blaine out of his mind. And yeah, that was probably expected. But at this moment, Kurt just couldn't stop staring at Blaine as he sang over all the other Warblers. Kurt was studying Blaine's features. Those eyes. That jet-black hair (which would probably look MUCH better when if it wasn't gelled down). Those perfect un-groomed eyebrows. And that smile...that smile that never ceased to bring tears of joy to Kurt's eyes. And the fact that Blaine was just that much shorter than Kurt made him even more adorable. Kurt could just imagine Blaine standing ever so slightly on his toes to give him the perfect kiss. With tongue. And maybe he'd just bite slightly on the side of Kurt's lip. And kiss him down his neck, slowly and-

...Whoa. WHOA THERE, Kurt mentally interrupted his thoughts. This is Warbler practice. Gotta tone it down a little.

But that proved nearly impossible as he watched Blaine sing. He sang with such emotion, and danced ever-so-swiftly, Kurt could barely stand it.

...So, maybe I really like Blaine... Kurt thought, giving into his wandering mind. No, wait, I can't...Blaine is the first gay guy I've ever met, I can't let myself fall for him. Even though he's quite attractive, and nice.

And talented...charming...witty...probably a great kisser...

"...-urt. Kurt. KURT!"

Kurt snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the voice that had been calling to him. It was David. Kurt just stared like a deer in the headlights, for everyone in the room was silent and staring at him. Suddenly, he got the frightening thought that he might have been thinking out loud.

"Are you back from outer space now, Kurt?" David asked, half-concerned, half-annoyed.

"Uhhh..." Kurt said, eloquently. For some reason, nothing was processing right now. All he could think of was Blaine. Thanks, Blaine, thanks.

"Dude, are you okay?" Asked Jeff.

"Yeah, really Kurt. You've been out of step through all the dances, and now you've totally missed your cue," Wes said. "Do you need to go to see Nurse Amy?"

"Uhhh..." Kurt said again. Dances? What dances? I don't remember dancing...or missing a cue. Or HAVING a cue...Wait...What's a 'Nursamy...?'

Blaine, looking overly concerned (and adorable as ever), stepped in front of the others inspect Kurt (and yes, maybe Kurt got a little excited by the attention.) He placed a cool hand on Kurt's forehead, the countertenor almost shivering at the touch. "Kurt, you do feel pretty warm...and you're sweating. Do you feel sick?"

Kurt was just about to say something, when Wes interjected."Oh Please, I think we all know what's going on, Hummel," he said with the most smug expression on his face.

Kurt's eyes widened at the thought that he'd been caught, when Blaine stepped over to Wes.

"Yes, I think we do. Kurt is clearly not feeling well and delusional, and all you can do is try to come up with cute euphemisms." Yeah, go Blaine! Oh my God, Blaine is so cute when he's protective. He stepped back over to Kurt. "Come on, do you need to go to the nurse?"

Yes, my head kinda hurts. I've been feeling dizzy all day. Not to mention my stomach's in knots. And I'm pretty sure it's all your fault. But I'm fine. Besides, no one likes a drama queen.

"No...I just have the most irritating headache," Kurt half-lied, giving Blaine a slight smile. "...Do any of you mind if I sit down and just watch the rest of rehearsal?"

Other than a few sighs, no one objected. As the Warblers formed into a huddle to discuss songs, Blaine walked Kurt over to the nearest armchair and sat him down.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Blaine asked, with the slightest bit of concern in his voice.

"I assure you, I'm fine Blaine," Kurt said.

Blaine gave a cute laugh and leaned down so that he was eye-level to Kurt. "If you say so," Blaine said with a smile. He placed a hand on Kurt's knee and gave a gentle squeeze before running back over to join the rest of the Warblers. Kurt propped his elbow up on the arm of the chair and rubbed his temple with his index and middle finger. He let his heavy eyelids close and was about to doze off into a Blaine-filled fantasy, when he was awoken by a chorus of:

"NO. WAY."


"Come on, all we ever do is top 40's! Can we at least give this a try?"

"I agree with Thad completely."

"But of COURSE you do, WES."

"I assure you I have no idea what you're insinuating."

"Whatever, we-"




Blaine's obviously amused voice quiet the group down. "Alright, alright! Come on you guys, let's just do it, mix it up a little. Justin-it's all you man."

Kurt heard a base line that was quite unusual, even for the Warblers. He decided to open his eyes and see what was going down. The huddled circle of boys started nodding to the beat and gradually joining in. Finally, they started the beginning riff to the song and Blaine turned out from the rest of the group, facing Kurt.

Honey honey, how he thrills me! Uh-huh, honey honey!

Typical. Thad's ABBA fetish must have taken over the entire council. Not that Kurt had any problem with watching Blaine perform this song. A surprising step up from Amanda Seyfried, that's for sure.

Honey honey, nearly KILLS me! Uh-huh, honey honey!

Blaine and his stupid theatrics. Why does he have to be so cute? And why does he just HAVE to always sing right to ME? Kurt thought, though regretting nothing.

I've heard about him before,

Blaine made his way over to Kurt.

I wanted to know some more,

And now I know what they mean, he's a LOVE MACHINE! OH, HE MAKES ME DIZZY!

He sang straight into Kurt's face, never breaking his grin and swooning. Kurt couldn't help but blush. Blaine pulled Kurt up and started dancing around him, while Kurt added some harmonies where they were appropriate.

Honey honey, let me FEEL it! Uh-huh, honey honey!

The Warblers provided the perfect "Ooooh, wha-wha-wha, wha-oooh's" to back Blaine up.

Honey honey, don't conceal it! Uh-huh, honey honey!

The way that you kiss goodnight...

Kurt backed him up with a smile. The way that you kiss me goodnight...

The way that you hold me tight...

Blaine hugged Kurt as tight as possible, which made Kurt giggle.

The way that you ho-old me tight...

I feel like I wanna sing when you do your...-Blaine cocked an eyebrow at Kurt -THING!

It was so hard for Kurt to keep a straight face with Blaine's theatrics.

Honey honey, TOUCH ME BABY! Uh-huh, honey honey! Blaine begged to a very red Kurt.

Honey honey, hold me baby! Uh-huh, honey honey!

As if I don't want to, Kurt thought.

You look like a movie star...

Look like a movie star...

But I love just who you are...

I love just who you are...

Honey to say the least, you're a doggone- Blaine turned to Kurt - BEAST!

Kurt laughed again and questioned lines. Who writes songs with so many innuendoes?

More of the Warblers joined in for the remainder of the song.

Honey honey, how you thrill me! Uh-huh, honey honey!

Honey honey, nearly kill me! Uh-huh, honey honey!

...I heard about him before... Blaine sang alone, walking slowly and gesturing to Kurt

I wanted to know some more...

And now I'm about to see what you mean to me... He ended in front of Kurt with a soft smile plastered on his face, batting his eyelashes.

As soon as Blaine finished, all of The Warblers were laughing at the dramatic theatrics and his emphasis on the innuendoes. 'Cause I mean, SERIOUSLY.

"You feel better Kurt?" Blaine smiled at Kurt, who just smiled and nodded. "See, music heals everything!" Blaine said as he patted Kurt on the back before going over to the rest of the Warblers.

But Kurt was lying. His smile melted off his face, because singing a song with Blaine about how well he kisses goodnight just put Kurt in even more of a romantic delusion. He slumped back in his armchair and thought about Blaine some more. Where did he leave off? Oh right. Blaine's probably the BEST kisser...

After rehearsal, Blaine gathered Kurt and they walked to the dorms together.

"So, what do you think of ABBA?" Blaine asked Kurt while they were walking.

"Well, of course I've always loved Mamma Mia, the I can vaguely remember hearing ABBA play in my house when I was little. My mother loved them, always said how they had a song for almost anything..." Kurt drifted off.

He slowed to a stop in the middle of the courtyard, eyes looking straight at the ground, glossy with tears. He let out a breathy laugh and smiled. Blaine just stared, unsure what to do. He wanted to hold Kurt. Just to hold him and never have to let go. But then Kurt spoke.

"I...I can't believe I remembered that just now...it was so long ago..." He choked out, though he was also laughing. This was just not his day. First he totally embarrasses himself in front of the council, and now he cries in front of the boy he's almost sure he's in love with.

Blaine grabbed Kurt's hand and looked straight into his eyes. Kurt had the most perfect eyes. Clear, blue eyes. And why did they have to be so fucking beautiful when Kurt cries? He's already beautiful enough when he's happy. But this...the glossy eyes COMBINED with the smile on his face...Blaine shook the thought out of his head. Not appropriate right now.

"Hey," he tried to lighten the mood, "look at this. An old memory of yours was revived by song. Music can do wonders. Imagine what else song and dance could do! Bring world peace even!" Kurt laughed at Blaine's comics and, still holding hands, they continued to walk to their dorms.

"So," Kurt broke the peace, "What do you think of ABBA? Or rather, Thad's definite obsession with them?"

"Thad's obsession with ABBA? Oh no, if you saw WES, now THAT'S obsession. God, on the bus ride to D.C. last year-"

"Wait wait,-D.C.?"

"We won the trip in an a capella competition. Anywa-"

"Did you sing for the President?"

"Yes. Bu-"

"Did you MEET the president?"

"KUUUUUUURRRRRT!" Blaine pouted as childishly as he could. It truly was adorable, and Kurt couldn't help but giggle. "May I continue my story now?" Blaine asked, with impatient puppy dog eyes. Damn those puppy dog eyes...

Kurt fake-sighed. "Fine."

"ANYWAYS, on the bus ride there, Wes practically begged if we could watch Mamma Mia. We saw no problem with it, and decided to give in," Blaine stopped in his tracks and gave Kurt a very serious look. "BIGGEST. MISTAKE. EVER. Singing to EVERY song, crying at 'The Winner Takes It All,' cursing at the fact that they cut out the scene with Sophie singing 'The Name Of The Game' to Bill." They started walking again. "I swear, if I didn't know him better, I'd think he was gay."

Kurt laughed, again at yet another one of Blaine's jokes today. "I wouldn't be surprised if he was," said Kurt. "Well, here's my stop," he pointed at the door to his dorm.

"Oh really?" Blaine replied, not-so-obviously trying to stall for more time with Kurt, just holding his hand outside of his dorm, talking and laughing. "I NEVER would have guessed."

Kurt scoffed and lightly punched Blaine in the arm. He is so obnoxious. Ugh, just look at that friggin' adorable smile of his. This boy makes it so hard to think straight. Aaaand there it goes, I'm being delusional again for this boy. I seriously need to get checked out, before I start seeing things. ...Waitaminute...did that plant just move?

No, seriously, that potted bush down the hall just moved. What the fu-

"Oh hey, Kurt," Blaine started again, interrupting Kurt's inspection of the curious plant, "Um about today...are you sure you're feeling alright? You've been seeming pretty out of it for the past few days. Not to mention you were really burning up today. Well, not really but kinda. Like, not burning, but you were kinda warm. You know, to the point wh-"

"BLAINE," Kurt interrupted, "I'm totally FINE. Are you sure you're feeling okay? You seem awfully jumpy today for such a dapper young man," he said ever-so-smugly.

Blaine chuckled at this. "I'm totally fine, Kurt. More than fine, actually. In fact, I never want to leave this moment." Just standing here, holding your hand, imagining that you're mine...


Blaine's eyebrows shot up. Shit. It slipped out. Well, not the worst part, but still.

"Uhhh...I mean that as in I...am just...rrrreally tired...don't wanna walk anymore. And I am...uhh...CONTENT, with just standing right here. Doing absolutely nothing but talking to you."

Worst cover-up EVER, Blaine thought. Kurt's gonna be so creeped out by me. Blaine was pretty sure his palms were sweating up, but Kurt still hadn't let go.

Kurt just rolled his eyes and laughed. "Speak for yourself Blaine. My head still kinda hurts, today was just tiring beyond belief, I'd be content with falling asleep and never waking up!" Please don't, Blaine thought.

"...Or maybe I would wake up," Kurt continued, "But years later by true love's kiss. Just imagine how soft my skin would be after tha-"

Almost instinctively, Blaine reached his free hand up to Kurt's cheek and just stroked it. Only now did Blaine truly understand the passion in that one line from Romeo and Juliet. the one that Romeo says to himself about Juliet:

See how she leans her cheek upon her hand!

O that I were a glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek!

That beautiful cheek...Blaine's breath caught in his throat.

Meanwhile, Kurt just froze at Blaine's touch, because, how the hell do you respond to something like that? They each had so much on their minds right now, you don't even know. Hell, THEY didn't even know. Thoughts were indistinguishable at this point. Blaine somehow seemed to keep his composure and a cool, calm face, while Kurt was almost certain his mouth was gaping. Blaine's hand slowly made its way down Kurt's chin and dropped.

"I dunno. I think your skin's perfectly soft," Blaine said with a sly smile.

After more than a few seconds of awkwardness, Blaine said, "Well, gotta go. Homework and, uh, and such. Bye!"

Blaine darted down the hall to his dorm as quickly as he could, leaving Kurt standing there, perfectly still. Kurt let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and reached his hand up to touch where Blaine had touched his cheek.

And okay, SERIOUSLY, that potted bush is moving. Maybe I should...no...Whatever, I'm seeing things again...

Kurt could still feel the ghost of Blaine's hand on his cheek, and imagined it enveloping his own. After a few moments of just standing there with a smile on his face (probably looking like an idiot), Kurt went into his dorm, selected the 'Hairspray' soundtrack on his iTunes, and switched to 'I Can Hear The Bells.' He started singing and dancing along, smiling and laughing at the relevance of this song.

Yes, this was probably the the happiest (and most confused) Kurt Hummel had been in his entire life.

...Well, so far.

One of the many things both Kurt and Blaine didn't notice during this whole conversation was that they were being watched.

"Hey, move over!" Wes exclaimed under his breath. "I can barely see!"

"How is that possible when YOU'RE the one with those rediculous opera glasses?" David whispered back.

"Will you stop bringing them up? They were a gift... Besides, they make it easier to zoom in and see what's REALLY goin' on."

"We look obvious as fuck."

"Get over it, no one's here!"

"Exactly. That just means we stand out more."

"Just shut up and spy."

Wesley Montgomery and David Thompson. Not exactly the most free-spirited when it came to show choir, but when it came to meddling and gossip, they were as eager as 12-year-old girls. They followed Kurt and Blaine out of rehearsal, and were now spying on them behind a potted bush in the hall.

"They're just talking and holding hands..." Wes observed.

"I can see that. WITHOUT opera glasses." David said, which resulted in a firm smack to the back of his head from Wes. "Ow! But seriously, do you see anything else?"

"H-hey," Wes started, responding to what he heard Blaine say, "I did NOT start crying during 'The Winner Takes It All!' And if I did, I had a very legitimate reason to, that is hands down the most touching part of the entire movie! And about that one scen-"

"SHHHH! Stop moving so much, Kurt keeps looking over here. And what are you blabbering on about?"

"The bus trip to D.C. last year...Mamma Mia..."

"Ohhh, you mean the most excruciating road trip of my LIFE? Ohmygod Wes, if I didn't know you any better, I'd think you were gay." Wes gave David a dramatic gasp, who just rolled his eyes at this. "Ugh, just tell me what else you see over there, I can't see very clearly that far away."

"Ha!" Wes quietly exclaimed, "NOW my opera glasses aren't such a bad idea, huh Dave?" David shot him a glare. Wes cowered back and looked over to the boys.

"Well..." Wes surveyed their persons. "They're still holding hands..."

"Still? Wow. Weird. You know, now that I think about what Thad said before...when he kinda hinted at Kurt looking at Blaine all the time...he totally likes him. Ovbiously. But I don't know about Blaine. It's rea-"


"WHAT?" David snatched the glasses from Wes. "OHMYGOD..."


"This is like in those romantic movies where he strokes her cheek and they both lean in for a BIG WET ONE."

"Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, ki-...WHAT. No, Blaine, don't walk away, no, BLAINE, YOU HAVE TO KISS KURT!" Wes looked more disappointed and shocked than he had ever been in his entire life.

"What. The actual. FUCK." Wes almost projected across the hall. David shushed him and then started smiling.

"SHHHH! They'll hear you!" David looked back over to Blaine, who was darting down the hall. "...Hey Wes, look at Blaine. Seriously, look at him walk. Look at his face, his posture, his...you know...PANTS." David and Wes both looked at each other with the same smug expression on their faces.

"Blaine TOTALLY-"

"And the way he sings to him-"


At this point, Blaine was out of sight, Kurt was in his dorm, and Wes and David were squealing like no tomorrow.

"Oh my GOD," Wes laughed.

"We should talk to Blaine right now, try to pry something out. We have to get them together, whether they actually like each other or not."

"Definitely. Start thinking of plans."

"Way ahead of you," David said as he pulled out his little notebook and pen. "You know, this is going to be hard."

"Ha, not as hard as Blaine's cock is right now."

David started laughing with Wes, only able to force out, "Not...appropriate, Wes. Not at ALL," between laughs.

"What? You know it's true! YOU saw."

"Yeah. Maybe we should talk to Blaine some other time. I'll bet he's MUCH too occupied right now."

The two high-fived and laughed until their mouths hurt, and went back to their dorm to jot down ideas. Operation Klaine was officially in progress.

Blaine rushed to his dorm, kicked his shoes off, pulled off his blazer, loosened his tie, and fell onto his bed. Ever since he saw Kurt on that staircase when he "spied" on the Warblers, Blaine couldn't get Kurt out of his head. His fair skin, his delicate features, and his voice...

But right now, Blaine was mentally slapping himself for what just happened in the hallway.

What was I thinking? Oh right, I WASN'T. After all that Kurt's been through, I shouldn't touch him like that! He's still healing, and I practically molested his cheek! Way to be Blaine, WAY TO BE.

Blaine buried his face in his hands and took deep breaths.

Who am I kidding? This is Kurt friggin' Hummel. He's insanely adorable, has the voice of an ANGEL, the best sense of fashion, and has had a crush on the captain AND the quarterback of the football team.

I, on the other hand, look like a Hobbit...I know my voice is more than satisfactory, but I'll NEVER be anything to DO with the football team. Not to mention he was a cheerleader.

...I feel like a pre-teen girl gushing over...well, a guy. And really cute guy. Really talented guy. Really great guy...

Ugh...this is the most confusing crush I've ever had.

...It's just a crush, right? Cuz, I mean, he'd never like me back...so I'd probably just end up getting hurt.


Blaine shook the developing thought of his ex out of his head.

Shit...I need some music.

Blaine went over to his iTunes and skipped through a bunch of songs -Falling For You, Use Somebody, Is This Love, The Only Exception, and a bunch of Beatles songs- until he got frustrated, closed his laptop screen, and lay back down on his bed.

What the hell is going on...