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Christmas day is

It actually starts to freak Castiel out how much fun it is.

His last Christmas (and the ones before it, since he'd stopped living at home) had endured a heart clenching lead up, where he hoped that he would not be spending it 1.) Alone, sadly eating cake and drinking heavily with his dog and an awful collection of porn. Or 2.) with Gabriel – sadly eating cake and drinking heavily with his brother, and his awful collection of porn, once his nieces had gone to bed.

The Novaks had not been lucky in love.

Gabriel had been pathologically single since his failed marriage, and the death of his beloved wife. Castiel could understand it, and the string of one night stands that followed. But it did not stop him worrying that Gabriel was living for his children, rather for himself.

Castiel had tried to foster a more successful romantic life, but as he was shy, bookish, and intensely interested in history and literature, there were few men lining up to try and lure him from his cottage. Castiel blamed himself, he wasn't exactly effective in pursuing a love life. But he'd tried.

Then, Balthazar.

And his misery had actually trebled, once the initial, love struck, sex drunk days were over and done with.

And now, Castiel sat in his brother's living room, eating cake and drinking red wine with a giant of a man who was apparently infatuated with his brother, and who, despite having lent him his home, Castiel had not entirely gotten to know yet.

Gabriel sat on the other side of Sam, alternately squeezing the man's thigh and feeding him small cookies. They were safe from wide childish eyes, because the girls had been delighted to meet their new 'Uncle Dean' and had confiscated him, forcing him out into the garden to help them with their latest snowman.

The last Castiel had seen of him, Dean had been covered in children, laughing, and only half-struggling as they buried him in snow.

Castiel sighed and sank back into the warm sofa.

It really was a good day.

They'd opened their presents with the girls (save for one, from Gabriel to Sam, that had remained wrapped, and would stay that way, until the children were in bed) Dean and Castiel had had plenty of time since the wedding to fret over present shopping, and they had both sought their brother's advice. So it was that Castiel received a 'Kindle' that he was still trying to decipher, and that had come pre-loaded with the 'rockin' gay Kama sutra' – courtesy of Gabriel. And a set of black silk, French lingerie.

Dean's present was something Castiel had agonised over, and he'd been prepared for the worst when he let Gabriel take him internet shopping. But, he'd finally settled on a pair of Vivienne Westwood, white, regent ankle boots with stiletto heels, and a book entitled '1000 things to do with bacon' – which Gabriel had insisted that he purchase.

Castiel had to admit that number 182 did look quite appealing.

He also admitted, if only to himself, that he was quite looking forward to seeing those boots looked, when pointed towards the ceiling.

Gabriel grew bored of feeding Sam, and moved instead to sit in his new boyfriends lap, waving a cooking over Castiel's nose.

"Open up."

Castiel glared, but accepted the cookie.

Gabriel grinned, "You are far less of a sourpuss now you're getting your ass pounded regularly."

Sam choked on his remaining cookie, and looked around, just in case the children were around. But no, they were still outside, now helping Dean to build an igloo.

Castiel remained poker-faced. "Who says I am?"

There was a beat of silence, in which Sam digested more knowledge than he'd ever wanted to have about his brother. Gabriel finally snickered, and punched Castiel on the arm.

"I'm proud of you, you're not nearly as dull as I thought you were, like, a week ago."

"Thank you." Castiel muttered. "May I have another cookie?"


It was a weird-ass new year.

Dean had been in a bit of a weird place for years, with work, and his second life as Brandy, and his snaffled liaisons with practically every public service employee that Sam had ever met.

But, he'd never expected to meet a fellow drag act, let alone fall in love, and with a man he'd known for less than a full season.

Still, his relationship with Cas looked practically run-of-the-mill next to the fact that his brother had spontaneously tossed his hetero card to the side, and shacked up with a midget-baker, and his three apple cheeked children.

Said children were actually with a sitter, as Castiel had thrown a small dinner party for the four of them, so that they could get to know each other's brothers a little more before Dean and Castiel hightailed it off to America.

That had been a surprise. Dean had thought that nothing could make Castiel want to leave England, but, it turned out, a Broadway scout had uttered the magic word 'Chicago' after getting Cas's number from a confused Ellen, who'd never had anyone of note in her bar before. But, the guy had seen Castiel (or rather, Cherry) perform, and now, Cas had the chance to be on stage.

Dean couldn't be happier, especially as it meant that he got to take Castiel back to the states with him.

The one thing that soured the occasion, aside from Dean's worry over leaving Sam in the icy land of midgets and blood pudding, were the noises coming from upstairs.

Specifically from the bathroom that first Gabriel, and then Sam had excused themselves to use.

Dean lowered his eyes uncomfortably and coughed loudly.

Castiel sighed. "He always does this. At every. Single. Party."

Dean winced as the light fitting over the table shook. The roast that had been served up some time ago was practically gone, and they were waiting for the others to return before dessert.

Castiel sighed again.

"What do you usually do? When he's..." Dean winced again.

"Entertain my other guests, and try to ignore the noise."

Dean glanced across the table.

"I don't see any other guests."

"That's because they're upstairs, fu..." Dean cuts Castiel off with a kiss, effectively halting the word that would ruin his and Sam's relationship forever.

Castiel slid his hands up to rest at the back of Dean's neck, and the taller man lifted him up, setting him on the edge of the dinner table.

"You'll damage the flatware." Castiel whispers.

Dean pushes the plates to one side with one sweep of his arm, sending two to the floor in a crash, a wineglass tinkling after.

"I'll buy you some more." He promises, pushing Castiel back onto the rumpled table cloth and sucking at his neck.

"That doesn't mean you get to top." Castiel mutters, socked feet pressing into Dean's waist regardless.

Dean sighs theatrically. "Fine. But, I get two slices of cake after, and, you have to keep listening for Sam and Gabriel."

Castiel thought for a second.


They carefully rearranged themselves, and Dean unfastened both their pants while Castiel reached for the bottle of salad oil.

Somehow, both of them forget to listen out, and to keep quiet, somewhere between the discovery that Castiel is wearing his Christmas underwear and that Dean bought himself the matching set.


Sam still hasn't forgiven them by next Christmas.