This is another fanfic of shirou summoning a different servant, whose identity is heavily hinted in this chapter, and rarely used in fate fanfics. I follow the manga, with some room secondhand adaptation from the game, if is no cannon enough or you, remember that fanfiction meant to have some original stuff in it and I'm a fan of shirou/saber myself, but ask to focus on the writing and plot. I also want to implement some ideas I had (some rarely used plot devices and holes), and may include some of the suggestions given to me.

There will be explanation about the reason for the change in servants, and if you can guess the new servant's identity, or want other servant changes, use the green button below.

Oh, and I don't owe fate, nesuverse, and don't get money from this.

Just as lancer was about to kill him, shirou's thoughts were that he couldn't die like this, it couldn't end like this, I can't die before saving anyone, without becoming a hero… and in his panic completely missed the ache on his hand, became deaf to the sizzling sound as all he heard was the erratic beating of his heart in its probably last moments.

When the bright light first appeared, and deflected he lance, he was even more surprised then his would be killer. He was totally shocked at the sight of the figure before him.

Fore between him and the man he would later know as lancer, stood a beautiful girl, blond haired and dressed in an elegant red dress, and a red bowtie in her hair, and are these gold plate boots? Is that a sword? For she indeed held a long sword, and was counterattacking the spearman in blue, who, after a parrying the surprisingly strong strike, left the shad.

Shirou was still confused, and trying to make the world make sense again (or at least as much as it usually does when his self proclaimed elder sister came to visit, even that would be a step down from the current madness), when his mysterious savior turned her head to his direction, and he felt himself wanting to shudder at the look in those green eyes, at this determined face, as though judged by a great and terrible king searching for a fault, contemplating whether the lowly creature before her deserves to live, or unworthy of the jus granted salvation.

She eased her facial features a bit and said something, but he was uncertain as to what exactly, she repeated her words, something about masters? She then said the strangest thing: "I am servant saber, I have granted a response to your summoning".

Somewhat still unnerved, he was uncertain as to his next move, but," you said you were a servant?" "yes, the command seal on your left hand is undeniable poof that you are indeed a master. From now on, you will have the honor of my blade resting in your hands, and your destiny shall rest in mine. Our contract is now complete."

At a sound from he outside, she tuned into the direction of the exit, telling that the enemy is outside still, an upon the question, "wa, wait! What do you intend on doing?" replied "I intend to destroy our enemy." Before leave the shad.

Shell-shocked, shirou could only mutter "dammit, what's going on", before hurrying outside, where the strange girl and the bizarre man stood in what looked like a western standoff, about to do battle.