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Belgium flipped the coin up in the air, as it spun downwards she caught it before it could hit the ground.

Opening her palm she cursed lightly under her breath.


Damn it.

That meant she had to go see him. The female nation could feel her heart speed up at the very though.

And it was all that stupid coins fault.

It was embarrassing. Her brother had mocked her for weeks due to it, but she'd remained steadfast and pretended it had nothing to do with the nation in question.

Belgians had helped on the expedition! So of course she could make those coins.

Belgium bit the bottom of her lip as she stared up at the front door of the white-painted house. She hadn't announced she would be coming, nor had she brought anything as a visiting gift.

What if he just sent her away?

Everyone did always tell her he was such a cold and uncaring nation.

Taking a deep breath, the Belgian woman climbed the 6 stairs to the blue painted front door, shakily ringing the little door bell to the right.

Not wanting to stand too close to the door, she takes a step back and awaits nervously. Rolling back and forth on her heels in anticipation.

What if he wasn't home? Or maybe he'd seen her from one of his windows and pretended not to be at home?

Sighting she turned the coin around in her pocket. Her breath coming out as swirls of fog in the cold winter air. He obviously wasn't at home.


The female nation jumped and stared at the now open door.

"Hello Norway." she smiled brightly, trying to mask her nervousness.

The Nordic nation opened the door further and leant against the door frame. He was wearing a blue and white striped apron with what she can only assume is a hand embroidered light house on the front.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything" she tilted her head and smiled sweetly up at the taller man.

"Not at all...Come inside, you look cold..." The Nordic nation stepped aside and gestured for her to enter.

"If I'm not a bother..."

Norway shook his head making Belgium have a small glimmer of hope. Perhaps it had been right to come here after all.

She took a step inside, immediately side stepping away from Norway the moment she passed over the threshold. A strange yet familiar scent hit her as she turned to kick of her shoes.

"Are you baking something?" she enquired curiously as she buttoned down her jacket.

"Hm? Oh yes. I am" Norway pulled at his apron and brushed off some white flour sticking to it.

"Here, I'll take that."

Belgium looked at his outstretched hand and realised he was talking about her coat.

"Oh! Thank you" She quickly removed the coin from the pocket and handed the garment to the Norwegian nation.

Norway opened a sliding door to a wardrobe and hung the coat carefully up inside. The female nation couldn't' help but notice the wide arrange of coats already present in the closet. Thick fur lined jackets, thin wind proof ones and a wide arrange of various rain resistant coats lined the entire wardrobe. Shoes, boots and a good few pairs of slippers were neatly aligned in the bottom.

Belgium never figured Norway to be the OCD type, but she had never imagined him as messy either – so it wasn't that surprising.

"Can I get you anything? Tea, coffee, hot chocolate?" Norway closed the door and wandered down the hallway before taking a right turn into his kitchen, the female nation following close behind.

"I wouldn't mind some coffee. That is: if it's not to bothersome"

A small chuckle escaped from Norway, causing Belgium's heart to skip a beat.

"I do believe coffee goes well with waffles after all."

Her eyes widen as she quickly stepped over to stand next to him by the kitchen counter. "Is that what you're making?"

Norway only nods as he plugs in the coffee machine before moving over to a some electrical appliance next to a large bowl of batter.

Opening the lid of the strange appliance Belgium makes a little squeal at the sight of the inside.

"Your waffles are heart-shaped!"

She stares in wonder at the waffle iron, admiring how the form is five hearts placed in a circle, forming what looks like some kind of flower.

"Yeah...have you not seen them before?" Norway picks up a ladle and pours a small amount of batter into the waffle iron, closing the lid once he's done.

"No...mine are always square" She stares in bewilderment as the waffle iron's little light turns from red to green, signalling the waffle is ready.

Norway chuckles and opens the iron, prying the waffle out of the form with a hand carved wooden fork of some sort.

Flipping it over to a plate Belgium can feel her mouth water. They're so different to hers, yet so similar.

Tearing one of the hearts off, he offers it to her with the faintest of a smile gracing his features.

Eyeing it she takes the still warm piece, taking a small bite; she chews it slowly.

"It's good. Different but really good."

"That's good to hear." Norway smiles and turns back to his waffle iron, pouring more batter over the hot appliance.

She watches as he adds more and more waffles to the plate, the smell engulfing the entire kitchen.

And for some reason, it's almost like she's at home.

She's completely forgotten her nervousness. Norway's deep but soft humming as he cooks is soothing to her ears. And as the water slowly filters through the ground beans, the smell of freshly brewed coffee mixes with the smell of warm waffles; creating a heavenly scent Belgium really wishes she could bottle.

Norway lays the table as she sits there, admiring each and every little detail about his kitchen. Not to mention the strange things he's placing on the table.

'Jordbær' reads one label on a glass jar – smelling it's contents she discovers it's strawberry.

It looks home-made.

There's also blueberry jam, blackcurrant and what Belgium figures to be apple after sneaking a little taste. All are only labelled in Norwegian, little hand written labels on each one.

Norway must really love jam.

But the strangest thing of them all is a block of something light brown, balanced on the top is a cheese slicer. Belgium eyes the strange brown 'brick' and tries to figure out what it is.

"Brown cheese." comes a sudden reply to her unvoiced question.

Belgium stares up in wonder at the Nordic nation. She hadn't noticed how close he was standing – doubtlessly did he notice her confused stare.

"That's cheese?" her voice is in disbelief. She's never seen anything like it.

"Yeah." Norway nods and slices a piece of the 'cheese' off, rolling the slice up and putting in his mouth.

"Does it taste nice?"

"Would I eat it if it didn't?"

Belgium blushes slightly and shakes her head, what a stupid question to ask.

"No, sorry."

"Quite all right...hardly anyone else but me likes it. Your brother hates it"

"Netherlands has tried it?"

"Yes, I think Denmark dared him or something" Norway shrugs and pours them both a cup of coffee.

"Can...can I try some?"

Norway chuckles and nods, giving her the faintest of a smile as he sips his coffee.

Unsure if she'll like it, Belgium decides to just do as Norway did – be a shame to ruin the taste of a good waffle is this 'cheese'-thing is terrible.

Belgium carefully nibbles at it. Her face contorting into one of confusion and a hint of disgust.

"It's sweet!" she sticks her tongue out and looks at the rest of it still in her hand.

Norway laughs and pushes a jar of jam towards her.

"Yes, it's caramelised goat's cheese, thinned out with milk. It's not like any cheese you'll find in your own home."

"Not sure I like this..." Belgium takes another bite, not quite willing to give up yet. But the 'cheese' melts in her mouth and after another nibble she decides it's not quite her thing.

"Sorry, think I'd rather have jam."

Norway smiles and offers her the plate of waffles.

"Don't worry, outside of the other Nordics I don't think anyone's taken a liking to it...no wait...I think Australia ate quite a lot of it thinking it was some form of caramel spread."

Norway chuckles at the memory.

"But he's related to England, so I bet his taste buds are as non-existent as England and America's"

Belgium smiles and takes a sip of her coffee. Good god. Norway really makes it strong.
Scanning the table she notices he's put out cream and sugar – how thoughtful.

Three teaspoons and a few drops of cream later; Belgium deems the coffee perfect.

It's a pleasant surprise how easy it is to talk to Norway. During meetings he always seems to unapproachable. Cold and uncaring unless it directly affect himself and his people.

Yet she's seeing a completely different side of him – one she'd only dreamt off when the meetings got too boring.

She's known him for a long time, well: more like known off him for a long while. Norway is a rich nation these days, and a lot of his businesses have offices in her country. To the outside world he's always wearing a mask to hide his emotions, but now there's only the two of them – and slowly but surely Belgium can see the cracks in the mask growing bigger and bigger. Bit by bit he's revealing more and more.

Opening up and letting her see past that initial cold front.

It makes her giddy and excited; however, the coin in her pocket is burning against her thigh. She wants to give it to him but the opportunity to bring it up never arises - it would break the comfortable and pleasant atmosphere they now have.

What would he say if she admits she'd been admiring him for years? Stealing glances during the meeting breaks just to catch the flicker of a smile he gives when Denmark tells a joke of some sort in his own language.

Would he find her creepy? Belgium shudders at that thought.

"Are you cold?"

Damn, he noticed.

"No, no! I'm perfectly all right thank you."

Belgium smiles and wraps her hands around the warm coffee cup.

The Nordic nation studies her carefully before resuming piling slices of brown cheese onto the waffle on his plate.

"So...what exactly is the reason you're here?"

"Do I need a reason to visit you?"

Belgium fiddles with the hem of her shirt under the table, trying not to meet the deep blue eyes observing her from across the table.

"You don't need to, but no one ever visits me just because they can. There is always a reason."

She has to agree – Norway is right. After all, even if Netherlands claims he only visits her because he likes the company, Belgium knows he's always hoping she'll make him some food while he's there. Once you know someone it's so easy to see right though them

Norway seems to see though everyone.

Or she's just too easy to read – Belgium can't quite decide which one to go with.

"Well, I have something I wanted to give you." Her voice is low and soft as she carefully fishes the coin out of her pocket and slides it across the table.

"A coin?" Norway seems confused, but he picks the silver piece of metal up and examines it. An eyebrow raised in confusion as he spots what one side of the coin depicts.

"Roald Amundsen? Why on earth have you got one of my explorers on your coin?"

The dreaded question – she's practised this answer for days, to the point where The Netherlands almost believes her when he too asks her the very same question.

"Well, he was first mate on the Belgica...you know, the ship lead by Adrien de Gerlache"

Belgium twins her thumbs, stealing a glance at the Norwegian nation as his gaze is still focused on the €10 silver coin.

"Still doesn't answer my question Belgium. You even have my flag on it"

Norway looks up and turns the coin's over in his palm before pointing to the little flag etched into the metal. It's so obviously his flag – only the Nordic nations have a cross on their flags, and Roald Amundsen was very much Norwegian.

"My explorer, my flag...did you run out of national heroes?"

Belgium bites her lip, that comment rather hurt. Mostly because it's true in a way. She could have used the image of the Belgians on Belgica, but she didn't want that. She wanted the Norwegian explorer on the coin, and she had wanted to give it to Norway.

Yet now she's insecure and worried again.

"I thought it was perhaps a...nice gesture." the female nation took a deep breath and braces herself for the stern glare she believes she'll meet when she looks up into Norway's eyes.

What meets her instead is a genuine smile and a certain fondness in his eyes she's never seen directed to anyone else but perhaps Iceland.

It takes her by complete surprise - she can feel the blush spreading across her face.

Not fair, he shouldn't be able to make act like a little teenage girl with just a smile!

"It's a very nice gesture indeed..."

Norway turns the coin over and over in his palm, before placing it securely in his shirt's pocket.

"I'll be sure to keep it safe, it's worth a lot, right?"

Belgium only nods.

He likes it! That fact alone is making her mute with happiness. She made sure he got the very first edition too. Even if he doesn't exactly collect coins, Norway has to know how difficult it is to get the very first edition of commemorator coins.

"I should perhaps get going, I'm sure you have important things to do."

Usually she'd try to flirt, or get closer to him. It's not that difficult to get a man's attention; yet her heart is beating so quickly that she's worried it will be audible to the male nation should he get any closer than he already is.

"Not really," Norway shrugs and downs the remainder of his coffee "you're welcome to stay longer, I don't mind the company."

Smiling back at him, Belgium let's herself relax again. Her little 'crush' on the Nordic nation can't be that misplaced if he's yet to throw her out of his house.

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The Coin is actually real and it's caused great amusement in Norway. We're not part of the European Union, yet we know have one of our explorers AND our flag on a coin - curtsey of the Belgians 8D