This is just something I thought of last year after seeing Burlesque, I saw it and just thought 'there really isn't enough Alan Cumming in this' 1 minute and 20 seconds is far from enough, especially when he's supposed to be one of the people starring in it, ANYWAY before I start rambling this is an Alexis/OC fic, please R&R! This is my first Burlesque fic so please no flaming, if there's any criticism then please make it constructive

Disclaimer: I don't own Burlesque or any of it's characters, I do however own Tina and around half of another character who will be introduced in later chapters

She was like a perfect porcelain doll, bright eyes shining under dark grey-brown makeup and thick, lengthened eyelashes, waves of sunlight gleaming through her long, dark brown hair, that killer teasing smile, framed by a profound scarlet. Her petite body bent over with her backside swivelling seductively, pulling the audience (the majority of them being men) further into her bewitching dance with the two women beside her, as if they were drunk on the simplicity of seeing her before them, and further still when her body brushed against those of her companions.

He had his back held firmly against the windowless wall, with his arms crossed over his chest, and watched her, as he would anytime he had the opportunity, not daring to take his eyes way from her, and found himself leaning toward the stage each time she swung her ass or slowly pulsated her chest. He saw her eyes flicker to him, and they shared a loving smile, as he eagerly waited for her dance to end, impatiently wanting to fulfil his nightly desire to have her long, luscious legs wrapped firmly around him.

As the music intensified she looked back out to the audience with a flick of her hair and a sway of her waist, keeping an eye out for any man who appeared would spend extra for a private performance. Her eyes glazed over when her thoughts took over, and she smiled lightly to herself when they turned to him, and she thought of how lucky she truly was, to have found a love such as hers, to have his full support over her career choice and whatever decisions came with it, and that she was able to see him both at their home and at work.

He shifted himself back against the wall with a muffled chuckle, only to feel his heart race with relieved excitement when her movements began to slow down. He wove himself between the few people passing by the bar after stealing a final glance at her captivating form, willingly making his way to meet her backstage.

She gave the audience a final teasing smile as the music gradually slowed to a stop, and gave them a flirtatious wink when she struck a rather intimate pose between the two girls, listening to the cheers and applause as she graciously stepped down from the stage and pushed past the waiting performers at a quick pace so she could desperately meet her lover in the change rooms. A childlike grin played across her face when she spied him before her vanity, staring down at her makeup and an unfinished glass of whiskey and gin, no doubt left by Nikki. She made her way over to him, silently but for the sound of her heels against the floorboards, and draped her arms around his, planting a soft kiss at the back of his neck, before she was pulled in front of him and embraced into a tempting, much more passionate kiss.