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Shippou only saw Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshomaru, outside of the house. He seemed to be hunting for something.
"Big Brother! Where's Mama and Papa?!" Shippou half screamed and cried out.
Sesshomaru turned around with his long black hair pulled behind his head flying past him in a tangled array. Agitation and anxiousness replaced his usual handsome complexion.
" Shippou! Mother and Father are inside the house! Help me take out the fire!" Sesshomaru yelled and then went back to work on stomping out the small flames around the hut. Shippou dashed around and grabbed an empty pail and went to the river for water.

About three and a half hours later, the fire had fully diminished and the village people were exhausted. Most of them retired to their beds, but some that still had energy left stayed around to help Sesshomaru and Shippou search for the bodies of their parents and recover some salvageable items. Alas, they could only find some pottery and a single bag of rice. Their parents were near the back way exit and both of their corpses were on the floor. It seemed that they tried to escape but the smoke made them unconscious and they fell and was burned to death. Only their bones and some pieces of flesh were recognizable. Their father had obviously tried to protect their mother from the flames because his bones were on top or hers, and a blanket draped around them.

Sesshomaru could not say anything. He just sat there on the slightly burned wooden floor silently. He stared at the corpses. People who helped them find their parents pitied Shippou and Sesshomaru and patted their backs to make them feel better. The pats on the back were making Shippou sadder. He didn't want to be pitied. Sesshomaru seemed unaffected by the murmurs of grief and apologizing. Sesshomaru finally got up and left through the door. No one stopped him. He just walked on and on. Little did the know that he was never to be seen again.

Shippou was under distress. He lost his whole family, in which Sesshomaru didn't count because he was only a half brother and picked on Shippou all the time. Shippou wanted to cry. But all his tears were already gone long before the fire started. 'Besides, men don't cry', Shippou thought. The rest of the helpers disappeared and left Shippou alone. It was clear that he didn't want to talk. ' My family...Mama...Papa.... Inuyasha...', Shippou thought. Shippou started to lose face to the world and could focus on anything but being alone. ' It's just like before. No one to take care of me. No one to love me. No one to love...' A sudden owl hoot woke Shippou from his trance. He suddenly remembered that he could bring back at least Inuyasha and Kagome. Running with less spirit than before, he went back through the market place and headed towards Kenai's hut. The flame had grown huge by now, with Kenai's constant fuel and magic spells. The flame was taller than the woman now. She was still mumbling spells when she called to Shippou who started to back away from the fire. Kenai finished up with the last of the spells and beckoned Shippou closer.

" Shippou, you have to complete the last part in order to retrieve your brother and friend. Only someone they care about is able to bring them back to the living. Now look closer into the fire." Kenai instructed.
Shippou hesitantly looked inside the fire. Beads of sweat covered Shippou's forehead. Shippou's eyes widened when he saw a wispy illusion of Kagome and Inuyasha together with their eyes closed, holding each other within the fire. Shippou backed away.
" Shippou, you have to go in the fire and retrieve their souls. Fire is the power of god. God won't hurt you. You are lucky that god has allowed you to have a second chance at a family...don't waste it." Kenai whispered and backed away.

Shippou was frightened. Memories when he was a child and his experiences with fire flooded him. When he first sighted fire, he went up and touched it and burned his whole hand which didn't heal for a month, when he accidentally tipped over the gas burner and set fire to the garden, when he over cooked the fish for supper and the family went hungry for the night. Even when fire took his parents away. Shippou squeezed his eyes shut and started to back away. Then he heard a voice.
" Shippou...Shippou... don't be courageous.... like your father...."
Shippou's eyes snapped wide open. The voice was...his mother. His real mother. Somehow, Shippou knew it was. Shippou pushed back his fears and placed his hand in the fire trying to figure out where and how to take Inuyasha's and Kagome's soul out. He then felt another hand touch his. Inside the fire was Inuyasha, smiling as he grasped Shippou's hand. Shippou started to pull back and Inuyasha's hand followed. First Inuyasha's hands were transparent, but as Shippou brought Inuyasha's soul out, it became physically contact. Inuyasha then stepped out of the fire in the same outfit he wore before his death, a red hakama and matching pants. Behind him was Kagome. She too was smiling, with her translucent black hair fluttering with the flames. She reached her hand out for Shippou. Shippou, now braver than every, grabbed Kagome's spiritual hand and pulled her out of the fire. Soon, Kagome's spirit body because physical and her peach skin shown brightly against her red and white priestess robes. The fire diminished immediately. Shippou didn't notice because he was jumping into Kagome's arms and hugging Inuyasha's neck.

' I have a family again...I will always have a family...'

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