My first Firebreather fan fiction! I just watched the movie on Cartoon Network, it's awesome! I decided to write this fan fiction. So please enjoy it!

Plot: A new student who is part human, part Kaiju, Ruby, just joined Duncan's school. Meanwhile, the legend of the Black-Fire Dragon, was true and it came out underground and causing havoc! Duncan, Ruby, Belloc, Margaret, Jenna, Isabel, Kenny, Troy, along with the humans, must destroy the evil dragon!

Chapter 1: A New Student

Since that great adventure, Duncan became a hero. Although he still lived with his mother, Margaret, but he can still saw his father, Belloc. He had a girlfriend named Jenna. Isabel and Kenny were together at last. Troy and his friends were no longer as bullies. Everything was great, until now...

A new student had just joined his school. Duncan and his classmates were very happy to meet her.

"This is Ruby, she is a new student in your class. Please be nice to her, students.", the teacher introduced the new student to them.

Ruby was quite similar to Duncan. Her body were covered with scales. She had yellow eyes just like Duncan's. She also had shoulder-length straight blond hair. She wore an orange blouse and a blue long sleeve jacket. She also wore dark blue jeans and black sport shoes. She smiled nervously to her new classmates.

"Please take a seat, Ruby.", the teacher said.

Ruby was unsure where to sit, until Isabel called her in.

Ruby sat on a chair. Beside her was Isabel, Kenny, Duncan and Jenna.

"My name is Isabel. I'm a Kaiju-obssessed fangirl.", Isabel introduced herself to Ruby.

"He's Ken, you can call him Kenny.", Isabel introduced Ken to her.

"She's my girlfriend.", Kenny said and he pointed at Isabel. She smiled.

"I'm Duncan. This is Jenna, my girlfriend.", Duncan introduced himself and Jenna to Ruby.

"Hi. I'm Ruby.", Ruby introduced herself to them.

Duncan read her emotions showing on her face.

She seems nervous. Duncan thought.

During recess, Duncan, Jenna, Isabel, Kenny and Ruby walked around the school compound.

"So, what's your secret?", Isabel asked Ruby.

"I...I can't tell you. It's a very big me.", Ruby replied.

"Come on, we're your best friends, you can trust us!", Isabel said. Her voice was a bit louder than just now.

"I...I can't trust people easily.", Ruby replied.

"Why?", Kenny and Isabel asked Ruby at the same time.

"Just stop the questions, OK?", Jenna stopped Isabel asking Ruby her personal questions.

"Why not?", Isabel asked. She was confused.

"Ruby is a new student, she can't trust us for the first time because she doesn't know much about us yet. And she is defending to answer her personal questions.", Duncan explained.

"Duncan's right. Give her a break, Isabel.", Jenna said.

"Alright.", Isabel finally argeed with it. So was Kenny.

Ruby let out a sigh. Duncan and Jenna took her to a very quiet place.

"Don't worry, Ruby. We're the good guys, you can trust us.", Jenna comforted her.

"I know your secret. You are part human, part Kaiju, right?", Duncan asked.

"How do you know my secret?", Ruby asked, she was horrified.

"You are covered with scales, just like me.", Duncan answered.

"You are...part human, part Kaiju?", Ruby asked.

"Absolutely.", Duncan replied.

"I didn't know that.", Ruby said nervously.

"It's OK, come on, we better go back to class now.", Jenna said.

The three of them, caught up with Isabel and Kenny. They went back to their class.

So, how did you think? I'm just starting to write this story, so go easy on me, OK?

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