This is actually my friend's dream, and so I turned it to a story. (and here she's Shizuo and I'm Izaya lol!) I really envy her for having cool dreams like this one

(Note: but the other chapters are my work ^^)

"The unnecessary


I was pissed off, so I decided to kill that flea. That bug who always annoy the hell out of me. I ended up going to his apartment. And when I finally came there, some things went beyond my expectation.

"I-ZA-YA-KUN!" I kicked the door w/out hesitation. I've got the confidence to kill him today that's why… but then, it was quiet, no response at all, so I came in.

I saw 3 men lying on the living room… dead. Honestly, I was quite shocked by it. At that time there are two things that came to my mind:

It's either,

- He killed them or

- He was killed by them

Either way. Who cares. So I continued to walk in… until I realized something crazy… I was a 'man'. Yeah, I am clearly a man right now. I touched my hair it was so short, then I have this 'firm' chest of an obviously a man's and I have this "thing" I didn't have before. And guess what, I'm a Blondie

Right now… and in a bartender's outfit w/ a blue sunglasses ohh… so I'm the "HEIWAJIMA SHIZUO" right now… this is so rare so, I'm going to enjoy this…

I continued to walk to a room in this apartment. Uhh, what am I doing again…? Ahh, gonna kill Izaya, that's right.

When I entered his room, I expected that this will be very messy, but, I was wrong… this room was perfectly neat, arranged and … wait … blood…? There's a blood on his bed? Ah!

Suddenly a phone rang. It's a loud ringing tone and on top of that annoying, so I decided to search for it. I opened his drawer one by one, it was neatly arranged… so weird for a boy though.

Still, the ringing tone's getting louder and louder at the moment. So I rushed to search for that annoying phone.

Finally, when I opened his last closet, A Man was revealed, staring at me. Of course I got freaked out, and then I realized that he was dead when he fell down in front of me. The ringing was coming from this guy, so I searched all of his pockets even though it's a bit freaky. At last I found it. It was a number and it's not in the contacts. So, I was in two thoughts.

If I'll not answer it or I will. But when I remembered that I'm searching for izaya, I immediately clicked the answer button w/out thinking. I slowly placed it into my ear…

"Shizu-chan!~!~! ahh~!". It was a voice of a man who is moaning.

And don't tell me it's…

"F-fuck me Shizu-chan!~ please~!

Fuck me~ right now! Ahh!~!~!"

"Izaya? Where are you! What the hell are you thinking!"

Even though I'm shocked on what I just heard, I tried to calm down. This scene was so familiar to me, so I got a grip on myself. Looks like someone told this to me. Maybe it's her…

"I-izaya… are you still there…?"

Meanwhile, I heard a cry from other line of the phone.

"S-shizu-chan… help me… I need you… save me…" he start crying loud.

W-what to say now?

"Oi, calm down… Don't cry, just tell me where the hell you are…"

"Shizu-chan…" He sniffed…

"Yeah?" this caused me to be gentle even in a situation like this.

Suddenly. I heard the phone like it was snatched and the voice was now different.

"Heiwajima Shizuo…" He called my name. I mean shizuo's name. I know I'm shizuo right now, but still I'm not him…

"Who the fuck are you? Did you kidnap izaya huh?"

"Let me ask you a question". The man in the phone said to me.

At a time like this! Damn it! But wait… why am I so annoyed? I was searching for izaya to kill him right?

So why am I so desperate to go there?

"Do you hate Orihara Izaya?"

Was his sudden question…

"H-huh? What kind of question is that…?

I then heard a bang coming on the other side of the phone. I gasped thinking that-

"The next time you won't answer my question. I will really point this to Izaya's head and shoot him".

Damn it. Was all I can say in my mind.

"So…? What…?"

I took a deep breath before I answered this bastard. And thought a lot of things that's bothering me… if I'm shizuo right now, then that means… Izaya is… 'Her', my friend obviously…

So, what am I supposed to do right now? What if it's her? But then what if it IS the real Izaya? Either way, I need to do something!

"I have no hatred against him… he is… my friend." I answered in a firm voice.

"Ohh… so, you Love Him?"

HUH! This guy is definitely making fun of me! But I need to answer all of his stupid questions or else She or Izaya will be killed for sure.

" I have no answer for that question yet… but, he is important to me. And somehow, I need him"…

The hell I'm saying!

The man seemed satisfied w/ my answer and told me where are they. And without thinking once again, I went to that place

"IZAYA!" my voice echoed as I shouted his name…

"IZAYA! Where are you? Answer me! Damn it!"


Finally… it's his voice…

"Oi izaya! Where are you!

"I'm Here!"

"Where? Keep talking!"

"C'mon I'm just Right here! Save me!"

"I know that! I'm running right now can't u see?"

"How can I see you! My body is tied up!"

His voice is near, it's becoming clear. I saw a door. He is definitely here. So I opened it… and saw him…

"Shizu-chan! You Idiot! Why are you so slow as ever?"

His attitude was so different in the phone earlier. He is like a puppy for a meanwhile and now a dog in a bitchy mode.

"Damn it! Shizu-chan! Release me now!"

"Ok wait-"I suddenly thought of something… what if I tease him for a little while. That might be fun.


"What are you doing? Hurry he might come!"

"Call me… master first… w/ a please of course."

I can't help but to smile after seeing his reaction when I told that…

"You monster… stop fooling around and untie me!"

Whoa. As expected he won't agree so easily… I walked closer.

"Please Izaya…" I said

"tell it… just one time is fine for me…"

As softly as I can.

He became silent for a while and… he blushed, so he looked away from me. Honestly, that's kind of cute.

"P-please… master…"

"Louder… one more time"

"PLEASE! M-master! Darn it! Protozoan! Untie me!"

Haha… he snapped

"Ok, ok don't shout."

I removed the rope around his hands and feet and it's obvious that he suffered just by seeing those wounds.

"At Last…" he said while squeezing his right hand with his left.

"Can you stand? I'll help you". I reached my hand but he just ignored it and stood on his own.

"Never mind… Let's go…"

Really… this Flea's a poker face


"Oi! Izaya! Can you run faster than that! We're not doing sight seeing in a mall you know!"

"Damn it shizuo! My legs are hurting!"

He fell

"O-oi!" so I ran back to him.

"That's what I'm telling you…"

"S-shut up. O-ouch!"

I carried him on my back in the end. And then, ran to my car.

"The fuck! You have a car!"

"Well, sorry about that…"

I searched the keys on my pocket and it took pretty long...

"Duck" izaya whispered…

"Huh? Sorry but I'm a turtle…"

"No! I mean-"

I felt an impact on my back and it made me bleed. Because it was a gun.

"Shit…" I was totally lucky because the moment I was hit I found those keys, and rushed to open my car.

I then gently placed izaya in.

The moment I sat on my chair, we flew from that filthy place like the speed of an airplane.

"S-shizu-chan… are you? Ok?" izaya surprisingly asked me.

"I feel numb. Don't worry"

He widened his eyes at my reply and smirked after…

"Well that's normal… you're a monster after all…"

So. We came to a big boat where my boss, Tom and my brother, Kasuka are having a somewhat party thing.

I went out to the car and called tom… he went out fast and I told every single thing. He looked sweaty after hearing my story.

"Tom… take care of izaya for me, in his condition he won't be able to fight w/ me." I simply said but his reply was "Your one to talk Shizuo, look at yourself. You're even bleeding."

Yeah, totally true. But I don't feel a single thing about this wound. Amazing isn't? After our talk Izaya went out to the car and looks like he heard everything.

"What are you saying Shizu-chan! I need to come w/ you! I will also fight, I need to kill that bastard!"

He shouted at my big dumb founded face… but all I did was placed my hands to both of his shoulders and said, "You will not come w/ me izaya that's final, Final Izaya… this time listen to Me." He looked down and tears and was starting to flow on his eyes. I felt guilty. And I got shocked when he held my hand.

"I want to come with you shizuo…" he said shaking. "If you will die I will die with you…" he paused and I waited for him to continue. But I was like

HUH! When I heard him saying

"Because, shizu-chan… I Love You"

I just can't convey my feelings…

It is happiness? I wonder what.

"So… please, let me come w/ you. I beg you." that's the first time I heard him w/ his soft voice. Well, I can't refuse so I grabbed him and went back to the car.

"O-oi! Shizuo?"… I completely forgot about tom, so I just waved back to him to tell 'its fine now don't worry'

"Plus, I don't want that guy. He is an Indian right?"

I almost choked when I heard that to Izaya…

"He's my boss you know…"


"Wait… how come we came in here?"

I said in a confused tone.

Izaya back to his normal self placed both of his hands on the pocket of his jacket and provoked me.

"Hmm… because Shizu-chan is an idiot that's why… Now, did I just answered your silly question?"

"FLEA!"… Suddenly the door opened and a man w/ a gun walked in. he was pointing the gun to me.

"Izaya. I will give you two choices… you will come w/ me and love me w/ all your heart OR you will be w/ that man but he will die."

I always thought that Izaya will be this arrogant person when it comes to this kind of situations. Like he'll answer, 'Is that even a choice?' or something like that… but what I saw was a painful look on his eyes. Really, so this guy is serious about me…

"I will come w/ you. But I can't love you, because this man has already my heart and no one can ever steal it." He said w/ the best serious face I ever saw. The man looked pissed off and gripped the gun his holding, but he lowered it.

"Now, come here!" he ordered to Izaya. And he walked slowly to him, he glanced back at me w/ that painful looking eyes and a slight smile, which caused a clench to my heart…

"Izaya…" I said… he stopped walking, so I walked near to him…

"This is your goodbye? Filthy as ever don't u think?"

"Oi! Go Far!" I heard the man shouting at me but I didn't care.

"You just told me how you felt, then your just going to leave me after?"

I made this angry face and looked at the man. "I won't give him to you."

I grabbed Izaya and pushed him to my back.



Then, I just realized that I'm shot… but surprisingly I still can hear them talking. I was on the floor dying of course.

"Izaya. Are you still going to disobey me even that man now is good as dead? Now, Come with me"

Ahh… of course izaya will pick him. Who even wants someone like me? Maybe tom haha…
"Shut up." He said, while his voice was clearly in pain.

"I'd rather be w/ this man in grave than to be w/ an asshole like you. GO AWAY! BASTARD!" izaya cried

The man looked away w/ a slight grin and said. "Then… as you wish… My beloved Izaya… be w/ that dead man crying all day long than laughing w/ me."

He then walked and closed the door leaving the two of us in this rooftop.

Still, I can hear and feel Izaya on my chest sobbing and continued to curse me.

"Why in the world you did that… huh shizu-chan? YOU ARE TOTALLY AN IDIOT… IDIOT… IDIOT..."

I still can hear you, you know.

If only I can tell that to him. But right now. Looks like I can't.

"Since you're an Idiot… I'll use CPR to you… don't mind me."

H-HUH! W-what the! W-wait! O-oi!

Even though I panicked in my mind. My body won't move… WHY!

Looks like I cant do anything about it… I sighed in my mind letting this flea do what he wants. He pressed his lips unto mine's and did "CPR".

But wait, this looks like a kiss! It's obviously not CPR!

After that humiliating scene. I finally opened my eyes and saw him clearly. He was smiling…

"See ya… Shizu-chan" he whispered.

"Glad that you're Alive" I gasped

BAG! The door opened

This time I nearly chocked because it's my boss, Tom who surprised me w/ his late appearance.

"A-are you ok! Where are the bastards!"

"Ahhh… tom… don't worry about it, they are all Gone… Even Him…"

I'm referring to izaya of course

"Brother… you're bleeding…"

"Ahh, kasuka…"

As usual they were kind to me… they brought me to the hospital, and I stayed there for only 2 days with full recovery. Shizuo's really a monster… Ah… I mean Me…

"At last House!" I shouted on the street, well the people don't seem to care though.

"W-what the hell are you doing…Izaya-kun?"

I said with my casual annoyed voice…

"Ahh~ shizu-chan~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~!~~!"

This flea, don't tell me he's drunk…?

"My birthday passed months ago, you know."

He was on my bed casually drinking… wait… drinking… WINE!

I ran to my ref and saw 3 bottles were gone.


"Shizu-chan~ don't be such a *hic* stingy … *hic* anyway, I have your phone so I came here to give it back to you *hic*"

He showed my phone to me and treated it like a ball and flew it over and over again.

"IZAYA! Give it back!"

"*hic* NO~ WAY~ get it yourself! *hic* hahaha!~!"

I jumped to him to get my phone but he quickly hide it… guess where


"Get it… Shizu-chan"

His voice was inviting me… yeah… fucking inviting me…

"You are disgusting…" I simply said while squeezing his nose…

"Yeah…? Loving a monster is more disgusting you know... like… loving YOU…"

I sighed… "Give it back now… I'm waiting for a call"

"NO~!" he suddenly moaned…

"Oi… izaya? What's wrong?"

He looked directly to my face and he was blushing.

"Don't place your hands on my pants so suddenly…"

"Huh? I'm, not"

Oh. It's vibrating…

"Shizu-chan~ stop touching me…"

"I'm not…"

"If you won't stop…" he pulled me

"I'll turn you on~ hehe~"

"Ahh! Mmm!"

In the end we "did" it… what to do… I'm not controlling my body only my mind….

"Shizu-chan… love you…"

I looked at him w/ wide eyes like I'm shocked…

"Yeah… love you too"

… END…