"Yeah! That was fucking great!" Izaya shouted as he stepped on the mans head like a dead cockroach.

"You overdid it." Shizuo sighed.

"You're one to talk." Izaya pointed 20 men lying in front of him. "You almost crushed their ribs didn't you?"

"Shut up."

He pulled izaya's head softly, and then placed his forehead to him.

"Flea… when you came in my life… Bullshit keeps on happening…" shizuo glared at him. Still with his forehead leaned to him.

"Hmm… sorry about that…"

Izaya pulled shizuo's necktie to kiss him… but also pushed him quickly when he realized that that it's not over yet. They both looked to the man who started this 'so called fight'. Both of them was shocked when he's smiling and even clapped.

"That was great…" he stood up.

"Perfect show…" he went to the door "that satisfied me…" he opened it slowly.


"My gift for you brother… a person that you can trust for the rest of your life."


Kasuka left. Leaving shizuo In confusion. "T-the hell…?" shizuo scratched his head then looked to the informat whose now whistling.

"Flea... care to explain this to me?" he made this cracking sound of his fist ready to punch Izaya.

"Still… shizu-chan… your Underwear turns me on… hehe~"


The flea ran and the monster chased him… with their suits on of course.



"Are you sure that's fine?"


"What a weakling you are kasuka… that's why no one stays with you…"

The older man left.

"It's better this way…" he clenched his fists.

"Yeah… fucking better." He heard two girls outside shouting his name.


"Being an actor and all… that suits me…"


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