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It was a fateful event, the day they first met…

"Red! Come back here!" A new mother shouted. As bizarre as it may sound, she was having trouble chasing her one year old son who was still crawling. Her husband was out and she decided it would be good for her son to have some fresh air at the park.

How she wished that they stayed at home.

"Red? Sweetie? Where are you? Come back to mommy!" The young mother shouted in desperation, unable to find her child.

Elsewhere, the adventurous baby otherwise known as Red was having a ball. He was, unintentionally, knocking down stalls, tripping people, etc. Later, a flash of green caught his eye, and being a curious one year old, he wanted to find out what it was. Crawling as quickly as a one year old could, he searched around until he found it once again it.

It was a green balloon.

He quickly reached for it but then noticed that there was another spiky haired baby holding onto it. They started tugging the balloon back and forth. After a few minutes another baby, shook them, momentarily stopping their fight.

It was a baby girl wearing blue.

They turned to look at the new baby, to see her staring back at them with a cute face. They then proceeded back to their game of tug-and-war, but then they heard wailing. The culprit of the noise was none other than the blue baby. Unable to bear the sight of her crying, the two boys called some sort of a truce and gave her the balloon, and she giggled in delight. Then they 'talked' together, like they've always known each other, smiling, laughing, playing.

Then while the two boys were 'talking' amongst themselves, the girl disappeared along with the balloon. Once they noticed, Red started crying. The other boy looked sad.

"Red? RED! There you are!" Red's mom shouted in delight, accompanied by an older looking man.

"Green! There you are young boy! I told you to stay with your grandpa."

"Thank you for helping me find Red!"

"Likewise, miss."

"Ok, Red, let's g-"She was cut off by the wailing of Red.

"Green let's-"The old man, known as Professor Oak was also cut off by Green tugging his shirt.

"Wha?" The two adults sounded together. But it soon made sense to them once they saw the two babies pointing at each other.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to stay with each other for awhile, would it?" Red's mom said, beaming.

"No, not at all." Prof. Oak responded, cracking a smile.

"Red, sweetie, we have to go now! It's dark out, see?" Red's mom tried to explain to the wailing boy that it was late.

"Green, come on now." Prof. Oak said.

Green nodded at Red, and he nodded back. They waved and smiled at each other, then stopped crying.

"It was a pleasure to meet you and your grandson Professor Oak."

"The pleasure is mine, miss. We should get going. Good bye then."

"Yes, good bye."

They started to walk back, but noticed they were walking in the same direction.

"Excuse me, professor, but where do you live?"

"Why, I live in the lab at Pallet Town."

"What a coincidence! We live next door to the lab!"

"Well, isn't that great boys?" Professor Oak said merrily, to the two giggling babies, as if they understood.

"Good night, professor, we'll see you tomorrow?" Red's mother said, stopping in front of the house's door.

"Of course, good night to you too."

The two boys waved at each other and started to go into their houses, when they saw a green balloon floating by. Across the street, they saw the baby girl from earlier, waving from the front door of the house. They all smiled at each other and crawled back inside their homes.