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Red and Green are both 11.

Red's POV

"Dang! It bounced off again!"

"My turn next!"

"Think you can do it?"

"Be quiet!"

Those kids are so cute! But they're amateurs. I remember when I first attempted to catch a Pokémon.

"I'm gonna catch this Pokémon and make it my pet!" One little determined girl shouted.

I grinned. Guess I should go help them. I lightly pushed off the tree I was leaning on and casually strolled to their spot.

"Here goes!" The little girl yelled, throwing a Poke Ball with all her might. As expected, the Poke Ball just bounced off. "Wh-? It bounced off again…?"

"Ha ha ha! That's not how you catch a Pokémon!" I lectured. "If you wanna catch a Pokémon…You gotta weaken it first, then throw the Poke Ball."

Time to show them how it's done.

"Watch carefully!" I yelled, throwing my Poke Ball. "Poliwhirl! Water Gun!" Following my order, Poliwhirl shot a steady stream of water from his open palm at the Nidorino.

"Wow!" One boy shouted.

"It looks dizzy!" Another pointed out.

"Yup! And now that it's weak, I throw the Poke Ball!" I explained, throwing the capturing device.

"Ha ha ha! I caught Nidorino!" I shouted in celebration upon hearing the familiar click. I raised the Poke Ball in the air as the kids praised me saying, "Awesome!", or, "That was cool, Red!"

Everyone in Pallet Town knows me, and if they don't, they should. After all, I'm the best Pokémon trainer in these parts! I still don't know how many Pokémon inhabit this world…But I do know that I'm gonna catch 'em all!

"Hey, Red! Do you know Professor Oak?" One kid asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"The old man at the town's edge?" I recalled. I've seen him a couples of times before. Mom's surprisingly really close with him. "What about him?"

"Well…" A boy started.

"People say that he's an expert on Pokémon." The girl who attempted to capture the Nidorino cut in.

"Maybe he'll teach us how to catch some…"

"You don't need that old nut!" I interjected. "I'll teach you everything you wanna know!"

"Maybe…But they say he taught his grandson to be one of the greatest trainers ever…"

"Grandson?" I thought aloud. That old nut has a grandson? I wonder why we've never met…Or have we? ...Whatever.

"Yeah! He just got back from his trip overseas, where he was studying Pokémon."

"Pfft! I don't care who he is! He wouldn't stand a chance against me!" Hey, it's true! I'm the strongest trainer around in these parts. No one can match up to me.

"Seeya tomorrow!" The kids chorused.

"Bye!" I said, taking my leave.

"Hmph! Old Professor Oak, eh?" I thought aloud, walking towards home. He has a grandson…who knew? I mean re-

"Whoa!" I yelled stumbling into some guy wearing a dark uniform.

"Hey!" he yelled. "Watch it, maggot!"

"Yikes!" Wait up. Did he just call me a maggot? I looked back up to see a bunch of guys in the same uniform walking into the forest. "Where'd they come from?"

There's something dangling from their belts…Hey! Those are Poke Balls! They must be Pokémon trainers. I should challenge them! I better get closer…Wait…what are they talking about? Better hide and see.

"It's hiding in this grass somewhere!" The one I bumped into shouted. Maybe he's the leader…? "Don't rest until it's found! The phantom Pokémon!"

Phantom Pokémon? Never heard of it!

"To the western forest!" The man ordered. "Cut everything down!" They all left, sprinting off into the distance.

"…Thanks for telling me about it!" I yell in the direction where they left. "The phantom Pokémon will be mine!" I declare, pumping my fist into the air. I set off for the western forest, but not before gathering a bunch of Poke Balls.

Green's POV

I calmly walked through the western forest, looking for that phantom Pokémon that those guys were talking about earlier. Hearing some rustling, I quickly turned to face the intruder. It looked like a pink feline. That was probably it. I paused and stared at it for awhile. Wait, I could've sworn I heard someone talking…No matter. Time to get to business

"Go! Charmander!" I yelled, calling forth my partner. It felt good to have him back. A little before Red, Blue, and I separated, grandfather took back Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, promising to return them to us when we come of age. I got my Pokémon back, but I have no idea about what happened to Red and Blue. Red and I just never saw each other after he left for Johto, and Blue just disappeared. As for me, I focused on my training. I was going to be the very best.

I quickly issued attack after attack on the Pokémon, although it dodged easily. It seems powerful. Too powerful.

"That's enough! Return, Charmander!" I say, calling back my Pokémon.

"What do you think you're doing? You almost had that thing!" Another voice joins the area. I slowly turned around, only to be surprised. Was that…Red?


Surely it couldn't be…

"Fine then!" he shouts, glaring at me. "My turn! Go Poliwhirl!"

Poliwhirl? Red always wanted one…

"Water Gun!" he ordered, but the Pokémon quickly retaliated, hitting his Poliwhirl. "Yaaaaaah! Poliwhirl?" The Pokémon effectively knocked out his Poliwhirl, and fled.

It has to be Red. I just know it! I am positive. Did he just look at me? But…it was a look of confusion. Does he not recognize me? Am I nothing to him?

"Hey Poliwhirl! You're okay! Get up!" he desperately shouted, snapping me out of my thoughts.

...His Poliwhirl needs him right now. If he doesn't want to remember me, so be it. I don't need to intrude. I need to let go of these things anyway. They might hinder me in the long run.

"Didn't you see it?" I inquired, looking into the distance. It might hurt him, but he needs some sense knocked into his head. He's just as cocky as I remember. "…When I was battling it?" Red's eyes widened a bit, but he never took them off of his fallen partner.

"I could tell right away that it was superior to me by a lot." I continued. "That's why I made Charmander stop its attacks." I chanced a glance at him.

I've never seen Red look so…broken.

"Always know what your limitations are. If you don't, then you're only beating on yourself." I forced a smirk on my face as I took my leave. "Don't forget that."

"I…really…lost." I heard him utter weakly.

I'm sorry, Red.

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So, Red has apparently forgotten about Green, but Green recognizes Red. Realizing that Red doesn't seem to remember him, he's hurt. He also realizes that Red seems a bit broken, and that his loss took a big impact on him, and he doesn't want Red being stressed any further. He makes an excuse for himself, saying he needs to let go of his bonds to be more powerful (TOTAL SASUKE REFERENCE. XD). He still regrets what he did, though.

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