Challenge Alert PSYREN !


I recently read manga psyren and I liked a lot. the only problem was the absence of romance. So I wanted to notify this and maybe you can write a story about it or tell other friends (authors) to make it. the conditions are:

-pairings must be ageha/nemesis Q (No.7) or harem (only if nemesis is in it)

-crossover with other fanfics are ok: if that's the case pairing nemesis with the hero of the other anime/manga is also ok in case you don't like ageha. (I don't mind naruto/nemesis q or ichigo/nemesis q...)

-you can improvise or take some hints from other animes/mangas; as you know the topic of psyren is psychic powers and that can be added to all other type of powers... I'll let you imagine the rest

Thanks again.