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NOTE: This fanfic takes place two months after the events in "The Misty Mermaid", around the time where Ash and co. are adventuring in the Orange Islands. Of course, this fanfic has nothing to do with Ash and his friends, so I'll just shut up about them.

SECONDARY NOTE: I don't hate the Sensational Sisters! They're three of my favorite Pokémon characters! (And very hot, too. ^_^) I wrote this fic when I got the wild idea about sending the three of them on an adventure. Trust me, it'll be a very cool (yet very weird) adventure.


It was a beautiful day in Cerulean City. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, the bees were buzzing, and everyone was happy. Especially the Sensational Cerulean Sisters. Their recent play, "The Magical Mermaid", had made over $100,000 in box office receipts, and the sisters were able to use this money to buy a cool scoreboard and sound system for their pool. Everything was going great, except for the fact that the sisters were beginning to gain a reputation for not wanting to battle. Sure, there was the occasional gym battle, but that was once in a blue moon. However, today was different. Today, there would be a gym battle.

"Like, go, Seaking!" Lily shouted, throwing her Pokéball. The pretty pink-haired girl was standing on a large green platform floating in the huge pool of the Cerulean Gym. Her older sisters, Daisy and Violet, stood poolside, observing the battle.

"Raticate, use Hyper Fang!" shouted Lily's current adversary, a young brown-haired boy wearing red overalls and a blue baseball cap. The Raticate nodded, then rushed at the Seaking, its large teeth ready to strike. The Raticate bit into the Seaking's tailfin, and the fish Pokémon leapt back under the water to heal its wound.

"Seaking, use your Waterfall attack!" Lily shouted. A large column of water rose up and hurled the Raticate into the air. The Raticate landed on the deck of the pool, next to the small boy. It was unconscious. The scoreboard made a loud dinging sound as a large red X appeared over an electronic picture of the Raticate. Two other pictures, showing a Metapod and a Graveler, were above the Raticate's picture. They also had Xs on them. The scoreboard began flashing.

"Like, Lily has KOed three of the challenger's Pokémon! Since this is a three-on-three battle, Lily wins!" shouted a voice over the speakers which were placed all over the arena. The voice belonged to Lily.

"Darn," the boy said. "Raticate, return."

The boy held out his Pokéball. A large red beam came out of it and absorbed Raticate back into the ball.

"Whoo-hoo! Victory!" Lily shouted, making the "V For Victory" sign with her right hand. "Seaking, return!"

Lily held out a Pokéball, and a red beam came out of it, absorbing Seaking.

"Like, that was a great show!" Daisy said, congratulating her sister.

"Totally," Violet said. "That was pretty scary when he knocked out your second Pokémon, but you held on to win!"

"Well, duh," Lily said. "I knew I would win all along!"

Lily hopped off of the platform and went around to the other side of the pool.

"Like, you really fought well," Lily said, extending her hand to the small boy. "Maybe next time, okay?"

The boy shook Lily's hand.

"Wow," the boy said. "You're really good. You must battle all the time."

"Uh…" Lily said, a large animé sweatdrop appearing on her forehead. "Uh, yeah, like, I battle all the time!"

"Totally," Violet said.

"There's nothing more important to the Sensational Sisters than battling Pokémon," Daisy said.

"Really?" the boy said. "Because everybody said that you guys almost never battle, and that you spend all your time doing water ballets and stuff. But now that I fought one of you, I know they're just lying. They're just mad that they lost."

"Uh, yeah!" Daisy said.

"Those big meanies," Lily said. "You go tell them that they can come anytime, and battle-"

Violet put her hand over Lily's mouth.

"Like, shouldn't you be going now?" Violet said.

"Okay!" the boy yelled, leaving the gym. "I'll come back tomorrow to try and beat you!"

The boy left the gym.

"Now everyone's like, gonna come to the gym and challenge us," Violet growled. "Thanks a lot, Lily."

Lily pushed Violet's hand away.

"Sorry," Lily said. "I guess I got like, totally carried away."

"That's an understatement," Daisy said.

The three girls walked over to a small table that was sitting by the pool. There were three chairs at the table, and the girls sat down.

"So, like, what do you guys want to do today?" Daisy asked.

"Well, we could plan the next performance," Lily said. "Have you got any ideas, Violet?"

"I've been writing this totally adorable script for a play about a girl who meets this Horsea, and then she like, loses it, and she goes everywhere looking for it," Violet said. "Maybe that could work."

"Oooh!" Lily squealed. "Can I be the girl?"

"Like, I want to be the girl," Daisy said. "You guys made me be the prince last time we did a play, and I totally hated it."

"You liked being the prince," Violet said. "You got a really cool sword and everything."

"Like, that was until this total loser girl came along and said I was a she-male," Daisy said.

"Really?" Lily said. "You should have like, slapped her."

"I would have, but she had about five or six of her friends with her," Daisy said. "Besides, we're big celebrities. If I like, hit somebody, it would be all over the news and everything."

"It's not like you hit a fan," Lily said. "You could have said she like, hit you first."

"Daisy, Lily, let's not talk about hitting people," Violet said.

"Like, she started it," Daisy said, pointing at Lily.

"Sorry," Lily said. "Like, maybe you should play the girl, Violet. It's your play, after all."

"Like, maybe we can get Misty back to play the girl!" Daisy said. "Misty's the only one that's really young enough for the part. So, like, she'd be a natural!"

"We don't even know where Misty is," Violet said. "The last I saw her was about a month ago in the stands at the Pokémon League."

"Didn't Ash get 16th in that?" Lily said.

"Yeah! Hey, you know, if we weren't gym leaders, I bet we could go on our own Pokémon journey! We could even win the Pokémon League competition," Daisy said.

"Um, Daisy, that sounds sort of… far-fetched," Violet said.

"Well, anyway, we should just go and find Misty?" Lily asked.

"Yeah! It would be like, totally fun to make Misty be in one of our plays again!" Daisy said. "She always does whatever we tell her! It'll be great!"

Daisy, Violet, and Lily laughed. Suddenly, something extremely weird and strange happened. A huge black gate opened up, and the three girls were pulled into it.


"Aaaah!" Violet screamed. The three girls were being hurtled through space and time, as weird black and white waves gyrated about them.

"What's going on?" Lily yelled. "I'm scared!"

"This is totally not cool!" Daisy shrieked.

The waves stopped gyrating, and the three girls were plopped rudely onto a hard, cold surface. Darkness was all around them, and yet the girls could see as if it were as bright as day.

"Where the heck are we?" Daisy screamed. She stood up and dusted herself off.

"I don't know," Violet said. She slowly stood up and walked over to Lily, who was still lying on the ground. Lily sat up and shook her head violently.

"This is freaky," Lily said, standing up.

"WELCOME, VILLAINS!" boomed a loud, deep male voice from the dark shadows.

"Who said that?" Daisy yelled. Just as soon as Daisy finished her sentence, a black, spherical object began floating toward the girls. It turned around to reveal two large, angry-looking yellow eyes and a yellow mouth. The strange spherical creature had no nose. Two small angel-like wings sprouted forth from its back.

"I did," the spherical creature said. "Welcome to the Dimensional Rift. My name is Jimbob, the Angel of Vengeance. "

"The Angel of Vengeance?" Lily said. "You don't look like an angel…"

"Silence, mortal!" Jimbob hissed.

"Like, did you bring us here?" Violet asked.

"Yes, I did," Jimbob said.

"Why?" Daisy asked. "Did we do something wrong?"

"Everything," Jimbob said. "You see, whenever I see people perform grave injustice on other creatures, I bring them to this realm. That is why I am called the Angel of Vengeance."

"Grave injustice?" Lily said. "Like, we never performed any grave injustices on anyone! Honest!"

"Oh, really?" Jimbob said. He waved his hand, and a wide-screen high-definition TV appeared in front of the three girls. A large VCR was sitting on top of the TV.

"Like, wow!" Violet yelled. "That is a totally huge TV!"

"Sit," Jimbob said. A couch appeared behind Daisy, Violet, and Lily. The couch scooted up, and the girls fell onto the couch. "Now, watch."

Jimbob produced a tape and popped it in the VCR. The TV screen flashed on to reveal a small sandbox. A chibi-sized Daisy, Violet, and Lily were sitting in the sandbox, playing with shovels and buckets. A small toddler with orange hair slowly walked toward the sandbox.

"Awww…" Lily said. "We were so cute back then!"

"Silence!" Jimbob yelled. "Now, watch!"

The small orange-haired toddler sat next to the sandbox. She turned her head toward Chibi Daisy.

"Can I play with you, big sister?" the toddler said.

"Go away," Chibi Daisy said.

"But…" the toddler stammered. Violet picked up a handful of sand.

"You want to play with the sand?" Violet said. She tossed the sand into the toddler's eyes.

"WAAAAH!" the toddler yelled, running around and crying. She rubbed her eyes violently. "My eyes! You got sand in my eyes!"

Chibi Daisy, Chibi Violet, and Chibi Lily laughed with glee. The TV flashed off.

"Like, you just had to throw sand in Misty's eyes," Lily said.

"I can't believe it," Jimbob said. "That was terribly cruel."

"I apologized to her twenty minutes later!" Violet protested.

"Yadda, yadda, yadda," Jimbob said. "But wait. There's more."

Jimbob popped another video into the VCR. On this video, a slightly older Daisy, Violet, and Lily were dunking Misty into the Cerulean Gym pool repeatedly.

"Stop it!" Misty yelled as she was dunked again.

"Like, what's the matter?" Daisy said. "You don't like the water?"

"I like the water!" Misty yelled. "Just stop!"

"Excuse me whilst I barf my lunch," Jimbob said, pretending to vomit.

"Like, we apologized for that, too!" Lily said.

"Talk to the hand, 'cause the face don't wanna hear it," Jimbob said. "Now, one more video…"

"We don't need to see any more videos!" Violet yelled. "Like, we know we were mean to Misty, okay? You don't have to rub it in our faces!"

"Yeah!" Lily said. "We're sorry, okay?"

"Sorry isn't good enough," Jimbob said. "So, I'm going to teach you three a lesson."

Jimbob waved his hand again, and the TV and VCR disappeared. In their place was a large, colorful wheel with the names of many different pop culture franchises on it.

"What's with the wheel?" Daisy asked.

"It's the Wheel of Dimension," Jimbob said. "Anyone that gets sent here has to spin it."

"Like, just send us back home!" Lily yelled. "This is like, kidnapping! We can have you arrested! Like, why aren't you punishing anyone else like this? There are a lot of people that have performed injustices throughout history! Like, uh… Genghis Khan! And, uh… King George III! And, uh… Adolf Hitler! And Osama Bin Laden!"

"Yes, but they were all ugly old men who I wouldn't find it very interesting to punish," Jimbob said. "I only punish people who it would be a lot of fun to punish. The last person I punished was… lemme see… oh yeah. That Jimmy Hoffa guy."

"Jimmy Hoffa?" Lily said. "Who's that?"

Violet put her finger on her chin, as in she was thinking about something.

"Like, Jimmy Hoffa was the leader of the Teamsters," Violet said. "I forget exactly who the Teamsters were, though…"

"That's right," Jimbob said. "He wanted to steal money from hard-working corporate executives by organizing things called strikes and unions. He committed horrible injustices, so I punished him."

"He wanted fair wages for workers!" Violet yelled. "Jimmy Hoffa was a good man!"

"Geez, Violet," Lily said, "since when did you get such like, strong political beliefs?"

"Like, one of the guys I dated had a father who was a history professor," Violet said. "I learned a lot from him."

"Wow," Daisy said.

"ENOUGH BABBLING!" Jimbob yelled. "Now, here's your punishment. You must spin this wheel. The pop culture franchise it lands on will be the dimension you get warped to. You must achieve success in that dimension to escape and come here. Once you do, you must spin the wheel again. Succeed in twelve dimensions, and you win, and all of your injustices are forgiven, and you get returned back home. However, no one has ever gotten past twelve dimensions before."

"What?" Daisy said. "Explain that again!"

"No!" Jimbob yelled. "Now, spin the wheel!"

"Like, I'm the oldest, so I'll spin first," Daisy said, spinning the wheel. The wheel spun round and round, finally landing on…

"Star Wars: Episode I?" Lily said.

"Wow, you landed on a good one," Jimbob said. "Are you ready?"

"Like, we're going to the Star Wars dimen-" Violet said before another gate opened and the girls were pulled in. Jimbob smirked.

"They'll never survive," Jimbob said. "Serves them right."

Jimbob sat down on the couch and waved his hand, The big-screen TV appeared in front of him. The screen flashed on.

"I'll monitor their progress on this," Jimbob said. "Like they'll ever make any progress. Bwahaha!"

Jimbob waved his hand again, and a small mini-fridge appeared next to the couch. Jimbob pulled a beer out of the fridge and began chugging it down.


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