Our Altered Destinies


The ocean of stars that surrounded him and his ship was comforting for a while but even their spectacular beauty wasn't enough to help get him back into a better mood. True that their beauty was far greater than anything he had ever seen in the great cosmos beyond their world but now they just didn't seem to be helping him at all. He had spent so many vorns of his life sailing through these fascinating orbs of light, drifting through the wilderness of the unknown and flying across nebulas that he didn't seem at all surprised that they no longer interested in them. Or maybe it was because of the current situation that had caused him to lose interest in something he had always found interesting.

Sighing as he exited the viewing deck, the great Magnus pondered on what to do.

Only a few more sols before they reached Cybertron and already he was getting bombarded with Comm calls from the High Council and fellow Elite Guard members, all asking him the same things. Like 'what to do about the issues Energon crisis in Helix' or 'we need more Autobots in the outer colonies' and all those bothersome problems. Even Sentinel would easily be able to handle these mundane tasks. Yes, it was his duty to attend to them and solve them but he right now there was only one thing on his mind.

Speaking of which, he was waiting for a Comm from Perceptor, the one mech he really needed to talk to about his current problem. He had requested to speak with him when they got close enough to Cybertron but Wheeljack was the first to answer and had informed him that Perceptor was currently busy on a project, but he will get back to him as soon as he could! Since then he was constantly checking his Comm to see if the great Autobot Scientist answered his call but sadly that project must have been something that Perceptor wanted to finish before speaking with him. Perceptor had a nasty habit of focusing so hard on his work that he forgot about the life of others around him.

Well there was no great rush but the Autobot Commander wanted to make sure he had everything prepared for when they returned. Especially when it came to...frag he prayed to Primus that Perceptor would quickly get back to him!

Heading back down into the bridge, he found that Jazz was still in there, driving the ship for some reason.

'Jazz? You've been on this ship long enough to know you can put it on auto pilot! Why don't you rest back in your quarters?'

The black and white Cyber ninja looked up at the elder mech and smiled weakly. Throughout the whole trip back to Cybertron he had been oddly quiet and not as uplifting as the Magnus hoped he would be. He wasn't sure why but he assumed that it had something to do with Prowl, the Autobot they left back on Earth.

'It's cool, sir! It gives me something to do!'

Ultra Magnus frowned as he listened to the tone that the Elite Guard Ninja used. He noticed there was a change in the way that Jazz spoke and acted. He wasn't acting as cool and as hip as he always did. In fact Jazz didn't seem to take an interest in what had been happening lately; in fact he didn't seem to care about what happened back on Earth. Right before they left he had been demanding to know what had happened but when they left Earth he seemed to have forgotten about the whole thing. At first Ultra Magnus wasn't too worried for it meant that he didn't have to explain to Jazz what had been going on.

The Cyber ninja was indeed a good friend but this was one thing he could not share.

'So what are your plans when we return to Cybertron?' asked the Magnus, trying to strike a conversation.

'I think I'll take some leave! Take a holiday in the Crystal City or something. Ya know the usual kind of holiday! Have some fun, flirt with some hot 'bots and get wasted on pure grade Energon!'

Although he sounded like he was trying to be cheerful the Magnus could tell that Jazz was trying to cover up his emotions with white lies.

'Are you sure that's what you want to do?'

'Of course!' said Jazz with a forced tone.

'Oh and you will get to spend a lot of time with Optimus, hey? Pull the moves on him and all that, right? You'll be livin' the life of a love struck couple before ya know it!'

Ultra Magnus frowned after hearing this. Had Jazz forgotten all the drama that had happened back on Earth or was he trying to change the conversation? Before they left Earth he was constantly demanding what was going on but now...he seemed to have lost interest in the whole matter. Either way he guessed that the ninja 'bot did not want to talk. Something must of happened between him and Prowl to get him in a mood like this and if Jazz didn't want to talk about it, it was best that he not talk about and wait until he was ready.

Checking his Chronometer he realized it was time for an Energon break.

'I'm going to get some Energon now, Jazz. Would you like any?'

Jazz shook his head.

'Nah, I'll get some later!'

The elder mech sighed and left Jazz to his own devices. It was painfully obvious that all the ninja 'bot wanted was to be left alone. He had been like this through the whole trip and every sol Ultra Magnus had hoped that the ninja 'bot would open up to him eventfully. Sadly it looked like he wasn't going to and so he decided to leave him alone. It sounded cold but he had more important things to worry about.

Stopping near an Energon dispenser he pulled out two glasses. A decent sized one that would be able to fill him up for the rest of the sol and a rather large one that was for the young Prime.

He sighed as he walked off to the chamber he was heading for, looking at the Energon in his hands. Their Energon supply was nearly out so it was a good thing they were near their home world. Jazz hadn't noticed which didn't really surprise him due to his state of mind at the moment. Optimus had been drinking ten times the amount of Energon he should be drinking but it was all due to his condition so there was no need to blame him.

Standing outside a room he shifted a little before tapping lightly at the door.

'Optimus? It's me, Ultra Magnus! I'm coming in.'

There was no response but that didn't really surprise him.

The door opened and he stepped into a room filled with darkness. The only light he was able to see was the starlight shining in through the large window, where one could gaze out to admire the beauty of the cosmos. Peering around after the door behind him closed he spotted a silent figure, sitting at the edge of a berth. His blue optics were hidden behind his frail blue hands and he was hunched over, oblivious to the one who was standing before.

Ultra Magnus sighed heavily as he stepped forward, placing the larger glass of Energon on a nearby table.

'Optimus, you need to drink your Energon.'

The mech sitting on the berth glanced up with tired optics.

'I'm fine,' he whispered.

However the loud rumbling of his hungry engines spoke for him.

'It's alright Optimus; you are in need of your daily fuel. For yourself and the little one.'

The young mech shook his head.

'I'm Ok.'

The elder mech sighed.

Ever since this trip back to Cybertron began, Optimus had stayed cooped up in his quarters and never attempted to engage in any conversation with the other two 'bots onboard. The Autobot, who was filled with pride and good will, had been reduced to a frightened little mech, afraid to even step out into the world in fear of what others would think of him.

And it was his entire fault. That accursed Decepticon!

On Earth, the organic world where Optimus had stayed with his team to defend it from Decepticons, something truly awful had happened. The young Prime had left to go on a patrol one night when he was suddenly attacked by Megatron, the foul leader of the Decepticons. The Decepticon Tyrant wanted revenge against the Autobot who had ruined his reputation and the way he carried it out was both sick and terrible.

Megatron, that foul beast, ravaged the young Prime, using him like a two credit pleasurebot and left him to drown in misery and pain. For nearly two deca-cycles, Optimus had hidden the truth from everyone, in fear they would shun him or worse. His entire attitude had changed and no one noticed, thinking he was merely sick or something. During that time, Optimus discovered something even worse.

He was Carrying a Sparkling.

It was considered very rare that a Sparkling could be produced between an Autobot and a Decepticon since their codings were so different from each other's but unfortunately, Optimus had been the unlucky one. The poor Autobot was now Carrying a Decepticon Sparkling and when Ultra Magnus discovered this he had no choice but to take the young Prime away from Earth. He was already three and a half orbital cycles into it and his hunger was increasing by the solar cycle and the poor young Prime felt guilty for consuming most of the ship's Energon.

The only good thing about this whole thing was that Megatron had no clue that Optimus was Carrying his own Sparkling.

Fearing that if Megatron would discover that it was his and steal Optimus away, Ultra Magnus decided that no one, other than himself, Ratchet and Perceptor would know about.

That wasn't the only issue.

Back on Earth, out of the blue, Optimus suddenly got aroused and flustered, almost as if he was in a sudden heat mode. He walked into his own office one day and found the young Prime pleasuring himself on his office floor! He tried to stop the young Prime but he ended up interfacing with him. The pair of them regretted it; Ultra Magnus upset that he may of had taken advantage of the young Autobot and Optimus regretting to take advantage of the Magus's feelings. The two of them didn't want to bring it up ever again so they kept quiet about it.

During their flight back home, Optimus had admitted that he was feeling a little sensitive than normal and it was one of the reasons he avoided contact with the other two Autobots on board, fearing he might do something embarrassing. The Magnus wasn't sure if it was all a side effect from Carrying a Decepticon Sparkling but hopefully Perceptor would hold the answers.

He looked down at his beloved Prime, the young mech refusing to look at him out of shame.

Even though these terrible things had happened to him, he still loved him. Nothing will ever change how he felt about him. He knew that right now he would be unable to accept his feelings for him but he knew that if he waited a little longer, the Optimus Prime he loved would return. Right now he was going to help him no matter what, stand by his side and help in his recovery. It will indeed be a difficult road but he was going to care for his beloved Prime no matter what.

Optimus knew how the Magnus felt about him and sadly he was unable to speak what was in his Spark. The trauma he had gone through had affected the way he though and felt. Yet the elder mech believed that he still had a chance, a chance to prove to Optimus that they were meant to be and if not, he just wanted him to be happy again. To be able to feel like he could achieve his hopes and dreams. Till then he would do everything in his power to bring back the Prime he knew and loved.

The young Prime still refused to look up at him out of shame and fear. Ultra Magnus frowned as he placed his own glass down on the nearby table and knelt down before the frail young mech. It was sad to see him like this. Optimus was once a 'bot that anyone would admire and love but now...he had been reduced to a pitiful wreak.

Gently taking the young Prime's hands, he pulled them away to revel his beautiful face. Optimus grimaced as his hands were pulled away and looked down, unable to look at the Magnus in the optics.

The Magnus pulled the hands up to his face and gently planted a kiss onto them, gently squeezing the blue hands tight. Feeling that gentle kiss, the Prime looked up, his lips trembling as if he wanted to say something but was unable to voice it.

Ultra Magnus did not mind...he just want the Prime to know that no matter what, he was here for him.