Hey, everyone! It's been some time since I did a Monster Rancher fic, and I decided to make one which takes place post-Season 3, but features both the return of Moo and Lilim and the arrival of a very nasty disease. It's a three parter and meant to be as cool as it is gripping. Hope it lives up to expectations.


This fanfic was inspired by a totally awesome episode of "Extreme Dinosaurs", called "Saurian Sniffles", as well as that cool, hilarious story of RockyRoadSmith's on this very site, titled, "For Granted".

As mentioned above, this story takes place after the third season of Monster Rancher.

I own none of the characters. They all belong to the Monster Rancher Anime.


Chapter 1-Moo And Lilim's Return And Sick Creation

A lot was going on in favor of the Monster Rancher goodies lately. For instance, the likes of Gray Wolf and Pixie had joined the group. Not only this, but Nina and Hopper had come along with them and also joined the group. That, and Big Blue had been resurrected, with Granity becoming Pixie once more, and they were elated to be together again. As if that weren't enough, these rebel goodies were also praised for all they did in helping finally eradicate Moo and bring peace to the world of Monster Rancher. Seemed like they were living on easy street, indeed. Especially since they now lived the good life in pretty much every way imaginable, right down to Genki and Holly becoming closer than close, along with Pixie and Big Blue. To say nothing of Nina and Holly becoming the best of friends, and Tiger and Gray Wolf being closer to one another than ever. However, this was not to last.

Why? Because although Moo had been destroyed at long last all those weeks ago, a turn for the worse had occurred which would see to it that not only he, but also Lilim, who'd died long before he had, would be restored to life. Though the countless monsters he corrupted would not be turned evil again and stay the good monsters they were now returned to being, the fact he was pure evil to start with and Lilim was the one baddy who did not get restored to life as a good monster or purified disk after he was defeated by the Phoenix made it so that their resurrection was going to see to it that they came back just as evil and monstrous as they were before. Though the way in which they came back made sure Moo was restored in his weaker form, not his original body.

In any case, here's how they got resurrected, despite how impossible this seemed now. Moo, after being vaporized into the air like he was, took weeks to turn into a lost disk. But in the end, he did, and that disk landed on a cliff. Holly's father was still free, mind you, and would not be possessed by Moo's soul again, but the disk on that cliff was much different than most lost disks. For Moo's soul within made it unstable despite the fact he was dead, and eventually, it got struck by lightning one stormy night. That lightning combined with both the instability of the lost disk and Moo's dead soul within to restore him to life, albeit not in his original body, but instead in his weaker form, the one that the rebels had first encountered him in. After Moo came to see he was alive once more, though in his less powerful body, he immediately remembered how the goodies had seen to his destruction, not to mention how all the monsters he corrupted had utterly betrayed him and were good monsters once more.

This infuriated him, and he especially felt like this towards Pixie, Gray Wolf and Big Blue. He knew the world was no doubt much safer and more peaceful, since he'd been dead for weeks prior to this lucky resurrection of his, and he wanted more than anything to pay back the goodies. After deciding he'd need some help, but knowing there was only one possible source, he found a special magic gem which was similar to Holly's magic stone, only much more potent and capable of only creating evil things. Said gem was buried under the ground of the cave he found for refuge. Putting it to use, he revived Lilim exactly as she'd been prior to General Durahan, who ironically was now good once more and free of Moo's influence, killing her off.

Once Lilim was back to life, Moo told her everything, and after she learned both of how Durahan was good once more and that she and Moo were the only two baddies left in the whole universe, not to mention how Gray Wolf, Pixie and Big Blue had joined the rebels for good, she was as furious about that and learning the world was peaceful and free of baddy corruption as he had been upon learning such facts. Long story short, she immediately agreed to help Moo take revenge on the goodies. "Though I have to say, Master Moo, I wish we could have a better place to hide than this cave." "It was the only one I could find and be certain we wouldn't be seen." Moo said. "Take it or leave it." "Point taken." Lilim said. "How will we see to it that those vile rebels get what for, by the way?"

"We will destroy them, but mere immediate death is too kind for the likes of them, most especially those infernal howlers." Moo growled. "You mean Tiger and Gray Wolf?" Lilim said. "Yeah, I couldn't agree more. Not to mention my pathetic pink counterpart." "Pixie." Moo said, immediately knowing who she was referring to. "Yeah, I'd love to cut that fucking cunt bitch a few orders of magnitude down to size." Lilim commented. "Her friends need such treatment just as badly." Moo responded. "Which is why I have decided what I am about to plan is the best possible way to put the rebels out of commission and conquer this world, which you and I shall rule as king and queen baddies." "I like the plan already, especially the last part." Lilim spoke. "So what are you intending, exactly?"

Moo explained: "Though I cannot corrupt the monsters I once did again, and though Holly's father is free of my soul for good, the gem with which I restored you to life will serve us nicely in creating what we need. However, to create it, I will need assistance from your powers of lightning energy." "Will do." Lilim responded. "Though I sure wish Moo could be back to life in his original body." she thought to herself, knowing better than to say such a thing to his face. "Still, I've got as much of a crush on him as I did before, and now we'll finally get what was taken from us at the last moment before." she thought on. Now, she had her lightning powers ready to go, and said: "So, Moo, what will this gem of yours do this time? I mean, when my lightning powers combine with its magic?" "You will see." Moo answered, and he held up the gem." "As you've learned, this gem creates only that which is evil. And when its evil energies combine with your baddy lightning powers…"

Sure enough, the gem's energies came out of it and Lilim shot her lightning, the resulting combination making it so that a strange, red blur occurred. Then that blur turned crimson, and the crimson blur turned into a scarlet liquid. Moo quickly made a giant goblet from the gem and let the liquid fall into it. Once it happened, Lilim asked: "Nice job. So, what did we just create?" "When my evil intentions were read by the gem's evil energies, the energies were further given a charge by your lightning powers." Moo told her. "In the process, it all combined to become a very powerful new illness in the form of a scarlet liquid like you see in the goblet I made from the same gem. It is called 'Monster Flu', and though it is by no means fatal, it is a very severe and contagious disease which is much, much, MUCH worse than the normal flu that humans may catch. While it only effects monsters and not humans, this is only because humans would not have a chance against either of us, thus making it so I didn't need to bother making it be in any way applicable to anything but monsters. It takes weeks, even months, to recover from."

"Ingenious, Moo!" Lilim exclaimed. "And, since it's never existed until now, there's no way in hell that anyone will be able to help the rebel monsters once we've infected them with it! By the time they recover enough to try and fight us, we'll have already conquered this world!" "Exactly my intentions!" Moo told her. "I can't wait to infect them! Such fun it will be…" she began, pointing to the Monster Flu within the goblet, but Moo boomed: "DON'T TOUCH!" "Huh?" Lilim said, confused as to why he'd just done this. Then Moo told her: "Thanks to how the lightning that struck my disk, which took weeks to form inside the air before it landed on that cliff, was just enough with the disk's instability to bring me back to life in my weaker form, and thanks to how I only had enough ability to control the gem to make the Monster Flu be created as it was, we are even more susceptible to this flu than normal monsters would be." "Come again?" asked Lilim. "We were brought back to life, but by means that barely worked and shouldn't have worked. This means that while this flu wouldn't be fatal to normal monsters, it would be to the two of us! If you touch it, you're a goner. And the same goes for me. Which is why I used my last of control over that gem to made this goblet to contain it."

"Dammit!" Lilim exclaimed. "So how the fuck are we going to use this shit if we aren't even able to touch it without being killed? Are you sure this was the most you could do with that gem to make this?" "Yes, but we can still use it. And we will." Moo assured her. "We just need a means of containing it. And you have not used this gem once, so you will be able to for a time. Make it count." He handed her the gem, and Lilim took it. Then she quickly thought of what to do and put the gem to work. In the process, she changed the goblet containing the Monster Flu into a gauntlet with a spray cannon on top of it. This spray cannon was designed to fit onto her hand and make it so the Monster Flu was inside of a special containment unit just under the long spray cannon. So at the same time she was utterly protected from it by the gauntlet's solid outer casing, she could, with the way she designed the gauntlet, spray the Monster Flu out of the spray cannon at will. Moo could immediately tell what she'd done, and once she was finished and said: "There!" Moo told her: "Well done, Lilim. You could not have thought of a better way to put this to use. So put on your gauntlet. I will now begin Phase 2 of this revenge plan."

Lilim was itching for revenge against the goodies, as well as conquest, as much as Moo was, so she obeyed without one word. Once the gauntlet was on her right hand, the gem having been in her left all this time, she said: "Ah, so my hand disappears into it, too. Not bad. This could be even better than my energy attacks, which is quite a statement. By the way, a question, Moo." "Yes?" Moo asked. "I know we're just going to incapacitate them, but were they to be sprayed with this illness a second time…?" "It would result in their almost immediate deaths." Moo said. "Though I could not design it to be fatal the first time, I could make it so that the second infection of this flu would be fatal. And I made the gem do just that." "Excellent." Lilim smiled. "So first we put them out of action with this flu. Then we conquer…" "And, should they try to stop us weeks later, we spray them a second time and they're as kaput as we would be were we to touch this once." Moo told her. "I love the sound of it more than ever." Lilim grinned.

"Which is why I am assigning you to carry the Monster Flu out, especially since you've got the gauntlet on and it fits your hand, not mine." "Sounds great." Lilim said. "So when do I start?" "When we find out where the goodies are, and anything we need to learn that we may not have known before." Moo replied. So they used the gem, Lilim still holding it, to find out all they needed to know, with the existence of Hopper and Nina, plus their involvement with Gray Wolf and joining the goodies, as well as the way Holly's father was meaning to pay his daughter and the rebels a visit today, included. "So, it would seem fate is very much in our favor indeed." Moo stated. "This will be the perfect time to strike. But first we must make it known we are back, and lure the good monster rebels into a trap." "How will it be done, then?" asked Lilim.

"You will wait behind this cave as I tell them I am back and so are you." Moo said. "I will do so by connecting the energies of my gem with that of Holly's magic stone. After I have made it clear we are coming for them, I will tell the goody monsters all that's needed to see to it they come for us alone, without their human friends. Then, after they look for me, since I will be their first and foremost target, you will fly about and spray each and every one of them with my newly made Monster Flu. After that, we take a leave, and once their human friends are so badly occupied with trying to treat their illness, we do what is needed to make sure we conquer all this world despite our lack of any troops and any allies but each other." "Marvelous. So we begin now?" asked Lilim. "Yes, we begin now." Moo told her. Lilim tossed him the gem and he then caught it, making it so he got its energies going so they'd flow into Holly's magic stone and see to it his plan would be set into action.


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