Final Fantasy Princess: Hey All! This is my new fic I decided to try out. I am STILL working on My Only One. well I didn't exactly start working on it, but I am kind of stuck. So I'm trying this new fic. If it doesn't do so well I'll stop it and remove it.

This is based on an idea I got in school. Crazy I know. I don't think I'll involve magic. I'll have to see.

Brief Summary:

Sakura recently met Syaoran by her friend Meiling. She saw Syaoran around but never took good notice of him. After they become good friends, Sakura realizes she is falling for him. They flirt around continuously but Sakura feels hurt and jealous when he is suddenly getting love letters from a girl named Lily. She feels betrayed once Syaoran starts going out with her.

Now Syaoran barely hangs out with her anymore. He is always out with his new girlfriend Lily. He loses contact with Sakura and his other friends. He never calls Sakura or discusses anything with her. Sakura decides to never fall in love again. Pained, she loses her friendly side. Syaoran notices too late. Will he be able to save Sakura or will he just ignore her? And will Sakura ever change back or reveal her feelings? Read and Review. hee hee!

* * * * *- Changing places

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"." Speaking

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Friends Forever. Right?

Chapter One

First Meeting

Sakura was a bright, optimistic, young teenager. She had a bubbly personality. Her long auburn hair was silky soft and she had a perfect genuine smile. Many guys would die to have her but she refuses each and every one of them. She wasn't ready to have a boyfriend. She was sixteen last April 1st. Her emerald eyes revealed her innocence. She has been one of the many top students at her school for many years.

Tomoyo, Sakura's best friend since she was little, was also bright and optimistic. She had a kind and gentle personality. She designed many of Sakura's clothes. She had long violet colored hair. Her eyes were a clear amethyst color. She has been dating her boyfriend, Eriol, for a very long time. Two years to be exact. She was fifteen, turning sixteen this coming September. She was number one in her school, her boyfriend Eriol coming in second.

Meiling, Sakura's other close friend, was intelligent and sometimes optimistic. She is bossy and over protective sometimes, but overall she is nice to her friends. She met Sakura and Tomoyo once she transferred to their school four years ago. They have become close friends ever since. She has a boyfriend, Ryu, for a long time. Not as long as Tomoyo, she has been going out with Ryu for a year. She turned sixteen last March 25th. She has always been one of the top students in the school. Most likely, she is around fifth place while Sakura is the seventh.

Eriol, one of Sakura's friends and also Tomoyo's boyfriend, has known the girls a little before Meiling arrived. He has developed a strong bond with each one of them, but a closer bond with his girlfriend Tomoyo. He has dark blue eyes and blueberry colored hair. He turned sixteen last March 23rd. He is sneaky yet sincere. He has devious plans when he needs them. One of them once was for Meiling and Ryu. He, as I mentioned before, is second highest in the class. He takes pride in Tomoyo and himself for being the smartest.

Ryu, Meiling's boyfriend and a friend of the rest, knew them since he arrived. Ironically, he arrived the same time Meiling did. He became friends with Meiling and later on established friendship with Sakura, Tomoyo, and Eriol. Eriol was slightly suspicious of Ryu, but he let it drop once he realized Ryu had a crush on Meiling. He has jet-black hair and cerulean blue eyes. He recently turned sixteen too. His birthday was on March 16th. He is fourth highest in his school. He has an outgoing personality but is sometimes shy.

(A/N: Yes Ryu is from My Only One. I couldn't bear to part with him. Yes he has my birthday. ^-^)

* * * * *

Sakura giggled as she walked along the street with Meiling. They were going to meet Tomoyo at her job, which was in their schoolyard. Tomoyo took part of helping in their school's basketball games. Sakura also worked there but today she had a later shift.

"I swear! Ryu is a beginner at roller blading!" Meiling declared, holding back her giggles. Sakura laughed, shaking her head. Her emerald eyes gleamed of happiness. "I guess we have to teach him." Meiling nodded.

"Hello Meiling-chan, Sakura-chan." Eriol said as he approached the two. "Ohayo Eriol-kun." Sakura and Meiling both said at the same time. That sent them into another fit of giggles. Eriol only shook his head. "Eriol-kun, isn't your anniversary tomorrow?" Meiling asked, her eyes gleaming. "Hai. two years I have been going steady with Tomoyo-chan. it seemed like yesterday when I asked her out." Sakura sighed. She has had any luck in finding her own boyfriend. It seemed like only guys liked her for her beauty, not her other qualities. "Don't worry Sakura-chan. you will find your love one day." Eriol said reassuring. Sakura could only nod.

* * * * *

Tomoyo grunted in frustration. The referee was giving her a hard time. It wasn't her fault that her co-worker wasn't there to help her. 'Where is Rika-chan?' Tomoyo had trouble keeping the score and doing the clock.

She was about to yell at the referee when a young teenager stepped in and reassured the referee that he would be helping her from now on. The referee grunted in acknowledgement and left. The young teenager who had killer amber colored eyes and messy chestnut colored hair, walked towards Tomoyo and seated himself next to her. He took over the clock job.

"Arigato." Tomoyo said as she concentrated doing her job. "It was nothing." He said.

A few minutes later, the half time bell went off as Meiling, Sakura, and Eriol entered the gym.

* * * * *

Meiling ran towards the table where Tomoyo sat with the stranger next to her.

"Tomoyo-chan! I see you've met Li-kun!" She exclaimed as she reached the table. Tomoyo nodded, finally realizing she never asked his name.

"Hello Meiling-san." Syaoran stated simply. Meiling frowned. "How many times have I told you to call me Meiling-chan." Syaoran just shrugged and walked off.

"I see he is in a bad mood today. Hmm. maybe Song Min dumped him." Meiling stated to herself. Tomoyo just looked at her confused. "Oh!" Meiling giggled as she noticed Tomoyo's expression. "Sorry I knew Li-kun from Hong Kong. He is one of the best soccer and basketball players I seen. He is really nice except when he gets dumped."

Tomoyo just nodded and shrugged. "Guess so."

Sakura and Eriol approached a minute later. They were busy arguing who was changing their schedules for work.

"Ohayo my love." Eriol said as he kissed Tomoyo on the lips. Tomoyo blushed. "Ohayo mi amor." She replied in Spanish. "Getting better Tomoyo- chan." Eriol stated as he held her close.

"Kawaii!!" Sakura and Meiling squealed. Eriol and Tomoyo separated, blushing. A few minutes later, Syaoran approached them. "Gomen for interrupting but I want to know if you are taking over my post."

Eriol looked at Syaoran suspiciously, before he realized it was one of his teammates on his soccer team. "Ohayo Li-kun. Didn't realize it was you." Syaoran just nodded. Meiling stroked her chin. "I'll take over since you need some time alone. I told you not to come out when you got. umm. hurt?" Syaoran's face looked impassive. "I'm fine."

He turned and looked at Sakura, who was looking at him curiously. Once she realized that she had been staring at Syaoran and he caught her, she blushed faintly. Syaoran smiled at her innocence. This threw Meiling off guard.

"Wow! You sure got over that quick. A smile on the first day! This is going down in history!" Meiling declared. Syaoran just rolled his eyes. "Hiiragizawa-kun, please do an introduction. I would've asked Meiling-san but she's too busy at the moment." Eriol smirked and nodded.

"This beautiful angel is my girlfriend, Tomoyo Daidouji." Eriol said as he held Tomoyo's hand. Tomoyo smiled and blushed. "Nice to meet you Li- san." Syaoran nodded in recognition. "Call me Li-kun. So this is the Tomoyo Daidouji Hiiragizawa-kun is always talking about." With that comment, Tomoyo blushed more.

Eriol smirked. "This emerald eye princess is my dear friend Sakura Kinomoto." Sakura blushed. "Nice to meet you Li-san." She said simply. "As I said before, Li-kun is fine with me. Nice to meet you Kinomoto-san." Sakura shook her head. "Only if you call me Sakura-chan." Syaoran was a bit surprised but nodded. "I've seen you around here before. I think riding your bike." Syaoran nodded. "Yes that was me."

Eriol shrugged. "You already know Meiling-chan, our ruby eye queen." Meiling laughed as she hit Eriol's arm. "Stop that. I'm just Meiling!" Eriol rolled his eyes. "Everyone, as you already know by now, this is Syaoran Li."

Everyone nodded and smiled, right before Ryu scared Meiling. "Ahhh! Ryu- kun!!" Meiling said, partially yelling and squealing. Ryu smiled. "How is my beautiful Meiling-chan? Growing more lovely everyday I see." Meiling blushed. Ryu then noticed Syaoran.

"Oh Li-san. Didn't see you there." Ryu stated. Syaoran just shrugged.

Then the half time bell rung, signifying that half time was over. Tomoyo and Meiling went to their positions while the rest of them went to the sidelines.

Sakura kind of felt uncomfortable from the stares she received from other girls her age. They were glares, stares, or bewildered expressions. 'It isn't that weird to sit with three guys, isn't it?' She thought, as she remained seated, surround by Eriol and Syaoran, with Ryu sitting behind her.

She even saw Song Min glaring at her. 'What? It isn't like I'm going out with Syaoran. Geez. Next time I'm volunteering to take over someone's position.'

"Hey Syaoran-kun." Song Min said sweetly as she approached them. Syaoran just rolled his eyes and ignored her. Sakura looked confused. 'Didn't she break up with him?'

"Go away Chun-san." Syaoran said as he gave her one of his glares. Song Min rolled her eyes. "If this is the pathetic replacement you are getting," she said, pointing to Sakura, "you should've just come back to me."

Eriol and Ryu glared at Song Min. "You have no right to pick on Sakura." Eriol stated. "She is way better than you are in any case." Ryu said, as he gave her a death glare. Song Min just scoffed and walked off while Syaoran said, "I bet you are not even twice the woman Sakura is."

Sakura blushed. She knew Song Min was just jealous but she had no reason to be. Sakura wasn't going out with Syaoran. But the way her friends defended her and how Syaoran defended her, made her happy. She was happy she had them as close friends. 'Wait a minute. I just met Syaoran.' Sakura thought. Yet he defended her. That was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for her.

"Arigato." Sakura said. She gave her most true genuine smiles. Syaoran smiled and so did Eriol and Ryu.

* * * *

"That little witch!" Meiling exclaimed as they left the gym. Tomoyo nodded.

"It really wasn't her fault. She thought I was going out with him." Sakura said.

"That doesn't justify what she said to you!" Meiling implored. Ryu wrapped his arm around her. "It's in the past darling." Meiling calmed down a bit but was still upset by it.

Eriol hugged Tomoyo from behind. "Well we will be on our way now." Eriol said as they walked into an intersection. "Ja!!" They all said. Ryu and Meiling went one way, Eriol and Tomoyo went the other way, and finally Syaoran and Sakura went the last way.

"You walk by here?" Sakura asked curiously. Syaoran nodded. "Yes. I live down two blocks. You know, those apartment buildings."

Sakura's eyes went wide open. "You live there?! Wow!" Syaoran just shrugged. "I live there with my butler but close friend Wei."

Sakura became confused. "What about your parents? Don't you have any brothers or sisters?" Syaoran nodded. "They all live in Hong Kong. I came here because of my scholarship."

"Oh. well. do you have brothers or sisters?" She asked.

"Sisters. four of them to be exact. Shiefa, Fuutie, Fanren, and Femei."

"Wow. I only have a brother and his name is Touya. Tomoyo has an older brother too. His name is Yukito but I call him Yuki."

(A/N: I know that Yuki isn't Tomoyo's brother but in this fic he is. I like Yuki to have a family since he is soo nice and kawaii!)

"Yukito-san? I know him. He used to play soccer." Syaoran said. Sakura nodded.

Finally they reached Sakura's house. "Well I'm home." Sakura stated. Her eyes shone and her smile was a sight to see. Syaoran smiled as well.

"You live only a block away from me. How come I never see you when I head to school?" He asked.

"Hehehehehehe. that is because I'm usually late. bad habits." She said sheepishly.

"Well I'll help you out of it. I'll walk with you tomorrow at seven-thirty. Ok?"

"Hoe?! I get up at that time!!" She exclaimed. He smiled. "Figures why you are usually late. Remember, seven-thirty." He said as he left.

She sweat dropped and waved. "Ja Syaoran-kun!" She yelled. Syaoran froze for a second. 'Did she call me Syaoran-kun?' He shook it off.

'Oops!' She thought as she saw him freeze. 'That just slipped out. Ahh well.' She thought as she entered her house.

"Onii-chan I'm home!!"


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