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To Refresh All Your Memories: Sakura and Syaoran were arguing… and now Sakura's dead… to put it bluntly.

Friends Forever...Right?

Chapter 15

The Epilogue

By: Final Fantasy Princess

Everyone was still at the funeral of Sakura Kinomoto. Meiling was sobbing in Ryu's arms and kept repeating over and over that it was her fault while Ryu continued to deny it. He didn't even want to bring up that she's now engaged to the one and only Syaoran Li because of the untimely death of their best friend.

Tomoyo just kept reading the words on Sakura's tombstone. Here lies Sakura Kinomoto, The Beautiful Cherry Blossom of Tomoeda. You will always be in our hearts.

Tomoyo shook her head. It wasn't supposed to be there. It was too soon for Sakura to go. Eriol wrapped his arm around her shoulder and silently wept for Tomoyo and himself since he noticed that his girlfriend couldn't cry anymore.

The Li Family stood there, all dressed in black with white belts. Each and every one of their heads were bowed down to the Cherry Blossom whom their leader loved. They didn't know what else to do but just present themselves at the Cherry Blossom's funeral.

Sakura's own small family stood there shocked. They first lost Nadeshiko and now her sweet image, Sakura, was gone too. Never did they imagine that Sakura would be stripped away from them so soon. Touya wept in Kaho's embrace but Fujitaka looked on, mute. He wished and prayed this was all a dream. He couldn't comprehend that this was true. Beside them were Yukito and Nakuru, looking on in sorrow.

Chiharu, Takashi, Rika, Terada, and Naoko sobbed in a group, looking on as the casket of Sakura Kinomoto was lowered to the ground. They couldn't believe she was gone and taken away from them so soon.

Song Min, Xiomara, and Jasmine were all kneeling by the grave. Their faces were pale as the moon and at a lost of words. They blamed themselves for pushing Sakura to Syaoran that day. If only they knew what Syaoran was going to do…

Syaoran Li was not present at the wake, the funeral, or the burial. Where was Syaoran Li?

He was still in the hospital but way out of critical condition. He is in a severe coma and the doctors presumed that he will never get out of the coma if not for months. But the Li's refuse to let the doctors take him off of the 'life' machine. They needed Xiao Lang Li.

Everyone continued to watch as Sakura's casket was lowered into the ground. That's when everyone took their own turn to drop in all assortments of flowers down with her before they buried her.

Yelan decided drop more than one flower since her son was not present. So she chose to drop a peony and a cherry blossom. They both swayed in motion with each other as they landed together on the coffin.

"Good-bye Sakura."


Neon lights peered through the stubborn eyes of Syaoran Li. He growled as he turned over in his bed, angry that the light had the nerve to disturb his sleep.

"Xiao Lang?!"

Great, just what he needed… A person next to him trying to wake him up.

"Xiao Lang's awake! Hurry! Get my mother!"

'What on earth do they mean by that?' He thought as he lazily opened one eye to see his sister Feimei glowing at him.

"What?!" He barked at her but she just continued to smile as she squealed and hugged him. He rolled his eyes but somehow he missed her hugging him. He hasn't felt a hug from his 'youngest' sister since he moved to Tomoeda.

"Is it true?!" A voice called, rushing into the room.

Feimei pulled away and smiled once Yelan came into the room with the rest of his sisters. Tears were pouring down her delicate face as she went and embraced her son.

Shiefa and the other three sniffled quietly at the final recovery of their little brother. Syaoran hugged his mother back in confusion. What was the fuss about him being awake for? And why were all of them here?

"I thought you'd never come back to us."

Syaoran gave her a funny look and proceeded to try to get out of his bed. That's when he noticed he was connected to all sorts of equipment that were beside him. Syaoran looked at his mother for a response, bewildered at all these things that surrounded him. That's when he noticed he wasn't in his apartment or his room for any matter.

He was in a really white room with a window view of…

'Hong Kong?!'

"Why on earth am I in Hong Kong?!"

Yelan and his sister's calmly pushed him back onto the bed and smiled sadly at him. They didn't know where to start with this and they obviously knew that he had no recollection of what happened or the accident…yet.

"Xiao Lang… you've been in a coma for seven months."

Syaoran stared at his mother aghast. Seven months?! What on earth was he doing sleeping around in a hospital room in Hong Kong for seven months, wasting away while others continued on in their lives…

Wait a minute…


Suddenly he grabbed his head and started to shake as all the memories of the accident flashed back to him in sudden pain.

It was raining.

She was crying.

She didn't believe me.

I told her I could prove it.

I stupidly ran into the highway.

She chased after me.

She got hit…

And then I did too.

She said she loved me…


"Where is Sakura?!"

Yelan and his sisters winced. He recalled much quicker than the doctors had anticipated. This would be less hard to explain now but harder to say. Each of the sisters bowed and took their leave except for Shiefa. They couldn't stay because they already heard the story too many times and it pained them even more to hear it repeated. They knew it was time to tell Syaoran how much he missed while he was in his coma.

"Xiao Lang… About Sakura…" Yelan began before looking down. Syaoran didn't know whether he could take this as a good sign or a bad sign. But he felt something missing deep inside of him and that's when he already knew.

"She's gone… isn't she?"

Yelan turned away, unable to face her son. Shiefa sat down at the edge of his bed and patted his hand softly. She smiled briefly before going on for her mother who wasn't capable of telling the whole thing.

"Yes she is Syaoran. But the doctors said she probably didn't feel anything after the impact."

Syaoran growled as he ripped everything that connected him to the machines off. Yelan and Shiefa gasped in surprise as Syaoran tore out towards the door. But he was knocked down once the doctor entered the room.

He gave Syaoran an inquisitive look before pointing back to the bed. Syaoran returned grudgingly and sat down.

"I prefer to speak to his master Xiao Lang by myself if you'd ladies please."

Yelan and Shiefa exchanged looks but obliged nevertheless. The doctor turned and shook his head at Syaoran who crossed his arms over his chest.

"I want you to tell me exactly what happened to her." Syaoran said strain fully, trying to hide his anguish under his cold stare.

The doctor took Yelan's now empty seat and looked at the chart in his hands.

"She could've made it Master Xiao Lang if she was as healthy as she was before the last physical examination Dr. Park took of her."

Syaoran looked away, his palms forming into a fist. The tears were evident in his eyes but he tried to withhold them. He was going to be the leader of the Li Clan for heaven's sakes! He couldn't break down now, in front of his own doctor!

"It's all right with me Master Xiao Lang, if you cry for your fiancée. Many did at her funeral but only family members and close friends were invited. Almost everyone in Tomoeda and Hong Kong came to her wake and many visited her grave afterwards, even though most didn't know her. She is known as the Cherry Blossom of Tomoeda and Hong Kong that was lost."

"They only knew her because she died. I made her die. It's my fault…" Syaoran began before turning and hiding his face in his sheets.

The doctor patted his shoulder. "It's no one's fault that she left. It was all part of destiny."

Syaoran scowled. "Screwed up destiny if you ask me. Now I have to wed her best friend Meiling!"

The doctor shook his head. "Your back up fiancée, Raye Meiling, wedded Kim Ryu just a month ago. The Li elders gave her permission for they gave up the thought that you would wake up. I believe right now they are looking for another successor for your place."

Syaoran laughed coldly. "They never had faith in me. But I'm glad Meiling got married."

The doctor continued on, ignoring his comment. "You were taken here to Hong Kong two months ago because the Tomoeda doctors wanted to take you off life support. Your family refused thus they decided to relocate you to here."

Syaoran nodded. "I think that's all the information I need except for one more thing… when can I go back to Tomoeda?"

The doctor smiled a bit. "Today actually. You're completely healed except for the fact that you were in a coma."

Syaoran looked around to see if there was anything important to take with him. Seeing nothing but flowers and gifts, he grabbed the pile of clothes at the end of his bed. "Then I'm leaving."

"Good bye then Master Xiao Lang. You must come back for your check up though in a month."


"Xiao Lang."

"Leave me alone Feimei."

Feimei looked down as her little brother stared on and on for hours at Sakura's grave. There were many bouquets of flowers beside her grave, each with many notes of sympathy.

On the other hand Feimei felt horrible. If only she knew what her premonitions meant… But she didn't understand. She was a mere beginner… and she wasn't looking to receive premonitions but to contact her sister. Also the last premonition she had didn't come true.

Shiefa never said to her about not having any strength. She didn't die… she and the rest of her family were all hit hard when Sakura was killed by the car.

But she didn't remember anything about Shiefa. Looking up at her little brother, she's unsure about everything. The death of his Cherry Blossom, his coma, the marriage of Meiling…

It wasn't as joyous as it should've been. Meiling and Ryu got hitched only because they feared that Syaoran would wake up and then Meiling would be whisked away. They petitioned many times to the Elders to break the engagement off with Meiling but they ignored them, having some sort of faith in their leader.

After six months, that faith diminished and they granted permission for Meiling to wed Ryu. The wedding was happy but the aura of Sakura missing in the bridesmaid dress was evident and the toast was evident from Eriol as well.

Fujitaka was expressionless since the death of his daughter and Touya was cold, even somewhat to his fiancée Kaho. Yukito was no longer happy eating everything and Nakuru wasn't hyper.

Tomoyo didn't film anything anymore and didn't design any sort of clothes. Meiling was always crying at any little thing that reminded her of her best friend. Ryu had to take her to America during spring when the Cherry Blossom trees started to bloom.

Syaoran was now awake but no one spoke to him. Song Min gave him the cold shoulder when he met her at Sakura's grave. Her face was grave and there were dark circles around her eyes. It seemed to her that Song Min still regrets that day she pushed Sakura to Syaoran. But who she blames more evidently was Syaoran. Before she could scream and kill him, she left. Since that time, Syaoran just continued to stare and stare at the words of Sakura's tombstone. He left a huge bouquet of Cherry Blossoms and Peonies but he felt it wasn't enough.

He cried in the beginning but he didn't anymore. Once in a while he let out a yell as he pounded the floor but Feimei stopped him. She told him it wasn't respectable for him to express his anguish on her grave. That is why he was dreadfully silent, standing there motionlessly.

'Xiao Lang… what could I do for you?'



Tomoyo looked up at the dark red eyes of Meiling Kim. It was evident that she was crying a few moments ago but Tomoyo didn't want to ask why. It would only make her cry too.

"Meiling-chan, come swing by me." She said with a forced smile.

Meiling obliged as she sat on the swing. She sighed as she began to rock back and forth as the sky began to darken.

"I miss her Tomoyo-chan."

"I do too Meiling…" She paused, not wanting to continue on that subject. "How was your honeymoon?"

Meiling gave her a look. "What do you think?"

Tomoyo shrugged as she continued to swing. "I told you to enjoy yourself."

Meiling shook her head. "How could I knowing she's gone because of me?"

Tomoyo glared at her. "How many times did I tell you that it wasn't your damn fault?"

Meiling remained quiet, keeping her eyes on the floor. She knew when Tomoyo swore it was because she was mad. It was also rare but Tomoyo changed since Sakura's untimely death.


"In England. I sent him there to go to the university he was dying to go to before the accident. I told him I'd be fine here and I wanted him to keep his mind off of all of this… Ryu?"


Tomoyo gave her an odd look. Meiling forced a smile and shrugged as she looked at the sky.

"I snuck on the next plane here."

Tomoyo shook her head. "He's probably worried about you."

Meiling nodded.

"I'm worried too."

Tomoyo glanced up at her best friend. "Meiling, she wouldn't have wanted it this way. She would've wanted you to be joyous on your honeymoon. You know that.."

Meiling kept her eyes downcast and nodded slowly.

"But how can you get over the death of your best friend?"


Syaoran looked on and on. He frowned because the inscription of the tombstone didn't give her enough meaning.

'Cherry Blossom… you meant so much more to all of us.'

He kneeled by her grave for the umpteenth time. He noticed that Feimei also gave up trying to tear him away from her grave and left, probably to get back up. He didn't care. He just couldn't bear to break away from his Cherry Blossom. After all he wasn't awake to even attend her funeral.

What kind of friend, boyfriend, and fiancé was he?

Syaoran decided to rest completely on her grave. The sun was beginning to set and he was dreadfully tired. Of course his doctor said not to stress too much but here he was, at Sakura's grave, and going over and over how he murdered her.

He was nearly asleep when Shiefa came to his side.

"Xiao Lang, come now."

Syaoran half-heartedly glared at her and turned away. Shiefa sighed and grabbed his arm.

"Brother you must come with me. I have something to show you."

Syaoran glanced at her briefly but stubbornly refused to go. Shiefa kneeled by him and looked at Sakura's tombstone.

"I don't think that description did her purpose but Fujitaka refused to let anymore be written on it."

Syaoran looked up and nodded in agreement. He didn't know why Sakura's father wouldn't allow anymore writing to acknowledge his daughter's full effect on everyone.

"Now come."

Syaoran reluctantly let himself be led away.

'I promise… I will be back.'



Eriol glanced up and forcibly smiled at his longtime close friend. He hadn't seen him for a while since he left to England to study in the university he wished to pursue his career in.


Here he was back in Tomoeda as if though that university was insignificant. And the truth was that it was.

He couldn't concentrate at all in the classes, fretting over how his Tomoyo was doing or how the rest of Sakura's family was. His Aunt Nakuru was also put in a depressive state once the Cherry Blossom departed from them. The whole desire of being in the university left him, so he decided to go for what he knows what's best.

To go home and be with his Tomoyo.

Although they were not married, he knew someday they will be. And he needed to be there through this tragic time to be her strong protector and her confidant.

Therefore he is in this present situation where his best friend Ryu found him walking back towards his old home.

"I thought you were supposed to be in England."

"And I thought you were supposed to be in America." Eriol answered calmly as he looked towards the now inanimate mansion of the Daidouji's.

Ryu chuckled softly as he nodded in agreement. "All too true my friend. My beautiful wife snuck back because even in America she recalls her dear friend whose spirit is still in Tomoeda."

Eriol looked at him and smiled softly. "Same with me. My beloved needs me and here I will be for her. The university life does not distract me and I know I need to be by her side."

Both grinned warmly before tracking down towards their dear loved ones.

"We're too much the same."

"Too bad Syaoran wasn't…"

Eriol shot him a dark look. "He was but foolish lust always stands in the way of love. That is why this world isn't fair."

Ryu nodded slowly.

"I guess you're right."



Fujitaka Kinomoto looked up, placing down the glass of whiskey that was firmly in his hands. His eyes were weary and his face was drawn. The man who used to be "Fujitaka" wasn't there anymore. It was a mere shell of his body… he gave up.

"Yes Touya?"

Touya bent down on his knees and clasped his father's hand. But his eyes were indifferent, cold as his father's. Behind him in tears was Kaho, looking on in sorrow.

"It'll be all right."

Fujitaka shot Touya a look before reaching for his glass again. He didn't want to hear anymore sympathetic words… especially from his son.

"That's what Sakura said to me father… everything will be all right."

Fujitaka stiffened and drank down his glass. Touya released his father's hand as he stood up and grabbed Kaho's hand. He felt something was going to change everything. He wasn't sure whether it'd be good or bad… but what could be any worse than losing your whole family? He wished it would be good…

…Because he couldn't take it anymore.

His father was a shell of himself, his mother died years ago… and now his little kaijuu… his Sakura was gone too.

They continued walking before standing in front of Kaho's apartment. She was still in tears as Touya let go of her hand.

"I love you Kaho. I do."

Kaho nodded, brushing her lips softly against his before she left inside quickly. Touya's expression worsened. He knew what he was doing. Breaking off the engagement with Kaho was the best thing he could do for her. She needed someone who would be there for her… not be cold towards her and ignore her.

He also knew that… everything would be all right.



Feimei looked up, her swollen red eyes noticeable as her older sister and her younger brother approached.

Syaoran worsened at the sight of his sister sobbing because of all the damage he had caused. He couldn't bear to look at her so instead he just looked straight behind her. Shiefa pulled him along as she reached her sister's side.

"Daijoubu desu ka?"

"Hai hai… I'm ready."

Shiefa nodded and smiled softly before turning to her little brother. She messed up his hair one last time, happy to see his old scowl come into place on his face.

"I'm glad you realized what happens now once you've felt what you lost in your stupid choice for lust over love."

Syaoran gave his sister a strange look, insulted by her scolding right now when he's in his weakest moment.

Feimei nodded and waved her index finger at him. "Do you see how many you've injured with that simple choice of a girlfriend? Many!"

Syaoran now gave them an incredulous look. 'What on earth is wrong with those two?'

Shiefa patted her brother's hair lovingly. "We love you Xiao Lang. Don't make the same mistake twice."


"As prophets… fortune tellers… or whatever we're called nowadays, we've seen this horrible future." Shiefa said calmly.

"Well I didn't… I got too lost in this premonition thing that I believed it all to be true." Feimei said sheepishly. "Shiefa snapped me out of it though…"

"…We decided to show it to you as well. In truth, many wouldn't have survived after the Cherry Blossom's death." Shiefa continued as she looked at her brother in the most serious manner he had ever seen her.

"Her father dies in a few days, her four best friends in a year or two, and as for you, you planned to suicide yourself by tonight."

Syaoran couldn't believe what he was hearing. He fingered the sword pendant that was hidden in his pocket. They knew... they knew everything. Even more than he had supposed. He stood there as Feimei and Shiefa just continued to state everything. But what did they mean that they decided to show him? Wasn't this really happening?!

"-mother devastated, dies in sorrow after a few months since she lost you. We die also."

"It's such a bleak truth that we couldn't just standby and see it go on." Feimei said as a tear dropped from her eye.

"So we decided to give up our powers Xiao Lang. For you, for us, hell for everyone who has been affected this way."

"We let your life run in due course after you accepted Lei as your girlfriend. Every thing we've done, from Shiefa going to your friends, from mother making a plan to get rid of Lei, Ying Fa's illness… everything is true." Shiefa said adamantly as the sun began to set behind her. She looked as though she were glowing, and in truth she was.

"This is how we would've acted… what would've come to be if we didn't know anything." Feimei said, bowing her head.

Syaoran stood there in disbelief. The words were just beginning to sink into his head…into his heart… He was so grateful for his sisters now more than ever. But does this mean…

'Will I have a second chance to not go out with Lily… to be with Sakura… how long ago did this begin? I'm lost… happy but lost…'

"Xiao Lang… we don't have much time. Our powers let you go just this far… please learn from your errors." Feimei said as she clasped Shiefa's hand.

"Talk to us and mother about your life here in Japan. Take your time with Sakura…" Shiefa said as she began to rummage into her pocket. "And here…" She walked forward, still holding her sister's hand, giving him the picture she kept looking at whilst she was with Sakura's friends.

Syaoran took it and looked at it. He was shocked to see it was himself… a bit older looking but himself… with Sakura happily at his side. Her hair cascaded on her back, long auburn hair with curls.

She was in a wedding dress…

"It was the only thing I could've salvaged from your other future." Shiefa said softly, blinking back her tears. "I'm sorry that I won't be there."

Syaoran's head shot up. "What?"

Feimei looked at her sister in shock. Suddenly she got cold as she remembered her last premonition… was it the truth?


Song Min kicked a pebble down the road. She was alone, surprisingly, because she didn't feel as though she even deserved her friends anymore. They were sweet, nice, loyal…

And she made them commit the worst crime ever…

She pushed them into her plan to lead Sakura to her very untimely death. Xiomara and Jasmine continued to tell her that it wasn't their fault… they couldn't have known. But she felt something as they left Sakura to go continue beating up Lily and Phillip… who are to blame as well.

Song Min looked up and sighed, seeing Korakuen Park. She laid down on one of the benches there, staring up at the sky.

She had been like this since then… her parents had returned, giving her glorious gifts for being such a neat girl and a wonderful daughter. She smiled forcefully; she knew her parents wouldn't notice.

Hell they were never there. They wouldn't have cared if she told them about Sakura's death. She gave her gifts to the children at the adoption center. The nuns, or whatever they were, were surprised greatly to see Song Min giving them emotionlessly her gifts and some money. They gave her so much gratitude that she nearly died right then and there.

It didn't make her feel better. Well maybe a bit when she saw one of the children smile greatly at a new shirt.

But she continued to mope and grieve. She hid away from her parents and her best friends most of the time. She has gotten better at that.

She was glad two months ago, forgetting a bit about her grief, when she saw on the news Philip and Lily put behind bars.

Surprising right?

The Li family pressed charges against Philip Chu for trying to take advantage of Sakura Kinomoto and for acting violently against her.

They pressed charges against Lily for deceit and plotting against the Li clan. Also she was pressed with the charge of being an accomplice to Philip.

That joy only lasted for a while.

The clouds passed calmly by as Song Min began to drift to sleep. She was wishing for another chance for Sakura, wishing she was nicer to Sakura earlier, wishing that she never treated her badly, and wishing so many things…

She wished she had the power to reverse this.

What Song Min didn't realize was that someone else had this power… and that this was all a dream.


"Shiefa answer me!"

Shiefa looked down before clasping her sister's hand tighter. She tried to hide the truth from the both of them but they'd only resent her later on. If only she could make the whole world spin more correctly…

"It's simple. I don't have the strength or the power Feimei… I'm so sorry. Take care though… take care of our family and of everyone else."

Feimei looked stricken. She didn't understand. Syaoran on the other hand was on the hollow ground, trying to piece everything together.

"I'll explain Xiao Lang, Feimei… this premonition… this future that you're seeing right now takes more strength than our little powers have. I didn't want to risk Feimei, so I made her forget that she was in a premonition in the first place for a reason before I had to snap her back." Shiefa said, pausing only to find the right words. "In exchange to show you this Xiao Lang, I must give up something valuable to me."

Feimei felt light-headed. 'So I didn't forget on purpose?'

Shiefa smiled softly. "It's for the best anyway. There wasn't much in my future. I'm glad to give my life to make you happy Xiao Lang."

Syaoran looked at his oldest sister with wide eyes. "You don't mean…"

Shiefa chuckled lightly. "No no, I'm not going to die. That's too simple. I just won't exist."

Syaoran's mouth dropped.

"No no no. It's not as if I'm going to be erased from your memories and it won't be like I wasn't ever born. I'll disappear for a while. To recuperate, my power, I mean. It might take years for me to remember who I am. Mother won't notice it… she'll probably have a memory of me saying I needed some time to find myself."

Feimei shook her head. "But Shiefa!"

"It isn't that bad really. I hope I will be back in time for your wedding Xiao Lang. Now I spent too much time. Get into position Feimei." Shiefa said sharply as she grabbed her sister's other hand.

"Remember Xiao Lang… just remember."

Syaoran looked on in amazement as his sisters began to glow their aura colors. But in a flash they were gone and his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

Then his vision went black.

-Two Weeks Ago…-

Syaoran opened his eyes and gasped for breath. The bright rays of the sun blinded him momentarily as he hastily rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

'What's today? Where could she be? Is it that day that I…'

He jumped out of the white mattress that he called his bed and pulled out a whole odd assortment of clothes. He was lost in his thoughts, rambling and picking at his brain.

Wei could be heard outside in the kitchen preparing breakfast but Syaoran wouldn't pay a mind to that breakfast today.

He rushed out the door and down the stairs. He stared down at his watch and smiled, realizing which day it truly was. He kept running blocks and blocks till he saw them…

…Lily and her two friends.

He stood there for a few minutes before she turned and smiled at him, waving him over.

But Syaoran didn't budge.

His eyes were as wide as saucers when he saw Eriol walking down and waving to him.

'He was on his cell phone that day…'

Syaoran couldn't believe it. Was it really true?!

Lily and her friends approached him now but he still didn't answer.

He was waiting patiently for the next person he was dying to see…

Syaoran didn't wait long. There she was, rushing down the sidewalk in the cutest pink outfit. He smiled broadly and pushed the other three screeching girls out of the way that were poking at him and pulling his shirt.

His Cherry Blossom… his beloved Cherry Blossom

There she was, so healthy, so herself. The brilliant smile she always gave before he ruined it all before.

"Ying Fa…" He murmured as he approached her and embraced her tightly. Sakura was completely puzzled but hugged him in return. Here she came to confess her feelings with determination and he gives her a hug that melts her heart.

Lily looked on with anger and her friends just continued to drool at Syaoran, wishing that they were presently in Sakura's position.

Eriol smiled smugly and told his girlfriend on his phone, who was currently speedily dressing to come and film her best friend.

Reluctantly, Syaoran released Sakura and caressed her cheek.

"Hoe… Syaoran-kun, daijoubu desu ka?"

Syaoran smiled and continued to look into her confused emerald eyes.

"You left me. Why did you leave me?"

Sakura looked at him confused beyond belief. "Hoe? Well Syao-kun I do have to go home once in a while to let my family know I'm alive… and we didn't have any other plans to go out yesterday or today… and…"

Syaoran chuckled and shook his head. Oh how he missed her.

Lily rolled her eyes and left with her friends. She didn't need a guy who was all over his best friend. At least she had Philip Chu and his little millions. Perhaps she could get Syaoran jealous that way…

Eriol and Tomoyo grinned happily in the bushes. Whatever changed Syaoran Li didn't matter to them… their best friend finally had one to call her own.

"Syaoran-kun, you sure you're okay?" Sakura asked again, putting her hand on his forehead. He still didn't release one arm which was protectively around her waist, his other hand continuing to stroke her cheek.

Syaoran blushed faintly as he looked at her pink lips. He loved her so much and yet he realized he never even kissed her.

"Syaoran-kun! Are you even here?" Sakura asked in a haughty manner. Syaoran laughed as he snuggled into her arms.

"Promise you won't ever leave me my Ying Fa? Never ever again?" He asked desperately, looking despairingly into her emerald eyes. Sakura, lost since he approached her, giggled softly.

"Now don't be silly Syaoran-kun. I can't promise you that. I do have to go home at some point of time." She said teasingly, her eyes glinting in happiness. But Syaoran remained silent, with his desperate look.

Sakura began to see that he wasn't joking. "Oh Syao-kun, fine fine. I promise. But you'll have to face my father and my brother for keeping me with you at all times."

Syaoran grinned as he brought her again into his arms, kissing her cheeks profusely. Sakura began to glow a bright tomato color. Her friends, still in the bushes, high-fived one another as the other continued to film on.

"Syaooo… you're making me blush!" Sakura said chidingly but softly, trying to gain her voice.

Syaoran stopped and blushed a bit too realizing that he was in fact kissing all over her face.

Syaoran paused for a moment, drinking in Sakura's face into his mind, knowing that she really was here in front of him. And that he wasn't going to lose his chance to finally be with her. "Sakura… do you want to go out with me?" He said bluntly, for the lack of better words. After saying this, he turned a darker shade of red.

Sakura, on the other hand, nearly died. She didn't know what to think or to do. She never realized he had any feelings of affection towards her… she thought he liked Lily…

"Sakura? Sakura?!" Syaoran asked, beginning to shake her.

Sakura burst into giggles. "Hai hai Syao..." She said, before pausing and smiling shyly. "Hai…"

Syaoran smiled brightly, as he held her hand. "You don't know how happy you made me Princess Sakura."

Sakura blushed lightly. "Did I?" She paused, not wanting to disturb this moment, but the question kept nagging her. "But I thought you liked Lily?"

Syaoran frowned. "No, not even a bit Sakura. She's nothing compared to you. By the looks of her, she's a little deceiving…" He stopped before smiling again. "I love you Sakura." He said softly before lowering his head to hers.

Their lips met in a blissful kiss. They wrapped their arms around each other and held each other tightly, kissing each other as if there was no tomorrow before they began to hear the cheers of Eriol and Tomoyo from the bushes.

Syaoran was forever thankful to his sisters. And wherever Shiefa may be…

She was happy.


"And how does Kinomoto think that she could steal my Syaoran?!"

Hee hee, you guessed it. Song Min threw her hands up in the air before a force hit her. She stood frozen as Xiomara and Jasmine bowed their heads down, after reporting to her that Syaoran and Sakura were going out.

"Min-chan?" Xiomara asked after a while of Song Min standing there with her hands raised.

Song Min slowly lowered her hands before blinking twice.

"What did I just say?"

Xiomara stared at her strangely but Jasmine, who was of course dense, politely answered.

"You were saying how Kinomoto stole Li-san from you and that you must get revenge and…"

Xiomara hit Jasmine a bit, before standing still again. Song Min smiled softly. "What day is it today?"

"Uhh… its two days after school finished Min…"

Song Min grinned happily as she turned around. "And what did you just say?"

Xiomara and Jasmine sweat-dropped. "Ano… that Kinomoto and Li are going out?"

Song Min squealed in happiness as she hugged her two best friends. Both confused with Song Min's attitude, they just hugged her back.

But only Song Min knew the truth. She knew what had happened and how much regret she was filled with. All to be replaced now with a smile.

A huge smile.

"This is excellent! I'm so happy for them!"

Xiomara and Jasmine went swirl-eyed. "But…but Min don't you want Li?"

Song Min shook her head. "Oh no no, he's not for me." She simply said before grinning again.

"Let's go. I have a plan on how their first date should be!" She said excitedly before rushing off.

Xiomara and Jasmine continued to stand there.

"What just happened?" Jasmine asked.

"I have no clue." Xiomara answered.

"Okay… let's go!" She said happily before grabbing Xiomara's arm and dashing off after Song Min.

-Two Weeks Later-

"I know…"

Eriol and Ryu paced back and forth. Syaoran watched them, as he too began to feel nervous. Takashi chatted along, not caring that no one was listening to him, telling how the sun was perfect that day.

"This is a big risky thing to do to Sakura-chan." Ryu said as he continued to pace. Eriol nodded as he wringed his hands.

"Huge. To propose to Sakura after two weeks of going out? I didn't even propose to Tomoyo after two years!"

"…This is why I was thinking of dumping you." Tomoyo said sarcastically as she walked into the room with Meiling, Song Min, Xiomara, Jasmine, Naoko, Chiharu, Rika, and Nakuru.

Eriol smiled softly before kissing Tomoyo lightly on her lips and wrapping his arms around her. Ryu was all too happy to kiss Meiling deeply in front of the others.

Takashi ran happily to his love's arms as he told her how proposals began before Chiharu slapped him lightly on the head. He smiled happily, loving her smacks.

The rest of the girls giggled and seated themselves in what was known to be Syaoran's living room.

"Why is my aunt here?" Eriol asked, once he realized Nakuru's bubbly presence. She smiled.

"Because I saw them walking here and followed them. Be quiet before I ground you." She said all too happily.

Syaoran looked around, counting everyone. He began to turn white as he didn't see anyone missing.

"Uh guys… who is with Sakura?"

Everyone stopped for a moment before realizing their error.

"Oh my god! Did we leave her in the store?"

"I was sure that I left Rika in charge of distracting her so we could come here!"

"But I changed with Naoko!"

"I changed with Jasmine!"

"You didn't tell me!"

"No no I meant Song Min!"

"I told Xiomara to go with her!"

"I couldn't go alone! I told Chiharu to go with her!"

"I had to see Takashi so I told Meiling!"

"I was the main part of this plan, so I told Nakuru!"


Everyone turned to Nakuru who sweat-dropped, and scratched the back of her head. "Well I kind of left her…"

"Oh my gosh she left her!"

"Call her to see where she is!"

"Do you think she knew we even left?"

"I can't believe this would happen!"

"Rika you should've just stayed with her!"

"But I wanted to hear the plan!"

The bickering continued on before finally they realized that Nakuru left Sakura with Kaho and Touya for the day.

Syaoran moaned, rubbing his temples. He only confided with Ryu and Eriol about the proposal… yet they couldn't keep their mouths shut.

Thus leading to this melodrama…

"Okay Li-kun, you're going to ask my best friend's hand in marriage and I have to see if you're good enough for her." Meiling said sternly while she crossed her arms.

Syaoran rolled his eyes. "As if I didn't know that you spoke with the Elders during your vacation. You shouldn't be deciding, so sit down."

Meiling went dot-eyed before silently sitting down next to Ryu. Ryu smirked and gave a thumbs-up to Syaoran.

'Okay Meiling down… another dozen of friends to go.'

Tomoyo stood up and waved her finger at Syaoran. "I'm not engaged so Sakura shouldn't be either!" She stated firmly, but the delight of it all was clearly dancing in her eyes.

"Well… Eriol should've popped the question a long time ago to a lovely girl like you. Know this though, I love Sakura with all my heart and soul and I know I won't be able to bear to live without her."

Tomoyo went to her complete starry-mode and squealed several "kawaiis!" before sitting down next to Eriol. Eriol was glad she made no further comment on him popping the question.

Rika, Chiharu, and Naoko all waved their white flags in defeat. They were in starry-mode too.

"Well, then I suppose it's up to us girls." Song Min said, winking at the three remaining girls who didn't wave their white handkerchiefs yet. Syaoran steadily watched Song Min move into position to attack him.

He remembered the day where Song Min ran excitedly to Sakura and him, squealing about how adorable they looked together, and where he should take Sakura out to dinner. At first, he thought it was all a trick… but after a huge confrontation with Tomoyo and Meiling, they discovered that Song Min wasn't lying. She was truly happy about Sakura and him being together. And Sakura said she couldn't have found a better friend to add to her own group.

"I know Li what would've happen if you went out with Lily… let's just say I had a dream." She began, twirling her hair lightly. Syaoran's face went white. Questions popped all over his mind. He thought he was the only one that knew…

"You broke Sakura's heart in that dream in more ways than one. For that, I can't forgive you… words aren't actions Li, so prove to us all how much you're willing to sacrifice to marry her."

Everyone turned to Syaoran, whose face was cloaked from emotions, yet his jaw set firmly. It was a test, a test he must pass to gain Sakura's hand in marriage. Even her best friends didn't oppose as much as Song Min did.

"I love her Min. You know it, I know it, and she knew it from the very beginning. I'd die for her and I promise, she'll never have to go through that pain again. That mistake was rectified, no question about it. If you want me to prove it, I'll jump out of this window and die a slow death just for her." Syaoran said solemnly before getting up and leaving the room.

Everyone looked at Song Min and then at Syaoran's empty seat. But Song Min smiled, knowing that was enough for her to give her blessing.

"Okay I'm done. Next?"

Jasmine, Xiomara, and Nakuru all sat dot-eyed as they waved their white flags in defeat.


Syaoran walked outside of his apartment building, placing his hands in his pocket. It was a beautiful summer day, with the sun setting in behind the clouds. Syaoran still remembered the day he called his mother, announcing he was going out with Sakura. To say that she was overjoyed would be an understatement. She briefly mentioned Shiefa…

"She needed some time, but I'm sure she'll be back by next year for your wedding." Yelan said jokingly.

He hoped Shiefa was. He had to thank her endlessly for giving him this chance… In the beginning, he knew that in two weeks, he'd have to ask Sakura's hand in marriage. Looking at the picture that was in his pocket, he smiled. The picture Shiefa gave to him… their marriage. And he knew his mother wasn't joking about his wedding.

After all, tomorrow was his 17th birthday. Next year they would go to Hong Kong to get married.

That is, after he got the blessings of Touya…

He already asked Sakura's father yesterday for his daughter's hand in marriage. Fujitaka didn't put up a fight, didn't proclaim that his daughter was too young, that they've only been going out for two weeks…

No, none of that. Fujitaka only asked if he would protect and love his daughter forever. If he'd keep her warm and safe and never cheat on her… simple yet deep things like that. Of course Syaoran swore that he would be with her till the end of his time, if not longer. Thus he received the grace of Fujitaka's blessing.

Next were her friends… which were a bit harder than he thought. Eriol and Ryu nearly fainted when he spoke about the proposal… and they opened their mouths to their girlfriends, who opened their mouths to their girl friends…

'I have to get back in there… and deal with this.' He thought tiredly as he looked up at his window. He wasn't sure if he convinced Song Min, but he had Xiomara, Jasmine, and Nakuru to go. But it was worth it. He'd gain their blessings too.

It was all for Sakura.


"Kaijuu, stop moping around."

Sakura glared at her brother as she licked her ice cream. She was disappointed when all her friends suddenly left her with Kaho and Touya. It wasn't as if she didn't want to be in their company, but they refused to tell her where they were going. She felt left out, so she continued to frown every so often when she was with her brother.

"I'm not pouting, and I'm not a kaijuu!" She briskly said before stomping on her brother's foot. Touya winced but smirked at his little sister.

He knew where her friends went… he knew what Syaoran was going to ask him later… and he knew he'd give his blessing. It ripped his heart out that Sakura, ever so young, would be whisked away into marriage. But he knew that the "gaki" will protect her and love her, come what may. He didn't know how he knew, and why he felt that way, but he did. Somehow, he managed to learn to trust that gaki... trust him a lot.

Kaho giggled softly as she clasped Touya's hand tighter. Her diamond ring shone brightly on her left hand… yes Touya proposed to her a week ago. She was thrilled that his little sister wasn't so far behind. Being a prophet herself paid off... seeing eternal happiness for her fiance's younger sister.

"Sakura-san, I'm sure your friends had a good reason. Perhaps they're planning a party for Li-san. His birthday is tomorrow after all." She said calmly. She smiled when she saw Sakura's eyes widen.

"Hoeee! I forgot to pick up his gift! What kind of girlfriend am I? Onii-chan can we go get his gift, onegai?!" She said desperately as she looked at her brother with puppy eyes.

"The gaki? Only because it's his birthday kaijuu. I don't even know how he managed to get past me to get you to date him." He muttered before opening his car door for Kaho and his sister. Sakura laughed lightly as she closed the door.

"That's because he's the one for our little Sakura-san." Kaho said amiably, looking back at Sakura with a smile. Sakura turned a bright red before looking out the window.

Touya grumbled some more but Sakura on the other hand grinned at her own thought.

She hoped he liked his gift.

The Next Day…

Syaoran woke up, eager to get on with the day. He had everyone's permission. He was even more surprised that Touya reluctantly gave his blessing after a few inquiries.

'Maybe it's because Mizuki-sensei was there…'

He opened his bedroom door to see Sakura there, smiling brightly before pouncing on him, kissing him soundly. Syaoran grinned as he kissed her back.

"Ohayo Ying Fa." He said, rubbing her nose against his.

"Happy Birthday Syao." She said softly as she took his gift out of her pocket.

Syaoran released her a bit to open her small parcel. He grinned at his beautiful and thoughtful girlfriend. "I love it Sakura." He said as he took out the chain of a wolf with an emerald heart. Engraved in the back were SS Forever, June. He placed it around his neck before kissing Sakura deeply.

Sakura blushed as she pulled away. "I'm glad you like it." She said shyly. Syaoran chuckled before leading her into his room.

"Do you always blush around me Saku?" He said chidingly as he pulled her closer. Sakura blushed a deeper red. "Sakura, do you remember your promise to me about never ever leaving me?"

Sakura looked at him and nodded.

"Well you have to keep your promise now."

Sakura raised her eyebrows at this, beginning to open her mouth to protest. But Syaoran covered her mouth, continuing on. "As a bigger gift to me Sakura-chan… would you be my wife?"

Sakura's eyes widened as Syaoran took out a ring box from under his pillow. He opened it to see a white gold band with a huge diamond ring and emeralds on its side.

"Well I know this isn't a real original way to ask you to marry me. I wish I could've come up with a creative way because you're worth that and more… But being who I am Miss Sakura, I think it would be better to ask you as bluntly as I asked you to go out with me. Now I know we're young and we've only been going out for two weeks but I know in my heart and in my soul that I can never live without you by my side."

Sakura continued to gape at him.

"And I already have everyone's blessing. It was a bit hard with Song Min than anyone else, let me tell you that. But they gave me their blessings and I hope that you'd do me the honor…"

Sakura didn't move. Syaoran didn't know whether to take it as a bad sign or a good sign. After a few more minutes, Sakura still didn't move.

"Ying Fa?"

"Tomoyo will be so happy making my wedding dress."

Syaoran laughed as he picked her up and swung her around, slipping the ring onto her finger. Sakura giggled happily as she wrapped herself closer to Syaoran, kissing all over his face.

I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy…

I'll be your hope, I'll be your love, Be everything that you need…

I'll love you more with every breathe, truly madly deeply do

Next year

Sakura grinned happily as she twirled around in her wedding dress. It was the authentic "Daidouji Designs". Tomoyo squealed in glee, filming her every move, proclaiming her as the most fabulous bride. Meiling threw around cherry blossom petals, laughing. It couldn't have been a more happier moment.

I will be strong; I will be faithful

'cause I'm counting on new beginning

A reason for living

A deeper meaning, yeah...

Song Min winked at Syaoran, giving him thumbs up. He smiled nervously before turning to Eriol and Ryu, chuckling. They patted his back soundly, congratulating him a million times over. They positioned Syaoran at the alter while making their way to the back of the church.

I want to stand with you on a mountain

I want to bathe with you in the sea

I want to lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me

Touya grumbled quietly as he saw everyone go to their places. He was surprised that the "gaki" asked him to be one of his groomsmen. He still didn't accept the fact that they had to hold the wedding in Hong Kong. But he was glad that his kaijuu was happy. It was all for her happiness...

And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky

I'll make a wish and send it to Heaven that will make you want to cry…

The tears of joy for all the pleasure and the certainty

That we're surrounded by the comfort and the protection of the highest powers in lonely hours where tears devour you

Syaoran froze immediately as soon as he saw the procession start. Everyone was walking down gracefully… but he wasn't paying attention to none of it.

All he saw was Sakura, looking at him with her adoring eyes, holding the arm of her father. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was… and how lucky he was to be marrying her.

I want to stand with you on a mountain

I want to bathe with you in the sea

I want to lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me

Lily stood in the back, glaring at the bride. But she wouldn't say anything. After all, she had Phillip on a leash, milking his every dollar, and she'd probably get Syaoran sooner or later.

Might as well let them be for today.

Oh can you see it baby?

Don't have to close your eyes, its just standing right before you

All that you need will surely come…

Syaoran took Sakura from Fujitaka's arm. He smiled at his soon to be father-in-law as Fujitaka presented Sakura to the priest.

He kissed her hand as he led her to the altar. His eyes never leaving her enchanting ones.

I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy…

I'll be your hope, I'll be your love, Be everything that you need…

I'll love you more with every breathe, truly madly deeply do

The priest recited their vows as Syaoran slipped on Sakura's ring, taking her as his wife. Sakura in turn slipped on his ring, tears pouring down her face. She smiled brightly at her new husband.

I love you…

Syaoran kissed Sakura passionately as cheers erupted throughout the church. Meiling, Tomoyo, Song Min, and the rest yelled in happiness as everyone stood up and applauded, whistling at the newly developed couple. Fujitaka had tears pouring down his face, while applauding. Sonomi whistled loudly as she jumped up and down for Sakura.

I want to stand with you on a mountain

I want to bathe with you in the sea

I want to lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me…

Syaoran and Sakura laughed as they raced down the aisle, hand in hand. Cherry Blossoms and Peony petals flew everywhere.

As they reached the exit, they were surprised to see a camera go off with a flash.

I want to stand with you on a mountain

I want to bathe with you in the sea

I want to live like this forever…

Until the sky falls down on me

Shiefa smiled brightly as she took the picture from her Polaroid camera.

"My picture." She said, grinning.

I love you…

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