Chapter Twenty-Two

"You're in need of a lesson in the consequences of crossing me."

Kyle's heart skipped a couple of precious beats.

He was coming.

He was on his way.

Right now.

Kyle smashed the phone against the wall and stomped on it a few times to ensure its destruction as he quickly gathered what little clothes he'd been provided. He didn't have much time, and he knew it. Scorpion didn't make idle threats. If he said Kyle needed a lesson, he was damn well going to give him a lesson and fast. Knowing that Scorpion had access to the entire police department at his disposal, he wasn't going to risk going out the front entrance of the place. Kyle decided he would take his chances on the side of the building, with the fire escape. He could escape into the alleyway and keep going until he found a safe haven. A place where he could be safe, at least for the moment. As Kyle opened the window, he almost forgot that he had a gun. He went back over to the drawer, retrieved the gun, and continued making his way out of the window and onto the fire escape. Hearing a soft knock on the door behind him, he knew that it was now or never.

He jumped.

Not onto the ground below, or onto a conveniently placed Dumpster, but to the other building and ducked into the small protection of the ledge, making his body as small as he could.

"The room is empty, sir." Kyle could hear the voices of two officers across. "Just a smashed cell phone. Looks like a burner one, too. No way to trace it. At least not now."

"Scan the area." Upon hearing Scorpion's voice, Kyle had to suppress a shudder. To know that he'd pissed off that man enough to have him call in two officers on patrol just meant that he was serious in finding him. "I shall join you shortly."

Kyle knew he didn't have much time, but to know that Scorpion could join those two at any moment made him panic, and all he wanted to do was flee. He needed to think clearly. The last thing he needed was for those two officers to discover him and warn him of his presence.

"The window is open, sir. I think that he might have escaped into the streets."

I'll let you think that. Kyle thought as he began to wiggle his body away from the apartment but still managing to keep himself firmly planted to the ground. When he was out of earshot, he risked a glance over and saw that the two officers had their back towards the open window.

He ran.

He managed to jump a small distance onto another building, and he felt immediately safer. They'd be searching for him on the streets. All he had to do now was avoid the streets at all costs until the pursuit died down. Then he could hot-wire a car and he could leave town, and eventually the country. Even if nowhere was safe; at least being out of the country increased his odds of being alive. And right now, that was all that mattered to him.

Think, Kyle, Think. Where to go? Where could you hide?

Then it hit him.

Although he knew that they wouldn't be the least bit thrilled to see him, they were his only option left. Perhaps if he explained his actions to them, if he told them that Scorpion was the one who put him up to it, they would forgive him. They would protect him, as family always should.

He would just need to leave out the part where he brutally attacked their daughter and kicked her down the stairs.

"Easily dismissible," Kyle murmured to himself.

All he needed to do was get there.

I don't even know where the hell I am. How am I supposed to get there? Shaking his head, Kyle stood up and quickly jumped to another rooftop. From this vantagepoint, he could see where he needed to go. "Perfect." He said to himself. They were setting up road blocks just a few blocks down. Scorpion was trying to box him in. Kyle couldn't allow him to do that. He made his way over to the entrance to the building from the roof, and by a miracle, it was open. Kyle made his way inside. Much to his relief, as he made his way down floor after floor, it was mostly empty. He made his way out onto the street and put his hood up, blending into the crowd as he'd been taught in prison. He managed to make it a few streets over with no complications. Taking this as his chance, he broke away down a side street and into a darker alley.

Just in time, too. A patrol car went past and Kyle once again crushed himself against the wall and hoped he wouldn't be seen.

The patrol car continued by and Kyle decided it was time to keep moving.

He needed to get to his safe haven and fast. He had this feeling that Scorpion was closing in on him and knowing that man as he did, it wasn't just pure paranoia. He was probably starting to realize that Kyle had escaped. Kyle hoped so because that would increase his odds of survival even further. Kyle continued down the dark alleys, making lefts and rights and hoped to keep any possible pursuers off his scent, and to throw off any suspicious people who could of sworn that was the man on TV.

As the sun began to set, Kyle decided he would ignore sleep. At least for tonight. He would keep going and going until he felt safe enough to rest. He didn't feel even the slightest bit safe right now, and thus wouldn't sleep anyway.

If there was anyplace left safe for him.

Was there even any hope that Kyle could actually escape? He was running from one of the most powerful men in Toronto, who had nearly endless resources to find him.

As Kyle pushed forward, he began to wonder why no one ever questioned why Scorpion diverted resources like he did.

Was everyone turning a blind eye?