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Introduced Character(s):

- Mixim

"A future that we pick blindly, is destiny" - Translated line from Sora no Otoshimono Forte opening

Introduction: Blatent Discussion

"Well, it certainly gives the image that Synapse has been cornered into a rather…desperate situation, no?"

The blue sky illuminating the outside of the hall was indescribable in any way, except for magnificent. Even though the hall that the sky could be seen from matched in elegance and beauty, the pearl-white pillars on the outer edge of the hall in ensemble with the white marble floor. Although it would be accurate to say that each of the tiles composing the floor were probably made of materials which were of higher quality than marble, it was irrelevant. At least, to Mixim.

"Mixim, I really do hope that you know why you were called here?"

The Sky Master looked down at the guest in their frequently vacant dining area, in a mixed sense of glee and anger. He was happy that the right individual for such a job was available to Synapse. But he was angry at the fact that such an individual wasn't a creation of Synapse in the first place.

"No, not in the slightest. I was hardly informed of the reason why an individual such as me was inquired to be here in the first place." Of course, this was a lie. Mixim, in his black suit and white tie, knew very well the exact reason why he was called. He just simply found a slight sense of amusement in having the Sky Master admit what he was doing.

Mixim and Synapse never really did have good relations.

The Sky Masters were all obsessed about being able to control everything, from Angeloids all the way to weaponry. However, Mixim was able to manipulate the one element which they were never able to successfully control; Time and Space.

Although this was only one of the reasons why he was hired, Mixim knew better than to trust Synapse.

"Of course." The Sky Master tried a different approach. He quickly snapped his fingers, obviously motioning for service.

"Fetch our guest some refreshments."

Before the Entertainment purpose Angeloids could do anything to bring food and such to Mixim though, the latter lightly raised his hand, in a gesture to deny such service.

"I do hope that you do not mind so much, but please spare me the pleasantries. They are honestly speaking, meaningless and a rather pointless waste of my time." He rubbed the soles of his businessmen leather shoes against the cold, tiled, floor.

The Sky Master sighed. "Very well. We expect that you would be able to…"

Before he could finish his sentence though, Mixim raised a finger to silence the Sky Master.

"I never implied that I will be the only individual to be operating on this assignment. In fact…I will be assembling all of my comrades…for the first time in a century."

With that final parting word, the individual named Mixim started to walk away, his mask covering his content and slightly smug expression.

The Sky Master seemed slightly shocked at this revelation. Not only did he have to employ one individual outside of Synapse…but he had to employ at least three more?

So that he can convey his message, the Sky Master raised his voice.

"Mr. Mixim…I hope that you actually get this assignment finished…or the consequences will be severe for you."

Mixim stopped, in mid-pace. He promptly turned around, just so that he can face the Sky Master.

"On the contrary, Mr. Sky Master…I would like to voice my sincere message of caution to you, to not threaten any of my men. It would become a rather…explosive situation, if you pardon the expression."

With that, Mixim simply teleported to inform the members of the team; they just received a new job.

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