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The phone was a very unwelcome wake-up call. Bella had only been asleep for a few hours when the ringing jolted her awake. Blindly reaching for her nightstand, her fingers fumbled to accept the call.

"Swan." She grunted, making sure that whoever had rudely awakened her, knew she was pissed.

"I need you both at the tarmac in an hour." Her best friend Rose replied, her voice tight. Even though she had not heard from her friend in over a month in this capacity, Bella was instantly up and alert.

"Where?" She answered as she jumped from the bed and pulled her always-ready pack from the closet.

"Washington." Rose whispered and Bella dropped the jeans she had in her hands, her fingers suddenly numb.

"Where?" She whimpered, knowing from Rose's tone that she already had her answer.

"Yes Bella, home."

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